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i live in camarillo ca zip code is 93010 and at this kfc they give u very small portions of food i bought a kids lap top and asked for popcorn chiken and they gave me this lttle side container with about 7 pop corn chiken pices i fell very riped off and thinking about contacting the bbb and file a complaint because this doent feel right to me kfc shoude think how are kids gana get full with these two little sides and a nasty string cheese that last time got my 5 year old son very sick . and the staff is just very incompatent.

this is also a a real complaint and my number is 805 815 6218 the name is danny h like i said its just not right what kfc is doing to us the consumer

I had just ate at your store in KY on mammoth cave st. It was disgusting !!!!!! The food, chairs, floor,walls, windows, bathrooms, tables . I can't believe w this being a franchise that KFC would look like this. The bread was even stale and the chicken was so brown from being from bring double dipped 2 of the 3 kids I brought would eat it. It was the worst!!!!! Clean the place up and fire the manager in charge, they obviously don't care . GROSS!!!!!

I came in contact with KFC in 2005 at Dubai (UAE) and since then I have long for it.I use to travel to Dubai and then I must KFC thru at my stay. I als travelled to South Africa, I located them. Gosh, there is nothing like it. The only problem is that it is not in my Country (Nigeria). Please have meary and opem an outlet. If you don't know how, please Contact me and I will help free of charge, only let have KCF. My email highly_favoredlady@yahoo.com-

I have been a satisfied customer for 42 years. The KFC in Midland, Texas N. Midkiff is an absolute disgrace. Tonight it took 30 min to go 3 cars deep in drivethru and you lost 7 cars while I was there. The food preparation has been extremely poor lately and orders constantly wrong but tonight was unbelievable. I didn't expect to run in to a rude, deliberately awful and trashy situation with the man in the window. I work hard for a living and you've got this sloppy nasty crew with as much trash coming out of their mouths as their was on the floor. Am I supposed to accept this crappy experience because I am not a minority? Whoever is doing the hiring in this location is an incompetent liability that has destroyed this store's reputation. I would rather drive an extra 10 miles to Popeyes just so I don't have to apologize for expecting even mediocre experience and edicle food and people that aren't UnAmerican scumbags.

The KFC in Omaha, NE on 48th & L street is now open till 11:00 pm. Cool. My wife leaves the house at 10, and it is 5 minutes away. She calls me and is laughing HYSTERICALLY !! I ask her what's up. She says she is at the drive-thru...and the guy says "Welcome to KFC !! We have NO chicken !!" WHAT !!?!?!?!??!?! And this is NOT the first time this has happened at this particuar store. Can you imagine going to McDonalds and they tell you they have no hamburger ??

For about three years now I've been working at KFC and some of the stuff they do is just appalling. Where I work, the company (not the individual stores) were going to cut twisters, toasted wraps, grilled fillets, salads, and bbq miny melts. What were you thinking? Getting rid of everything remotely healthy? After reading some of the comments I feel like I need to defend the employees at the restaurants though. A ton of people who come to my store (I'm not a manager or anything special, so it's not my store per-say lol) complain of the cost--that's not our fault. We don't make the prices, the kfc corporation does. Sometimes, when we are slammed we run of chicken or individual pieces (breast, leg, etc) and it's not like we don't want to serve you. It takes time to bread the chicken and then for it to cook. I've been working during the 4th of July week were we are constantly getting big bucket orders through out the whole day and sometimes we sell chicken faster than we can make it. At my store we only have 2 pressure fryers (for original) and three open fryers (for crispy, strips, popcorn chicken, wedges, hot wings, etc), so if one of our fryers starts acting up we are screwed. The fryers have to be filtered a lot through out the day and that usually takes 30 mins. I know a lot of people who have had bad experiences at my store, but we don't intentionally piss people off. Accidents happen, we are all human. But there is a lot we can do to make the overall service better, and we are trying. Or at least I am. =(

KFC is disgusting. The meat is terrible and the workers are even worse. GO OUT OF BUSINESS!


