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On September 11th I went to the store to make a purchase and my card was declined. I called and also went to visit a branch on Easton ave. Somerset, NJ and spoke to a representative who said it was closed due to a fraud check. THis check contained a signature with my email address that was very obvious to anyone that this was fraud and shouldn't have been withdrawn from my account. This caused me to have a negative balance and I was told that the funds would be put now in my new acct that I set up within 24 -48 hours. THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN! It took 5-7 days. With that being said the problems continue from here. My new account that I had set up now for 2 weeks has now had a problem also. I again went to purchase something and my card was declined. I called the number on the back of the card and they told me Chase has decided after reviewing my account that they no longer wanted a business relationship with me and closed my account without any notification at all! I spent a total of 2 hours that evening on the phone to be placed on hold for a 1/2 an hour at a time as I was tranferred to serveral different departments. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! The messages on line as i tried to view my account and would not let me was to call the phone number for details. On 9/24/15 I spent another hour if not longer with different people who didn't give me specifics other than to say we no longer will have a business relationship with me. I asked what is this decision based on and why? As of today I haven't gotten a valid reason why and have funds in my account that CHASE will not let me withdraw. I spent my lunch hour again at the branch in Somerset, NJ with an employee and a manager who gave me the same info. THis is not a good way to have handled this situation whatsoever. On top of it all my direct deposit was too late to stop and i now have no access to my payroll check. Which in short means I HAVE NO MONEY AVAILABLE TO ME AT ALL. It is 9/25 and still no explantion in detail as to why this has all happened. I thought twice on even opening a new acct after CHASE didn't catch the fraud and made me wait for my money but I have been a loyal customer for years and set my new account up and with much regret look at what has happened now. I SUGGEST TAKING ALL OF YOUR MONEY OUT AND GO TO ANOTHER BANK AS THIS BANK HAS CAUSED ME MANY PROBLEMS.

assiance with stolen checks

in 2011 I had a brake in robbery. The person I employed broke down doors, took my personal information opened accounts with my money and my name. I presented Chase Bank with information including forged checks pertinent to this robbery, copy of the account opened. The individual stole cashiers checks in my name that were cashed not by me. to date I am not able to get information as to the transit of these checks. Chase Bank has not cooperated. I have been a customer of Chase Bank since it was Washington Mutual.

Number changed

This number is changed. Chase has managed to get me evicted twice through loss of funds sent through Bill pay and then making it difficult for me to get the money back in time to get out of the eviction.

Arthur is Awesome

Arthur helped me in Spokane, WA. There were some grocery stores who had their debit machines compromised and he helped me cancel the old debit card and get a new one. Arthur assured me my balance matched what I thought it should and he helped me take out a bit of cash to get by with until my new card showed up. Arthur even helped me obtain the new "Freedom" card. Maybe I can win some Christmas cash this year. Anyway, Arthur Brown of Spokane, WA is Awesome. I felt totally confident he could help me and he did. Thanks. Eva Smith, Spokane, WA

User Beware

I have had ongoing issues with Chase over a credit card dispute from a purchase I made in Dec. 2012. I would recommend that anyone doing business with JP Morgan Chase, close whatever type of account they have and take that business to another banking institution. How this company has managed to stay in business is beyond me............ I have nothing good to say and believe me when I say this,............ it is well deserved.

this is the worst company to work with I've been trying for 4 years to get help from them with a lot of running around I've been jumping through hoops with these people for 4 years I wonder if they should change their motto 2 Chase is what matters I am so frustrated with these people I'm just a small fish in a large pond its not fair that these people treat people this way

this is the worst company to work with I've been trying for 4 years to get help from them with a lot of running around I've been jumping through hoops with these people for 4 years I wonder if they should change their motto 2 Chase is what matters I am so frustrated with these people I'm just a small fish in a large pond its not fair that these people treat people this way

After 14 days, was able to locate customer service rep that was helpful and courteous. Why couldn't this have occurred 14 days ago? So much trouble, inconvenience and frustration could have been avoided the first time had an individual of this caliber been available.

this company is not fair, and does not care about anyone who is tryng to get their accounts together. all they do is constantly call your cell phone and expect you to call an lie to them about making payments on your mortgage. who can help us with these problems? We need help now, because Chase harm everybody with their lies.

We have a mortgage from chase. We were late on a few payments. We had received money from an estate. They did not want us to make good on late payments, they wanted nothing but forclosier. We had to get a layer and go through month's of relentless paper work. Nobody there had any clue what was going on. There was no organization what so ever ,nobody had any answers. It seemed that they had no interest in simply expiditing the process. They want you to fail. They make money on others misforunes. They are a group that is so big that they forgot what value realy is to the working class. If you are serious about a mortgage or any other account you may want; do yourself a favor and stay a way from any major banks. Especialy Chase! Keep your money local. It is better to not own a home than to have a mortgage through Chase! They will screw you and they dont care. Please tell everybody you know about how awful they really are if you agree. I want to start a campainge. STAY AWAY FROM CHASE....

Good luck! No back is going to give you a loan with bad credit and no bank acuncot ..You can try like a payday loan place but your best bet is to borrow from a friend.Good luck!

