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Car X - 1108 E. Oakton Street, Des Plaines, Illinois. I brought my car to Car X for brakes. I was told my car would be ready by 3pm. (It was 9am when I dropped the car off.) I did not receive a call so I called at 4pm and Car X said that my car would be ready in 10 min and to come over and pick it up. I arrived at CAR X in 15 min. and they said that my car was on a "test" drive. When they came back from the test drive they said something needed to be adjusted. I paid my $425.00 and took my car home. The car was never fixed. I called after I was in my car for 10 min and told them that they needed to fix it. They said that was no problem. The next day I went back there to drop off my car and they then had it for an entire day. I had to bring the car back 5 times and they fianally admitted that they did not know what was wrong with the brakes. I demanded my money back and they refused. When I had my car fixed by another repair shop they stated that nothing had been done to my brakes. I am in the process of contacting my attorney for my refund. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT FIX YOUR CAR. THEY HAVE A REPUTATION FOR DOING POOR BUSINESS IN THE AREA.

My boyfriend and I took my vehicle into the CarX shop on Ogen Ave in Berwyn, IL because the vehicle needed a new piece of muffler pipe welded on, and my boyfriend told the manager of the store that he wanted a "new" gasket put on as well. My boyfriend had to leave for work, and I remained there to await the completion of the job. I was informed that I would have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the gasket to arrive, I hade no issue with this. When the job was completed I went to the desk to retrieve my keys and the reciept, the job had been paid for by my boyfriend before he left. I took the recipt out of the Warranty booklet it was slid into, and saw that they not only did not use the new gasket, they did also did not show a credit for the purchase of the gasket. I questioned the manager as to first of all, why "I" was not consulted regarding the decision to not use the new gasket. I believe this is an decision that should be made by the customer not the shop. Aside from this, had I not questioned the charge for the new gasket, we would not have been credited the amount of the new gasket. This is deceptive practice and should not be tolerated. Did the manager think that because I am a woman I wouid not have noticed, much less questioned the charge of the gasket??? This is bad practice for a shop and I cannot say much better of the manager.

I went for an inspection and was told that I needed a new rack and pinion. I had this installed and this work took till closing time to fix. When I got my car back, the steering wheel was completely upside down. I wonder if they took advantage of me because I am handicapped and installed the rack and pinion backwards. I had arrived early that morning and it took ALL day. The manager said he had to get to his son's football game!!The car should have never been released in that condition.

Car-x mechanics do not know what they are doing. Do not trust them and they are more expensive than most other places.

after reading the consumer blogs about car-x write or call your consumer protection division of the attorney general office for the state of illinois respectfully.

Don't go to Car-X on Rollins Rd in Round Lake Beach, IL... they advised I needed several repairs and the estimates were much too high. I went to my friend's mechanic who has been doing repairs for over 20 years. I did not need anything that Car-X advised... and they actually sprayed something on my rear brake cylinder and told me it was leaking. There was no leak! DO NOT TRUST THEM...DO NOT BRING YOUR VEHICLE THERE. fyi....an hour after getting an oil change there, my oil light came on, car was ticking....and my car stalled. I could have engine damage now.. and am looking into what to do next. So upset that a simple oil change can lead to all of this.

Alot of negative reviews here. I had my car fixed in Eden Prairie Mn last January and the job wasn't done right the first time. I brought it in and the new manager wanted to charge me alot more. Luckily I had an insurance claim and they picked up most of the bill minus my deductable. The new manager didn't want to help out with the bill so I called the corporate office and talked to Diane who did a great job of helping me out. She put me in touch with the Ashby the local area manager, i tried calling him but he was out I talked to his assistant, I didn't get his name but he works at the Bloomington store, he was also helpful. When i was called that my car was done the manager was short on the phone, I told him I left a message for Ashby to call back, the manager said I know and you don't owe any more and hung up. I went got my car the manager was very cold and didn't say much. With the economy the way it is you need to be nice with your customers. I have brought many cars there through the years and never have had a problem like this. If you ask me if i will go back to the same store, and if I have a problem I know who to call.