I have been in the drafting & design field since 1990 and would like to help KFC with new or existing restaurant design. I excell at as-builds, ADAAG surveys and any other forms that KFC may require of a "field-guy". Please call me at 509.386.4711 if you need assistance with any of these services. I also don't mind travel. Although I am located in eastern Washington, I don't mind traveling as far as Arizona for work.

Went to KFC a little while ago and pulled up to the drive threw. Asked for a Sunday bucket with extra crispy. The lady said she didn't think they had enough and it would be a while before it would be ready. I said that is fine then she said it would be 25 minutes. So I asked if they had original then, that it would suffice. She then proceeded to tell me that they had just sold all their chicken and it would be a 25 minute wait before there would be any chicken available. I asked her if she was serious that she was really out of the one item that they specialize in CHICKEN! I mean it is in their name and they are out. They still had two hours of business left. My other complaint is that they have quit selling the twisters. These are my husband's favorite. This store is the Quincy, Illinois 62301 store on broadway.

I visited Kfc in Speedway, In. store #x314025 I must say that it's one of the most unsanitary Kfc I have visited. First of all the Manager was filthy and then to top it off the young lady in drive thru was handling food and taking money and not one time was she wearing gloves, not to mention she scratched her head, rubbed her face and adjusted her clothes while fixing this customers meal in drive thru. This employee who represents Kfc along with her manager seen nothing wrong with this. I did bring it to the managers attention but believe me he was fine with this unsanitary behavior but after I brought it to his attention he asked her to put on gloves. He should have had her disgard that order she was making and wash her hands and put on gloves to remake that customers meal but of course he did not. I was so disgusted I stormed out of the restaurant, what I should have done was drove to the drive up window to let that customer know how her food was just prepared for her not to mention the mishandling of the bun with her long acrylic nails that again had no gloves on them. I will let everyone know about the type of customer service Kfc's giving there customers at the Speedway location in Indianapolis. I tried to contact the corporate office but again no way to complain to a live person with the way they have there phone system set up. I am highly disgusted with KFC!!!

Worse than "Poor" ------- Extremely RUDE!!!!!! KFC Store # J718230 I picked up dinner at this store after an exhausting day. We just wanted to pick up dinner and go home, sit down to a nice meal and relax. We ordered the 20 pc chicken meal with 5 sides and 10 biscuits. As they were completing our order, we asked the cashier if she had included the biscuits with the order. TADAIJA, replied, "Yes". We proceeded home with our order. To our surprise, as we sat down to dinner, we noticed the 10 biscuits were not included with our order. I then called the KFC Store and was told I could receive credit anytime for my 10 biscuits if I would give them my name and telephone number. I explained to the Manager that her response was not very helpful at the moment since we had just sat down to dinner without our biscuits and none of us particularly felt like returning to the store to retrieve our purchased biscuits. The Manager excused her team at KFC by saying they had been really busy (we were the only customers in the store when we ordered???). I told her that was a blessing since they were a fast food restaurant and should be happy to be busy. The Manager then told me I had no business calling them and being rude to them. So, what has America come to. You don't do your job and no one has a right to call you out on it. They don't treat me like this at Church's Chicken or Lees Chicken or any other restaurant. They do their jobs and are happy to do their jobs RIGHT!!! the first time. Sincerely, Linda Miller

