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Recently I've lost my job and have been late on payments. Citifinancial has called everyday all day long! We have kept them informed on when we will be making a payment and they still keep calling. I've asked 8 months ago to please stop trying to get us to sign a deferment, and they are relentless with still calling! They even called my wife at her employer and acted like it was no big deal. We even received a letter from UPS stating they could take us to court! This has gone beyond the realm of just looking out for our well being and has turned into harassing sales tactics. I don't know where to go to stop this but I know I will never go through Citifinancial again! Thanks for making my decision so easy for me.

As a past customer of CitiFinancial who was able to get loans very easily, I was glad when I recently received a yellow flyer in the mail from them with my name all over it, saying I was welcome to borrow up to $7500 - all it would take was one five-minute phone call as a formality to approve the loan. I went to the office I had always gone to in the Madison Square Shopping Center on Gallatin Road, 37115. I had done business with very knowledgeable and easygoing people there; however, they told me the lady I usualy worked with was no longer working there. They said I should have gone to visit another CitiFinancial branch office in Madison across from Home Depot, because that was the phone number on the yellow paper I had received. I had not known there were two CitiFinancial offices in Madison. Your yellow paper did not have your mailing address on it. A Madison Square employee then called the other Madison branch and let me talk to that branch. The woman there, Sherry, scolded me rudely: "You're not supposed to come to our branch until we make an appointment for you and have your papers ready!" This, when your yellow paper said plainly: "It takes just minutes to apply for your loan" and "Since we already know you as a valued customer, you can apply for your loan with just a phone call." I said that I had always just gone by the Madison Square branch without an appointment & they had never refused to help me or turned me away. When my wife called today while I was working to find out when I could pick up my loan money, the CitiFinancial lady named Sherry said that the loan was declined because I had refinanced my first mortgage. Well, if you knew that you would have to decline my loan, why on earth did you send me this yellow paper practically guaranteeing me up to $7500 in loan money? You wasted your administrative resources, paper and postage! You never took into consideration the fact that my wife's disability back pay is due within the next couple of weeks, and we could have paid the $2000 loan we wanted back very quickly. Instead, you have lost a customer for life. Please send comments to RonCSATN@yahoo.com or my home address.

I submitted a online application on 7/19/2010 and was contacted by an individual name Eric from a branch located at 401 East Bell Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Eric was very condensening with me and seem to question my integrity as to why I was appling for a loan with Citi. I am a previous customer/account holder who had an account with a branch located at 28th Drive and Metrocenter Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona. When I advised him of this information, he in a round about manner called me a lier. At that point, everthing went down hill, even when he offended me with a offer of $7500.00 dollars when I applied for $9999.00 dollars, but requested verbally $15000.00 dollars because of my excellent credit rating and past account with Citi. I am sure this isn't the normal pratice of Citi, but Eric conducted made me feel very unease that he had access to my credit file and feel very direspected as a consumer talking with him about my financial status. Hopefully, someone at Citi can contact me about this matter and provide a resolution. My e-mail address is: make3026@hotmail.com and my home telephone is listed on my application.

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