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I was blocked from adding friends that facebook suggested. Since this seems to be a problem for a multitude of people. I for one would like to know what is the point of inviting friends when you block us from adding them. I am over 50 years of age and throughout my lifetime I have many more friends then what you are allowing. I know of several hundred people who would consider going with a different group if this is the kind of thing we can expect from facebook.

I first join Facebook, to keep in touch with my daughter,she just got back from Afghanistan. First, You would not let me talk to her online, it just work for a little while. A couple of time, you would not let me contact her, on her page. One time, you actually block me from contacting her, until she went off Facebook. I used to play your games, I deleated about ten of them.That was over a month ago. I started to come back to Facebook. I join the Viking Clan and their forum. I tried to use the official add me/ and join my clan. The first person I use, a warning pop up saying I would be ban, if I didn't slow down making friends, Just before this, I had a friend request, on the confirmation page,I confirm it. You put 4 more friends for me to request freindship. I clck on one, I got a security box. I click on the second one, I recieve a warning. I click on the third, I was told that I was abusing others, by requesting friends. the forth, you put another security box warning, told me to copy the words, but you did not have any words in the box.I have a question, If you don't want me to make friends, why are you having me confirm them. You have a Official add me site, why can some people use it,and other you ban for using it. How come , I see people making up to 20 friends, a day on the home page, and they are not ban. And finally, why did you block me from contact with my daughter, when she was serving our country. She was contacting me.

I am trying to help Facebook and its consumers get together. It seems that there is no way we can get live people or at the very least someone to listen to our problems. The immediate problem is that I and thousands of others are being blocked for adding friends.I don't know what a social network is that disrupts social networking. If you want to charge after 5000 friends or when someone adds too many friends just say so. But nobody seems to know what is going on. I predicted the fall of AOL and other companies. I hope you can fix this. If you are making billions of dollars and have millions of users, there should be some money going back into the company to assure that it continues. I have the feeling you are being hacked and don't know it. No company acts this way to its customers.

Facebook has several fun "neighborly" games. Many of these games require adding neighbors in order for you to advance in the game. While this is somewhat of a little inconvenience, I was able to find forums for my game and I started adding friends from the list of people wanting neighbors in my game. After adding about 5 or so, Facebook blocked me from adding more friends and it was several days before I could finally start adding them again. So today I was finally able to start adding again and the same thing happened. It's like they have this rule that you cant add 5 friends quickly, and if you do, you have to wait 5 days before you can add more. Facebook games thrive off of having neighbors, and neighbors can only be added from people who are in your friends list. The Help Center states that they wont tell us the acceptable rate. It also states that it won't let us know the exact amount of time we are blocked. Imagine if someone worked for a company and when he asked the boss about being promoted to an opening position, the boss responded "you are hereby suspended and will not get pay and not be able to apply for any positions within the company until further notice". I mean, please tell us a rate at which is acceptable so we dont get frustrated from being continually blocked, please tell us how long we are blocked. Please try to work with us (by phone, email, or wahtever method is available). Please consider that by blocking (and frustrating) your users, you may end up not having users or even having people recommend AGAINST facebook. Keep in mind that since the games REQUIRE neighbors for advancement, then it is required for people to be able to add friends so they can have neighbors. If you want an example of a "neighborly" game, check out "My Empire" or "Vinyl City" or "Frontierville" or "My Tribe" or "Famrville", etc... there are several. If you check the Better Business Bureau and several forums online. Many of us are frustrated at the lack of response we get from Facebook. And in this economy, you would be a hero if you hired a call center and put several people to work in this bad economy. Here in Oklahoma City, we have several buildings to support a call center (such as where AOL moved out). Customers could then talk to real people and figure out answers. I, myself have experience in call centers and would be glad to help you in this endeavor. Either way, please consider the frustration you are now causing your customers and how the loss of customers could end up financially hurting business. How would advertisers feel if you slowly started losing customers as they watched the numbers spiral downward ?

