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Can i first start off by saying that being an ase certified master for 15 years reading these posts reassures my assumption that people having their cars repaired listen to nothing that is told to them by these repair facilities other than the bottom line (price) half of these posts make no sense whatsoever example:re-lubing oil filter wtf??? there is no lubing of an oil filter it screws on and off thats it secondly you can not fault these places due to the cost of their parts.have you ever managed a car-x?? because i have and know the larger stores cost aprox.15000 dollars a week just to keep open if you have issues w/ parts prices and are finding them on the internet you more than likely are in a place that is out of your league financially and thats not their fault either but you want the convenience and quick service that they offer but you dont want to pay for it so you cant have your cake and eat it too!!!! and third if you want to be treated nicely perhaps some of you should try being nice yourselves and stop looking for a lawsuit every time you come into these stores most of these guys arent the hardened criminals you portray them to be most of them have families and children of their own and alot of times they are hesitant to help you or be completely honest with you is because they are afraid of being sued by everyone that walks in the door and we dont get that way by accident its caused by years of abuse and just plain parasites at the counter or on the phone i have a rule on how to treat people.... the same way they treat me if you are nice and pleasant to deal with i will be the same but if you act like an a##hole dont be suprised if your treated like one!!!and lastly if you are unsure of a repair being m ade to your car ask thats all you have to do i dont buy the "i dont know anything about cars" line of garbage if you have a question and i have worked at several of these stores and these guys will not hesitate to take you out and show and explain these problems to you in terms you can understand now if you choose to just nod your head and not listen that is again your own fault and dont always assume that because a part has failed on your car that it has to be caused by someone,parts go bad everyday and 99% of the time are no ones fault im sorry that a year after we cleaned your battery terminals your battery went bad it doesnt make it our fault its your car and your problem get rid of your welfare entitlement mentality stop looking for something for nothing and replace your battery its called owning a car maint. will b e necessary im not saying we are all good but most of us are

I do mystery shops for various companies. They pay you a certain amount to have you visit the locations and give them feedback on how their employees are doing. Again I have to stress that I have performed these automotive shops for a long time for various companies. I went to a Car X location today in MO, I had EXCELLENT service and then I went to another location and had HORRIBLE service. The few bad ones give the entire company a bad name. We are not supposed to revile ourselves as mystery shoppers. I had to take my vehicle to another Car X location to get parts installed that the mystery shop location failed to put back. The mystery shop location tried to charge me for checks that are free. I must say when I went to the alternate location the Car X manager was very nice and apologized for the poor service. He helped correct the bad errors and encouraged me to submit my mystery shop as truthful and detailed as possible. All locations are supposed to be mystery shopped. My first Car X mystery shop did such an excellent job and completely honest that I called corporate to let them know. I had taken the same vehicle with the identical brakes to a competitor for a mystery shop, their estimate of what needed to be done was very high! The good shop explained the proposed repairs and showed me the part conditions of what needed to be replaced. These places have mystery shoppers for a reason, to find out stuff like this and have it reported back to them. I am a little angry at the poor Car X associate today. I will complete a lengthy report on the poor and exceptional work. If you want to see which places do well consider mystery shopping them. I have learned so much about "tricky" mechanics and the honest ones.


Website email goes nowhere...corporate won't return my calls...scammy scammy scammy

On May2nd I took my car for an oil change to Car-X at 8579 N. Michigan Rd., Indianapolis. Per my invoice #0660864, my car was serviced by Mechanic #217, Brown. The mechanic did not replace the cover after filling my oil. Because my car doesn't normally use or leak oil, I didn't check the oil until after I'd taken a trip. My host noted told me I may be leaking oil becuase she found an oil spot on her drive. I really doubted it was from my car, but, to be polite, I checked under my hood. The engine and everything else was covered in oil. The cap was lying upside down half way covering where it should have been tightened. There was not enough oil left in the engine to get a reading on the dipstick. Not only could the engine have been burned up, but I could have been stranded on the open highway with a broken down car, or could have caused an accident when the car broke down. To make matters worse, if possible, I looked up your corporate headquarters and sent an e-mail addressed to your CEO. Though the site said I'd have a response in 2 days, today is the 5th day and my complaint has just been ignored. What kind of action do you take in cases like these to appease your customers and protect your reputation? Or is it just another case of buyer be damned?

Took my car to this horrible location on W.Washington St. located in Indianapolis, IN. These people did a poor oil job, one week later I returned because my check oil light came on so the guys had changed my oil again. The guy stated that he had to re-lube my oil filter because it had a small hole in it. So 2weeks later while traveling I blew my engine due to no oil in the car, and a leak that was never fixed or so called "RE-LUBED" long story short lets just say ""LAWSUIT""...PLEASE avoid these ripoffs...I rather take my car to the dealership or to pops two streets over!!!

