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The KFC on Candler Rd, Decatur, GA, is nasty. I ordered some chicken and 1 side order. When I received the food, The side order was stuffed inside the box on top of the biscuit with the chicken pressed against it. That was nasty because I didn't know where the container had been, and how many people hand were on it. I called the manager to voice my concerns, and he appeared to not care one way or another; he blew me off. Please do something about this nastiness, there are plenty other stores selling chicken, and not germs.

I've never been to the KFC closest to where I live now, but I was sure I knew where it was located. Just to make sure, I checked out the website on my phone. It showed that the restaurant was about 10 miles off. I checked the PC site, and the location on the map was wrong too. I also wanted to check out the menu, because it's been a while since I've been to a KFC, but neither site has one! Your maps are wrong, and you have no menu on your websites! Seeing all the problems with the sites, I didn't want to bother to even trying my chances at the restaurant. I sent an e-mail, and got a response from a G.M. saying that KFC corporate is inept. I cannot believe all these horror stories, and what's worse, the spelling! No one can spell!!!!! Jordens_dad@yahoo.com

i love the chicken but not the manager who illegally cashed my paycheck unknowingly to me!!! KFC IS A GREAT PLACE TO EAT!!!!!!!!!

I am also sitting eating a meal, they only gave me 5 potato wedges, did not even bother heating my doubleicious sandwich, it was thrown together, was cold and the cheese was just laying on it without being melted

Horrible customer service at the location in Feferal Way, WA! I have been here twice in as many years (yes it took THAT long to get over the first incident!) and low and behold a similar experience tonight! After ordering and paying for my food, I was told there wasn't enough chicken prepared to complete my 8 pc meal. I was offered the missing prices in another flavor or told to pull around and wait which I opted to do. After 20 minutes and 32 other customers were served I went inside the establishment and was told that they "forgot and were out of chicken for another 16 minutes!" I was told that I could not and would not be issued a refund and to top it all off, the original order was left bagged from my initial trip through the drive thru until they added the 2 missing pieces to it! That's right for those if you counting nearly 40 minutes! The food was cold, stale and disgusting! I will NEVER return!

To whom it may concern, I am not sure if I have the correct e-mail for this situation but I was in your KFC store #0750043 Show Low az on 3/29/2011 at 6:33 pm Amber was working the cash register and Ashley was getting the food together. Amber had told me that it would be a few minute for the extra crispy to be ready. I was more than willing to wait. As I was waiting James yelled at Ashley and said what are you doing standing around. Her response was she was waiting for the chicken to be done. He told her if you are standing around than you can go home. In my experience with fast food if you are a manager and you know its almost dinner time for most people you better have the food ready in a fast food facility . When I got there there were 5 cars in the drive threw and three sets of customers in side including my self. If I could hear what James the manager was saying to his employees than I am sure others did as well. I think when you are in a management position you should not reprimand your employees were the public can hear and you should be prepared for customers at any given time in a fast food facility. I waited for my food for 20:15 min and for fast food that is not very fast. I blame your manager James and will not be returning to your fast food restaurant again and will tell others about my experience with you manager unless something is done about your manager James. Thank you for your time, Valerie Martin

I called about my online application at the Kings Mountain, NC location. The young man who was so called the hiring manager told me he did not 'do' online applications. I asked him when I would be able to come in and see him. He did not know. Then I asked him when he was working, and he replied "it depends on what days I work'. I was so disgusted I just hung up the phone. What poor management!

Yesterday, (March 18, 2011), My dad and I when to the KFC/LGS in Knights dale, NC. I had to say it was the worst meal we ate from there. First they don't sell the honey BBQ wings anymore, second the sides were two small at 1.69 each, third we didn't get everything we asked for a first, we repeatedly when up there to get ALL of out food we asked for. The Mashed Potato side I asked for was cold, The Fried chicken strips I asked for where VERY small and the seafood basket my dad got didn't have all the components the picture on the menu said we would get, The guy taking our order was plain rude, he didn't ask if we wanted ketchup or any other sauces,(After the fact we asked for all our food that he didn't get for us, so he was kinda pissed), and he gave up honey mustard instead of the tarter sauce my dad wanted for his fish. I hope it was just a off day at that store, but all I have to say is, I don't think ill be eating there again. Lastly it was WAY to cold in there, my dad had 5 back operations and get was shivering the hold time we ate.

Today is the last time I will visit the KFC on newberry road in Gainesville FL. I ordered 4 wings and a biscuit. I got 3 wings and a leg. I called to complain they said they gave me the leg because there were no other crispy wings. I would have had to wait 15 minutes. Then why didn't they give me a breast or better yet give me the option of changing my order. They told me to bring it back for a refund. They had the nerve to try to only refund me for the meal and not the drink. In the end I got the entire amount back. That was my last visit.

I went to store #x900031 and the employee that took my order was name Vyasha. Well I bought the $5.00 special and I was diappointed once again the did not put bacon on my double licious chicken sandwhich and chicken was hard as a rock. I'm so discusted you lost my business

I went to a kfc resturant 3-10-11 purchased a 16 piece which came with four sides, got home one side I ordered was not there,biscuits were dry and pasty,the gravy was nothing more than colored water,baked beans tasted like pure bbq.sauce and the chicken had no taste. I use to enjoy kfc but my family and I are done. Total cost of this disaster was $41.00 which included a three piece chicken strip meal.

