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no ice cream

really does the dairy queen in Snyder on college run out of ice cream....

Milwood DQ in Kalamazoo, MI is the nastiest DQ there is, they re-used the metal sleeve that goes around the blizzards causing them to all taste alike, WASH it in between uses, we walked out.. This store will be reported to the local health department this store was dirty and is in need of be shut down.

girls with weave

I visit a dairy queen in meridian ms and all I wanted was some ice cream and none of the girls that was working that day greeted me or smiled. as this girl fixed my ice cream she was patting her weave and I thought it was going to fall in my ice cream. that was nasty and unsanitary because hair could have fallen in my ice cream and also the employees and the manager was eating fries right in front of the customers and never washed their hands. monkey see monkey do I guess. and it take forever to get one biscuit when its no one in line...smh


Dear Dairy Queen, I thought of a a good treat. Oreo jello pie blizzard. I have mixed it myself and its AMAZING. Just thought it would be worth a try...I have more. Just thought you could try one as a example.

bad franchises

the new dq in moore has a 12 year old manager that is threatening to fire everyone for some thing that someone else for got to do. the food is served cold and they dont give the employees breaks i really thought yall should know this.

Bad Business!!!!

I'm writing to you about the Dairy Queen in Tavernier FL on the keys. The restaurant is over flowed with live roaches as well as dead ones! They have flew on the wall while customers were eating! They have ants problems also. They have served customers expired milk with chunks in it to customers that ordered milk shakes, they have served expired soft served ice cream and cakes! The health inspector has came out while roaches were out and about and nothing has been done. Complaints were made to managers on different occasions!

Dairy Queen gone wrong

I went to Dairy Queen on Sunday night at 9:30 and was in a good mood. I place my order and I order a simple large ice cream cone and This rude man gave me the cone and my ice cream was leaning all to the side and it feel in my hand. he looked at me and told me I should have not been playing with it and wasn't gone to give me another when I asked for it. He asked me for my cone to put more ice cream on it, instead of just giving a whole new one and some napkins. He gave me another that was just the same and closed his window and walked off. I left Dairy Queen mad and with sticky hands like I was five.

bad service

Went to Dairy Queen in Simpsonville, KY. today at 9:25 am. i was the only one in line, i waited for 9 minutes and 32 seconds before i was asked for my order. the manager was playing on the computer, the other only waiter was in drive thru, she just looked at me, finally after almost 10 minutes a girl comes out from back peeling onions she said, i placed for my order, she got my coffee which was ice cold, they put it in the microwave it was still cold. i will never be back again....

Bad Experience

A week ago, we traveled to South Texas and on the way back to Houston, we stopped and ate in Refugio, DQ. 2 people working and a cook. The 2 ladies were at the window helping car orders, about 10 of us waiting for our food. I asked the worker what was the problem after 30 minutes of waiting and our food there getting cold, She claimed that they had a big order at the window worth $80.00. I thought we, who were waiting probably spent more than that. I will never stop there again. Our food was cold when we did get it.

Won't be back!

TERRIBLE product for the price. Ordered a Iron-grilled Turkey Sandwich; 3 THIN SLIVERS of Turkey (deemed enough by Corporate per the Asst. Manager) Bacon barely cooked; LOTS of lettuce. Called to exchange and Asst. Manager VERY nice; new sandwich and refund... Still not worthy of PRICE... Horrible product for the price.

Costumer service

I travel up and down the easy coast and stop at many DQ. Customer service is deplorable. I never get a Ty, have a nice day. This company is in trouble. You could learn from Starbucks

Not worth the buck

My kids and I went to DQ at Scarsdale in Houston, TX. We ordered 2 Blizzards. We could hardly hear the DQ lady over the intercom. Then we pulled up and waited at least 5 minutes before someone opened the drive thru window. Finally the Blizzards we got was a little over half cup. I told the lady she didn't fill it up. She gave me a mean eye and said yes they are full. So I told her "according to you they are full, look at them yourself" She gave me another dirty eye AGAIN! Why should I pay big bucks and being treated poorly. Other reviews complained about their service too. Obviously DQ needs to know how to train their people and do business right. No cheating!!


Well I would never recomend your salad to anyone the lettuce bacon, bits ,Tomatos, grated carrot, shredded cabbage.(realy) Well let me recomend that you just throgh a whole head of lettuce in the bowl with the saucebacon bits and the rest placed around the head to make this look really good charge $10;00 dollares for that at thevery best no efort given keeps your labour cost to 0 then have the staff sweep the floor towards you while your eating dust stird up by the corn broom and please don't use the garbage because she had just emptyed the cans the smallest pieces was the size of my fist when I left I told the ditz to just throw the head of lettuce in a bowl that would be easy to serve totaly pissed off

DQ/Tomball, TX

August 2013 will be 2 years I have been going to DQ/Tomball,TX. on the week ends for my lunch break. I have never seen such service at any other restaurant. Mgr is always upbeat and I believe that is where the employees get their great attitudes. Always courteous, efficient and pleasant to visit. I am looking forward to future visits.

dairy queen in Milan, In.has terrible blizzards a pecan blizzard has very very few pecans in it and the chocolate is found in clumps in the bottom of the cup. Much better off to just not go.


I went to dairy queen in Osceola WI wonderful place!! Last year when I was there the place was a dump this time it was so clean friendly people FAST service new management I will definitely be going back!!

false advertising

Went to a Dairy Queen in March of 2013 in Camdenton,Mo and all the DQ's has a deal for the month buy one Blizzard and get one for 99 cents , but Camdenton DQ made a sign that said No to that deal

Broken Arrow, Ok Dairy Queen

Anybody wishing to do business at the Dairy Queen on 71st in Broken Arrow,Ok should not go there. I went there with my employees to get lunch. The person taking orders at the drive thru could not get it right. We pulled up to get our order and everything was wrong. They gave us a drink that was half coke and half sweet tea. We got fries and not onion rings. The burgers were not right. After trying to get it right I just gave up. If people can't get it right then they shouldn't be there.

False Advertising

I went to Dairy Queen on March 28, 2013 and I got a Shrimp Basket. The shrimp was terrible. Some pieces were so overdone & hard that I couldn't eat them. The french fries were not like the ones I usually get there. They were smaller and not crisp (or very hot). My main complaint is that the picture on the wall showed cole slaw. I have always gotten cole slaw there. I went up to ask about getting some and the cashier said that they didn't have it anymore. I wasn't happy and told her that they should change their sign or have a notice. That is false advertising.

Advertised Free Cones

Good Housekeeping had advertised free cones on March 20, 2013 I informed my kids we were going to get cones. As my family loves DQ and we go quite often come to find out there had been over 200 people that showed up for cones and they had not heard of it nor would their boss allow it. That is FALSE ADVERTISING if I have ever seen it. I even had the magazine with me. Good Housekeeping will also be getting this same email. DQ and Good Housekeeping are both off my list and everyone in my and my husbands family. Very disappointed.

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