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lazy and slow employees

i hate the new management at the family dollar in logansport Louisiana! 4 employees are always out side smoking/talking why one cashier SLOWLY checks out everyone. the manager does nothing! shes always outside smoking with the other employees.


I applied to wrk for famiy dollar on garrett rd and after waiting 2mon for the job ive been called a liar a thief talked about customer walks up to me telling me what my store manager and district whoever disrespect me i too wil consult a attorney

Harrassed employees

After reading dozens of complaints it is clear that your Dm's and Store managers do not care about your employees, My wife gave her notice after being harrassed by both Dm and her manager. Ignoring her and saying shit under their breath.... I feel it is time to contact a laywer you people really suck...

I am tired of going into the store on the corner of Waverly and Jolly and waiting in a long line to check out and there are other employees in the store. They are busy stocking shelves, but it seems like your customers should come first. I was just in there and there was no less than 7 people in line the entire time I was there, and only one register open. I think they are understaffed, shame on you.


My bank account was comprimised on Monday the 13th of May. Someone made 5 charges in a row at a FD in Chicago IL using numbers from my debit/charge card. I live in North Carolina, I was at work on the 13th. I have my card on me so someone pick up on my numbers. I've never been to Chicago. Once they ID the store it happened at I hope the cashier is fired because. One, they didn't ask for ID, or they were in on it to allow five straight charges. I hope it is or becomes manditory for ID check on all charges. Luckly my account only allows $300 per day which they managed to use it all.

No sense

I ecently visited te Family dollar on 12/20 in Gary, Indiana. I am a frequent customer becasue I live in te area. Their is a new cashier there who wears gloves because she doesn't want to touch customers hands. Yet, her gloves are filthy and we don't won't to touch her filthy gloves. She is a new employee and we don't appreciate her wanting to not have contact with germs yet she wears the same germ infested filthy gloves. Please do something about this.


Your store at 803 Frazier St. In Conroe, Texas is filty on he outside, trash meets you at the door and the parking lot is full of litter.


I worked for family dollar 13 year ago and i resigned from the job for what reasons i can't remember cause at that time i was 22 years old but I went and put a application with the company and pass all of the test and they tell me that I can't be hired cause i quit 13 year ago i think that people have reason for the things the do and can choose i have two kids that need my support this economy is so hard to find work i just wanted to let you guys know that people do change an should be given a second chance

I think the a family Dollar store in Monon Indiana is very nice and very convenient.

Dissatisfied Customer

I purchased a electric razor on 4/8/2013. In a hurry, realized that the box had been torn at the top. I mentioned to the clerk that the box appeared to be open, leave it to me to always pick a boxed not in perfect shape. She stated the seal was not broken therefore it had not been opened. Well, when I returned home the plastic packing on the inside was indeed opened and it appeared to have been used. On 4/13/2013 I went return it with receipt and was treated like a criminal. The store manager phone the clerk to verify the information I gave her. I mentioned to her that I have no reason to lie and she did not want to give me an exchange EVEN though I had the receipt. Had I said it did not work, it would not have been an issue, however, I did not use it because of the open packaging inside. I was treated unfairly and extremely unprofessional and will never shop at family dollar again. The store # is 06429 located in Schertz, TX.

I went to the local store at 15th an Cook Streets in Springfield, Illinois just to purchase ice. The price on the ice machine said $1.50 for a small bag. When I went into store to pay for my ice I was told it was $1.65 per bag. When I disagreed with the store manager and told her the price on the machine she stated I was wrong as loud as she possibly could. She finally agreed to look at the machine sign. When she seen the sign she said "it says where applicable, That's where they have you" The sign said $1.50 plus tax were applicable. This manager treated me as if I was stupid when she was the stupid one. I will not be shopping at your stores if this is the kind of people you hire. I am now off to Dollar General!!!

Helped with a Family Dollar Store remodel

I have actually helped with a Family Store remodel. Yes we use the shopping carts to put merchandise in so we can move it from one part of the store to the other and we also have to deal with rude customers that are angry because they can't find anything. Do you not get what a store remodel is ? There is alot of work to get a store remodeled. I would highly suggest you close the store during the remodel so you don't have customers complaining about no shopping carts as well as all the questions about where merchandise is. I also don't think it is safe enough to stay open especially when you have stuff on the floor( products, cardboard, shelves, etc).I have seen elderly people try to get around the store and still manage to run into stuff. It is very hard to remodel and keep the floor clean.

Abrendo store

I just would like to say that your store in pueblo on abriendo is a great store the people over there are friendly and help you if you need iti also i have been shopping there for years and the store looks great them the past. thanks for the great family store.. steve jones

Bad Service

I have always shopped in Family Dollar, weekly. Three weeks ago I was on Anderson Rd., Greenville, SC and decided to go in I had purchased a razor from my normal store on Mills Ave in Greenville, SC. The manager there was the MOST ruded person I have ever delt with. I had my receipt and he loudly so other people could hear him tell me they don't sell that razor. I said, "You see my receipt I purchased it from the Family Dollar on Mills Ave." He kept saying no it didn't come from here. He finally refunded my money. I had a friend with me and I told them to come on I wouldn't spend a dime in that store again. I shope in Family Dollar in Pelzer, SC and in Easley, SC and I have never been made to feel like I stole something. I have not been to any Family Dollar since this has happened. This is sad because I love Family Dollar prices and values that I receive from there. I've been shopping at Dollar General.

Horrible remodel

Recently my local Family Dollar was remodeled. What a horrible shopping experence. There were no shopping carts available. The store manager said she was frustrated and that the reset team keep stealing her carts and filling them and would leave them sitting around with non left for customers. In the short time I was there I witnessed employees carring arm loads of merchandise, dropping stuff on the floor, accidently kicking it and never bothering to pick it up. I don't want to buy stuff that was laying on the floor! Pile of stuff lay everywhere. Total mess. The to reset leader arguing and yelling at each other in the middle of the store took the cake. When I checked out the store manager said they were husband and wife and had been fighting all week. Wow, lucky us??? Family Dollar store remodel looks great but seriously, find people who know what their doing!

Can't sell an item put out for sale?!?!

I went to the Homerville GA Family Dollar and tried to purchas a lounge chair. There were only two in the store. Neither of these had a tag or price on it, yet they were set out for sale. At the counter, the cashier said he could not sell us the chair. He didn't bother to call anyone and ask or look it up. He didn't bother to apologize. Do not put items on the shelf that you cannot sale!!! Poor business. Poor customer service!

What an answer

I was so surprise on a price on a small margarine it was $3.15. A manager answered. "Well I don't make the prices" What a way to talk to a customer, I will not shop there any more


35 E Main Stanton Ky is a very disqusting store. Outside the cigarette butts are awful and the litter around the building . There is no reason in this day and time any business should look dirty. Your employees go out and smoke leaving their butts by the front entrance. Your company should be fined by the city for littering.

Loss prevention

I work at family dollar in loss prevention. I am very sorry to you all for these horrible experience's. I assure you family dollar will be doing everything in its power to fix these issues. Every complaint here helps to fix a broken company. Thank you all!

After reading just a few of the reviews (complaints!) I would like to let you know that the Family Dollar on Hudson Street - just east of the I-71 freeway - has a great group of employees, and they are courteous and helpful.

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