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Im from Utah and the midvale intown suites is bad too. Guess you got have ignorate attitude to work for intown suites.. I was treated so bad for me reaching out for help and got kicked out. Managers treat guest like inconveniences. Thought this was for the guest to emjoy. Not managers running the vkmpany down.

I am staying at Intown Suites Extended Stay Living 2570 Noth Cobb Parway,Kennesaw,GA 30144 (770-590-0825) The hotel Manager was very rude to me several times. The manager here I don't recall her name but when she walks by me she gives me a very angry look and she had done that more than 1 occasion. The room I stay in, sometimes the power would go out. When the power goes out in my room the A/c & heater unit is still working and the other building connecting to the one I am the laundry room in that building goes out at the same time as my room sitting next to the other building. I called the Courtesy Officer and the 1st time the man gave me grief that I shouldn't plug to many things at once and the second time he went out of his way to drive to the hotel and walked right by me as I said hello to him like it was to much trouble to turn on the power in the hotel building. I tried my best to handle the problem peacefully but I think I will go somewhere else and expose this story to all my friends especially the ones working for all sorts of different News Broadcasting in the area. And I plan to report them to BBB :)

I was at the Intown Suite at 702 N Sam Houston PRky E, I had the worst service at this facility in Houston,TX. The Manager. James gave me a handicap room with a flooding bathroom. Then he giggled, when I ask him why he rent a handicapp room with a faulty bathroom that floods. He gave me some towels and told me to make a damm myself. I had called corporate headquarters and I have not received any feed back at all. I am sadly disappointed with the service I received at 702 N Sam Houston Prky E in Houston, TX. And corporated headquarters sitll did not return my numberous phone call.

I will never stay at an intown suite again! Bring ex military and a disabled veteran, I will attempt let others know to avoid any and all Intown suites.THEY ARE DISRECTFUL TO VETERANS!

I have been at an Intown Suites in Louisville,KY for months.it has been bearable at the most until the renovation started.I have been forced to re-locate 3 times.The first time I found large disgusting bed-bugs under my mattress.I then had to remove me & my familys things & go thru everything in fear of being contaminated,not to mention the blood on walls or drug para. found.The water goes out almost daily at different times all day now without warning or notice.The smoke from the next room creeps in thru vents.There is no manager here and the 1-800# they give allows only for you to leave a message-and i never get a response.Corporate does not answer or return calls.The acting manager is nasty & hostile.The perimeter is littered with debris & not taped off for construction purposes.If you need sleep do not come here-they bang on your door like your a prisoner even if you request to not be disturbed when they can leave a note or call.The laundry room is disgusting & only two washer/dryers work-3 loads of my clothes were destroyed by a malfunctioning washer.There have been constant fights I had to call security for at 1-4am.The walls are so thin you can hear everything that goes on like it's in your room.The internet is not hi-speed like advertised & the satellite is awful.This is poor service and business practice at it's worst.I could go on but I have a life to live and am disgusted that i have to even address these issues in this manner.SHAME ON INTOWNSUITES!There are better places to stay than here-it was because of it's location i stayed,hoping to at least be treated with dignity and respect.visit at your own RISK!!!!

This is not a place for any human being to stay for any length of time. The staff are rude, unsympathetic to any concern that a guest may have no matter how simple it may be, and down right lazy! EVERY thing I have ever been told by staff has been a lie! I made a reservation and offered to use my credit card to secure the room because I work late, they assured me that was not necessary and when I came in to start my stay they had NO ROOMS! I had to sleep in my car until one opened up.! After my first week I was almost charged a late fee because the office FORGOT that I had set up an automatic pay system with my credit card. The condition of my room is filthy. If I walk around on the carpet wearing white socks for even a short period of time, the souls of the socks turn BLACK! Thankfully I don't have a bug infestation, yet! I will not be staying here more than 2 more weeks! Once my tax return check gets here I'm gone like the wind. Take it from ALL of the people in this blog, DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an fyi corperate finally called me back after 2 weeks of calling filing complaints! They were unsympathetic to my complaint and did not seem concerned about there employees posting on this site! I am going to seek media and legal action about what a very poorly ran business this is,also just to let everyone know they will not believe a word you are saying! Told this woman that the year and a half of my children and I staying there that there was not one time pesticide control did not inspect my room...the response was met with a sarcastic giggle and told that was not true! Well I'm sorry Intown suites is everyone lying..because 95% of reviews of your location have been negative!

