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false advertising

received on 1/24/2013 my DQ in Kirkland, WA. was haivng a 1/2 off sale on everything. I went through the drive thru and ordered food as I went to pay I asked the girl at the window how late the 1/2 off was that day and she said to me oh did you get a email? I said yes and she said tat is not till February 23rd or something. So send out fake emails to get people in twice NICE!

Up until now we loved eating here and letting our son stop in for an after school treat. I have been told that the Manager here has banned ALL students from Whitaker Middle School from doing business with this establishment unless a parent is with them. If my son s money is not good enough to spend there neither is mine. BOYCOTT this DQ right away. I ve talked with over 30 other family s whose kids go to Whitaker and they also are Boycotting this DQ. We will get the word out to everyone we know. I am calling the TV and radio stations and the newspapers to see if they will do a story on it. BOYCOTT THIS DQ in Keizer Oregon.


I love your icecream but I have been to my local dairy queen 3 different times in the last two weeks and they have not had any chocolate. The people in the store act like it is no big thing but to a person who takes the time to drive to the store only to find they still have not fixed the machine is pretty annoying. The store I am referring to is located at 13004 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove, Ca. 92843 I think it is a shame that your name (Dairy Queen) is not being properly represented when you can't get one of the most basic items on your menu. I would love to hear from you as to what you are doing to reconcile this matter. If I do not hear from you I will no longer be a customer and will tell my friends to do likewise.

Gluten Free

I had your fries. They are NOT gluten free! Now I am suffering. There should be a warning that they are coated with flour. Plus it would help if DQ would have a gluten free bun for sandwiches. It is so hard on us Gluten Free people that we would like to eat out. Please put a warning label up about the fries. Thank you

I go to the Dairy Queen in Swartz Creek Michigan all the time. Only reason I go to this one and not another is because this is the only one in the area we live in for a quite a few miles. I am very disappointed in this location, I must first say I worked at a different Dairy Queen for 4 years so I do know how these are ran. My boyfriend I have have tried for 6 months now to get a supreme BLT sandwich (which is shown on their menu) First we where told their Iron grill was not on at this time. We came back in a month and tired order it again, and was told the exact same thing. We then tried again after another few weeks at 4 in the after noon (thinking we were coming to late) and the manger was had a very rude attitude when saying to us "Look! the Iron grill is not on!" We then went to the window and asked one of the girls if they ever have any of the items from the iron grill available, she smiled and shocked her head no. It has been 6 months we did try back and ask if any of the items on the iron grill are available they told us no. I would think like we did when I worked for a Dairy queen when were out of something we would put a sign over it on the menu saying not available at this time, so people were not asking for it all the time. I did not appreciate how rude the manager was to me, Since we assumed we came to late the first two times and they had cleaned off the grill at that time. I am not afraid to ask if they have it, how will I ever know if they get it back? I find it false advertising that they have them on their menu. I have been to the Birch Run Michigan location twice since all has happened and have gotten the iron grill sandwiches there so i know dairy queen still has them.

I recently visited a dairy queen in walterboro , sc on bells highway and i must say the service were awesome the store spotless i know the store must have good management because the mangager was there on duty greeting all customers ,smiling, and taking orders if i decide to move to walterboro this will be my favorite stop for my family.

if i could put -1 i would every time i go to dq qitch is right up the street from me (more of a conveniece for my family and i today i took my daughter for the bogo blizzard in port richey florida on ridge rd when the KID with holes in his face im guessing very unattractive covering his name tag.when im done writing this i will call his manager and im sure ill get nowhere the plaace is also a filthy mess you just lost 4 customes(my family) and ill be sure to tell all my friends from football league...

Dairy queens great, the best. take my children to the one at 10820 park blvd in seminole all the time. they love it. kitchen leader was cursing at an employee named kourtney, screaming at her for no reason we saw. i had to take my girls out of there fast because of her behavior. yelling is one thing but screaming the way she did and dropping the F word. none of the managers stopped her. if this is the type of behavior they allow..... come on.

we frequent sq in Pontiac mi..always ask for no lid but they still put big plastic lids and than in bags.I spoke to manager about going green or at the least don't bag everything up unless requested..save our trees..they don't care..going to the news to try to bring interest anyone out there please do the same.

Yuma Arizona DQ's are dirty,employees not customer friendly. YUMA DQ'S time to clean and repair the insides of your facilities. Walls are dirty, seat covers torn, serving area not clean. Actually saw roaches on floor. Owners listen up and make a difference and get back to 5 stars rated. DQ off of Fortuna will not honor cupons----employees remark under new ownership and coupons not accepted???? There used to be pitcher of water with cups available not now-- have to buy bottle water also not serving breakfast anymore??? Corporate DQ CEO needs to read all the complaints across the states and step up to the plate and make a change----if not get a new CEO.

I went to the location at 9304 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN today for lunch at 11:45pm.. Service was extremely slow--there were only 2 people on staff. The cashier was also putting meals together, and without washing his hands, I witnessed him putting fries that had fallen on to the tray, back into the fry box. It took 10 minutes for me to get my food--along with 2 other patrons who were also making comments about the service--and after two more customers came in, I had to speak up, and ask for my food--which had been sitting on the pick up counter for 2-3 minutes. My hamburger was 1/2 burnt when I received it, and since I was back to work already, I couldn't get a replacement. I will never go back to this Dairy Queen again.

