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I will add to the long list of customers that find your washer appliance(s)inferior. The washer I purchased from Home Depot in 2010 is less than 2years old and has been in need of repairs twice! I am purchasing a Matag and recycling the GE. I owned a Kenmore washer that withstood the test of time and worked for 26 years! Rest assure I will never purchase another GE product. Judging by the previous comments, I do not stand alone...SHAME ON YOU!

No stars actually. It is virtually impossible to contact your company. I have returned a small appliance based on your decision to put your X-Ray division headquarters in China. I have read the article on Snopes.com, but do not believe no jobs will be lost in the U.S. Mr. Immelt follows the leadership of the currant occupant of the White House and does not care about this country. Will never knowingly purchase any produce of your company. I really do not think you care.

Ordered 4 GE appliances at once, all the same color. Microwave and dishwasher are fine and working. Stove sits below microwave and is white. They have already replaced it, came white again. I am afraid of what color the refrigerator will be and might cancel order. As these appliances were all manufactured in different plants, I think the problem is definitely one of quality control. Why aren't all the plants using the same formula for the paints? I have been buying all GE appliances for close to 40 years - I'm done!

I'm getting really tired of GE products. After dealing with a bad washing machine that I purchased for my parents and then to top it off, the GE holiday lights I purchased failed to last two seasons. The book indicates they were made in China. GE improve your product. This is your last opportunity to get me...

Extreemly displeased with quality of G E "Profile" dishwasher. Have had it less than 3 months and the power has gone out of the control panel for the 3rd time. 1st time it took just under 3 weeks to get parts and repair it. 2nd time, 2 weeks later, it only took 4 days to repair but it is broken again just 6 days later, same exact problem. Tried to get unit replaced, was put on hold, transferd to voice mail, transferd to a department I specifically requested NOT to be sent to, and just now got transfered to a number that rang for about 4 minutes and then disconnected. DO NOT EVER BUY A GE PRODUCT!! IF THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF ONE OF THEIR "TOP OF THE LINE" PRODUCTS, THEY ARE ANYTHING BUT A TOP OF THE LINE COMPANY!!

My wife and i have been married for 22 years,when we married she had a hand mixer that she got as a wedding present on her first marriage in 1970.We are still using that mixer.just wanted to let you know.

I am very disappointed in GE's distribution center. I ordered a very expense stove top in the beginning of December. They promised delivery by 12/16 therefore, I proceed to purchase the item. On 12/16 I was informed that the stove top was not going to be delivered until 12/28. SO I ASK YOU - HOW AM I GOING TO COOK FOR CHRISTMAS. If I knew I would of never order a GE - and in fact I might not ever again - any you bet I will let my friends and colleges know as well.

I just bought an electric skillet in Wal-Mart, in AZ. I didn't read the box information before I opened it. I needed one quickly. I have bought many general electric products but will not anymore. I am trying to find products made in America and very disappoint that we don't have any of your products made here. I will not give you our business any longer. I am so sorry that money means more to you than our country.

Our GE dishwasher had a manufacturer defect to the heat ring. This was repaired however, the bottom of the dishwasher was melted. At that time, the service rep said that there should not be an issue. A few months later, it started leaking from cracks at the bottom of the basin. Called another service rep. He spoke with the GE company and at that time we found out that there is no replacement basin for this particular dishwasher. We were told that we would be getting a new dishwasher from the company. Guess What? When calling to schedule our instillation and where our dishwasher was/ is and when we would be getting it, found out that now they have decided that we were not getting one. No phone call to the reason why, no follow up. No excuses........GE went back on their word to replace the faulty dishwasher. Sorry, what..... You can't replace a defective product. What you are selling things that are faulty and broken...FAULTY AND BROKEN. WENT BACK ON YOUR WORD> NO STANDARDS FOR EXCELLENCE. Why bother buying from a company that you trusted to do the right thing and did not. I see, the more that I read how hard working people are getting the shaft everyday. Waiting to hear from your company executives and what they will be doing to correct this problem. S. McCarthy

We were in the process of outfitting a new home when we found out you were moving out of WI to go to China. After you made billions in the U.S. We will NEVER buy another G.E. product again and am passing the word to all we know. It just comes down to greed, doesn't it? Not loyalty to the U.S. who gave you your start and the people that live in this country. You should be ashamed but money comes first, doesn't it?