I cannot believe an "anonymous employee" had the nerve to even respond to my original report and talk down to me in such a manner! Again disgusted! The fact that you would even reference that we brought them in is so unprofessional! Again another example of the customer service that not only I was complaining but by the looks of it ...pretty much everyone here has had problems! The fact that someone who works for you tries to make us feel sorry for the managers that work g for yo!!!u...are you kidding? I tried calling corporate and you guys don't return phone calls! Again very unprofessional! Outraged

I am a GM at a major hotel chain,doing researchon different hotel sites! Wow a lot of problems! My main concern is the fact that other GMs are posting and defending themselvesand the actions of their hotel! One recent post for the woman with bedbugs,although your research was somewhat correct, the fact that you claim that she or her children brought them in without concrete proof was not only wrong but a liability to your company!!! The fact that this employee posted that statement for the world to see is very damaging to your reputation! The fact is if she has been there for an extended period of time and had no previous problems my common sense would tell me that one of your other guests brought them in! Our policy is the same the hotel has to vacate the guest and have the room properly taken care of,although we would at least refunded some expenses! If she indeed have children there with her and she did indeed threaten not only legal action (which won't get her anywhere),but media attention...that will hurt the company worse then court! Reporters live this kind of story! Well in short reading all these negative comments has opened my eyes and has given me very good insight of what not to do when it comes to the matters of customer service! Lastly I would contact this woman and try and compensate her before the situation firs public especially if she saw how your employee responded on this review sight! All she has to do is copy and paste the response and show her local newspaper!

I stayed at the greenwood indaina intown an the manager there named ron greene is the most disrespectfull self center person I have ever met he was very rude to the guest didn't care about there feelings in anyway an I over. Heard him talk to a housekeeper telling her she rooms clean them selfs an as far as I am concerned she is a very organized caring person an always did a fabulaus job in my room I also have seen him make passes on guest my wife being 1 of them I don't think that is very perfesstional at all in any way not to mention he kicked us out because I had told him I was calling the headquarters on him. But I would like to say the rest of the staff was great an helpfull in every way

In reference to the woman with three kids complaining of bedbugs. As a gm of this company we have to research certain things like bedbugs when it affects our properties and other hotels across the US. Let me catch you up on some facts about these little guys. If you have resided somewhere for an extended period of time and find bedbugs, you are the one that brought them in. This doesnt mean that you are dirty, bedbugs can easily be carried in from simple things. You could have visited a home of someone and they caught a ride back with you, someone could have come into your room that had them on them, or children can even get them from school. Bedbugs came from south america where an epidemic occurred after travelers came back to the us and they were found to be in their luggage. Its unfortunate that the gm had you vacate, but it is our policy for the safety of our guests. If the gm would have given you another room, you are most likely going to bring them into that one. You only paid a 50 dollar deposit. The cost of orkin to treat that room will be 250 dollars and we have to keep the room out of service for a minimum of two weeks. At that time orkin will double check the room to see if an additional treatment is needed then the room can be put back together. Intown Suites as a whole would never want to burden or kick someone out for no good reason. These are policies followed by every hotel chain in America. I would advise you to have the hotel manager of the new facility that you are currently staying in to check your room so this does not happen to you again. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

I have been here with 3 children and my other half got almost 2 years! For the last week my children have been waking up with bites on their faces and other parts of their bodies ...so this morning I told the maintence guy....he inspected the room to find my worst nightmare come true ....BEDBUGS!!! Again been here almost 2 yrs,thousands of dollars later...complain to the manager Toni Difalco and she calls me a short time later to tell me that we have to vacate the property! Excuse me...no accomidations were made nothing...so now no where to go with 3 children ...when none of this was my fault! The location is Inn town Chicago/ohare.Il! Oh and how convient no coorperate # to complain ....thats ok they can explain to the news stations and a lawyer!!!

