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Months months months are passing yet no parts for recalled ignition switch in my 2006 Jeep Commander. Does one have to be killed in a freek accident before this company gets it together? I am so sick of waiting. I would NEVER buy another Chrysler product after this. Im off to Toyota.

2003 ram 1500

I bought a 2003 Ram 1500 when it had 77000 miles had to replace ball joints, water pump, heater core and then at 107,000 the head gasket went which is why I decided to be done with the piece of junk. My mechanic said the 4.7L engine is the worst V8 ever made and it wont last, he was right. I wont ever buy another dodge ever again!!!!!!

Dodge dart

Bought the dart when they first came out, have had electrical problems since 10000 miles now at 42000 and still no resolution per my local dlr the car should have been bought back long ago. The refused to give me trade in on the car as they have the units history and advised me that I should run the thing into a tree as Chrysler will not take care of the problem.

holding money

La Mesa dealer has held a payoff check for 2 month and keeps saying that it has been sent. All i get is the run around with the finance people. I have been buying all trucks there since 1999 and I have been treated wrong with the people that are there now.

My 2000 Grand Caravan crossed the 300,000 mile mark a week ago and is still going strong on its original motor and transmission!!! Thank you for such a great vehicle!!!

Left head replaced

Was told to have my journey there on Monday . and it would take a day half it now 3 days they broke the trimming chain still don't have my car and had to rent a car cause they don't do loner cars this is a warranty job so that's BS

200 Chrysler 2012

I was told that the chrysler 200 was a nice car, as of now I have 19000 miles and when I took the car for a oil change, I ask them to take the car for a ride it was a very noisey car and that it made a roaring noise and they told me that all our tires were worn on the inside, that was where the noise came from, I was told that they were not covered on the warranty. I would think that at 19000 I should not have to go out and buy all four new tires, as the dealer told me I had to do.

Certified, Really

I just purchased a "certified pre-owned" Jeep Grand Cherokee last Saturday from Teterboro Chrysler/ Dodge/Jeep dealership. I was happy and excited about it until the following Saturday and Sunday I had to get a jump to start my car, it was dead! I was unable to open the doors, etc. Nothing worked.....To top it off, the car shut off completely in the middle if the street on Sunday after getting a jump. This is unacceptable... I understand this car is not brand new, but really?!?! So, then I waited until Monday to try and get car serviced, but the "service technician who could work on my car" didn't work on Mondays when there were at least three other "service technicians" there.... Then the GRAND SLAM of it all, they wanted me to leave my car and pay $250.00 for a rental?!?!? Doesn't sound right to me.... All of the problems listed on here need to be taken care of before Jeep looses their "reputation". Currently after my experience from a week, they are on the bottom of the totem pole!!! :(

Chrysler Capital Review

Chrysler Capital fails to fulfill its contractual obligation and provide customer service in a timely manner.

Design Engineers

I don't know who is responsible for designing the 3.3lt V-6 engine you put in the dodge caravan, but I hope their parents slowly burned to death in a fiery car crash after being gang raped on what was to be the happiest day of their lives.

I would never recommend Autoland Chrysler dealer in Springfield, NJ. I had a pre-approved loan for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee and when I got there they did not honor my loan. Instead they wanted me to go through their banks. Not the best idea. Let me get to the point, after setteling on a vehicle that I wasn't crazy about, I go to transfer my personal belongings to the new vehicle and someone had stole my $100 bottle of YSL cologne! smh. they had no answers but to say maybe the Mexicans that moved the car thought I abandoned my property and took it. Thats a damn shame! I called the manager and she had no answers. never go there and never trust them, they are all broke, struggling for a sale, theives!

Dodge Neon

I have a200 Dodge neon 2000it has 73,000 miles on it In the past 2 mo. I have replaced timing belt tie rod water pump valve cover gasket carb sensor crank sensor I have oil leaks that the tech. said was to many to fix I have put close to 1600 hundred dollars in repairs I think that dodge should fix the leaks for me for free That is to much repairs for a car that only has 73,000 miles on it

Poor service

Beware of Hurley Chrysler Jeep dealership service shop. Break service was perform on my 2005 Town and Country van causing me a lot of trouble. Such poor job made me take the van towed back to the dealer next day the labor was perform.

04 Ram 3500 parts

Chrysler has a new low....a defective PS/PB pump that can only be replaced as a unit causing the purchase of a new master cyl also. The parts have been on back order since May, no delivery date known !!..calls to Chrysler and NJTSB are a waste of time....NO HELP AT ALL.....beware and stay away from the Ram series trucks, you can't get parts nor help from Chrysler Corp

Dodge sucks

Stay away from the Dodge Nitro....40,000 and alreadyhaving electrical issues!

1991 Lebaron

This is the BEST car Ive ever owned (it wont quit running). I am sad that I feel I am going to have to part with the car over minor problems. This car carried me in over a foot of snow, through the mountains on a windy road, that ran along a deep creek, SAFELY! I felt secure and the car always drove wonderful. I wish I could have this car totally restored, if I could I would drive it everywhere and brag how GREAT a CHRYSLER IS!

From San Antonio, TX

Car engine stalling and or remote not functioning correct? If anyone in my city and state having issues with what I am, PLEASE PLEASE contact the corp. office and have them submit a "STARCASE".. This is intiated by the technican who evaluates your car and finds it's unrepairable. YES, THIS IS WHAT I AM SAYING, THEY CAN NOT FIX MY CAR... so if each of you can push for this protocol of submitting a Starcase, the corp. office is then required to investigate further as to why they can not repair my malfunction of my vehicle... My dealership in my city is "NorthStar Dodge" My vehicle is a 2013 Dodge Avenger. I took it in at 1,000 miles on it and 4 times after that. Today the mechanics can not do a thing, therefore the manager will need to submit a Starcase to the corp. office to proceed to the next step and that step I have no clue.... I have a LEMON of a CAR!!!!!!

Dodge Caliber

I have been a dodge owner since 1987 and currently own 3 dodges however the 2007 caliber has convience me not to buy a dodge again. The CVT trasnmission is junk and the sad part dodge knew it when they put it on the market. I review the problem other people is having with the caliber and 98% of them has transmissin problem and no help from Dodge Corp. It can be a safety issue and no one cares. I will never buy a dodge and try to discourge anyone else from buying.

I bought a Chrysler 300 ,the car would not start occasionally, after charging me for diagnosis a couple of time, to my surprise, the dealership on LBJ freeway cannot figure out what the problem is. I am so disappointed with Chrysler. I would never buy Chrysler product again.

2005 jeep grand Cherokee ac issues

Ac sucks in these vehicles. I have owned 2 jeep grand cherokees in the last 20 years and have had ac blend door and actuator issues in both. I have had to replace both parts in both vehicles. I am having the same issue again 2 yrs after replacing the actuator in my 2005. Cold comes out driver side and hot comes iut passenger and rear venrs. I am un phoenix az and have a 6mo old and can't go anywherein summer.

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