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I work for family dollar and I'm starting to get anxiety not knowing if I'm going to come home to my husband and child. Since july 1st 2013 we had 6 robberies with 1 fatality. We had so many in this year alone just in my district. When is leon levine going to make sure tge safety of associates are important. Can we get camras or extra payroll so where not alone all we ask is for help.

bad bagz

I have been shopping in your stores for a long time now I have gotten a big box of 13 gallon kitchen trash bags 73 count every one of them is split down the whole one side


I have been shopping at the family dollar store #7986 for a few months. There is a young african american guy who is always on his phone when ringing up costumers. Recently when i shop, i have noticed other youngsters hanging around in the store whom he seemed to know. When i approached the young employee about the phone behavior and asked to speak to the manager, he replied that he was the assistant manager and the store manager was not available. He is really making that store look bad

rude manager and assitance manager

Okay i can only say is wow im on a camping trip with family and i needed some supplys i got to family dollar store in lakewood wisconsin store number 07187 on hwy 32 and line are long and there is one cashier working and there are 3 people working in the store and the manager and assitance manager just sitting back and uwatching and let me say im a paying customer and how rude this two are i would fire them on the spot cause they could not help check people out and on top of that im park in a handy cap spot and all they can worry is why im park in that spot and my sign is not dissplace for one it is showing if she took the time to be nosie she should of walk up and grab a ladder and she would see it on my dash board and on top of it she yelling at me and my family now thats the line if you in a manager spot that is not how you talk to people and everyone looking at you for makeing a fool of your self , and on top of it i do inventory for that store so now i know the true side of her when ur genreal manager is not there


Hello I feel like I have been discriminated by the Family Dollar on 5th in Lumberton NC. Why? Because I kept asking the store manager are y'all doing any hiring she said NO. But everytime I go in the store I see new people everytime......

Messy store

I shop at family dollar on highland in baton rouge., I go there a lot. I am disabled so I have a power wheel chair. Sometimes I have problems getting in the store. The area between clerks checking people out is always cluttered with merchandise. In the store they have boxes everywhere and I can not get to items. Now they have No Grocery baskets at all. That makes it hard for people that come to get more than a few things.

store manager issues

This store must be the worst always long lines angry customers and this horrifying women identified as the store manager is always in the middle of it can't give dates to many ..even fellow employees should watch there backs around this beast. She realy should be replaced she evens chased me around the store to talk please make us all happy and release or releave her..just because your there evey day that doesn't make great employee..........

store manager issues

This store must be the worst always long lines angry customers and this horrifying women identified as the store manager is always in the middle of it can't give dates to many ..even fellow employees should watch there backs around this beast. She realy should be replaced she evens chased me around the store to talk please make us all happy and release or releave her..just because your there evey day that doesn't make great employee..........

Inside family dollar

Family dollar seems to be a nice place to work but once inside, you all that is wrong. Not all stores are like this but the one I worked at the forced me to quit was crazy. Inside stealing, store manager is rude, doesn't believe in privacy and is very unprofessional.... Besides that ill say the job was ok

belleville mi

why is that manager still there very loud fights with the customers starts trouble not very nice to fellow employees dont like here,very nasty got personal with my 17 year old son after i walked out the store very long lines

Rude Employee Complaint

I was appalled by a recent encounter with one of your employees-someone whom I hope is not representative of your company I have been to your belleville store on two accations and both times your manger was there and the line was long and she is yelling at the customers

cousin itt store manager

very very rude date jun 20 2013 would not help new employees very long line disgusting on her part family Dollar will lose loyal Customers if this continue

Was a faithful shopper until today

I recently shopped at the 1546 White Bear ave St. Paul Mn location around 8:30 PM on Sunday June 16th and the cashiers rudely had a very nasty conversation about me after I left but did not know my sister and children were still in line I am very upset and will not shop at this location or any other ever again!!!!


All Family Dollars needs security and security with a gun and maze. Family Dollars makes a lot of money daily and they are so cheap with securing their employees and customers. They need some extra security at all the Newark Stores. Family Dollar only cares about selling their products and not their employees. Bad Customer Services!!!

price changing

I live in St. Helena SC and as a regular patron 2 our local Family Dollar i bought hair gel at a "reduced price", only to realize when i went to peel both stickers off of the bottle the regular price was 25 cents cheaper than the reduced price! I called the manager on duty and she played it off and patronized me by saying... " if thats the price you saw then thats the price of the item" like im some kind of idiot!!!! Sadly as ticked off as iam from being treated like a dummy with working 2 jobs its the closest store to my house...... Not happy at all!!!

TOO LAzy!!

I constantly go to the family dollar near my house, Cincinnati, ohio on central parkway-downtown, especially if its for something that I know you have for that price. I know the new closing time is at 10pm. WHY is that store always closing at 930pm??? I know if I need one more thing then I can run to another family dollar and get it right before they close. But this one constantly closes their store 30 min early... I work at a grocery store and I know if we close the door 5 min early there is a fit from our store manager. What kind of management do you have there, especially if they cant handle ONE more customer. that has ONE more item they need. Attitude could also be fixed..


I was in the newly moved one from 128th to 130th and Miles ave, Cleveland OH 44105. Why was the floor and service was just terrible. We need at least two customer service people at the check out during heavy customer times. Other than this, the store is just what the community needs (big). Thank you!

employee of Family Dollar

I have only worked at our Family Dollar in Lancaster, KY for just a little over a month, and I am surprised how the managers can be just as rude as they want to be. And with us being a small town and Family Dollar really being our only grocery store you would think the management would be very nice and want people to come back. We had one Asst. Manager who was awesome she treated you with respect and all the customers loved her. And believe it they let her quit she just couldn't take it any more being treated wrong. Because the rudeness doesn't stop with the customers the manager and new asst manager are very rude to us little workers. We are suppose to be in the business of helping people, I guess some of us are and some of them are not. So sorry to all the customers who have had a bad experience with there stores.

Bad management

Family dollar in Cleveland Ohio Broadview pearl Rd idk if she's a manager but she is very rude doesn't greet customers but talk on the phone laughing and giggling . She's ringing customers out while talking on the phone just talking it up not interacting with her customers she would disappear from her register making people wait for her to come to the front ! I'm a manager at dollar tree , last I checked personal phone calls are not allowed !

bad store manager

I'm a assistant manager at family dollar and we recently got a new store manager as of January he is the most rude person I know ive had several customers complain about how they will stand in line and the manger will make them wait until they are about ready to leave and then he will hurry up and wait on them he leaved for a hour while on clock all the time hes rude to the other employees hes always talking about cutting our customers after they leave and he changes the schedule everyday but wont notify us. Ive told our district manager about the sitituation and he wont do anything about it either. I'm not sure who to go to or to to contact about the situation please help

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