Went to Car-X at 2737 N Central Ave in Chicago for an AC check and was told I had to replace my compressor and the condenser and dryer also otherwise they would not warranty the compressor, they said metal shards from the old condenser would ruin the new compressor. The cost would be a little over $1400.00..............I know there's a markup but I found new parts online for $386.00 and that was for all 3 parts!!! The service manager showed me dye under a black light where the compressor was supposedly leaking and it was so little that it looked like someone had just rubbed some dye on with a toothpick. I had a friend come over with the proper gauges and freon, he tightened a few fittings and bolts, added some freon and fixed the problem for $40.00. What a big difference. I heard the service manager ask the tech if he took the gas out because I denied the service. I wonder how many people get cheated and overpay this company every day. The Better Business Bureau will get a copy of this also.

. I'd like to share my story because I feel like I'm being ripped off majorly. Today while I was on my commute to Boerne my car started acting funny started to tug and pull. I figured the smartest thing to do would be turn around because I had a feeling that I would not make it all the way up there. Across my apartment complex there is a CAR-X . I figured Ill take it there so in case they need to keep it i'm just across the way. I pulled in and parked and went inside to talk the attendant ( whom i later found out was the manager).I was stressed already and just wanted to see what was wrong with my car. I explain all the details of what my car was doing. I'm a little apprehensive of shops because I know for people who are uneducated about automotive repair well it seems they may be a easy target. He took my information and while we were talking he handed me a paper and said " here,sign this paper this gives me a authorization to check your car out and see what needs to be done" what he called a complete diagnostic check. I said" ok fine ( signs paper) just please call me with an estimate before you do any work so i know first what's wrong and how much this is going to cost me". So i then leave and go home to wait . Approximately 2 hours later i get a phone call . He proceeds to tell me some valve covers are leaking and my ignition wires are saturated in oil. Estimate is 387 dollars! Im thinking WHAT?!! " So i told him to let me think about it. I called my father who owns his own repair shop in Illinois , He calls CAR-X to see what exactly was going on with the car. When he calls me back he says No, don't get the work done its a 200 dollar job..not 400. I figured as much so I call CAR-X and say I cant afford to have the work done ..please just do an oil change . The guys first words is " you KNOW that's not going to fix the problem right?" I'm like YES I know but i still need an oil change. He said fine Ill call you in an hour to let you know your car is done. Two hours go by no phone call. Finally I call to ask if its done he said yes it all done. So I ask for my total....."its going to be 130 dollars".....My first reaction is WHAT??!! for doing exactly what on my car?No work besides an oil change was done to my car at ALL!! I'm totally be ripped off why am I being charged?!! He then smugly says "did you not read the paper you signed?" I'm thinking the one that you had me sign to just check my car which at NO POINT IN TIME YOU SAID I WAS GOING TO BE CHARGED 100 dollars ?! I proceed to tell him If I would have known I was going to be charged 100 dollars for you to do nothing on my car I would have never let you put a finger on it...this is unethical,bad customer service,FRAUD and I refuse to pay for that. I feel that you took advantage of the fact that I was stressing out in the morning you were vague about the whole thing. You cant just expect for someone to just be okay with the fact that they're being charged for something they were not even aware that there was a charge for. " His response was" well you cant expect for my employees to work for free" He said he'd knock off 50% of the charge. So I call corporate CAR-X I tell them my story and they said they would get back to me before 5. Well its 7 o'clock and my car is still across the street at CAR-X . I refuse to be made a fool of , how many other people did they do this too. I will continue to call corporate tomorrow and try get something resolved but this is FRAUD! This CAR-X is on the intersection of Babcock and Huebner on the NW side of San Antonio . Their phone number is 210 696 3400 In total confusment- Jacqueline