Most comments and complaints made on this page have been taken into consideration. But if some of you are not aware I would like to give you a simple daily walk through of an Intown Suites manager's day of work. Not only do they have the responsibilities of the front of the house with checking in and out guests, answering phones, meetings with employees, previous nights issues on courtesy officer reports, contacting daily reservations, and walking the full property daily, thats only the beginning. Having worked with the company for quite sometime now I can honestly not remember a single work day that did not consist of someone not paying on time and having to track them down even though its their responsibility to come in before closing. Nine times out of ten we receive profane remarks and threats bc a guest is locked out due to this matter. Secondly, when we have to check stayover rooms due to safety issues and cleanliness, guests will be on the defense due to their room having conditions to produce bugs and infestations that may affect other guests as well. Once they are informed after a notice to give them 24 hours to clean it and its not accomplished, then they are removed. Another issue that a GM will have to handle which more times than not involves the guest threatening and speaking profanity. Throughout the day there are numerous calls about guests having issues with one another, litter and hundreds of cigarette butts being thrown from balconies, screaming and unattended children, the occasional dog or cat (which are not allowed at any property), broken down cars and/or parked illegally, and a six day work week. Long story short, if you yourself had these instances happen to you on a daily basis, there are bound to be instances when you slip up and make a mistake or cannot make one guest happy. We are an inexpensive apartment alternative which offers simple amenities to people that are in hard times. We as a whole at Intiwn Suites strive to do our best with minimal employees. With that comes team work and extra responsibilities on our shoulders. If there are complaints that are above and beyond your humanity to where you cannot live another day unless the Intown Suites corporate office hears about it, then i would utilize the email listed on their website. We may be simple, but keep in mind that there will always be someone out there that has it way worse than you do, hense having a place to rest their head and food in their mouth, not to mention the countries that are poor beyond belief. Never take life for granted, we as a country are spoiling ourselves to the point of needing to make others miserable in our environment due to a housekeeper not scrubbing my toilet right, or that a certain tv channel comes in fuzzy. Have a little patience when it comes to complaints, our employees are paid minimum wage. If you are reading this I truly hope you remember what you may say or complain about once you stay at Intown Suites. Thank you for your time, Concerned Intown employee

I was head housekeeper at a in town suites in otp west, I was assulted by a guest one day as I was going to do a room inspection for a checking out guest, they were obviously extremely drunk and grabbed me as they got off the elevator. at once when I got loose I ran to my manager and asked for help telling her the full details in what occured, she said shed warn the men and told me to go clean the room next to where one of them stayed. I was very upset with tje situation but did as I was told since the man was still upstairs with the other man. I got off that evening and called corporate and spoke to the man in charge of that location, james, he said he would take care of it, the next day I called four hrs before my shift to see if it was taken care of. My gm and corporate did NOTHING... I told my gm thatyesterday would be my last day until both guests were gone, she said that was fine they had been there many years and were giving her much money to be there and my pay was more money for her. I later that day filled a police report, they took care of it... Go figure.

Management at Intown Suites in Hazelwood, MO is the worst. The two desk clerks are rude to guest and gossip about visitors business. Toiletries are given to certain guest , while telling others they don't have any to distribute. Also the front desk helpers are never honest about fees according to several guests. This place needs to have the finances audited. Lastly how can I forget the maintenance man is a heavy smoker and drinker that hangs out in the halls and parking lot insulting quest. He needs to be investigated for creating such a hositle environment. Oh finally this location purchased a baggage cart after getting complaints from several visotrs about the small one handle wagon all quests shared to transport their belongings. The housekeeping staff is the best, they are extremely cordial and helpful. Overall Mannagement/ maintenance crew needs to be observed closely at this location. May

The in towne suite in villa park is a horrible place to stay starting with management , lindsey need to learn customer service skills, need to do behind the scene work ,I have been there for a week , our room was cleaned on wednesday , instead of tuesday without a call, all of our questions were answered short and not clear would never stay there again!

