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We bought a GE Spacemaker microwave May 30,2012. Had to have a defective door replaced and (2 months later) still do not have the coupler that was ordered three times. Not Happy... :( Debra Keffer

I said goodbye to a faithful friend tonight. My GE iron finally gave it's final puff of steam. I got it for a wedding present in 1972. Together we have "pressed" through a lot. It had a short in the wire but I could pinch it and coax one more shirt. But alas it's time has come. So I bought a new GE tonight at Walmart. It is not nearly as well made or as sturdy so I doubt it's lifespan will be as long. But... I will "press" on ;)

you get no stars rating. shame on you. the american people are struggling and you are starting up business in china and putting those people to work. we need the work here for our survival. and to top it off you then put your profits in an offshore account and take advantage of tax credits here offered by our corrupt government who allow you to pay no taxes to support our country. i will be very careful not to allow GE into any part of my life to include healthcare.

Our ge profile dishwasher melted and almost set our home on fire !

NBC has become a Liberal Garbage Pile of broadcasting on ever station they own...Good-Bye!!!

On Friday May 18, 2012 I purchased a GE Washing Machine for $520 on behalf of my 80 yr. old Mother, Betty Lewis, of 858 Vandever Rd.,Crossville, TN 38572 - at the Crossville Tire & Appliance Distributors, 3250 N. Main St., Crossville, TN 38555 - from the manager Brian Dehart. The machine was delivered the following monday and since my Mother doesn't have a dryer we had to wait till the following thursday when it stopped raining in order for me to wash and hang out the laundry on the lines outside. On Friday, June 15, 2012 the washing machine tore up. I called the store and told them I was bringing it back to them for a cash refund and the sales person said she couldn't help me with that. That the manager would be back Monday the 17th. I called on Monday and told Mr.Dehart what the problem was and he told me that they do not give refunds, that that was the policy of the owner, a Mr. Ed Edshein and that the owner had also forbidden the workers to give out his phone number to customers. I called the Customer Service no# and was told a repairman would be in out area Monday afternoon. But the repairman called and said he wasn't going to be able to get to us and that he would have to call us back. Also, he said the parts of the washing machine that tore up were on back order with no estimated time of arrival. So, basically my Mother has been ripped off by an unscrupulous business man. I intend to make all this very public.

I have always been extremely happy with my general electric applicances. HOWEVER since you have chosen to move more jobs to CHINA and abroad, I will no longer purchase GE products. I feel americans deserve to buy american products. ALSO corporate america owes it to all americans to produce products here in this country if you want us to buy from you. Please pass this along to Warren Buffett. Thank youl

got a washer less then one year old splashes water over tub been 7 techs out still no fix spokeperson for ge said washer was up to thier standers that tells me a lot about them one tech said it was a bad design in washer


we bought amodular home in 2006 it has all GE appliances.The side byside refridgerator is a dud, the tape was on all the parts when we moved in. a year after we moved we recived a warranty application, they said our warranty was expiring.we called the 800 number in the book and were told the warranty started the day it was placed on Yates lot.YATES homes was where we purchased the home.we have had the freezer repaired 5 times now. we are waiting for a repair person now again. I was married in 58 and have always had GE products.this frezzer refridgerator is the cake topper for me.I really would like to be able to contact a CO.of the company.I do not plan to buy another GE PRODUCT.

GE has a terrible front loader washer and I do not recommend it. They do not give the value of the old washer which is about 3yrs old. It had never worked right since we had purchased it. I am glad that we bought the extended warranty. They have lied to me about sending the parts fedex and we have never got them. They discounted the washer and no money refunded. They want you to buy another GE product and pay the deliver charge of $90.00. GE sucks big time and I will not ever purchase one again. I have read these other complaints and they are just like mine. They are not good to there word and I have dealt with one person their who has continued to lie about the parts being sent. They do not feel bad about you not having a washing machine. We have a 6 month old, 4 yr old and 4 adults. DO NOT BUY A GE FRONT LOADER WASHING MACHINE. We have been w/o a washer sine Feb 2012.I am gong back to Kenmore at Sears!!!!!!!!

