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Dear Facebook Corporate i have been violated harrased attacted abused an more i was at some so called friends house an they took pictures of me an created a unarthorized account in my name an when i left an went home they hacked my page an start getting me into it with a whole lot of people an writeing a lot of untrue information about me an i was told to contact facebook corporate in reguards of the situation for further assistance from Detective Jimenez @ phone number 13144286822 so if u would please contact me back @ 6185093212 or by email mathea22@gmail.com thank you verry much .

The only thing in FB's way from having a 5 star rating is the limited posting space. Limiting us to 420 characters is so 1950's. 420 characters equates to 4 1/3 sentences. Give us 1,200 characters please and improve your rating :) 1,200 is only 13 sentences. Come on! Let's do it! Together we will make a better FB. Promise!

I just started using a computer along with fb in April 2010. I took on people I actually knew and a few I had known as aquaintences decades ago. I enjoyed the posts submitted by the various friends on my list. I accidentally befriended a nut who befiended my abusive ex husband and I have had the worst time trying to get rid of them. I looked up cyberbullying on your help center, you mention teenager's, not middle aged weirdos.I bumped people, made desperate appeals to stop it. In the confusion I lost one of my favorite people. I avoided fb. I received an urgent message fron 1200 miles away regarding my grandaughter. I almost dropped my fb prior to the message. I flew out and I have the child. She is safe thanks to fb.My neice who is a big fb fan and who will be receiving her Doctorate soon in Child Psychology informs me that Hijacking or cyberbullying is illegal is that so? What do I do? I don't wish to leave facebook or take on a secret identity. The mischeif has calmed down for tthe time being. The last friend who decided to join in the fraternity razing was bumped on Jul.19th. I'm waiting for the next onslaught.

facebook suck because i got bloked and i did not even do anything i had lots of frieds and im not fista add them all again

I've gotten fictitious messages when trying to log in to my account, I've tried to notify the help desk, and I've followed instructions to fix it (but were they even from the real Facebook? I don't know anymore because I've gotten so much junk-stuff because of this phishing thing!). I've tried to ask about shutting down my account, but cannot get a reply from anyone at FB. I just want to shut down my account, and can't even get in to do that! VERY FRUSTRATING. For the size and power FB seems to wield I think it's crazy that there's no such thing as real help. I'm sorry I ever signed up, though it was good while it lasted. I don't suppose it's even possible to get all the way out, is it?!

FB Block My Account to add friends, It's Been Several Days!!! Why Still Block My Account?? I Don't Uderstand Why My FB Account be Blocked??? It's Annoying, i Have Lots of Friends and relates. I WONDER How Can Others Having THOUSANDS of friends, WHILE i was Just blocked after adding only FEW peoples I Know as MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY????????????????????????????? And My Question is, Why Do you keep suggest friend for me then?????????????????????? CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS???????

Get rid of that annoying block mechanism when adding friends. I add a few friends then I'm blocked from adding anymore. What's the point of you suggesting friends then block us when we use that feature. Idiots.

I have been using FB for awhile. Thought it was safe to use. One day I open my home email account to open a message I got from a friend from FB. Well, a virus got into my email and FB. Now messages have been going out from me to my friends that are not from me. I canceled/ disabled my account and deleted anythinging I could with in FB. Now I get emails from FB saying welcome back. Great security your system has. I will never use this site again.

Look all i want to do is add friends. Why is that annoying towards others? They are my friends and whats wrong with me adding them? Isn't that the whole reason why face book started, so we can all get in touch with our families and friends. So why block me for adding them? I am pretty sure they would be pleased to sign in and get a friend request! So could you please unblock me from adding my friends!

I am confused....every time I try to add a couple of friends I am blocked from adding friends for days....why is this happening.....

you tell me my account has been hacked but in turn you don't tell me how i can get it back?