Wow, I was actually on this site looking for the number to the corporate office for Intown Suites so that I can make a complaint. I feel a little better knowing I am not the only one with issues about Intown Suites. I have been in the Va. Beach, VA Intown Suites for 8 months now, and it is the WORSE PLACE I HAVE EVER STAYED IN MY LIFE! Like the Ex-Employee who commented below, there are a lot of SHORT CUTS taken when managing this place. Who came up with the idea of mopping with a broom handle with a wet wash cloth at the end EWW! I clean the room better myself, but will not deny the service because I PAY FOR IT. We aren't allowed to open blinds or prop the door open for fresh air and sunlight. We can't be outside AT ALL unless walking to a vehicle. They made a designated smoking area by the office that is standing on the other side of the curb on the neighboring business's property. There are normally so many people standing there smoking, it looks like a bunch of DRUG ACTIVITY going on. I have been waiting for screens for the windows for 3 months now so that I can get some kind of fresh air into the room and the RUDE MANAGER just keeps saying "we are waiting for them to come in" how long does it take to get screens in??? IF I HAD ANOTHER CHOICE I WOULD NOT BE IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT!! And the sad thing about that is that WE ARE NOT THE ONLY FAMILY that has to deal with the HORRIBLE PLACE. For all the money that people pay to stay in this nasty place we should at least be able to let air and sunshine in these small, dirty rooms!!

I recently stayed at the InTown Suites in North Charleston, SC on Narco Ln. Upon check out the Manager stated that everything was fine and my deposit was returned. The following day I receive a call and the caller says were is the Microwave. I don't know who this person is. They tell me they are the manager at this hotel. I was like the microwave is above the stove in the wall. Supposivly the Maintenace man took a extra micro up to the rm cause the other one was not working. It worked fine for me and my daughter. The manager accused me of taking the microwave saying it was in the rm cause the other one wasnt working. I told her that I turned it off in the breaker box cause it kept going off and on. It worked fine for us. I just would like to know what is going on with this staff. Suposivly the housekeeper didn't know about the other micro. They told me that they would have to report it to the police. I said ok with me please do cause I don't have this micro they say that was supposivly in the rm. Don't stay at this hotel cause who knows what is going on with this staff.

where Do i start This has to be the worst place i have ever stayed. It's even worse than the Savanna Inn and Suites down town Atlanta. I have been up here three weeks on business and moving to Atlanta I am handicapped and can not clime satires when I first arrived they wanted to put me on the 3rd floor and all there elevators are out of order. So after finally convincing them that I am handicapped by showing them my parking permit. They found a first floor room. I looked at the room and it was bad. the bathroom door had been kicked in, the toilet seat was broken the lampshades where all burnt or melted. The air conditioner blower motor was making a horrible racket and not blowing out very much air. I went back and told them all this and they offered me 20.00 my rent it was getting late so I took it. the next day I told them again about the toilet seat. It took a week before and me going in to pay my rent for another week before I could get the toilet seat fixed. and they still wanted to charge me full price. I did not want to move every thing so I got them to take the take the 20.00 off again after some pleading. they wanted me to move to another smaller unit.Even though I am hearing impaired I could not take the noise from the as unit so by the 3rd week I decided to move to a smaller cheaper unit. this room was not much better but at least it was quiet. The staff had to be the worst. I am as i said hearing impaired I told the front desk staff this when trying to talk to them and they needed to look at me when they speak or wright thins down for me They just ignored me and I could not under stand much of what they said. They where probably the rudest most hateful Black women I have ever encountered. Also my third week there I was out of town so a friend went and paid my rent a day early for me. when i got back they had locked me out of my room. Because he paid the rent a day early and I had to get my room key recharged. a week later the day before I was to pay my rent they locked me out again. when I realized it it was after 7:00 I had no phone no money on me and could not find the security so I went and sat at the entrance to the office and laid on the horn to my truck until security came out who proceed to make several verbal threats.I got them to re key my card and informed them I would be checking out the following day and would not be returning to this place. I know some of the people there can not afford better but as much as is paid a week for a room there you would think it would be in better shape. especially since they have around 400 rooms. also you can not walk on the floor bare foot your feet will be black in a mater of minutes. There is so much more bad i could say about this place but I think I have said enough.

My previous post was for the IN Town suited on Piedmont circle in Atlanta GA. I have have stayed at other InTown Suites around Atlanta all though they where not the best they where 100 times better this this one.

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