Have used and Loved your site for the last few months, as a musician that has a lot of friends and fans it has been amazing until yesterday when I found you were posting everyones phone numbers without letting anyone know that this would be public information, and today after posting this on my page yesterday, low and behold I get blocked from being able to ACCEPT friend requests sent to me... Mind you I'm not out requesting, these are people that have requested to be accepted, and all I was doing is accepting fans/friends today and on the 9th one after a few warnings I get a notification I'm blocked for possibly annoying people ??? Get your bots programmed better boys an girls. I mean if was requesting too many perhaps, but accepting requests that have been sent to me? C'mon people.

Caution: This company does not do what they say they will. I contacted them via the phone,concerning a scam situation and spoke to a live person in billing, gave them the web address and all infomation with in 15min of the incident. They said would have Tectnical look into it and would respond back to me with-in 48hrs, it has now been 2weeks with no response. Like the old saying: customer no service. any response: mcordon1@cox.net

i have only one question i need to speak to some from the main office abought problem with face book.i was adding friends when i was blocked for no good reason .why dont you adress the problem let people like me be able to defend or self for being block for no good reason all i did was add people i acused of bothering theme this not true this just not right way you treat us who use face book i thought it was for finding keepong in touch with friends you need to fix this thanks ron deaton

Tonight, when I tried to share a URL as a link to a shoe company that I thought would be of interest to a friend of my family's, I received a very dire and harshly worded warning from Facebook, as if I had committed a nasty crime and needed to have my hand slapped. Good grief! It was just a link to a shoemaker!!!! I do not deserve to receive an automated message in which I am threatened with being ousted from Facebook and accused of sending "abusive" material to someone. I was also told that I tried to send it too quickly. ??? Never in my life have I sent, said, written, or done anything that could possibly be construed as abusive. Now I am feeling intimidated, afraid to try to put any link into a Facebook message. Who knows when I will be tossed out on my ear because something did not pass your filters. Why not just inform me that it was not a URL that could be posted? Again -- it was a site for shoes. I see by the messages above here that many others are experiencing frustration and, like me, finding no way to communicate with your representatives. My husband told me that "they can do anything they want, because they are Facebook." If you set up a company that serves to help people find each other, to conveniently communicate with each other, to create community, to connect with others who share interests, concern for causes, common backgrounds, etc., and shut yourselves away behind a wall of automated guardians at the gates, then you are not truly serving the participants. I read that your staff has moved to larger, better headquarters. Please upgrade and expand your members' services department so that people do not turn against you and go away. Arrogance will not be an asset over the long run.

I am writing because it has been almost a month since I have been without my Facebook. My acct was disabled and was asked to verify several things and to send a copy of my ID to show who I am. I still have not heard anything at all in response to anything. Please, get back to me as soon as possible! This is very upsetting. I am now concerned because I sent a copy of my personal ID and it is floating around.

How in gods name does Facebook expect a person to answer security questions based on their facebook friends whom most are added as support for Zynga Games platforms and the account holder cannot recognize every photo that person has or all their personal information. This is a poor security system that locks out a valid user for literally no good reason at all. It really shows the blatant incompetency of a system which operates based on corporate uninformed decisions rather than common sense. The overall approach is hurting Facebook as a company.

Dear Sir/Madam, You have disabled my facebook without giving me a reason. Today is June 21st and the disconnection happened last week on Friday June 17th. I have replied to your email using my email address which is: massadigalugnano@comcast.net I have also been trying to call your number but very disappointing because your recording says that we need to put in writing, using emails, to contact you but as I stated above it has been five days and there is no reply to my enquiry. I don't particular care whether you disconnect me for ever from your site, because I will notify my friends throught out the world that you are a not very reliable site for privacy and to exchange messages or photographs...I only would like to be able to be disconnected so no one can leave messages whereby I am unable to answer. I hope I have made sense to you and my complaint find its consistency. Thank you. Baron Dr. Antonio Massimo Massa

Why did I see my Skype account on Facebook , you had no rights to access my Skype account . I will talk to the States Attorney about that situation. It is a serious offense for me.