Hi there, My brother's facebook account has been disabled since last 10 days days. He filled the "Disabled By Mistake" form and requested them to enable his account. After few hours he got an email from them. They said reply to this email to verify this is your personal email address and we will get back to you soon. Its been 10 days now and he haven't got any response from them. They should at least send an email to user to tell him why they are doing so. Its so frustrating that facebook is such a famous community website but there support is not satisfactory. I apologize for any problems and inconveniences caused. If you can ,please help him to enable his account. He has so many contacts in there. I shall be very thankful for this this kind favor. My Brother's Id : muhammad.bilaal@hotmail.com Regards, Faiqa Khan

my acount also has been blocked.my email is thanuka2002@yahoo.com. Please can some one tell me how to enable the account. This is not nice.

Hi, my problem with this site has just started happening. My account has been compromised and I have tried to remedy this problem many times. I'm using the online techniques to solve this problem and it works for a day or two. someone jeeps changing my password and this does not allow me to open my account. Some one please help. Manuel Lopez

I dont understand why my account is disabled. facebook is a good way to connect through friends but since it is disabled for some wierd reasons i have been not in touch with my friends and now i am hating this please fix this asap. would be thankful mohsindegr8@hotmail.com Mohsin Aslam

I advertised on Facebook for my business on July 19 and July 20 for a 24 hour sale. Within less than 24 hours, I received a report from Facebook stating that 79 people clicked on my ad on the 19th, and 69 on the 20th. However, my Google analytics report only shows 16 people visited my site on either day. Far less than the number Facebook claims click on my ad, which is supposed to take the person directly to my site. Since then, I have had numerous emails with Xander, Facebook Ads Support <payments-support+ynaa5yg@support.facebook.com>, from payment operations. First he sent me the exact same computer generated response FOUR times, responded with details that didn't deal with my question, and now is telling me that the Google report he asked for is not detailed enough. In addition, now he is saying that if someone "Likes" my ad, that counts as a click! That is not what I PAID for! I paid for CLICKS! And those clicks are supposed to take the person directly to my site. I have provide unequivocal proof that only 16 people per day visited my site on the 19th and the 20th, which is a far cry from the numbers Facebook claims clicked on my ad. I have requested a refund numerous times, but Xander comes up with one reason after another not refund my $80. It's $80 Facebook!! You make millions! Now, I am taking this matter up with the FCC for fraud! TAKE MY ADVISE, DO NOT ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK, IT IS A SCAM!

I have been Disabled for adding friends. I never send a friend request unless it's a Facebook suggestion. As I know, I have not abused anyone collectively or individually. If I have offended anyone, I regret that and apologize for it. and I sincerely say that i am not going to add anyone else. How can I clear this disable and make it enable. It is such nice tool with lot of infomation, I request you sincerely to enable my account Thanks for your attention to this problem. you can contact me @ mhasan_1965@yahoo.com

I got a message that my behavior violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and my account got cancel. Do there is other people that I can talk about this unfair practice?. I send a reply to info+ynjl1rq@support.facebook.com, what I received in return was a canned message with no sensible explanation. What happen to the motto of " to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share. By giving the people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected” that so much you preach. Sad to say that this are empty words lacking of any meaning. What happen to the freedom to share and connect, freedom of fundamental service, or a transparent process…...or those also are empty words, I only hope that someone do justice to this , my email is (labclinicoribot@gmail.com) , hope that one day I can continue to be connected with other people and use what was suppose to be a great tool of communication. Sad day in deep it is.... Laby

I was blocked again from adding friends after only sending 3 invites, just like last time. That is in no way abuse of the system. This needs to be fixed and there is no excuse, getting this message after 3 invites. I could understand 30, but 3.

I have about 2360 friends for the games on facebook.but I have been blocked from adding friends.how do I add friends without getting the block.I do not spam, do I need to add a few a weak or month? please let me know how to add friends without getting my acct closed and or blocked.THANK YOU...William.

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