Purchased profile fridge from builder now have had 9 service calls and still not cooling it is now 2 days from thanksgiving and 350.00 dollars of food in the garbage 3000.00 in Family airfair has to be lost due to no holiday here never buy a ge appliance ever they take your money and run and best of all they hve the balls to charge you for repairs that last 3 months I have 2 kids and one income in total over the year lost thousands in food and ge dont give a hoot not fair how they get away with this type of business practice!!!

Purchased GE washer/dryer 11/13/11, delivered 11/16/11. GE removed my old units. Upon inspection, it was stated that washer discharge hose was to short, so they could not install. They wouldn't even plug in, and hook up water lines. GE delivery people told me to go back to Home Depot, where I purchased units (which of course offered no help either). GE technicians had very poor communication skills. I am disabled, and having a brand new washer and dryer sitting in the middle of my basement was quite upsetting. I had to pay a plumber $75.00 to install units. Sorry I purchased GE products!

I have a side-by-side model PSC23SGMS Profile Arctica Custom Style Refrigerator thinking I bought the best model I would imagine, within the past 2 years, I've had nothing but at least 10 technician repairs including a compressor and new computer panel, and still having problems, I always thought, GE brings good things to "Life". The last GE refrigerator I had, soooo many problems with, that I received a brand new one.....I guess I never learned my lesson!!!

I bought a side by side refrigerator and started having problems with the filter. The costomer service is the absolute worse I have ever experienced, they just do not want to be bother, incompetent and just dont know what they are doing. I was switched around so many times that after two mornings of trying I gave up. At this rate, I will never buy a GE product again and my advise is not to do so either, they really do not care about their costumers after you purchase from them. Shame on GE for such a big company, you are really small minded and you really deserve a big fat zero.

Very bad experience with all of my G.E. Profile appliances. I am on my 4th microwave in only 15 years since the house was built. The refrigerator leaked and ruined my hardwood floors, the profile double oven broke and they did not have the part for it. Now I tried calling Jeff Immelt, ceo of G.E> what a joke. I spoke to this person who said he was the highest one in the company to take care of consumer affairs. His name is Gary Mantooth. He is the most obnoxious human being to ever answer a phone. He should be fired! I will never purchase a G.E. appliance as long as I live. All the parts come from China, you know Obama's job Czar, Immelt, yeah, he just ships all the jobs over to China and his company never pays any taxes. Could you believe this company the nerve!! Just reading all the others on the blogs is truly amazing how much people had to deal with buying this garbage brand of appliances

Gentlemen: gentlemen: I was blocked from filling out a contact form to a corporate entity, by the "mafia" trained terrorist kids as "training" 8-24-11, 7;50 PM EDST. Have scurity conrtact me in the above regards. You have the ability to resolve these problems, and there has to be a better way than an Internet, that the "mafia" dominates. It is bigger than the US Government. Robert P Burke P.O Box 42 Rye Beach, N. H. 03871 nhcrev@gmail.com

This is in response to your smart meter, ( DEPLOYMENT ), or your part in the,' Military Industrial Complex!' Our Education System has been infiltrated with Government Money, the NSF or National Science Foundation and BIG Industry. You can shove your smart meters and your smart appliances up your, you know whats! I hope this back fires hugely! Once people start becoming sick from this technology, your company and CISCO and others will be remembered for this! Or, as sick as this sounds, is this your contribution to Agenda 21? The Public is TOO Smart for this, and they will rebel! I myself will NEVER buy a G.E. Product, ever again! I hope everyone reads this and does the same! You deserve it!

The 5 cup digital coffee maker is a a very nice appliance except for the pot. The handle is very awkward and ergonomicly terrible. And it hurts your thumb to lift the lid. Pouring coffee without making a mess is a real challenge.

How is it that I cannot reach by internet or phone any representative of General Electric. I am consistently directed to some pay as you go unaffiliated help center. General Electric has no quality assurance department; I feel as though I am dealing with the Wizard of Oz. I will never deal wit this company on any level again. Thanks for nothing and I will surely spread the word.

To the Compliment Department: From Refrigerator TB12SDB 4.3 FD660857 I was born (manufactured) many yers ago in the Appliance Park at Lousiville, KY (in the USA--HURRAY!!) I was purchased by a spinster lady who lived in a small town in IN. When she went to a nursing home, I was given to her niece who put me in a garage for supplementary refrigeration for a farm family. Now I reside in a farm shop where I keep drinks cold for the shop guys including 2 teenagers who open my door frequently on a hot day for various exotic colas etc. I don't know how how old I am but have been complimented on how reliable I am for my age --- so I'm passing along the compliment to General Electric. Thanks! GE Refrigerator TB Etc. (see above)

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