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Please correct your listing for Intown Suites Management Inc the main line phone number is 770-799-5000. Customer Concerns phone number is 800-769-1670. The contach us link on the E Corporate Office does not work. Betty Copeland 770-799-5000

no stars!!!!!, i was a repeat guest at the intown in greenville sc, omn mauldin road, and the list is so long , i am going to take it further to a law suit, and reporting this place to the health department. i was sexually harassed, daily, and the place was simply disgusting!!!!!!!! im not done with them yet. look at the reviews people thesr places should be shut down except for the fact that the homeless , stay these, whatch for more!!!!!!

To Coorperate From Steven D Wodrich 2705 W Co. Road 42 Burnsville,MN 55306 i have been living at the burnsville location for approxamentley 2 and a half years . i have had help from the county in the past , and i am getting help again ,now that i am getting help from the county the rent is raised again , the rent that i pay is the same rate that if i were to come off the street , i thought that if you were to stay here for a while that i might be a little more comefortable i was hoping that if i let you know how i was treated i have been deamed disabled ,it seems that it depends on who you are and if they (front desk)are going to raise my rent. now the county wants to now what is up with the raising of the rent i hope to send you the copy of my rent history. i now am paying the same price as if i checked in today. my rent has been raised from 3/19/12 (199.99) to (209.99) and again on (5-7-12) 219.99 and now as of 7/17/2012 to 229.99 i have informed the front desk that i am in a strugel but its all about the dollar i am in a situation , i have no family , i will be having back surgery on september,13th 2012 when i 1st starting living here it was tough making rent now (7-16-12) it appears that i have as you can tell i m not computer savey

intown suites at 4210 fm 1960 is the worst intown suites i have ever stayed in. they dont clean ur room and say the did.... the manager looks like a crack head and needs to learn more about customer service....

In April of 2012 I was staying at the In Town suites, Charleston SC. During my stay the manager had discovered some of my personal property and demanded that I remove it from the property. The personal item was a rifle and handgun that I use for hunting and target practice during my personal time off from work. Being from California I did not immediately have the resources available to 'get rid of' my own personal property. The items were secured in their cases and I had removed the firing pins making them non operational. While I was at work the manager went into my room and opened all of my luggage and cases taking pictures of my personal belongings and sent them to my office. I was not informed as to what was taking place and returned to my room, after working 12 hrs, to find my room locked. The manager on site refused to allow me into my room and I had to have the local sheriff department come to the room to let me in to get my personal belongings. Due to the actions of your manager violating my fourth amendment rights I have also lost my job when I was wrongly evicted from your hotel. I do alot of business on the road and the business that I bring to your establishment at a rate of 2-3 rooms a week is now gone. Along with the civil case that I will be bringing to your door I hope you realize that violating an american's civil rights will not go unnoticed

2883 Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33760: General Manager Tony could care less if property is run down or if any unsatisfactory conditions are corrected. Standard answer, if you do not like it move out, and you will forfit the dollars you have paid in advance plus your deposit. By the way, against Florida law! Phone did not work, internet did not work, A/C loud and did not work (more of a fan than A/C). Tony's answer to every problem is move out or as to the internet problem, go next door there is free wifi at the restaurant???? So much for customer service, I noted rudeness toward the ladies who were living there by management, the night manager was just taking up space, never answered his telephone. Made no difference if you called his room number or the outside number that was provided. The sad thing, I wrote a personal letter to the corporate headquarters in Atlanta and received no response. I feel the entire corporate structure just ignores the problems, as most of the occupants are on hard times and are unable to follow-up on complaints. Anyone who has an option should never stay at an InTown Suites facility!

The corporate office number for Intown Suites is incorrect in this posting. It should be 770-799-5000 for coroprate business or 800-769-1670 for customer service.

I was on inntown suites at the address of 7100 south orange blossom trail, Orlando, fl. 32809 and I am mentioning on details the address because I want to make sure everybody knows about how awful is the service in this place, first of all when I went to the room everything look ok but then when we move the beds to make things more comfortable we start seen a lot of trash and roches dead and alive and because we needed to move fast and the office was already closed we need to go to the store and buy some stuff to kill roches and clean everything by ourselfs but when we go the other day to the office to report that the Clerck just ask us why you want to move to a dirty room?plus the manager wasn't there she didn't report it or try to call the manager, she not even apologize to me, but that's not all the other day when I was washing some dishes on the sink something under the sink explode and the room got floaded of a lot of water some personal stuff got wet when I go to the office to report it there was another Clerck that also have a bad attitude but she at list call maintance to go and try to solve it, they got us on hold for hours while they was trying to fix things we couldn't go to use the bathroom because there was no water to flush the toilet and they never offer us a solution and we ask to talk to the manager and he never show up and we notice he was hidden in his office and what make things worst me and my mother was with my grandmother who is handicap and they not even apologize for nothing these people are extremly abusive, they should be fired starting with the manager and Clercks and ending with the housekeepings they are the worst employees ever, they dont care about nothing, they are very unprofessional and disrespectful and by the way we have pay 202 dollars weekly for all they abuse. I will never going to consider staying in there any more.

