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Family Dollar in North Branch Minnesota

Your business in North Branch Minnesot. When I was there at 1 o'clock pm. There was no at the cash register. It was over houer befour one of them came to the registet to help me. When i went back at 4 o clock to get what i need they where doing nothing at all but siting talking. There was a 3 girl there she help me find what i need. I think the 3 girl should be give somhing she really help.me but the eather they sould go back to the rule book they are not doing what they should be. Plave look into this store they are the fll worst Family dollor i ever gone too.


#06423 1425 West Morse ave chicago IL I want to compliment april work ethics at this store. She is extremely helpful to the customers and has just great work ethic she assist customers in finding supplys and always has a smile to greet customers when they walk in.Thats is why I would like corporate to know about this employee.


I tried to be kind because they were extra busy at the two checkouts they had . I grabbed my change and moved on out the door. My thanks was to have been shorted $10.00. I called the manager only to be told that if her drawer came up $10.00's over he would call me and we all know what a joke that is especially if her drawer was already short. This store may not be the ritziest but is all the more reason to do betterand make a better name for themselves.

Empty Promises

I was hired Jan 2013 and was told after my 90 day probation that I would get a raise. When I inquired about this matter I was sent to another store. Then I ask my new store manager about pay and was told he had no part in that and after 3 weeks was sent to another store. Have been sent to 11 stores now and still no raise as I was told I would get after 90 days. If I didn't have three mouths to feed I just quit, because $9/hr does not cut it Family Dollar.

bad service

Family dollar needs to hire people that want to work not just have a job they get paid at so they can be on their phone the entire time they are taking care of customers this is very rude they do not acknowledge you when you are at the check out they make you feel very uncomfortable like you are interfering in their personal business .I will not be shopping with your company in the future .There is a dollar General down the road that will gladly take my business

Newark nj store

I loved working on the store because of the team we had we were awsome unlike the new manager who wrote me as non rehireable when i quit the job on a week notice because the store didnt had enought workers to do the dropping and unpacking of the items and so i was doing a 2 persons job for over a month. The manager kept saying he would help me with the work but only kept chating with the cashiers lyin every time about helping me. Unfair company unfair treats to their employees. This people only care anout their money and nothing else

refusal of ID

I wanted to purchase cigarettes and I showed my passpor which contained my photo and was verified through the US postal service. I don't understand why. I don't have this problem anywhere else.289

FDS Worker

I am a FDS team member, I have been employed for a little over three months now. In that time I started out as a CSR and as of two weeks ago I was promoted to an ASM. I am certain this promotion wouldnt have come this soon without not only my own hard work but also the great leadership of my SM at store #8015. Since my promotion I have been transferred to store #2924. The store itself needs alot of work, the CSR's are giving it their best and with a little more training and positive reinforcement I know the store will get in order quickly. I look forward to the challenge and love my customers and my job. From good to great. That's what we strive for in all aspects of our day to day routine. Here's to our successes in the upcoming year(s) TEAM #2924. We got this !!! -Brett K

Poor customer service

First visit to store #0478l will be my last. The clerk was the most unfriendly and uninformed ever. I was in the store about 10 am this morning. It was not crowded.

Employee Stabbed

The atlanta ga store located on the intersection of beecher street and cascade avenue recently had an employee stabbed by a "banned" shoplifter at this location. This location,like many here in Atlanta Ga.,needs in store security from uniformed/armed individuals.. Many people I know stay away from this location because it has no security. Is there something you can do soon to insure safety at your locations?

i live in Shawnee Oklahoma....i have noticed that the manager and assistant manager both take smoke breaks outside leaving store unattended. One of them has their husband and child in the store everyday...at night they go on the side where the cameras are not viewing and they load up stuff in their car trunk...then i notice in the paper the next day in the paper there was a theft at the store...of course they were the thieves....you might want to check the theft rate there and they are very rude and they banned a woman from the store because a woman gave her a dollar to help with her purchase...i am the woman who gave the poor woman the dollar and she told me they banned her for this kindness. i guess they wanted the dollar...i think new management is required at this dump...i will not go back.