I cannot believe that it is so hard just to send facebook a question!!! I am very frustrated.... I have a problem with my daughters page being hacked into.The problem being is that she passed away 10 mnths ago..I asked if it was possible for me to have info so i could take over her page as i have no idea of email and password..If i had it, then i could monitor who is trying to access it..I have spoken to police here in my hometown, but have heard nothing back...I should not have to go through all of this rubbish..and would appreciate that someone from the head office could at least email me, and try and help..Toni

Dear Sir, Madam, I tried to reach Facebook in different ways (phone, email) because my account got disabled by mistake. I didn't abuse facebook in any possible way!!! I really don't know why Facebook disabled my account. It is clear Facebook has made a mistake & is acting in this way against all free rights of social networking. The only "wrong" thing I can imagine is that I sent a mail to all attending people seperately (because for me, this is much more professional). But even then, if people say they are attending & you send them a mail, this has absolutely nothing to see with spamming or whatsoever. So I ask you to reactivate my account because I am in urgent need of my facebook page. Please reply, I am waiting for an professional answer. Thx Best Regards, Isaac Maine (panta-pura@hotmail.com) PS: also a second account (on my friend's name) got disabled! Without she did anything! Is this your way of looking at a social world? Shame on you!

Last Friday, the 11th June, I tried to access my Facebook page but it would not let me sign in. The Facebook page said for my protection, I have to verify who I am. It said it is not a computer that it knows. How is that possible that I cannot access from Facebook from different computers now? In order to verify who I am, I had to identify people in ten different pictures. BIG problem! I play ZooWorld and have 3000 friends all over the world that I do not specifically know and I cannot possibly match every friend’s name to one of their tagged photos! I failed and was given the option of having a security code sent to my mobile number. I typed it into the little box and it would not go through. I kept getting put back on the page of requesting the security code. I tried for two hours and finally shut it off. I thought maybe with all these new securities it was a glitch which would be fixed. But Facebook will still not let me sign in, asking me to, again, verify who I am, and I am back in the same horrible boat of having to identify people I do not know and being sent a code that does not work when I type it in or even cut and paste it in. HELP! My email for the Facebook account is lesleylupo85749@gmail.com. I also have my Facebook page of Surf’n Seeds, a Middle Grade book I have written and have over 1400 friends on that from my Zooworld friends. I am building that up as I am unpublished and trying to find an agent. All the agents are impressed with lots of Facebook fans so I have spent the last 4 months playing Zooworld and getting Facebook friends from all over the world. I have been on the help page for hours, reading every possible page to see if anything addresses this problem. In order to get onto some answers, I have to log in and always hit the roadblock. I appreciate the pains Facebook take to protect us from hackers, but this is too much. On the “I’ve been hacked page” they emailed me a link which led me to a page that said, “Sorry, no access.” I emailed them back, this Facebook Team, and have yet to hear back 48 hours later. I cannot seem to contact a human, all I get is form answers. Where is the customer service? The Facebook Team solutions are standard answers on form letters referring me back to the Help page saying all the answers are there, and they are not. I cannot imagine why I need to be verified, but at least they should have a way to verify myself without having to identify random tagged photos from every ZooWorld friend. One tagged photo was a birthday card! Anyone who has more than 300 friends will have this problem which seems to be occurring due to all the blogs I see about this Roadblock that has been set up.

