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worst place ever

The Crestwood Suites of Murfreesboro, TN. was taken over by Intown Suites. This place is a joke. The new General Manager, Sallie Brown, is know around the hotel as a pill popper who has "special relationships" with the male guests, and is allowing people to pay only $20 a night when her "pals" cant pay their rent. This place is infested with bed bugs and roaches. I heard the Orkin bug man tell the maintenance man he cringes every time he comes in this place. The housekeeping supervisor is always screaming and cussing the other employees out and running to the parking lot squealing tires out of here. The GM and housekeepers are constantly picking on and talking about the maintenance man when he is the only person I ever see doing anything. The parking lot and lobby is covered in drunks and drug dealers and the so called courtesy officer is right in the middle of it and does nothing. The lady from corporate, Laura, kicks people out when bed bugs are discovered even if the room was infested with them when they moved in. I was going to do laundry one evening with my kids when I heard a drunken man leaned against front desk telling the GM how he was going to have anal ex with her and she was giggling like a teenage girl. There is mold everywhere due to the constantly leaking ac units and all they will do about it is send maintenance to suck it out with shop vac. He said that's all he can do because it a problem with how the ac was installed. They sell rooms to people with broken windows in them. My next move is to call the Health Dept and City Codes Dept when I move out next week and use up the rent I have paid. Please clean this place up for the city of Murfreesboro.


The manager at 3162 st john bluff rd.told me that white people in jax.are crackers.why dont he go back to Puerto Rico.to the projects.

6 on your side6 on your sidr

We have stayed there twice and they never gave our 50. Deposit back...i just wander how many other people never got theirs....I will be calling 6 on your side to find out....i wil get the word out not to stay here in columbus ohio and find out how many other people didnt.....

Worst hotels ever

All the reviews are true at all intown suites rude managers they treat the guest like dirt they steal ur deposits and trying to contact a person in corporate to complain well u will never get in touch with anyone So my advise is dont stay at Intown Suites


Can someone tell me why this new manager and the courtesy officer gang up on the maintenance man the old manager did it and now this one too who can I call to report this.... I think it's abuse to him...and the manager is so mean to him while the courtesy officer turns tricks in the parking lot... the manager and the courtesy officer need to go I need a ### to call plz...


my family and i stayed at the intown suites on lee rd in orlando florida. Our room was disgusting, when we arrived it was past office hours so we had no choice but to clean it ourselves. there was hair on the bathroom door, shaved hair in the sink, mold on the walls in the bathroom and kitchen. there was urine in the toilet and on the toilet seat, walls had dust cob webs and stains, the mattress cover had blood on it an other unknown spots. I ended up having to go to the hospital due to the mold that was in the room, we was refused a new room because the manager claimed there was no rooms available. I have contacted a lawyer, this isn't right, nor should it be legal, Do not stay at any intown suits, pay that extra money and go elsewhere, this place is disgusting and inhumane,


What type of hotel allows you to make reservations, but then tell you that the room is not guaranteed. I made a reservation on Monday for the upcoming Friday and called on Tuesday to confirm, just to find out that the room was not available on Friday. All in the same sentence was told that they had one available today but it was on hold for a 5:30 reservation. Sounds like a first come first serve deal to me. Oh and was also told to call back on Friday to see if the room was available (the day I'm coming in to town from 1200 mi away. Poor customer service, poor knowledge of company policies.

inn town suites, midvale,utah

Not not the biggest rooms and there are no frills, very little service Noisey and not kept the best, tortoise speed internet, staff changes occurred because of management

dont let them know u found a bed bug they wiil kick u out loke trash and not give u ur deposit or money back

no water

this location water is cut off daily for hours at times. ppl cant use the bathroom or cook food. no water to drink. they say they fixing the problem but its still no water 6 hours later. this happens atleast every 2 to 3 days. Albemarle rd charlotte, nc

bad management

i was a employee at the company making sure that the hotel didnt have to worry about anything i stopped a fire from happeing people came out safe and sound i was a person that they respected and i got fired for it also guest complained about bed bugs with no response about it .

Self Serve Hotel ???

We are a business and have had at least one if not two rooms for out of town employees since Sept 2013. In that time there has been a employee in the "office" of this hotel "Hwy 6 @ 290 - Houston" once. I have had to call, fax and show up in person to make payments and every time i have had to wait for call back, some one to show up, with no note on door as to where they are or when they will return. As soon as our employee has completed his work here we are out of this sad excuse for a hotel. I am sure corporate will never see this, so customers beware. Staying here would be a BIG MISTAKE... HUGE.

poor maintence

I build hotels for a living and I can truly say that the maintenance in this hotel is of the worst I've seen. I was told 3 weeks ago that new washing machines were on order, I know for a fact new machines can be delivered within a week of order. Doors drag, locks do not work correctly, this place is ready for the bulldozer.


My husband and I are staying at Intown Indy every time we have called the front desk no one answer and we have ask for to help 121 to ask the young people above to stop their children running, bouncing balls, etc from 6 am - 10 pm...nothing...crazy...wow?

bad service

No customer service skills what so ever. The manager was rude. I had alot of problems. the intown sweets n arlington tx by six flags.

Bed Bugs

The place was infested with bed bugs i could not sleep . I had to stay up all night. Left several messages to corporate office no answers

Bed Bugs

I was staying in the Inntown Suites in St. Charles Mo off of First Capital. I was there for 2wks with my daughter and boyfriend, I started noticing my boyfriend and I were breaking out that was very red and itchy. I made a doctor appt but ended up going to the hospital because it got so bad. The doctor there told me it was scapies probably from the hotel, when we got back to the hotel I asked the manager if we could switch rooms or be giving new sheets. He said be needed to check our room for something, he came I and looked behind the headboard he said "just what I thought there are bed bugs in here and they are big meaning they've been here for a while" we were immediately told to leave with nowhere else to go. I took in upon myself to let a couple other people know that were also staying there and they had a few similar stories. The lady in the room next to me had a few bites on her arm. I called the State of Missouri whom sent an inspector out and I also called channel 5 news whom are going to pick up my story. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! THEY ARE A ZERO STAR HOTEL!


26 June, 2013; approximatedly 10:55AM three women were standing in walk way to the elevator. One Front Desk Attendant, two the Housekeeper, three could not recognize. I hesitated about 5 seconds for them to move cart for me to pass and as I passed I put a bag of trash in the cart and jesters and comments were made which led to the Front Dest Attendant taking the bag of trash toward me as I wait at the elevator and puts it against my leg and says "sir you need to take this to the dumpster". I did not respond.

i wish i had read the reviews first. they say they provide pots and pans. that is a lie in the orange park, fl location. the roach problem is ridiculous, especially since the exterminator is here just about every week. i have even treated my room for the roaches myself. the problem still persists. the young lady at the front desk was disrespectful to me. and to top it off, they have gone up on the room rates. and why doesn't this company refund deposits? they say you will. i'm not going to look for mine. according to every review that i have read today, they will find a reason not to give it back to me. when i leave this place, i will never stay in another one of their hotels. and i most certainly will never recommend their hotel to anybody.

I stayed at the intown suites on preston highway in louisville ky and my property was stolen so keep this in mind when getting a room. The crazy thing about the whole situation was the night security guard was wearing my husbands stolen sweatshirt when seen at an er waiting room. Someone who we liked to chat my husband up every night is stealing from the guests there. Very unsatisfied with my stay and would not recommend this place to the strays.

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