this company just likes to money grub, conditions are poor here in perdue springs Chester Virginia, let alone the internet connection is 10x SLOWER than regular cable,cigarette smell, and absolutely degrading in the most disgusting way possible. everything is either old and crippled, or nasty and vile. sometimes its both. i'm going to put this simply, if you want a better life, do not live in intown suites and good luck to the rest of us that live in this god forsaken place.

Intown Suites 16909 Rolling Creek Drive Houston,Tx *Poor customer service *Dirty rooms *Dirty carpet *Dirty bathrooms *Half cleaning housekeepers *Blood-stained mattress(old blood) *Burnt up & sheets *Blood stained comforter*Company policy you only get one regardless of longtermstay *Peeling paint *Dirty filters(a/c & stove vent) *No fire extinguishers/smoke detectors *Wobbling table *Perverts frequent the premises all day *Can't be outside of your room *Can't have your room door open This company won't get far and I advise people to take all these reviews into consideration before doing business with them. WHAT INTOWN SUITES FAIL TO REALIZE IS THE CUSTOMERS IS HOW THEY MAKE THEY MONEY, NOT THEY DUMB UNEDUCATED EMPLOYEES.

Deplorable piece of shit on perdue springs in chester va. Smells like cigarette smoke theres a fire alarm almost every week. Not even wifi connection. This day and age who doesnt have wifi. Now i see its not just the one i stay in all of them are shitty.

