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use of drugs

I went to the Longview Wa. store on 15th ave. I was talking to one of the techs and could smell Marijuana. At that point I asked the tech if he was smoking. He said no but I decided to leave the store and I will not be back.

Oil change

I was in one of your stores today and I was lied to about the prices, just when I wanted to give you guys another chance. I was told the wrong prices and charged another, but I guess you live and learn.

Westower Communications

I just used a jiffy lube in Sandy OR, I always go here for all the service I need. when they got done changing my oil they pulled my truck out and hit the garbage can on the way out scratching my truck, the employee then got out and told me it didn't break it.

Your managers have to learn proper way to treat there employees threating them with termination

Dishonest and Unethical.

Why on Veteran's Day, 2014, are veterans only living in Utah getting free oil changes? Veterans are though out this great country not just Utah. You would think the company would want to thank AL veterans not just a few.

Oil Leak

Went to jiffy lube in Miami Biscayne blvd came in with low oil left with no oil, after getting an oil change, then got a blown engine . Jiffy lube said NOT OUR FAULT, bad service and corporation.


Not giving legal breaks to their staff

Came in with no leaks and left with a new leak

I took my 2004 Audi TT to my local Jiffy Lube here in Bozeman, Montana. I had an oil change, coolant flush, and fuel injector flush. I got home and noticed the next day a huge puddle of coolant that had leaked on my garage floor. I went back to Jiffy Lube and told them and asked them to fix it. They said it was not their fault. I said to them, "How can I come in with no leaks and leave with one?' They sad that happens all the time. They would not admit fault and I asked for the general manager's phone number. He was there and was a total idiot so I asked for the franchise owner's number and was given one. I left and called the number at home and it was a number for the National Audobon Society. They gave me a fake number at Jiffy Lube! So now I am going to take my car to Audi and get it looked at and if they find fault for Jiffy Lube, then I am going to proceed with legal action and bury them in court with costs they will have never imagined. Jiffy Lube is garbage! DO NOT GO TO THEM!


i went to jiffy lube in Covington WA, I got an oil change and full lookover, so air filters ext. they took 2 hours to get it all done what I felt was fine thinking that they are taking their time doing a good job, but some time after I left my car started smoking and making odd sounds. so I took it to a shop I trust and I find out that they NEVER PUT OIL BACK IN MY CAR!! I paid over $150 for the jiffy lube work/ oil just to find out my car is now in need of a full rebuild due to the lake of oil!

overcharge pricing

to whom it may concern; I went to Jiffy Lube on 118 Ramona EXPY Perris CA 92571 - Phone (951) 943 - 2200 - for a oil change. I've taken to them a 2013 Ford Focus 2.0L four-cylinder - to get a oil change with a synthetic blend oil. However, they charge me $68 for this oil change. I checked around with other Jiffy Lube's and their prices were around 34.99 for the same service. I strongly believe that I was overcharged. Can you help me?

oil change scam

My son took my van for a simple oil change this past Tuesday 7/8 $39.99 with a $10.00 coupon it should have been $29.99 plus tax. Instead I got a bill for $93.58...that is an additional $54.97 I did NOT authorize. Apparently the additional charges were for windshield wipers..... I feel totally scammed by the way business was done. I contacted Dave, the store #450 (56 Route 46 West Pine Brook, NJ) "customer service" to no avail. I then spoke to a Rich (no last name or title) who was belligerent. The way this situation has been handled thus far is putting quite a black mark on your company. I have registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and consumerist.com to name a few and will continue to search sites and avenues to warn others. I cannot understand how your company can operate without a clear set chain of command.

Went into the Newport News Va store on J Clyde Morris Blvd to have a tire checked that was leaking out air. One of the workers put the air in. But did not notice that another tire was also loosing air. My complaint is because as I was leaving the store another one of the workers did notice that the tire was getting flat. This so called worker allowed me to drive off not saying anything. I got maybea few feet from the store and had to turn around and go back. But the tire was so flat that my rim was digging into the road. Do this workers lack of customer service my rims and tires could have been damage causing several hundred dollars worth of repair. He should not be working with cusotmers to have let this matter he should be fired. What other damages to customers vehicles is he overlooking and just letting people drive off. He is not trust worthy. The other gentlemen that helped me is the only reason I would go back. But the guy who failed to do his job will not work on my car.

JiffyLube killed my transmission

A routine $200 transmission fluid change was done by JiffyLube, 100 miles later I had total transmission failure to a cost of $4000. Hyundai dealership states JiffyLube used a universal fluid that cannot be used for a complete fluid change in my vehicle. This was verified by separate independent mechanic. Of course JiffyLube is denying any wrong doing and is now not responding to my calls or emails. It is amazing a business is allowed to operate this way.


Went to the store on store on south Broadway to have radiator replaced, and within a year it went bad and had to go to another company to have it replaced. I had the year warranty and they fail to make it right. The managers seem incompetent and corporate office is a joke. They suck!


My Girlfriend went to the store 749 in Jacksonville for a oil change and $156.00 .later . They stated that the a/c was not at factory specs and don't remember how much Freon they put in. They stated that they needed to flush the system and recharge it R E A L L Y in 20 minutes.They also stated that they did not steer her to have the service done , but that is exactly what has happened.

Bait and switch tactics at there worst

Scare tactics where used in an attempt to sell me services and products I did not order. When insulted by the check in person I was then harassed by the management after asking him to remove my car from the bay and let me go.

Jiffy Lube did the right thing

I just wrote a scathing review for the Matlock St. Jiffy Lube in Arlington, Tx. I retract that review as I just have gotten a call from the manager. He is refunding all my money and he also, is willing to do a vacuum and let me install a different ELC cat-1 rated coolant in. He was very nice and accommodating. He did the right thing and I am willing to remain a customer and to continue giving him my business.

Getting a lawyer for suing this people , worst business ever , damaged my oil pan plug thread and they do not want to take any reponsability they personal sucks , Naples Florida in Golden Gate Parkway avoid this people.

This company is the worst company ever!!! They put the wrong size oil filter on my car and it fell off and blew my engine. and no one will pick up the phone to help me. I'm getting so irritated. someone is going to court!!!

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