OK- I have been in the computer n internet industry for 20 years including working in silicon valley n I work w/ linux solaris sun mac n various os from windows n very aware of security issues. I am no novice at this stuff. First of all- I have enjoyed FB for the most part n do not complain about glitches here n there- am very familiar w/ them n unavoidable. I was trying to set up my FB on my windows 7 laptop today n was presented w/ those various pictures that my friend post. First off---it's not just pics of their profiles, but various pics they put up on their wall- w/ many friends n I only have 162 friends, I'm suppose to remember every single one of those? when I don't even remember what I had for breakfast????? AND I HAVE A GREAT MEMORY!!!! But really???????????? SERIOUSLY???????? n can only try every hour? What happened to the normal security question???? I would like my account back please!!! AND of course- there is no one to call or e-mail---A bank is easier than this!!!! my account on fb is gs_layug@hotmail.com as is my e-mail- Thank you

Hello. My name is Hampton Holloway. I'm writing to you because I have one particular problem on Facebook. I'm impress with the changes to Facebook in the last nine months, but there's one flaw that I'm dealing with on a regular basis. I'm an amateur screenwriter for over 4 and a half years and now I'm using the "Notes" application as a blog and the reactions and comments that I get on Facebook with my "Notes" is wonderful. However, my problem that I have with the "Notes" application are as follows: 1) If by any time I need to write a new note to add to my other previous notes, they are sometimes a bug that will go to "Notes" then "Tag Notes". You probably get that recently from members of Facebook who had wrote you recently before me. 2) When I make a mistake and I have to edit my note I posted three weeks before, after I saved it, it shows the updated date instead of the date it was first posted. If they can come up with a way to fix these bugs, everything would be fine. Thank you for your time.

I realize that they Facebook DISABLES your account on their own discretion without looking in to any specific issue, and without any reasonable justification. I still do not know why my account was disabled. I am a sound and solid citizen, and have been nothing less than a gentleman in my interactions with other members on Facebook. I am a licensed mental health professional, and although I use Facebook primarily to stay in contact with many friends from out of State, I also post reassuring and comforting material, such as songs or art for the various groups of people. In other words, none of my material has been disruptive, profane, or what someone may consider "out-of-line" with social norms. I post these materials because in addition to being a psychologist I am also a musician, and a visual artist. It's a great combination for this type of medium. I still do not know why my account was DISABLED, nor have received any type of way to restore my account. The problem-solving menu they provide is circular in nature, and not meant to offer any type of solution to the problem. At this point all I want to have is a reasonable explanation for disabling my account, and I also want to make sure that all my personal information has been either deleted or returned to me. At this point I do not trust the administrators of Facebook with any of my material.

Facebook shut down my account 6 days ago. Said it was accessed from a different location. I tried tens and tens of times to change my password, did everything in the HELP CENTER under every listing for a phished account. NOTHING FROM FACEBOOK... They send these form letters that say they are checking....they send new security codes that never ever work. Now today, I am finding in my mailbox, From: Facebook, what looks to be a message my from niece Kelly...NO, its pornographic pictures. I called and you can't get help, I left a message, which of course they haven't bothered to respond to. You have beautiful pictures of your Luxurious Offices in Palo ALto on the Web, yet you can't afford to have someone call or help you out when your account is compromised and someone is sending Obscene Pornographic material from my account, looking like it is from you. I can't believe you are no so big, that you just don't care. It's really disgusting the amount of time it takes for you to anwer an email. Six days now and nothing but your computer generated form letters....which we have already done hundreds of times. I think I will try calling my news station in Jacksonville. They have an Anchor that will hellp you resolve problems and when I show him the emails and tell him I can't get any help, maybe he can. They do stories everyday and Facebook, its your turn. Disgusted with your customer care program. Chuck FLoyd

My account was disabled without any reason or justification. I am an outstanding citizen who follows society's ethical standards, not because of facebook, but because of my personality structure and my profession. I am a psychologist by profession and adhere to their standards of behaviors. I attempted to contact you several times in writing and by calling your corporate office at no avail. You have not made any attempts to return my contacts nor did you offer any explanation for your behaviors. Consequently, I wrote to the FTC, and now in the process of filing for a Class Action Law Suit against Facebook. I advice to you is that you contact me, either reinstate the account or at least give an explanation for such action against my account. I also suggest that you post the previous review I wrote on this page regarding this same issue.

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