I first checked in to my room at the InnTown Suites @ 4210 FM 1960 West in Houston Texas 77068, in October, 2011. I was reasonably happy with the room and the customer service/ amenities that were offered. In fact, upon checking into the room, I called the office and asked if I could switch rooms as the mattress was old and very uncomfortable. Upon hearing this, the manager, immediately sent maintenance to my room with a new mattress that was very comfortable. I was very pleased and impressed with the attentiveness they exhibited. Enough so that upon checking out in April, 2012 to tend to a business opportunity in Louisiana, I informed them that upon my return to Houston, I would in fact choose that particular location to stay at. Well....hindsight is 20/20 as they say, for if I'd foreseen the manner in which my needs would be brushed aside, the rudeness I would experience from the clerk, ****, I believe her name to be, or the condition of the room I was renting, I'd have certainly stayed somewhere else. For starters, when I called from Louisiana, anticipating my return to Houston, I made my reservation and was assured that they would have either my old room reserved for me, or at least, a 3'd floor room reserved , given it is priced lower than the 1st or 2nd floors and that the weekly rate was the same as when I checked out. ..$179.99 weekly. Upon arriving on May 8th, not only was my old room , nor a room on the 3'd floor available as promised, but the rate for your rooms had in fact increased, so instead of the $179.99 I'd anticipated paying, I was stuck with a 2nd floor room at $199.00 weekly. OK..whatever, as I still recalled that the rooms were reasonably nice and the staff very attentive. Sadly...that had changed as well. Upon entering my room, I noticed it was much more run down and not nearly as nice as my room 336 I'd previously stayed in. I'll cover those momentarily... The FIRST big problem I had upon my return were the occupants in the room directly above me...slamming on the floor, stomping on the floor DAY and NIGHT, and I mean 2,3 and 4 AM IN THE MORNING. I tried calling the courtesy officer, no answer...left messages on the answering machine, no return call the next day telling me the problem would be handled. I went to the office and complained, it still went on. Then finally after 4 days of not getting even a decent nights sleep, I went to the room and asked the guy to please cool it. He said he would. (His roommate was at work at the time, the .guy that answered the door was stoned out of his gourd. Later that day I spoke to Cindy again, telling her I politely asked the guy to please keep it down. her response, and I'm quoting verbatim here was "well, that's good, just ask them politely and don't raise a big stink. Later that same night, it started again... it was a Friday night, 3 AM. I called the courtesy officer rm 100. No answer. I left a message on the office answering machine, saying I'd tried everything, even going to their room and politely asking them to cool it, the previous day, just as a reminder to Cindy, hoping that they'd be kicked out the next day, then an hour later @ 4 aM, with it still going on, I finally bothered Maintenance by calling his room and he responded IMMEDIATELY, as he always does (he's a good maintenance man. I have no complaints with him) and he went to their room and told them to stop.The next day at 11 AM, I called the office, begging **** to please give me another room away from them. Her response FLOORED ME and she should be fired for this: She had the GALL to tell me "well...I got your message and if you think you're going to come down here and demand another room and get one, you got another thing coming and in fact I can demand that YOU vacate the room for confronting another guest" ARE KIDDING ME????? IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT REPEAT CUSTOMERS......?????? Had I not just paid for 2 weeks, I would have left this place so fast it would make your head swim. THE NERVE!!! FINALLY....on the following Tuesday, the one guy who was making all of the noise was thrown off the property, mind you, this was 3 days AFTER **** had threatened to evict ME!! Now , let's talk about the room: Phone didn't work on check in, was intermittent. Maintenance found the outlet to be bad. he replaced . It works ok now. A/C cover falls off of unit. temp knob on A/C is broken Couch has rips in upholstery TV about 10 or so years old, cuts off on occasion, which is great when watching the NBA playoffs. Mattress is so old and uncomfortable (told I was on a waiting list...maybe a month or 2 to get it replaced. Box spring is just plain NASTY with yellow stains and rips all over it. NASTY. Internet outlet broken. i had to take the plate off to plug in my communications cable. refrigerator stained , beat up and rusty LOUD constant drip on bath tub spout. i reported . Took almost a month to fix. I occasionally receive packages from family, vendors. I have been called ONCE and told a package has arrived. All other times, I have to keep checking, then when it does arrive, I'm told, "i called your room, when I know that no one called as I'm always here when I am expecting a package . Bathroom door is trashed....NASTY. Toilet backs up. Maintenance brought me a plunger. I've not returned it and its a good thing as it has backed up twice since. Had bed bugs...or something in the bed. Mgr. did respond the same day on that and Maintenance sprayed the mattress and that NASTY box spring. Folks, I'd be embarrassed and ashamed to have a box spring that looked like that if I ran the hotel. And I"M A REPEAT CUSTOMER.!!!! ????? I've spent over $6,000.00 dollars at this hotel in the last 7 1/2 months. I can assure you, I won't be spending much more money, if any if I can help it. Ya know.... I don't really expect any response from this email as my expectations of InnTown Suites has fallen has plummeted.. I realize the market dictates price, and the apartment and long term motel/hotel market is thriving now, due to the piss poor economy and people being either evicted or foreclosed on, as happened to me. Fair enough. I understand business, but that doesn't mean expectations of acceptable accommodations and acceptable customer service should fly out the damn window just because you understand that as soon as I move on, you'll have no problems renting this room again. You should be ashamed of the manner in which I ...a REPEAT customer, A FORMERLY HAPPY CUSTOMER has been treated.

We stayed at In Town Suites in Edmond, OK for 2 weeks while getting rid of a black mold problem in our house, and I would not recommend this place to anyone! We noticed many odd little things that didn't make sense until someone mentioned that lots of meth cookers set up in extended stay hotels. Bingo!! That explains the sickly-sweet stench that came from all the a/c units-we sprayed lysol into ours several times a day and it still stunk the whole time. Going thru the breezeway you had to hold your breath it was so bad-I took a deep whiff of the dumpster one day and it actually smelled *better* than the breezeway & the exhaust from the a/c units of every room on the 1st floor (never went to the 2nd or 3rd floors but they prolly stunk too). It explains why we only saw 2 other children there besides our own. Explains why we never saw anyone carrying in groceries or smelled food being cooked. Explains why we saw so many ppl smoking outside their rooms even though the entire place allowed smoking (really? what hotel nowdays doesn't have non-smoking rooms?) I could go on, but after reading some of the posts on this page, I'm kind of wondering if the entire chain is just a front for a large meth-cooking & distribution operation. We moved to the Value Place after 2 weeks, and here we see families, smell people cooking food, the construction worker's vehicles are actually gone during the daytime, AND...we noticed this strange little thermostat looking thing on the wall that has no knobs or controls of any kind. Asked the front desk what it was and they said it's a chemical/heat sensor that can detect if a meth lab is in the room. In Town Suites did not have this in the room we stayed in. I wish I had known before we moved in there. It probably would have been better for our health to stay in our house breathing black mold vs meth lab fumes.

