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Spencer's TV & Appliance.

I bought a Whirlpool NEW Refrigerator from Spencer's TV & Appliance. On May 25,2013 the salesperson said that they can't deliver until Tuesday May 28,2013 we said fine but we want a AM delivery, they said OK. On the delivery date they call us will we can't deliver until noon or 3pm to 5pm. I was very upset these Spencer's TV & Appliance, they suck they deliver when they want too. Its been a month we are lucky that we got the warranty with the Refrigerator the ice maker is NOT working call a lot of times for Goldwing Repair Service but they are the worst. They came July 03.2013,was to come early but they call that they will come between 12pm to 3pm they also suck they come when they want too. I call on the 5 of July again the ice maker is NOT working. They said that they will came on Monday the 8 of July again call they said that they will be here between 2pm to 5pm they are the worst people to deal with.

poor quality / poor service

Ge dishwasher less than a month old now leaks . repair man been out 3 x to fix they do not know what is wrong but will not give me a new one. if i wanted a broken one - i would have keep the 40 year old one that i had which still worked better than this one... GE sucks

this company sucks big time..i have had the same problem with my ice maker 3 times and nothing gets done..i've had issues with my stove, microwave....its all going in the garbage..at the dump..and another brand will be brought into my house..GE is not good at customer service

Adora Microwave otr

Replaced and over the range Profile stainless steel microwave that was only 6 years old. Bought an Adora ss to replace it. Now I find that the vent system does not clear the steam from the cooktop, and the of the 2 light bulbs over the range only one works. This microwave was delivered on May 17, 2013; I will not replace any other GE appliances in my kitchen with another GE product. Sorry I bought this; should have read these reviews first.


We have purchased a new home (less than 2 years old). All of our kitchen appliances were manufactured by the GE company. Our refrigerator (an expensive french door model) started having problems within 6 months. Now - our dishwasher has begun to leak and the door handle on our oven has fallen off. I feel really sad that fairly new appliances are requiring expensive repairs so early into our ownership of them. I have had GE refrigerators in the past and have been so happy with them and the service. I feel hesitant to ever purchase another expensive product from GE. Thanks

GE Washer and Dryer

I bought a he type GE washer and dryer because the sellsman told me he has the same machines in his house. Well, I guess we both are unhappy with the products. After having them for over a year, the dryer is somewhat ok. The washer is awful; it's very noisy. It sounds as if it is a wrecked car trying to start. I have to wash the clothes twice to get them clean. The water only covers the clothes and the top part of the tub collects the sludge from the dirty water. I will never purchase a GE washer or dryer ever again. I will tell everyone that I can about my awful experience with these appliances. I want my money back. I worked hard for my money and GE practically stole it from me. Does any one out there have a good report from GE washers and dryers?

coffe pot is piece of junk

My son and daughter-in-law bought me a GE programmable coffee pot for Christmas and I've had to return it 3 times already because of it falling apart or not working properly. Now, the lid has broken off the top of the machine. What a sorry piece of junk! GE should be ashamed to put its name on this product.

My GE washer is waiting for repair tech. said motor it wont spin, itiis almost 2 yrs old . Now that I have read these review Iam convinced GE is not any good.

Gun Control

Your recent stance on gun control has made me determined to never purchase another GE product and will in turn, urge family and friends to do the same.

GE Products

I have 4 new GE products. The oven doesn't seem to have the correct temperature, the refrigerator doors rattle and the dishwasher is just some place to put the dishes. It certainly doesn't CLEAN!!!!. I am very disapointed.

Never buy GE products again

GE is "quietly" cutting off funding to gun stores and arma manufacturers. I would encourage the 8o million gun owners in America to never buy a GE product again. I supppose GE's top brass thinks we won WW II by throwing lightbulbs at the Axis.

Poor Service

When my wife and I were building what we considered to be our dream home we felt that brand was important when it came to selecting our appliances. We purchased GE Monagram and GE Profile for our kitchen. We had spent in excess of $12,000. We were very happy untill the problems started. Our microwave has broken three different time and in each case it was the unit that makes the microwaves. The repair man has told us that it is a design defect. Now most recently our Monagram larger oven does not work. I called GE repeatedly and beg for repair. One repair man came I spent $400 on a part and it still doesn't work. He walked out and told me to get someone else. Have you ever tried to get someone from GE to come to a remote location. Also I was promised that someone from GE woudl call me back, I am still waiting. GE don't bother to call or contact me for this is the last anything I buy from GE. You are not what you use to be, that is a stand behind your product type of company.