On the 24/8/12 I recieved an e/mail from what seemed legit at the time, from a chief executive officer at JP.MORGAN CHASE-BANK 270 Park-Ave NYC. Stating that they were holding a large amount of money on mybehalf to the sum of $5,000.000.00 usd.after some research of my own on chase Bank NYC,Where the address entailed on the e/mail and the chief executive officers name were the same, I have since the recieving date above, sent numorous e/mails to the named bank, but sadly no-one has had the decency or consern to reply,in acknowledgement to my consern, or even to the interest to the banks name and reputation even, that this maybe a scam by who-ever, I even sent them my tel-number,inorder to contact me,in respect of this e/mail to which at present,I cant get answers for sadly.

Listen very carefully. YOU CAN'T.You need to have a bank anocuct, minimum. How would someone know you're going to pay them back without a bank anocuct?Anyone that says they can give you a loan without a bank anocuct is either a loan sharker or a scammer, and you don't want to mess with either. Good luck to you.

we were taken in by a rental scam and deposited $800 in a Chase account. We went back the next day after finding out that it was a scam, and Chase would not return the money, give us any information, or allow us to file any sort of claim because we aren't Chase customers. Chase supports criminals and should be investigated by the SEC, FTC, and the FBI for collusion in criminal activities. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though...it is a bank.

I have been a Chase customet for a lil over 5yrs and I cant tell you how happy I am they are always there to assit me and they actually listen I love the feeling of walking in and everyone that works there knowing my name and treating me like family I am sorry that most of you are not as happy as I am with my Branch I maybe you should all move to SUNRISE Fl and start going to the Chase Bank on Oakland Park and University all of the employees there are great especially ALBERTO and TIFFANY my 2 FAVS they will have you loving Chase I guess I am blessed from: The Happiest Chase Customer out there

I would like to know why this website states: (and I quote this information that is on the bottom of the page and the very top, check it out for yourself!) "Write A Review For JP Morgan Chase Corporate Headquarters" Note: This is NOT to be used to contact JP Morgan Chase Corporate Offices NOR is this site affiliated with them in any way. THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE IS ("to" was left out which is why I suspect that someone outside of the USA set this up to appear legit, however, it clearly is NOT!!) SUPPLY YOU WITH THEIR PHONE NUMBER and address as well as share your thoughts about JP Morgan Chase. Your review will be posted and available for anyone to read so please keep that in mind when posting personal information. i just called this number which is listed at the top of this page (212) 270-3928 which I got a recorded message saying that this is a "NON-WORKING NUMBER at JP Morgan Chase 277 Park Avenue." JP Morgan Chase Corporate Office | Headquarters 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 (212)270-3928 This website is not being honest, I think they opened this website for people who attempt to find their corporate phone number. Instead these people use their time to write about personal issues involving Chase Bank and sadly Chase could give a you know what less about them, which is why Chase is unfortunately still in business. Chase bank hires liars, manipulators, etc. All of their employees, especially those so called "senior advisors" should be fired and the bank should be permanently closed. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING PERSONAL LIKE YOUR PHONE NUMBER, BANK ACC'T, etc HERE FOR SCAM ARTISTS WHO MAY WANT TO PREY ON OTHERS MISFORTUNE.

I love the comment from Janis, who must work for Chase. When Chase took over Washington Mutual, I had three credit cards with them, none with an interest rate of over 5.9%. About a month in after their takeover, I received three letters in the mail, where they advised me, because I was such a credit risk, they were closing all three accounts, of which I had never missed a payment. That was fine until I received the statements the next month, and they raised the interest rate on all three cards to 34.9%. So they get bailed out for their management tactics, and who pays out the nose, consumers! Thanks Chase! Your a fine organization!

Lies, lies, you can't believe a word they say. If you ever, for any reason, whether your fault, someone else, or thiers, find yourself on the wrong side of thier fees you will pay and pay and pay and forget trying to resolve the issue! That is what they are trained for. To BS you and keep your money. It all looks good on paper, thier promises for credit protection, etc., but trust me, if you should ever really need it, good luck! Talk to the hand, because you will be wasting your breath. Once they get ahold of some of your money, you ain't getting in back. Will close my account ASAP even though I was threatened that I will not be able to open an account for the next three years in another bank if I don't make a deal with them. Chase Bank is without a doubt the biggest rip-off in my banking history.

My son and I did banking with Chase for about 10 years and I did open a separate account when the account was still tied with my son's account, I did refer this matter to management to just make sure that when deposit on my account should be made to only my account, when one transaction was made it was deposit into my son's account, this wrong deposit I report it but without any action by the part of managment, I did withdrawn this deposit from my son's account and I was told that I was scam by a third party, the resolution by the bank was to have me liable for the quantity I did withdrawn, even do their manual said that any deposit by check must be verified for about three days, why the bank did give me the money? this bank do not follow any rules or their manual. I was very upset and the bank close my son's account and my accounts as well. I have make my own conclusion; that is why this bank is bankrupcy today, because a bad management and not follow any of their own peogram as well, their manual is not follow by their employees or management. I am so dissapoint it and now my credit rating when lower due to this mistakes. I decide it not to recommend to deal with this bank.

JP Morgan Chase and their employees are crooks. They act like they are there to listen and resolve your concerns. Each person you talk to will give you a different story. They expect you to honor the credit card agreement while they don't. They continue to lie to and rip people off. It may seam like pennies when you read the complaints but the pennies adds up. JP Morgan Chase needs to stop!!!

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