We gWo to the KFC on Mission Gorge in Santee and can't believe the service. No matter what we order for chicken, they never have enough. They tell us the wait is too long and they will add something else to replace it. We also have another problem with the amount of chicken we get. If we order a 16 piece, we get 12. COUNT YOUR CHICKEN! We are ALWAYS missing chicken. The manager in Santee, CA. is rude! Looks like we need to get the "UNDER COVER BOSS" show to KFC. They need a new crew.

The KFC in Davie Florida on Pine Island Rd. needs a visit from the health department. For two reasons: 1.-"The person with her picture on the wall" by the name of Emma...needs training on how to make herself presentable in order to serve any type of customers. She makes anybody fell unconfortable eating from that kitchen. Does KFC provides with health insurance or dental????? How about making then a suggestion. 2.Emma love to serve her old pieces of chicken...:-)it's clear that these days FKC is hurting! because MC Don. Burg.K and Wendy's have a better quality of chicken! ...Does anyone has a clue from where in the world are KFC's chickens? Really. 2.- The way they cook it, and serve it, an collect the cash, plus they do not wash their hands when they are going from the register to the food!! Have you ever seeing the same person doing all 3 task at Mc Don. Burger K. or Wendy's? NEVER, please pay attention next time. Before you eat at KFC, think of your health!! their hygene is not on their training manuals for sure!! plus their employees are not G.E.D approved. You get it? Really. The guys at the corner of 595 selling newpaper could look better and act smarter, plus do a much better job keeping things clean!! Mr. KFC please get out of Davie - we need a better food chain in that location!!!

I cannot rate the KFC HQ but did want to comment on the service at this S'ville KFC as being HORRIBLE....the kids always on their cell phones, when taking orders acting like they cannot speak at a level nor hear you. We have NOT been back. I'm suprised they even pay some of these people!

I usually go to the one closest by my house store #X900068 in Phx Az. If you have any common sense do not go there. The few times I have been there the employees along with the manager have screwed up my order and thats everytime I've gone. This last time I went I asked for the remaining of my order from the the last time and surprise surprise they didnt remember. Now this time around (please people whatever you do check your food)!!! I found a piece of plastic stuck on a piece of chicken with a time on it. Now that was the last straw.. I will never eat there again, I will submit a report to the health dept and I want my money returned to me. I did not pay 30.00 for a chicken and a piece of plastic. Now the "acting manager" name Angel was as rude as can be of course. What else could be expected. I've talked to the Customer Service people and was told someone will contact me in 24 hrs well its going on a week now and I still havent heard anything. But do believe I will be calling again today.. 03/07/2011

i walked into the kfc store on 17701 N.w. 27th Avenue in miami florida around 3:30 pm on march 4,2011 to buy something to eat and i stood standing for 5 minutes waiting to be taken care of and no body at the restaurant not even the cashier came to my aid to try and ake me what would i like to order. i am hispanic and i feel like this is discrimination because the employees where all african american or black americans they did not even greet me. the company policy states that you should greet all customers so i turned around and walked out and on my way walking out another customer said to the cashier " you guys made the customer walk away because you totally ignored them. i am very dissapointed.


Hello Everyone. First of all. I want to say that I use to love to go to KFC.But Lately. When we pick it up and bring it home. I get ready to eat and the chicken isn't done.I have been going to the same KFC for 11 years now in South Jersey, and the past couple of years now. Your franchise has been going down hill. The cooks are not taking thier time to make sure the chicken is cooked. the orders are most of the time, not the right order.. it is getting where I don't want to got here anymore. I feel that when a person is working for an place such as yours.When you are working for a place.. You are repesnting that place. and to be honest with you. The ones that are working for you are not repesenting KFC the way they are suppose to... Your People wonder why KFC is always closing. Well. Please take a deep hard look at your workers.. To me. its like they don't care about KFC. and they don't care if anyone's order is messed up. everytime I have to call there, they say they are sorry and they will give me the meal free or another piece.. I tell them.thats not what I want. I do not care to get a free meal. I just want my order done the right way. its not asking to much. But when a person pays for a meal that they order. then that person should be able to have the right order and a cooked one. I also feel that if you really want to know why KFC is closing. Please ask your customers that go to KFC regulerly what can you at kfc do to make it better and to keep the customers coming back. I am tell you. that this is the reason why. The food is not cooked right anymore and the orders are wrong 70 percent of the time.... I have been going to KFC for over 40 years now. and I am sad to say that it is no longer the place I think of when I am wanting to eat fastfood. and that is so sad.. KFC. I thing if you want to keep your customers coming back..... Start getting involved with the store and take pride like it use to be. There is no pride anymore.. no care put into the chicken anymore. thats is just so sad.. You all have a good day....ceramic42@msn.com

It is the fifth time i have gone to this KFC store #D040002 in muscle shoals alabama and they have messed up my order i am getting very dam tired of it when i am in line and other people go back inside with there orders to get them redone should tell me somthing about this store i will have to start going over the river to florence if i want some KFC which will be way out of my to hell with it will stop by burger king!!!!!!!!

We live 20 miles from KFC, so I'm not going back today or ever. We did not get everything we ordered but of course we were charged for it. We are looking at the menu and ordering and three times we were told "That's not on the menu" that we were looking straigt at. then we get homw without everything we ordered. Not a happy camper!

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