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your commercials r great

Micro/oven advantium

Wrote a full review of the problems I have experienced with this item. At the end was wiped off to start over. I use this item about 20 days out of the year for family holidays etc. Has features of using as microwave, regular oven and a speed cooking oven. Have had the following problems: Handle broke off of door when it was a little over a year old, next problem was the part that operates the microwave. Burnt out in about 1st 2 years and when I finally repaired it, technician said GE was donating the part (must have known of the problems), but I had to pay him. Bill was $300.00 Labor only, Tech spent 30 minutes total at my home. Friday PM was cooking dinner, opened the door to oven to use as a regular oven. The entire vent cover fell on the stove, turning a sauce pan flipped and contents of au jus spilled all over my glass stove top, the cabinets and walls, floor and SCALDED me through my shirt and slacks. Vent Cover was made of hard plastic 36" long x 3" width x 3"depth. 2 small screw holes out of the plastice had cracked and broke loose upon door opening.

GE Refrigerator Repair

GE Call Centers lie to the customer, A&E repairmen lie to the customer - I've had 3 motherboards installed in my new GE Refrigerator, and I just bought it in December brand new. The refrigerator is currently not working - hasn't worked for over one week. Can't get any satisfaction from GE.

GE Hot water heater

Heater went out in Garage ruined bathroom wood floor.

I have a new side-by-side, stainless steel, icemaker refrigerator, and every time I use the icemaker I curse the day I bought it. The fridge is fine, but the icemaker is the worst, most mal- functioning piece of garbage I've ever had.

B.S.E.E.Electrical Engineer

cheated poor quality,

Poor quality products

Just purchased a Ge refrigerator 3 weeks ago and already have broken board and fan ,waited 5 days for technician to diagnose the problem, brand new fridge,GE will not replace it for me only replace the broken parts, will never purchase this product again

My husband and I brought a washer 3/13/2013. Started having problems in September making noise, Repair service came out to fix it . And was back two weeks later stated we need a new water pump. Worked fine for little over a month and now i am having the same problem. Bad washers.

a bad company and even worst product

I had brought a brand new washer and dryer not even 3 years ago and already me and my wife are having problems with the washer it needs a motor . Me and my wife are going to tell all family and friends do not ever buy any he products and also I will go to the local news station and report not only about the way I was treated but also how he do not care about their loyal customers.

double oven stove

The bottom door vent allows spills from top oven Rodrigo down into bottom door between glass and door. You have to take apart the door to clean

my stove

has any 1 had a stove that the flat top would actually break i was cooking on it and the top cracked i didnt know what it was at first. till my wife wakes me up the next day and said honey do you know the top of the stove where you cook is cracked. what would g,e do if that was to blow up in a persons face now that would be a lawsuit from hell. cause i never saw a stove crack on the top where you cook stuff

I am really disappointed with your company and how slow you are to response to customer complaints. I had purchased 4 new appliance, submitted my rebate in March and it was received in April. It is now the middle of August and still no rebate. When I used the tracker to see where my rebate is, I get the same message. "Status Detail: Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing. Please allow up to 30 days to receive your rebate." I have call three times inquiring and get the same info, you should get in 5-10 business day. Really??? So far it four months since you received it. Think someone needs to be updating the system so clients do not have to keep checking on what is going on.

over charged

Placing a service call and getting charged double for 10 minutes of work. If I knew this before hand I would have sent him home or used someone else. Is anybody reading this at the corporate office?? I want half of my money back Mr. CEO.

GE Refrigerator model GFSF6KExcwww

Just had a GE certified repairman here to tell me why I had water and ice in the bottom of the refrigerator area in my bottom freezer refrigerator. He showed me the defrost drain probe that had broken off. It had obviously been bent when it was put in the area and eventually broke off. I was determined when we remodeled our kitchen in 2010 that I would have NOTHING but GE appliances. Soooooooo we have a GE Gas Range and Refrigerator both TOP of the LINE!! The part cost $21.00...the labor $205.00. Wouldn't it have been nice to have some quality control on part?????

BAD useless refrigerator

Right now you really don't want me to write a review!!

GE Hydrowave QUIET

I purchased this washer 1year and 5months ago and it already needs service. GE customer relations does not want to back up their product saying it's not under warranty any longer and I would need to set up a service call at my expense. What a piece of junk. I will never buy any GE product again in my life and I will tell as many potential customers via internet, Facebook etc. That's what I get for buying a product "Made in the USA".


Well let's just say I own several GE products... One of these products was recalled... The service I have received on this matter is some of the worst I've dealt with.. For one,, I sent in all the requirements and they said they never got it. Well, I never. Got it back. When I call they are short with me, because I can't understand them.. Still have not gotten my refund. I will never by another GE product again. So to all of you looking to buy appliances,, think about this first.


I bought a GE microwave oven when remodeling my kitchen it has worked for 6 months and went out, ge won't help in any way to replace the micro.......buyer beware, I wished I had read these reviews of GE before I made my purchase.

ac , washer

its all junk washer has been serviced two times only had since march ... ac was junk

frustration with GE refirerator and staff

I have a 6 year + refrigerator that has quickly become close to a $2K nightmare. after sinking in a few hundred attempting to fix minor issues in the last year, I called in GE repair staff expecting to sink in a few hundred bucks for a needed new compressor. Because of a relay cut wire, I am being told that this "is un repairable". This is beyond frustration and I feel GE is taking advantage of its customers with overseas , cheaply produced products that barely make it past the extended warranties. Technician was in business for over 20 years and cutting relay to use universal starter is common method to isolate the issue to the compressor. I am shocked an appalled at the lack of respect or willingness GE has to work with its customers. I have been a loyal GE customer for years but will never buy GE again... Outraged and disgusted. Hope you enjoy your $26 million salary mr CEO

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