Car-X auto service # 4904 at 5434 N Port washington Road Milwaukee, WI is dishonest, rude, unprofessional and very daring towards lieing amd yelling at customers. We took our isuzu Oasis there because the engine light was on. We were told that it was the solonoid problem and it would cost about $200.00 dollars. When we arrived to get the car we were told to pay $600.00. When we mentioned that it was not the price that was set the person named, Alex lost his temper and started yelling. Once when our Toyota had the emission light came on and we took it to get checked we were promised that car would be ready the same day but at 7:00 pm that evening when we called the same person, Alex started yelling and told us that the car was not ready and we owe them $70.00. When I mentioned that the person in the morning who checked the car in stated that the car would be ready and that the diagnosis fee will count towards repairs if we get the repair done from Car-X. At that Mr. Alex lost his temper again and kept on roaring for half an hour. When I yelled back at him he said he was going to move my car from the Car-X. We are never going back at Car-X and please all of you out there go take your car anywhere but Car-X.

My husband took his older model suburban into the Car-X in Greenfield WI. on July 5th. He needed a small pipe replaced between the muffler and catatlytic converter. The pipe had to be ordered so he sat there for almost 4 hours waiting for the pipe to come and the job to be completed. Since he was on vacation the rest of the week he only drove the car a couple of times but noticed that the car was making a rattling noise. He crawled under the car and found the clamp was net secured on both sides and an additonal clamp that he was charged for was no on at all. He took the vehicle back and asked if someone could take a couple of minutes to rectify this and he was told they were too busy, he asked if someoned could at least slide under the car if they did not have a lift available and was told no, he was offered no recourse so he came home after stopping at a parts store to buy his own clamps and put them on himself. Its sorry that in this competitive market nowadays that better service can not be guaranteed. I've read some of the other stories and I suppose I should be grateful that that is all that went wrong. Guess we'll find a real mechanic from now on. We work too hard for our money.

O Stars extra poor Took my car in because transmission shifted hard was told it was valve body that needed to be changed OK it cost me $1223.59. 1 month later still having problems braught it back was told there was a few adjustments that had to be made OK. another month went by still having problems took it back the machanic went for a ride with me and yes something still isn't right. kept the car again and was told a cylanoid needed to be changed OK picked the car up brought it home my husband opened the hood and noticed the screw that holds the battery was missing the screw that holds down the air filter and the screw that hold down the air intake were all missing brought it back was told by the owner that it's no big deal he'll get some screws and put them in took 30-40 minutes to look for the proper screws couldn't find any so went over to another car took the screws from it and put them in mine. the next day my car still isn't working properly was told to give it a week so the car could learn OK gave it a week and still isn't running right took it to another repair shop they changed spark plug and spark plug wires my car no longer has any problems but was told to keep an eye on the transmission because the valve body and/or a cylanoid will most likely in the future need to be replaced well It supposedly was just replaced so went back to CARX to to let them know what had been done and the owner was very short with me and told me to get the F--K out and if I was going to call corporate office to tell them they could also kiss his A--

Beware CarRx I took my 2003 VW Golf diesel (86,000 mi) to the shop to replace a front light bulb. Got a call back- the timing belt and top right motor mount needed replacing. Tec suggested replacing water pump and pulleys, etc (conversion kit) when replacing the belt. Estimate for parts (belt + conversion kit [$685] and mount [$160] and labor [467.50]) was $1312.50 after discount (voice mail). I found a new timing belt + conversion kit for $ 285 on the internet. When I returned the called and questioned the part cost, I was told the part cost was non-negotiable so I cancelled the repair and returned the next for the car and replaced bulb (bulb [$22.00] and labor [$34.00])-- my charges with tax and shop supply was $60.20. Think of what this car would cost if I bought the parts and had Car Rx assemble it.

