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expired products on shelves

I went to Family Dollar on 1231 W. Pratt St in Mount Clare Junction and found expired items on the shelves. One cashier I believe is a manager just looked at it, didn't apologize but asked did I want another one or my money back. I opted to get my money back. These places do not realize we are paying their salary and they need better customer service skills. I always look at the dates on products.

family dollar isn't good

Family dollar isn't good anymore, the aisles are too narrow, there's no help when you needed.

Closing the wrong store .

I just want to say you are closing the wrong store here in sanford ,fla . The store close to me 4243 u.s. 1792 is alot more cleaner then the store in down town sanford , fla . You need to send some one down . and just walk through the nasty dirty store . I feel you need to keep the store close to me open . And get rid of the store in down town sanford, fla . Thank you .

Sorely disappointed

Was eager to visit the newly opened (last wk), store in my town. Not impressive. The only thing impressive was the outrageous heat in the store. Asked about it and was told thermostat was controlled by He. Too hot for Louisiana Temps. I'll stick to the Dollar General a couple blocks down the hwy. Very disappointing.. First and last trip to your store.

no noneat work on time not evan a manganger

I do like family dollar but my problem is 1725 dundalk ave. in Baltimore they are never opening on time I feel the manager is running the store into the ground only hires one race for a week straight people have been waiting for someone to get there I also know this is not the only complaint that this woman has had its getting old and no one at corporate wants to handle calls they just transfer u to a phone that just rings!

no bags

I went to a family dollar today picked up just a few things, when I cashed out she piled my things on the counter and said sorry we are out of bags. How do you run out of bags?

home maker

Don't Buy \got a 3 set of FAMILY CHEF pans the non Stick Carbon Steel came off when used the very first time. Company will not make good had to throw all the food away. Manger said get receipts and the sticker. for all 3 pans

Mgr Compalint

The couple of time's I have been at store @09421 I have to say the store mgr is very rude,bad attitude,Etc all other employees are nice I don't even know how they get along with her attitude I would leave and look for another job . I really have to say they need a better store mgr.


The familly dollars stores are in need of better cashiers the are so rude and the over charge me then i told her and she said what you want me to do they are ussles.store number 08343

Never open on time

I live in Marvell, AR and everyday I drop my son off at School at 8:00 am then come over to family dollar to get stuff for the house. I usally have to sit and wait there for about 15-30 mins before anybody ever shows up to open the store. Even though it says it opens at 8:00am it never does. And this is getting VERY old!

Poor Packaging

I have bought items that have been taped because they have been damaged. These items should be removed from selling or on a reduced shelf.

Poor Packaging

I have bought items that have been taped because they have been damaged. These items should be removed from selling or on a reduced shelf.

manager on drugs

hello i recently the somerset family dollar and notice that the manager was nodding off as i was continue to do my shopping i herd a person yelling and swearing and i walked towards the register i saw her on her cell phone really unprofessional swearing and arguing ringing people up.

new location

i live in cauga tx. and am very thankfull that your company is putting in a store in are area i think it will do good its a 30 mile plus drive to and town with stores like yours so it is going to be nice not to have to drive that to get what i need quickly

wasted trip

was in store #09167 hwy.15north 12 items were purchased 7 of them was rang up at wrong price now my time have to go back to get corrected cashier never took coupon off after saying I got your coupon but as this point when I realized after the fact there were more items that rang up higher than they were actually marked So if you shop there pay attention to each item

Store Complaint

I live in a small town in Ely Minnesota and have never been so humiliated in my life. My husband and I needed to get a few items from down town so we thought we would stop by our Family Dollar store. When we went to check out the clerk told us we could not write a check for our purchase with out a drivers license. This is a small town and many of us do not carry our licenses with us when we run to the store. How dare we be treated this way. Word of mouth gets around in a small town and trust me that is not good business. We will not go back there again.

Great Customer Service

Family Dollar #02982 in Houston, TX has such a warm and wonderful employee. I believe she is an assistant manager. I have never gone in their with out her greeting every customer and going above and beyond to help, when help is needed.

nasty manager. old merchandise

I'm going to start by saying I like family dollar. But Jan 28 I brought a purchase that was old. I try to return it. The manager was nasty and rude. Didn't care basically. The date on my food purchase was August 13 2013.it Jan 28,2014 now. So I told her she said I can't give you a refund I said don't wAnt a refund. Can I exchange. She said ok.WeWent back and exchange all the food was old so I go tell her. She said oh well I can't do anything. And she walk away. How rude. Store in Greenville NC. East 10th st.please train your manager

Stupid Management

Family Dollar just fired the store manager in Park Falls. He has worked hard to build the business and the community. He hired an excellent crew who are polite, helpful and friendly. Corporate keeps making stupid decisions, such as not having the $5 off coupon for months and months. Dollar General had the $5 off coupon every week and their parking lot was packed (Family Dollar had hardly any customers). Why would anyone want to shop at a Store that fires an excellent manager, a company that decides not to offer any money saving promotions, a company that has a "battery sale" fund raiser for the fire department, then gives that money to a fire department in another town. I have shopped at Family Dollar for 10 years. No longer.

Rude cashiers & manager

You'll really need to evaluate your store on 10th street in alamogordo because the next city commissioner or council member they dis respect or mis treat there is going to be trouble. I highly recommend you look for some new employees and a manager before were forced to yank a business license from you'll

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