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I have recently had my account hacked. I have contacted Facebook via phone and sent 4 emails to the support team. To date, my account is still compromised. Please direct me to someone who can assist me in resolving this issue. I would recommend setting up a help key for SECURITY/HACKING REPORTING. I have left messages w/ your corporate office. If I do not receive a call back I will be contacting the local news station in Tampa Florida and relaying my issue w/ Facebook.

My everyone facebook information is true but why my facebook account is block wthout any information. Pls activate my facebook account as soon as ur possible. Or if u have any complain about my account, pls inform me wy???????? Thanking By Channgma Pabitra(On Facebook)

I'm very disturbed by the unannounced changes Facebook seems to arbitrarily make to the pages. Without notice, both my personal and professional page was changed yesterday afternoon. My profile photo is no longer displayed...none of the profile photos for my friends, fans or anyone writing to my pages are displayed. Please fix my pages and stop meddling. If it ain't broke, don't fiddle with it. Thanks, Sam Bass (Note: I am not the NASCAR illustrator Sam Bass. I am the former Navy Chief and photojournalist Sam Bass. Thanks again.)

I don't want my comments added to my site! I want someone at Facebook to fix my problem!!

I have a serious problem which is on-going. It was a ( proposed ) experiment with the Lawrence ( Massachusetts ) Eagle Tribune involved, also my ( former ) wife Linda Klein ( Linda Kane ), ( Linda DeGregorio ), Dr. Michael Levy, Ph.D. ( my therapist ) of West Andover, Mass ( Drug/Alcohol/Nueroscience ) from Harvard, and possibly others and essentially involved first " Cyripting/Coding " articles in the paper, and then " crawls " on the ABC-TV affiliate WMTW-TV in Portland, ME and on their Facebook Home Pages and mine ( Someone is shifting data around on various other people's pictures ( as friends). Up until a week ago, I also recieved a " Ring-Back " on my home phone number with an un-related number to call ( I would have to call it to get another clue in this experiment /COMCAST. I am asking someone there to look into who is behind the " coding " to the changeing paradigms and be furnished with ALL names and addresses of who is behind this. I did NOT receive a good reply from the Mass Atty General's Office. I am asking your help sincerely as I would like that information,,,and why this experiment...originally designed to re-unite Linda and I after 17 years " actually " took place on March 2/3 in a Salem New Hampshire court room. My original experiment was " How do you re-unite a couple who truly love one another after 17 years, despite a NO-CONTACT order. ( And it happened ), but unfortunately, the experiment continues - I also would like to know who leaves me " BLANK " messages - especially after I put an OLDIES ( 50s ) song on which Linda and I shared for the 10+ years we were married. I honestly would like to end this experiment - BUT need the names of the people behind this. Linda may still work at the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, and they actually were starting and stopping my paper delivery when I asked Linda a question. ( Someone last night took my " THIS I SWEAR " VIDEO and transposed it to under Linda Klein ( the RN and Actress )/put related info about me CCHS - '66 etc and IT INFO. Also, if you read what is under Linda Klein/RN, it mentions Neuroscience ( Dr. Levy ) and a few other clues.?? Please help me and end this ! Thanks, Tom DeGregorio

For a company whose breadth is as large as fb, and as cool an app as it is, there is an abysmal system set in place to respond to problems. Virtually every action from a user must be initiated online via their 'Help Center' page. Since my problem does not fit into their category listing, I was left with one option: pick one and bombard them every day for help. This method got me an email response telling me to go to the 'Help Center' page online. Round and round we go... I have tried to call the company, only to be met by an automated system that is designed to send you through a maze of options - only to be told at the end that they cannot answer your question at this time, and to use the online 'Help Center'. Round and round we go... So, if there is anyone reading this that knows how to change a page creator, or who I contact at fb to get this done, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Someone took my account because I was in Haiti and a spam Facebook came up. When I returned after serving there My account was disabled. I have searched all of your security and clicked on everything to try to get a security code so I can get back into my account and change the password. No answer from Facebook. And I have been working on this for three weeks. HELLO does anyone actually work there? But on the other hand Parade Magazine did an article in the Sunday Paper that listed people and what they make. Hummmm. The owner of Facebook made 3 Billion last year. Good for him, but maybe he should plow a little of that back into helping his users so that the corporate sponsors and game people will have people using his site. If facebook was a brick and mortar business, They would be hanging out a sign that says going out of buseiness because their customer service is not even close to service. I would go out of business having that kind of relationship to my customers. My rating was one star, and only because they don't have negative numbers to use.