We purchased a GE induction cooktop based on the positive selling features listed by GE Advertising. After it was installed we learned the following: 1) highly magnetic and can only use magnetic pots 2) because it is highly magnetic it is dangerous for any person with a pacemaker or other medical device to be near the cooktop. 3) the pot must fit the burner - cannot be too small or too large or the burner will not work 4) cannot use any non-magnetic pots such as corningware 5) cannot use a portable phone in vicinity of cooktop because of interference. 6) Instruction book contains 4 PAGES OF WARNINGS RE THIS COOKTOP 7) GE PERSONNEL ARE UNAWARE OF THESE WARNINGS AND ARE SURPRISED BY THEM 8) GE PERSONNEL REFUSE TO ALLOW RETURN OF THE COOKTOP SAYING BUYER BEWARE AND THAT THE PURCHASER SHOULD HAVE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME PACKED IN THE BOX WITH COOKTOP BEFORE THEY MADE THE PURCHASE. 9) GE ADVERTISING IS EXTREMELY DECIEVING BECAUSE IT SHOWS HALF A POT BOILING ON THE SAME BURNER WITH APPLES WHICH ARE COLD. BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE-BEWARE!!!!

This isnt about there products. Its about how my husband was treated while working for this company. Someone had it out for him in the supervisor postion. There fore they set him up and caused him to be fired due to there in subordinates. Of course him being a Blue collar worker nothing he said was takin in to consideration and he had no one to defend him. As the president of the company and all her fresh out of diapers supervisors hang out and are buddies. So thank you to the inexperienced loser that took my husbands livelihood away. By the way my husband was producing 100-200% compared to other workers only doing 60% and he was pulling 60-70 hrs a week just to take care of his family, and all this was taken away by a fresh out of college 20 yr old that didnt like him. Where is the justice in that?? Oh i forgot to mention he had been in this trade for 30 yrs. These supervisors are fresh out of college doing a 6 month rotation at his plant where as my husband had been there 6 yrs and some and planned on retireing there. More chiefs than Indians no body knows what the other person is doing lack of comunication, a $90,000 a year supervisor is unable to order a rubber stamp and get it to the employee with in a month when it only takes 10 days to get there. Then the supervisor tells the employee to use someone elses stamp, employee gets fired and nothing happens to the supervisor. The supervisor word is gold compared to the blue collar worker like just because he has a college education that make him be more reliable. I wouldnt be surprised if that plant doesnt close down in 6 months.

Have a GE Harmony Profile Washer-top of the line that is less than a year old. Broke more than a week ago with a MAJOR part which cannot be had for another two weeks. Cannot believe this-all that we have told think GE should replace the washer. VERY UPSET!

No complaints, just compliments. I have had a GE refrigerator for 32 years now and it's still going strong. I am going to be replacing it because I believe I got more than my moneys worth from it..and the gold color is so outdated. Friends and neighbors can't believe it's that old...is this maybe a record?? Might keep it for the garage as an old friend and see if it outlives me. Thank you for a fine product.

In response to the comments on moving to China. You're taking your anger out on the wrong entity. Why not express that animosity towards the real culprits...government and it's strategy to over regulate businesses. If taxes and regulations were drastically reduced, they would keep these jobs in America. Let's stick with the facts and check the inflammatory rhetoric at the door.

Very disappointed to hear that your moving a division to another country, China, of course. What don't you corporate money hungry companies thinking. We have so many Americans here out of jobs, getting kicked out of their homes, and the families going hungry.....Just because of companies like yours. I will boycott GE., and any other companies now and that have moved their businesses out of the United States. We want American jobs, with American Quality. This stuff made in India, China or even tenbucktoo, is garbage, and the people of the United States is tired of it. All American made, or I know for sure, I'll do without. YOUR NEED TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS WHERE IT BELONGS, AND HAS FOR 115 YEARS.........Thanks for letting me voice my opinion. Maggie P.S. Why does this not go to General Electric Corporate Headquarters. They need to know how the people of the United States feels about their bright ideas.....You need to pass them on....

Well I got the ice bucket, got 1 dump of ice and the ice maker quit. This will be the 5th icemaker in this side by side in 6 months. Now can't get thru to Best Buy to schedule another appointment with a tech will do wothing but recycle bad parts. Hard telling which is worse, GE for making garbage or Best Buy for selling it. Neither should be allowed to remain in business.

Shame on you! Moving to China!!! REALLY!! I will not buy another GE product!

Bought a GE side/side refrigerator/freezer in 1993. Worked fine for 18 years. Last Oct. problems started so decided to replace it with another GE. BIG MISTAKE> Since Oct.. I havd had 4 service calls, 3 ice makers, and now waiting for a reconditioned "Ice Bucket" to be sent UPS for me to install. The plastic spiral screw that moves the ice broke and delivered a piece of plastic down the chute. I also have a GE dishwasher and stove that were original in the home built 1988. Both OK. At one time GE built good appliances, the sent the business to China to save money.Current Referator is a Model GSH22JFZCC serial no. RPR215085. Stay away from this model. If you do be damn sure to buy the extended service plan.

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