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2 techs cant install a 2nd line for tv I get different stories from the dispatch and cable co and techs.Awful service altogether


Comcast convinced to bundle my phone with their other services and after 8weeks and numerous service calls its still not working.

extremely bad

I called customer service 3X in 1 day. I have no cable or internet for 3 days now. Cus Ser promised me that someone will be out there on 7/28 from 8a-10a. I stayed home from work just for this. It's now noon and no tech. Called Comcast again and the tech will not be out to my apt until 7/29. I lost work for Comcast and all they want to give me is $10 credit. Are you kidding me. I am looking for a new provider fast . Comcast needs to invest in their customer service skills. A superviser was supposed to call me today and last night and nothing yet. No worries Comcast, I don't expect you to call me.

200 credit card possible fraud offered by comcast

if comcast sends you an offer to give you a 200 prepaid credit card it might be fraud it gets sent thru the us poastal service they never send it the have a complaint dept that might also be a fraud buyer be ware

false advertising

the united states poastal service needs to be informed the mail that was sent to my home with the promise of a two hundred dollar credit card is false advertising

worst customer service

this is one of the worst companies for customer service run to att

Comcast is the Devil. Period.

Bad equipment

Bad equipment. I've had to return it twice!

awful..simply awful. Comcast are rip offs and con artists. Best thing to do is stay away

no customer service

After wasting over 2 weeks and 6:30min on the phone my service still not working. I pay over 200 a month and would like to enjoy my tv time and not frustrated with people that cant help. Spoke w two supposed supervisors neither called back.

poor cervice

After 2 weeks of on and off daily cervices with no satisfaction I'm looking for new service.

worst company to deal with. waited all day for a tech come out and fix my phone line and it was a no show.... how can a billion dollars business treat customer soo bad?

Corporate Reputation

Mr. CEO, yoou should be ashamed to call yourself an American Company - by far the most ridiculously frustrating company I've ever done business with. I am in the corporate business world and all I can say is if i treated my customers the way your customer service people have treated me - I'd be out of business.

Customer Service

Why is it that people in the US have had a hard time finding a job and my phone call was transferred to a customer service rep in a third world country....I find it very up-setting!

Comcast sucks.

I have had Comcast less than a year and there cable or there internet goes down it seems like every other week. I have called and called with wait times of 1 to 1.5 hours it is stupid. I feel every time the net goes down they should re-pay all it's customers back for the down time. We need to start hitting these corps. in there wallets.

customer service


fed up

i have been a customer of comcast for a long time and i have nothing but problems with this company. I'm so fed up with comcast. their customer service is a disgrace. they are the worst cable company in the world i hope to god they go out of business. They are nothing but thives..

Horrible company

I m so tired of dealing with comcast . My internet had been down for 3weeks and i just had the tech to fixed the problem . For the past 3 weeks i had to call them every day .every time i called they told me there was a outrage at my area and they cant do anything to do . ANd they will have someone to call me back but i never received any phone call. Even thought i told them i want to talk to the supervisor, thry put me on hold for 20 mins and hung up the phone really ? This is how comcast treat to their customer.


Hey everyone go to the better business bureau website and file a complaint!!! My gma has had so much trouble with this company it is crazy. Maybe if they get a few complaints they will get their crap together.

very upset

hello, we have been long time customers with comcast, we had a situation over the weekeend to were our cable service was disconnected, we were told where to go and pay our bill to have service reconnected, due to the office in tennesse was not open saturday evening, once we made the payment the rep advise us to do, low and behold our serivice still was not turn on. then then they told us it would be 30 min. then 24 hours then 5-7 business days unless we make another payment by cc......!!!!!! oh this was so unfair we made excatly 2 payments of $181.00 dollars!!!!!! i told the rep, after the payment post we made at the exxon kiosh on saturday we would like our money return because we turned around and make another payment for the same amount by cc. the rep advise to us we wouldn't get our money back that it would just be on our account as a credit!!!!!!! that's stealing and we would like our money return for that second payment made, please advise

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