Customer Service? What is that?

What a joke - we bought an oven. It heats the top rack but not the bottom rack. Three service techs come out and see this is happening with their thermostat probe - then they go back and tell the customer service that there is nothing wrong. Bottom line - GE won't fix or replace the 4 month old oven - it is useless the way it is. They used to be a good company - I will never buy another GE product again!

I remember GE products in the 60's

Do you remember GE when it was a quality company! I do! I had GE appliances when they were reliable! No More! Cheap and built to break! Repairs boost the bottom line! GE quality morphed into GE profits! Shame on a US company!

GE Capital Retail Bank

The automated phone system to try to contact GE Capital Retail Bank has got to be the worst on the planet. It is non-functtional system designed not to work. The automated options don't always relate to why you are calling. And there is no option to talk to someone. As a result my account was cancelled which I did not authorize. Hence, between the system no working it also screws everything up automatically. I do not like dealing with GE Capital. It is not a user friendly organization.

Horrible Company

GE is a horrible company and sells horrible products. The corporate office is just as bad as their products. We bought a front loader washer and dryer 5 years ago. The PLASTIC pieces broke and caused the tub to break. Machine is not fixable. We did buy an extended warranty. We told GE 1,600.00 products should last longer than 5 years. They disagreed. Now we have a mix-match washer and dryer. They would not help with any of it. This is not a good company. We will never buy another GE product if we are aware of it. Never! I ask Bill Bower if he has a mix-match set in his house, his response was they are both white. This company does not care about its customers. I hope you go bankrupt!

GE Refrigerators

I bought a GE refrigerator at Sears March 2009. Today I had a service call making it 4 times they have been called for the same problem. I have been told by two of the servicemen that this model is really a Samsung made in Korea. I am very unhappy with the refrigerator, It seems to be a problem with freezing and the air circulation. I know it is not working properly when I see water running on the floor, or remember to remove the party tray and check for ice and water....this is not something a 73 yr. old woman needs to be doing continually....This was bought new from Sear's for $2275.96

paying money for nothing

my top stove was not fixed the first time cost 224.44 they send the same tech out ,he said another part needs to be changed how ever the same problem was there the first time he came out now wants 280.00 i could buy a new stove with both fees. tech came out to tell me he didn't have the part and took him 5 mins at my home i rec a bill for 99.95 and my stove is no repaired . tried to get service to help out ge employees are taught not to help and tell you you must pay your service bill unbelievable from 1-10 serv is zero find other appliances else where the are not helpful they steal your money and do not have customer in calif they are in Tennessee which are unhelpful go fig.

availability of vac. parts

I'm not able to find replacement parts for my canister vacuum. Have called numerous phone numbers to be told I can not purchase the parts from them. Then they would give me a different number to call, only to be told they can not help me or the line goes dead as it is not a working number. Very frustrated after trying for almost 2 hrs.

Hope for Some Response

Have a 4 month old GE washing machine. Went into a spin and practically did the Virginia reel around my laundry room. Set up appointment and they responded 5 days later. Service man determined it was the agitator, which made no sense to me. Part was shipped to me with instructions on how to install it. Managed to install it and lo and behold it did not do the trick. Called back and they sent the same inept service man out 5 days later. Looked at and said it was probably the drum inside the machine plus another part. Again, sent parts to me and he showed up 4 days later to install. Thank goodness he didn't expect me to do it. I am 71 and pretty self-sufficient, but that would have been a bit much. Installed said parts and started to leave. I asked him to wait and I would put a small load in to check it out. He advised me NO, he wasn't waiting for the machine to fill. I asked him what if it didn't work and he told me to call and set up another appointment, which would have been the 4th. It didn't work. Since it was Friday I have to wait until Monday to call. He asked if he could leave the cardboard boxes here and I, like an idiot, told him I would put them in recycling. He didn't tell me the used parts were in them. Now what am I supposed to do with them? So I will call again, but will request that "Ray" not be sent as I need someone that doesn't have an IQ that hovers around room temperature.

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