The shop located in Leon Springs, Tx, in the San Antonio area failed my truck on a state inspection. I looked up the inspection rules concerning the serpentine belt that failed, and the rules say "Serpentine belts are not to be rejected merely for cracks in the ribs." Then the shop overcharged me for the new belt. They had it delivered by Advance Auto Parts. They charged me $89. I called Advance and the belt would cost me $38.69. Not counting the discount the shop would receive, they marked the belt up $50 for a 118% mark up. Today, I discussed the matter with the shop mgr. He said that some cars had a separate power steering belt in addition to the serpentine belt and since mine didn't the serpentine belt ran the power steering and therefore had to be replaced. He also said he couldn't find the invoice for the belt they bought from Advance, but he checked with a dealer and their charge to replace the belt was $30 total more than I paid. I just called North Star Dodge, San Antonio, and they quoted $40 for the belt and $90 labor,which is $24 less than I paid. In summary, I question the need to replace the belt. I then question why I was charged so much more for the belt then they paid for it. I understand the need to make a profit,but this is excessive. I've tried to submit this complaint to CarX headquarters through their web cite but it doesn't work.

I took my Cavalier to the CarX in Carmel, In., I think it was on Keystone Way. A REALLY nice young man helped me and answered many questions that I had for him. I only needed an oil change but my questions were about other possible situations with my older car. His name is Denver. He was SO polite, professional and thorough that I will take my car there just because of him. I hope someone will pass this compliment along to him. Thank you. 5-24-2010

I managed a car x store in libertyville, I'll. I had to quit due to the owners sales practices. These people are not honest. He was selling brakes. And other parts to people who did not need them. I could not do this to innocent people. Please fom one honest person to another be carefull when taking you cars to car x. Thank you for listining. Jason

On April 16th 2010 my husband brought our car into the Car-X in Des Plaines, IL with a radiator leak. We were told it needed a new radiator which was quoted at $690 (parts and labor) - ok a little high, but like the above person we needed our car asap. This is what the issue is: AFTER the radiator was COMPLETELY installed and we called to pick up the car we were told the head gasket needed to be replaced and quoted $3400 to $4000. AND the car is not drivable. We were shocked!! First by the price but most concerning the they did the radiator work and they did not advised of the additional work until we were going to pick the car up. The car is '92 lexus and is not worth more the repair dollars. Now the car is going to the junk yard and we are STUCK with a $690 charge for the radiator that they would not "buy back". This is extremely unsetteling that work would be done knowing the car is undrivable and would need thousands of dollars of additional work. I feel this is very hinky and I would almost say we were scammed and hooked. After the long explaination my question is: Why would Car-X replace the radiator when it would be obvious that more intense work would need to be done - I feel extremely deceived by the manager. His story was way different from the mechanics and seemed to back-track on some of his comments when the mechanic told us, what seemed to be the actual findings and options. I did search on Car-X and it seems there have been some very questionable transactions. I looked on the BBB.org for the Car-X in Des Plaines and it shows that it is no longer in business - dated 2008. Is this location actually a Car-X location? I sent a complaint to Car-X Corporate at the above address and asked if there is anything that can be done about the charges the the Des Plaines Car-X location charged for the raditor and labor for a car that will end up in th

On Wednesday, April 22, 2010, a phone call was made to Car-X Auto Service 906 West Bradley Ave, Champaign, IL to see if I could have my car towed into their shop because the car would not start. The manager said they had time to check the car out and that he would call with an estimate. The manager did call and explained that it was the fuel pump and the repairs would cost $972. Nothing was mentioned at that time, that there would be a charge for the estimate and neither myself or my daughter signed anything at that time. I thought the estimate was high, so before we told the manager to go ahead with the repairs, I called 7 other repair shops in Champaign. The estimates I received to repair the fuel pump were between $625 and $650, although one other shop gave an estimate of around $800. I told the manager of Car-X that we were going to have the car towed to a repair shop down the street because they could repair it for $347 less than Car-X, he told me that if I could get a written estimate from that other repair shop, that he would match their estimate. I knew then, that he had not been honest with me or my daughter. When the tow truck came to get the car, the manager would not release the car until I paid Car-x $78 for the diagnostic check. This was never mentioned to myself or my daugter. The manager of Car-X knew we needed the car repaired as soon as possible, so he took advantage of the situation, not thinking that we would check around for other prices. Now I am not only out for a $95 towing bill, but Car-X basically stole $78 from me too. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and hopefully, I will be reimbursed the $78 from Car-X. I am writing this, so other consumers are not taken advantage of and that they know that Car-X is not honest with their customers.

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