I don't know 99% of my friends because they are game friends!!!! Why not ask me where I live or my birth date?

It is my understanding that you don't allow vulgar language on facebook. There are some people who don't care. How do I report this? This one person sent me an e-mail saying she will speak her mind no matter who it offends. I'm o.k. with this except the foul language. Thank You

I want my account permanently with no retun deactivated!!!

i want to report an application perfect texas holdem on facebook they need to be banned talking very rude to player of there game have many people who can tell you the same. And another thing they are seen to be talking very sexually to kids because they having the power to control the chips because they talk to my niece very sexually and i am pissed i will take legal actions if you guys dont ban them from facebook. they are some of the ruddest people thank you vry much contact me please shawnmeurett28@yahoo.com

Hi Ive been with you at Facebook for a few months now.I found the service excellent but now I wish to leave the site cause I just have had enough. Im a writer and it takes up way to much of my time and I actually believe it causes far to many writers blocks. I have deactivated my account but the trouble is, its still there and I keep returning. I wish for you at Facebook to erase my account entirely,so it will vainsh completly. Im sure you will be able to do this. My email address is: ronanplee@live.ie I would be greatful if you could get back me and let me know where I stand. Kindest Regards, Ronan.

Many people can be using this social network; however, there is no good customer service support!!!!!!!!!!! I have been subject to herrassment and have a man used my picture to harm me........ I left endless messages and wrote endless e mails so Facebook Co. will desmantle my account as I forgot my password to it and to the e mail address I used at that point. Since no one can give me a hand I have to get hooked to this terrible network, which is causing me more damage than anything else. Therefore a -rating should apply

What a piece of garbage this company is. They don't answer their phone and they don't have a real problem solution resource. I have had a business site hi-jacked and there is no way to even begin a conversation about getting it turned back to my company. This is not an internet business, it's brick and mortar and I am having sales stolen from me because of Facebook's failure to respond to my complaint. Azzara's Gourmet Catering, Inc. Tustin, CA

I have enjoyed FaceBook for many years. However, in the past week someone has undoubtedly hacked into my account. Getting anyone from FaceBook to contact a user is virtually imposible. The "security" program running to authenticate is a joke. Random pictures from my friends accounts are put on the screen and ask who they are. In my case one picture is of a monkey with Big red lips and on the left of the screen is a list of my friends. As cute as this picture is I do not think that ANY of my friends look like this. Another picture that I am to recognize is a picture of a "little girls" wrist. Since ALL of my friends are adults, who could this be? one of their children, grandchildren, neice? Furthermore, how am I supposed to know EVERYONE that my friends know (including their family or extended family)???? Please fix this problem!!

Facebook has some serious problems. It does not adhere to its own Code of Conduct concerning members. If you use an internal app, such as Playdom/Mobsters 2, there is no opt out. You are on there forever. It has created a box from which people can't escape unless the account is closed. Facebook's responses are poor and there is no way to contact them. I strongly suggest that people consider these problems before signing up for an internal app. I wish I had known.

I enjoy Facebook, but have a pet peeve...often I scroll through statuses and find video or link I want to view, but when done, and I hit 'back' it takes me back to the top of the status/news feeds, not to where I left...then I have to re-scroll all the way back to where I was...very annoying!!!!! Please fix!

I have been trying to resolve the issue of simply changing my password because my account was spoofed. Many of my friends thought they were receiving an email from me, but it was a spoof instead, a very nasty one to boot. I have provided all of the information to FB. It has been three days since I made the initial request. And now I have no way to delete my account or advise my friends of this nasty spoof. This type of response is less than stellar, I would rate it a 0.

I am very displeased, as I do not have a facebook account however someone has made a fake profile with my name and last name with my images of myself and my sister, this needs to be taken action ASAP!! i have contacted every place for facebook I have yet gotten a respond also am I receiving threats from the people who made it, I need that account to be removed and banned from facebook!!!

you close my christian account and now you leave me hanging that is not right

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