Dairy Queen's recent ads on TV are untrue and false advertising, at least at the DQ in Savannah, TN. You show in your ads 2 Cheese Burgers for $3.00, they are shown dressed with pickle and other condiments. On two trips to the DQ in Savannah, TN I ordered the 2 cheese burgers with mustard, pickle and onion; when I drove to the drive in window I was told it was $3.58, in Tennessee we have a .095 % tax, so it would be .285 tax or .29 cents tax, total $3.29, the first time I over looked it, I guessed the girl was a little slow or was getting her tip this way. The second time I questioned her about the other .29 cents and she said it was to pay for the mustard, pickle and onion. I am 70 years old and this is the first time in my life I have ever had to pay for mustard, pickle and onion; maybe if I wanted extra tomato or something , but not the basic condiments. DQ needs to change their ads or contact the DQ in Savannah, TN, and tell them that the basic condiments are suppose to be free. I will not go into any DQ now for fear that what I order will be more expensive than what the menu says or will not have the basic correct ingredients in it. Can they make a milkshake with out flavoring, or would the cherry flavoring cost you more? See what I mean? Please pass this own. David Ingram

I was at the Dairy Queen in Manitowoc, WI on 35th & Calumet Avenue recently to order a chicken sandwich. Who ever said first impessions are lasting knew whatthey were talking about. What ever happened to being greeted with a smile? The few questions I asked were answered with a "yup". To think this is the generation that might be taking care of me some day. Shoot me now.

Our family just had lunch yesterday at the Kenosha Wi store on HWY 50. Very bad customer service. Couldn't get the order right, even after 2 attempts. I felt like I was putting them out asking for the drinks I had ordered to go with the incomplete meal I finally got. My family will never stop in there again.

In my opinion, I believe that WV DQ managers, assistant manager, owners, and employees should be required to participate in ADA training in order to promote equal employment practices. I am apalled by their unethical and discriminatory behaviors.

Hello- To whom ever cares in the corporate office about outstanding over all job performance. When I say this -I don't say it lightly. I have been in several DQ's over the years and swore I would not go back in that facility again anywhere! Well long story short I started my own business, and I decided to hold interviews in a public place. Here in Copperas Cove and Lampasas Texas you don't have much other options that McDonalds/Burger KIng. What made me say DQ don't know?? Since then I have been a fan of this store in Copperas Cove on Hwy 190/Georgetown road.The managers name I think is Nina. This is the cleanest DQ I have ever been in! Her motto seems to be my old one(time to lean time to clean) Excellant Dq in cleaniless and friendliness.Out of 1-5, I would rate this DQ a 5 on most days, food is usually hot/fresh! Variety of people working at this DQ, also a nice touch to see. Doesn't look to be bsed on just appearance(by size or color)everone always seems to be pretty clean! Most people are quick to complain -myself included after serving the public for 30 years and slow to compliment, so I wanted to finally take the time, to let you kow this DQ is a top rated restraunt. It's in a old building but they can't help that-but what they can help-they all do a great job -and the manager must say she hires very nice people! Without great customer service and good food-you have no chance here. Thanks to all in that DQ to make it a pleasure to go and eat there,I live 15 miles from this DQ and will make the extra miles that's the service you will recieve! Thank you Terrie Renner 425 cr 4330 Lampasas, Tx 76550

Dairy Queen SERIOUSLY needs to RECYCLE!!!!!! What a blight on the environment... the one in Middlefield, Ohio is only a couple of blocks from the Recycle Center... they go through tons of plastic... and when approached about recyling, they simply said "no one wants to do it". DUH.... I hope you'll join in and boycott the inconsiderate greedy _____!

i was at the dairy queen in ghent n.y in the drive thru for over twenty minutes at the window with no one telling me why it was taking so long i ordered chicken strips and a chicken sandwich. as we looked threw the window we saw people sitting on counters talking to each other laughing and our food boxes were right there all they had to do was hand them to us we are pissed off and will tell everyone we know not to go there ever again they are unprofessional and very disrespectful. i will be posting this on facebook to

My kids and I love the Loogootee Indiana Dairy Queen. We always get great service and friendly smiles. My 11 year old makes sure she tells them every time we go there that they are the best DQ that we have ever been to. Keep up the great work Loogootee!

Went to the Dairy Queen at 3303 Lincoln Wat East in Mishawaka In. this evening, and the person in front of me ordered (2) Buster Bars among other things for her children. The girl behind the counter handed (2) Dilly Bars instead. Unknowing, the two little guys opened the dilly Bars and began licking them and realizing they weren't Buster Bars, put them back in the paper sleeve and mom told the girl they were wrong. The waiter took them and put them back in the freezer for resale , and give them two Buster bars. I then explained to the girl that once food passes over the counter and comes back, you can't resale it, and that the little guys licked on those Dilly Bars. I even explained this to the evening shift manager who then give me attitude for even saying anything. The Dilly Bars remained in the freezer for resale when I left the store. This must be common practice at this location. Buyer beware. :) I will call the store Manager tomorrow and the health department.

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