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Really confused on how you will offer this insurance, then when the customer is in need to use it, is denied the service? And then refunded the premium with a letter stating " Here is the refund YOU requested". I did not request it, I needed to use it. I was taken off work due to medical reasons, which was unforseen. Why offer this type of insurance if you are going to make someone jump through hoops for information needed to process a "so called claim", then to deny them anyhow? I have a lawyer looking into this, to see if you have a legal right to do this. I still have all the documents given to me by citifinacial when they loaned me the money.

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They suck. Jerked me around for weeks saying they would help. NOT. Called the NY Dept of Banking and BBB. Filed complaints.

I have had a mortgage with Citifinancial for 5 years. I have found one office with very professional people who follow up and keep their word. Catrina at the Greenville, SC Pleasantburg, Drive Office is a jewel compare to the other offices.I would not deal with another office than theirs. Amasingly their office has been recognized for production. Good honest service is recognized by customers.

hi i made a mistake and sent you guys a payment i have a account in utah if you have cashed my check could you send the money back to my checking account or send check back to me thanks

You people have some of the rudest people working for you in the Akron, Ohio (Green) office. especially some %^&%^%^ who calls himself Chris. I have tried on more than one occasion to have a rational conversation with him, to no avail. he must think that is is on some type of sit-come. He has been extremelyly rude every time that I have had the mis foortune to speak to him. They have clled my home more than 10 TIMES. a day somtimes after only five or ten minutes.. If they continue to harass me.....I will have to seek further help. I know that my husband made the the bill without my knowledge, because at our age, the last thing we need is another bill. I will your company will never evvvverrrrr get bless! You should treat people the way that you want to be treared.

I have been citibank account holder for more then 20+ years. Also have investment account with heavy losses, including my IRA accounts. Recently or may be I have not encountered with little balance in my bank account, the service has gone to zippo. Customer service? I think they do not have in their manual any more. If you call their customer service number it goes to overseas, with heavy accent and apologatic screwing voice from their end, without fixing the problem. Time has come, we should bring those all jobs back to our country from top to bottom and let America be America and not.... Those people who have $200~300 a month income are very cruel to us American, and take their grutch from talking nasty. I want our Banking Department must take notice of this and kick all these bigname little service institution who just job is to suck blood of our hard earn income citizen.

I own a PRIVATE storage lot, and have a vehicle with citi as lein holder, well in talking with the recovery dept in Co. they basically want me to give them the truck and transport it for free 60mi to there storage yard for free. the lady I have been dealing with in Co. is heather wingate and tried to educate me on ethics is that the pot calling the kettle black or what. Surely some one in power at citi reads this forum. well tomorrow the truck goes to the auto recyler and then I will get the 4 months storage owed to me and be dammed citi financial. comments email me liftstation@aol.com

Dear Citi Financial, I am not paying you anymore of your loan..nanananannanana..I live in Canada..nananannana......you can't sue me.....nanananannananana

the offices of CitiFinacial in my area have the most rudest, lying, abusive people I know...they yell, and curse customers out over the phone...they never return calls, they make tons of errors, are calling us, when they decide to call...up to 4 and 5 times a day....they threaten to take peoples houses away...do not want to give you a reciept if you mail the payment in...I have never seen a leading company treat people so bad...wish we could all get to sue /citi in court, refuse to modify loans when the customers qualify...loose paper work...these people are from hell...

these people are liers, thiefs, rude, abusive, and people from hell....you get the run around treatment...then they hang up...then they call 2-5 a day....then they threaten you...use abusive language...tell you they are going to throw you out in the street...the list is long.....This company is from hell....hope more people drop them or not make payments...take them to court....would love to sue them for all its worth....Americans need to cause this company to close....they must have went looking for the worst people they could find....and hired them all...the whole company is sick, evil....CitiFinancial is from hell...STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY...TRUST....OTHER BANKS WILL HELP YOU...TAKE YOUR LOANS SOMEWHERE ELSE...IF POSSIBLE...LET US ALL STAND TOGETHER AND CLOSE THEM DOWN...

this company does not care about there customers in any manner except for a pay check. shame full interest rates , abusive staff .desiptive loan practisses. I gave them 1 star only because this forum doesnt allow a lower rating......

They're horrible people, they harass, they bully and they could care less about you. Yes, they're very friendly while you're filling out the papers to get the loan, but after that all you are is a paycheck to them. I have had medical problems, fell behind two payments and they refused to help me, they called me work, my parents and when I finally went to talk to them (while I was sick also) they were rude, refused me and the second I got home they called me again to tell me they were taking me to court. I can't stand these people, they have a "ghetto" way of doing business and people in my small town seem to be forced to go to them.

Citi Financial are slums, they like keeping people down. For three years I have paid on my loan, on time payments. I started out 3 yrs. ago at 8,000 and here i am 3 yrs. later and still owe close to 8,000 could someone tell me why my account has not moved in three years. when i call for a pay off it's always '' let me call you back. '' I still owe 7,947 in three years why has the interest not come down more???????