I visited KFC different ones and one particular day I was out with a friend of mine and we were out around 2:30PM to enjoy a late lunch. & When we got inside they were understaffed and you had to get the attention of the crew because they were in the back trying to get the mashed potatoes and gravy bowls filled. Well after we paid for our food we went walked up to the buffet bar and it was a Mess there was chocolate pudding on the top of the buffet bar and mixed in some of the fruit, the chicken gizzards were very old and hard and very little in the metal pan. there was only two original chicken in the pan. & The cherry cobbler was totally gone just an empty foil pan setting there it looked old like it had been sitting there for good while. there was one hard biscuit the corner of the biscuit was broken off it was hard as a brick. I went to the front and informed the female cashier of the low food and the poor quality of food out on the buffet. she said they would be out there in a few moments to take care of it. Slowly but surely they was replacing the OLD Hard Food. I even Noticed the floors Felt Greasy as I was sliding near the walkway up to the Buffet bar. there was this little girl who walked up to the buffet bar to get her food and while she was standing there I noticed on the floor before she served herself there was Okra on the floor and on the buffet. In my astonishment of everything I got out my cell phone and began taking pictures of the KFC buffet bars Poor Quality & Quantity service. I even took the extra step to go online and contact KFC headquarters and there was this guy named David Troutman supposedly from the district area of Wichita and Derby Kansas and he called me and I told him about our experience and he apologized and told me that he would get with that store and talk to the manager and even have that manager call me and that he would have the manager call us and give us a Free Buffet on them for me and my friend because of the Visit to their Restaurant was Unsatisfactory. I even told David Troutman about the cell phone pictures I took I told him it was to back up what I was seeing in person. I got the idea at the time from the commercials where the owner of a Pizza place told the customers to take pictures of their Pizzas and if anything came back unsatisfactory to their customers they would Investigate and Improve their Service to their Customers this was not the case with me David Troutman asked for me to email the pictures I took of the store and he would Investigate & have the Store manager contact me to Make up for the Two meals & that Never happened I even called back Mr. Troutman on his phone number he gave me through an email & I even recontacted him by email and he Ignored that too. & then I call KFC headquarters and the girl on the phone said she would have Upper Management contact me since David Troutman did not follow through. But NO ONE from KFC Bothered to contact me at ALL. I don't care about the Buffets bars as much as It Really ERKS me that they Really don't give a damn how the stores and the District managers Do Not Follow Up With their Promises or Contacting their Valued customers who have been Loyal in giving them Business for Years. It makes you think Twice before going into their Restaurants. Sincerely, Karen M. k_mccollam1@yahoo.com

A wise man once said, "A fast nickel is better than a slow dime!" I have been a weekly customer at KFC Store # J120099 in Garner, N.C. for several years. A two-piece meal with dark meat and a two-piece meal with white meat, both with two sides cost me $10.88. Then this store raised its prices by adding two drinks (weather you wanted them or not). Today was the last straw; the same two meals cost me $14.14. You have lost a regular customer; I will never purchase another meal at a KFC again. I don't mind paying for a product from a company that is in business to make a living, but I refuse to buy from a company that is in business to make a killing. "A fast nickel really is better than a slow dime!" <>< Hank Lauver <><

I have never had such lousy Customer Service like I did Sunday afternoon in a KFC drive thru in Pueblo Colorado. I waited in line between 20 and 30 mins. There were 2 vehicles ahead of me the first was waited on and drove foward the second waited at least 7 to 10 minutes before she was waited on. When I came up to the speaker the clerk said just a moment I waited 10 to 12 minutes then i asked if anyone was there she said wait a moment I'm waiting on the car ahead of you.(she was the manager)They did not have anything prepared they were ppreparing each order as it was recieved whic included cooking the chicken. The car in front of me ordered 3 buckets with side and that manager just kept everyone waiting. This was the worst service I have every had in a fast food place.

i went to the bennettesville sc store and was run off it was told they were cloing shortly and the doors were still open and people in line i feel it was cause i was white was there reason i was not servered descrimition here if your white in this store is very common

Yes I work for your KFC store in Elberton, GA and I was wondering when would I get my first paycheck. I have been working their for 3 weeks and still haven't got anything. I got a job to bring in income to my home as I live with my disabled mother and grandmother. I don't know If their waiting for me to get a checking account or what but I the town we live in I can't get a checking account. My grandmother said she would put it on her account but would prefer I would get a check through the mail.

My cousin and his family had dinner at KFC near janakpuri,India. The very next morning every one got suffered with Loose Motions and Vomiting. Infact my uncle has got Food Poisioning ..We have all the bills of KFC and Doctor bills as well.. I am surely going to contact consumer court regarding this. MYSELF Sanjeet Singh and my mail id is sanjeet_2332@yahoo.co.in

My family and I were traveling for spring break and decided to stop at KFC in Coldwater, Michigan. We all agreed that this was perhaps one of the worst dining experiences that we have ever had. Normally satisfied with KFC, this location was dirty, tables not wiped, food was poor tasting, waited for food and the staff was unmotivated and seemed not to care about the customer. Seemed to lack leadership in the location.

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