Our Family Dollar in Reedsville wv has gone down hill so bad. It's sad to see being we're from a small town and have no stores to choose from. It used to be really nice. Now when you go in its always a mess and the employees are always talking to each other or on their cell phones. When getting checked out the two girls actually stopped one answered her cell and the other text. How rude. I think if you want your stores to strive in business then you should maybe try the secret shopper program. I believe our store is going to end up closing because its poorly ran.

Lost Business

While vacationing in Galveston, Texas we made a stop by store #08794 to pick up several items. We asked where the restroom was and were told they didn't have one. Then the same guy rang us up at the counter. We got our purchases out to the car we noticed a missing item and told him about it he acted rude and hateful. Will never come back to any of your stores again. My suggestion - get friendly workers and fix your bathrooms or I should say get bathrooms since he said you didn't have one!

Removing HOSTESS

Hostess Products, which has made a historic comeback, had a display in Family Dollar in Pinebluff, NC. But, they had it hidden at front of store not very visible, actually hiding almost behind another display . The other day I noticed the display was severely damaged and almost was falling down. I brought this to the attention of the manager and she told me that they were going to stop carrying the product because it did not sell. AT the checkout was Little Debbie. I told her it had a bad location for people to see it. I was not listened to and guess the store is going to stop carrying Twinkles and Hostess products. After the long struggle and overwhelming public outcry to bring them back. This is very unfair

Bad and outdate food

I really like the family dollar store. I brought a box of "Quaker Instant Grits Flavor Variety." I'm at work now just eating from the package bacon flavor. I noticed black and brown specks which I thought were bacon bits. Once I looked close these were dead bugs in the prepared grits. It’s really sad, considering the grits is outdated since April 2012. I am very disappointed in Family Dollar at this time. I know Family Dollar can do better than this.

Great manager

Recently, I was shopping for a large quantity, seventy five, of one item for an upcoming golf tournament. I went to several of the Family Dollar Stores in North Houston, but no one was as helpful as your Jones Rd store manager, Mr. Todd Broussard. He took the time to tell me when his next shipment would arrive and even called a few of the nearby stores to learn if they had the item I wanted. Mr. Broussard went above and beyond any regular customer service. I’m not sure I could have completed my shopping without his assistance. Family Dollar is fortunate to employ a man of his caliber and I am grateful for his service. Mr. Broussard was patient and thoughtful to be so helpful. He is an exemplary employ and I wish him and Family Dollar great success. I will continue to shop there.

At collinsvlle va famliy dollar

There need be higher up person need at collinsville va famliy dollar manger was total witch i big custmer till now i bought gold bound creme it just box no recipt i called she said come get another box i brought emthy bix witch saud i dont rember talk to u u remind she was rude took box threw ut then told me ok get one more there no morei told other person gone to manger po in back told me fet return card get onther famliy dollars get my goldbound creme ithers told me they cant do that ine u buy stuff get that one after witch left i got my money back guy told he give money think highers up need check their emploees manners with people in store

Ethnic Products

I stopped in your store on little road in port richey florida where I live for a can of Magic Shave shaving powder. I was informed by the clerk that you no longer supply her store or any stores in this area with (ethnic products). I can't express how angry I was to hear this. Do you really think no people of color live hear? What a dam outrage. I am an Army vet who served my nation and I can't buy a product because its not an ethnic store. At this point I don't know what I am going to do but believe this is not the last you will hear from me. I would appreciate some response from you asap. Greg Bush

I love to shop at Family Dollar your prices are great and some of the staff are very nice. But your reputation for me has changed quite a bit in the past two years.

My 27 yr old daughter and grandchildren (ages 5 & 7) were there to buy some clothes. At the same time, we found a grill we wanted to purchase. As my 7 yr old grandson & I were looking up and down the aisles, the man working there was watching us like a hawk. He would be at the end of every aisle that we were in. Then he would stand behind displays in the main aisle by the clothes, watching our every move. I set the stuff down and left. He stood at the door watching us go to our car. As I drove away I said to him that I was prepared to spend $70-$80 dollars but because he was hounding us, I left. He said he did no such thing and was just stocking shelves. Needless to say, Family Dollar has lost my business forever.

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