Citifinancial is the worse institution I have ever borrowed money from. If you are late on a payment, they resort to harassment. They have called my job and left messages with my co-workers. This is very unprofessional. I am not negating the fact that I owe the money, but leaving personal information with people who are not privy to my financial situation or have nothing to do with my business with Citifinancial is wrong and will certainly not make the payment any sooner.

These people are terrible--they are relentless in trying to get payments from me in spite of the fact that I have told them I have lost my job and have no income. At one point, a manager from their local office (in Clovis) called me, threatened me, then badgered me into writing a bad check (which I told them was bad as I had no money to cover it). I then spent the next 24 hours running around town trying to sell things just to cover the check. They call me every day--sometimes every hour on the hour. I am doing everything I possibly can and still they just don't care. I have had to stop taking their calls because they simply will not work with me. They are the worst of the "bottom feeders" and I am hoping that someone will initiate a class action against them. They should also be investigated under the Consumer Rights Act.

I and my Mother has been doing Business with Citifincial since 2006. I was on the first loan. My Mother called them about a deferment for one Month the represenative was very rude to my Mother when I called their office about this I was cursed out by that represenative I spoke with the regional manner and reported his conduct. The represenative was repreminded. The next they called my Mother and said they wanted to refinance the note but they did not my name on it anymore. When my Mother went back out their they turned around and put my Auto as collateral because my Mothers name was on the car title. I called them about this and asked why they wanted my auto on the note and I was informed if I had not turned in the represenative and got him repreminded they would not have ever asked for auto to put a lien on it they told me next time never turn in an employee. The auto was a 1998 ford. The car wore out and I needed to trade they informed me they would not release the lien until the note was paid in full. So I called a regional manager and explained everything to him he was very nice about it and stated that a car that old should have never been a lien on it. The regional manner informed the local office that they would release the lien I got the lien release I told my Mother if she still wanted to pay them that was up to her they lowered the payments down with out refinancing the note because she was way over charged on the interest and finance charges and that all had to be applied to the note. I my self would tell anyone not to do any Business with Citifincial just run the other way.

aug 20th I paid off my furniture loan with Citifinancial; however, the local branch posted this payment to the wrong account. when I began receiving calls in Sept from the SC office, I contacted the local office to inquire about why SC was calling me. They realized the payment was posted incorrectly and reversed. I was told that they had overnighted the payment to the correct Citifinancial office to post. 5 weeks later I am still getting calls and all the local office can say is that they overnighted to the address they were given and it was recieved, but can't explain why it has not posted. Then last Friday, the local office realized they had overnighted to the wrong branch and assured me that the payment was not going to be transferred to the correct office and the payment would be back dated. To date I still continue to recieve calls from the SC office. My local office resides in Elizabethtown, KY (Michelle is the branch manager), while pleasant enough, I don't feel I recieved quality service. If not for my continued calls to the local office, no one would have gone out of their way to assist in correcting. My check cleared Citifinancial in August and it still has not posted two months later - I have explained my case to several Citifinancial representatives as well...

RE: CitiFinancial Promissory Note #18519 (AOT) Dear President Obama: This letter comes out of a concern for the loan that has been extended several times with Citi. Financial due to the harassing calls we received. Every month we would get a call before the loan was due that it was late (Sandy). They would even call me at my job. So I would go in and sign off of papers thinking it would help solve the problem of the harassing phone calls. But in fact they renewed the loan 4 times over a period of 3 years and the money I paid into the loan was deleted. The calls would never stop. At this point we cannot pay another eighty thousand dollars for this loan. For over a period of three years we have paid nine thousand dollars from Sept of 2008 up to date (documentation can be provided). We are asking your office to investigate why Citi Financial refuse to adjust the terms and condition on the loan at this point. We want a lower monthly payment as well and the interest cut in half. Due to the fact my salary has been cut and my wife is ill (receiving social security disability) we cannot continue to pay this loan. We are in the process of calling someone to help managed our debt. We would like to work with Citi Financial but they refused.... Therefore, if the loan cannot be adjusted then we must let this one go. This is the same company the Federal Government helped. But this camp nay cannot help us. The OCC refuses to help us. They have put our complaint in the trash.

Due to financial difficulties, I settled an account with Citifinancial for less than the full amount in April, 2010. It has taken me six months (and counting) to get anyone from the Centralized Recovery to return my phone calls so that they can correct my credit record. I called Mary McDonald's office (the CEO) and her secretary referred me to David Smith, the VP for the Retail and Automotive division (410) 332-2928 to "escalate" the issue, and he hasn't called me back either. I have all the documentation I need to support my settlement claim, including canceled checks and a letter from NCC Business Services to that effect (one of their many collection agencies). While I know I'm a slug for getting into financial difficulty, there is no reason for a company to act like this. Next stop, my attorney's office.

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