Wow! I can honestly say that reading these posts has definitely helped me realize that it's NOT just InTowne Suites off of Valley View Dr. in Lewisville, TX that SUCKS!!! Meth heads on one side of the building, potheads on the bottom floor of the other side, other inconsiderate guests freaking out and calling security/the office during the day because of a one year old's baby footsteps interrupting their watching of races on tv, the jerk above "working out" jumping in the same place repetitively at all hours of the night, the security guard is an a-hole... Who comes up yelling in a single mothers face about her son interrupting the races for the bitch downstairs?? Management.... Phyllis is a rude, disrespectful, self-centered and inconsiderate manager. Housekeeping sucks.... Dirty mop water to clean the toilet.... Really?! Bugs galore. No internet at all unless you want to take a walk to the McDonalds across the street. Will kick you out over NOTHING, leaving you nowhere to go with a child, nor will they refund your money after being kicked out on pure ridiculousness. Don't bother trying to actually figure out what their grounds for eviction are, they don't and won't hear any of it. "A Safety Issue"..... Makes me laugh when they tell their guests things like that. Like they care for the safety of any of their guests?! Yeah right! Biggest joke I think I've ever heard. All around, worst motel chain in the country, clearly. Waste your money at another motel. Any customer service is better than InTowne Suites' by far.

im with the rest on this. poor living cond. alll around dumpy place im sorry to be stuck living here

Is this just a site to complain or what? I will stay this month again at the Intown Suites hotel and on Northside Drive in Atlanta and it is a great place and the rates are also good. It is a while ago since we visited this hotel but we are looking forward.

I reported to Joel, the manager of this location, that there had been 5 attempts of someone trying to enter my room by juggling the handle and pushing on the door. His response was to evict me on the grounds that "He and I did not get along." During my entire stay he had made repeated smart comments, and at one point had scoffed in disdain at my photo identification and manicure. Another time while checking for bed bugs, he made Catholic cross signs in front of my face- three times consecutively. He also did not return my security deposit, even though I was assured by him that I did not need to fill out the required paperwork because I was being evicted. (Please note: they do not tell you that you need to turn in a form notifying them when you are leaving. When I directly asked the assistant manager, he just made a vague comment that they would like to have some type of forewarning). I filed a customer service complaint via the company website, and I left a message. I was never contacted by them. MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is a very dangerous location. I witnessed two incidents of domestic violence, vehicle damage (contaminants in gas tank), and attempted rape/abduction??? while running down the road. Additionally, there are no non-smoking rooms, and the place reeks of cigarettes.

In response to the employees regarding the woman with the bed bugs. You are incorrect, bed bugs can actually travel through walls. And and the policy of the majority of hotels in the country is not to vacate the guest, most governmental agencies suggest that hotels vacate that room and rooms that share a wall floor or ceiling. You were also supposed to treat the guests belongings, and put them in another room if there is one available. While it is possible she brought the infestation, you can not publicly make that claim regardless of whether she did or not. Nor can you deny her the deposit until you've inspected all rooms which share a wall floor or ceiling. Also keep in mind your hotel maybe responsible, if she carries the infestation to another place. Because governmental agencies openly suggest that you give all clients a bedbug fact sheet when they are exposed.

I recently stayed one night at the Intown Suites in Montgomery, Alabama. Although I paid for a week (plus deposit), the condition of my room was so deplorable, I would not stay beyond the one night; I did not get any of my money back, and... yes I talked to corporate. In my opinion, voicing a complaint to Intown Suites corporate headquarters falls on deaf ears. I'm not going to include a lot of detail because it is just another verse of a sad but true song. The comments and complaints I have read just in the past two days indicate to me that Intowne Suites across the United States provide unsafe,dirty, unsanitary, and overall deplorable living conditions. It is unacceptable and their victims (yes victims) should stick together and try to stop them by taking steps (however small)through legal organizations and in the court system. I am truely shocked and saddened that they continue to make a profit from taking advantage of people through their lengthy contract which apparently leaves you and me without any recourse whatsoever. Where's the justice. My heart goes out to the people that have been victimized by Intowne Suites. Surely someone, somewhere within the company, whether its a general manager or a corporate executive, has a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror. I say give them 0 stars for deplorable and yes it is (in my opinion)as bad as I am indicating.

A sales rep with Inn Town suites called me on 3/5/2012,he stated he was calling from Plano, Texas, he said Inn Town suites corporate had give him the information I had supplied for our request for corporate account with Inn Town Suites,he stated he would e-mail what was required, never heard from him again, why would inn town suites imploy such a person as this??

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