I presented 3 coupons from online that we supposed to be honored at the car x on GLEN ESTE WITHAMSVILLE RD in Cincinnati Ohio. The first one was for 5 dollars off on an oil change. Because I got the oil change discount this coupon was not honored which was ok with me. The 2nd coupon was for 20.00 off on a muffler. I had a NEW mUFFLER installed. The manager said"I took a loss on this exhaust therefore I cannot honor this coupon. Ok #3 coupon was for 20.00 off ANY PURCHASE of 100.00 or more.My bill was for $194.00. With NO excuse on this one they WOULD NOT honor this one either. Why put coupons online when you when they do not honor them. I have called CORPORATE 3 times with NO satisfaction or results. Yes it is only 20 dollars, but it seems to me that they want you business, but once in there they have their own policys. I WILL NOT go back to this shop again. BEWARE and be sure you ask before entering this store......I am submitting this to the BBB

Car-X on E. Dorothy rd, Kettering, Ohio On 6/04/11, I had my car towed to Car-x because it wouldn't start and it was smoking badly. I told them

Car-X E. Dorothy rd Kettering, Ohio First time I ever had a problem with my car. I broke down an hour away from home. The car stopped and started smoking, plus the engine light came on. My first thought was that I blew the head gasket. I had the car towed on Saturday but the mechanics couldn't look at it until Monday. The mechanic called on Monday and told me I had a cracked manifold and I needed a new freeze plug then I would be able to take the car home. He quoted me a price of $967.37 including labor and he would call me when it was done. Closing time for them is 7pm, so I decided to check the status at 3pm, when I got off work. The mechanic said it wasn't finished but it would be on Tuesday. Tuesday I call to check the status, the mechanic wasn't there, and they had to wait for the parts to come in, it would be ready on Wednesday and the price was now $1087. Wednesday,I called and the mechanic said it would be ready by 3pm, he was just bleeding the system. So when I got off work, my friend who lives 2 minutes away from Car-x, came to get me from work. We got there at 4pm, the mechanic came at 5pm and didn't look at my car until 6pm. I went over to my car to check it myself when the mechanic finally came over to update me. I, being a woman, knows a thing or two about cars, so he wasn't speaking about anything I didn't understand. I even asked about scenarios, resolutions, and possibilites, even pointed out parts and their functions. He then took the car on a test drive and said it was overheating. It would be another day before it was fixed. Plus he had to run a diagnostic test to check for problems. Now sort of disappointed for having to make that long drive there and back, I went home. Thursday, the mechanic calls and now I need a head gasket, water pump, and thermas stat. He originally told me the head gasket was fi

I had excellent experience with CarX at 1098 East Dundee Road in Palatine, IL for over 8 years. I went in on 5/5/11 to have the main seal replaced, and they did an excellent job. Charged me $589 which was below my other estimates of $1,100. They even replaced the transmission seal at no charge. Here is where the story gets strange. They called me and said the passenger side axle shaft was hanging by one bolt. They would replace and charge me parts only since the right wheel was off already when they did the main seal. They quoted $200. When I picked up the car they charged me $250 and the invoice said $50 for the part and $200 for labor. It turns out I had the same axle shaft replaced by them 17 months earlier and the part was $69. I didn't have my paperwork with me when they called me. I would have expected that they would have checked their records before they contacted me. They would not honor the 1 year warranty and I found out that the part costs about $79 to $160 for a new axle shaft. After complaining three times to them, no satisfaction. They maintain they paid $229 for the axle shaft from a local parts store, when I called that store they said their max price was $87. Car X said they build a warranty into their part pricing. Needless to say, they lost a customer who did business with them for eight year.

I took my car to the car-x on South Kingshighway in St. Louis because I needed to get an oil leak repaired. They told me because of the massive oil leak that I needed a new timing chain, cover gasket, and a camshaft. After all the work was completed and I paid them I drove home. I was almost at my house when the car started smoking. I called and told them the problem and he said to bring it back in and they would check it. I'm now without a car because of their poor work, something else messed up. They weren't rude or anything but I wish I had my money back.

I went into the car x store on 3/3/11 to have an oil change done and to check my brakes with no serious or major problems. Dustin gave me a print out of all the work that needs to be done on my brakes, totalling nearly $700. Afterwards, upon retrieving my vehicle, I went to pull off the lot, got less than 1/2 mile away and was hearing an extremely loud ticking noise coming from under my hood on driver's side. I immediately turned the car around and went back to tell (Dustin) who was working at the front desk what had happened when (Herb) the mechanic who worked on my car was coming out of the shop and I approached him to ask him what he did to my car. I told him that I did not have this sound when I came here and what did he do. He said let me check your hub caps for loose screws. I told him it wasn't the hubcaps, that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. He then said to me that the oil that he put in probably was too thin and that he would have to put a thicker oil in. I told him that I had to be to work and that my daughter was going to bring the car back up to the shop.I told him that I have always given them my business and I did not understand that he would do me like that. I told him that he should not be doing me like this and for him to mke it right. He assured that he would. I was also made aware that I would have to bring my car back on 3/5/11 to have him to replace a valve that was leaking transmission fluid, for a job that he was supposed to have done in February 2011, in which I had paid for. I have been leaking fluid every since after he claimed he had fixed the problem last month. Well my daughter took the car back and they told her that they was going to change the oil and add a booster and for her to drive thecar on the highway for awhile and this should clear up the problem, but the ticking noise is still there.I truly believe that they did absolutely nothing to my vehicle. I did not have this before I pulled on their lot and now they are refusing to accept responsibiity of the internal damage done to my vehicle. Now Herb and Dustin is saying that the problem is in the engine.This is not true, because if this was problem in the engine, my engine light would have lit up on my dashboard. I have a 2002 Pontiac Gran Am with a little over 85,000 miles on it. And the least little noise or problem that occur, I have always taken my car to car x, but every time Herb works on my car, something goes wrong. Now I am having to come up out of my pocket to pay another mechanic to correct the problem that they have caused. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attoryney General as well. I am also going to call the corporate office about the bad practice received on my behalf, even after I had paid for services to be rendered and did not receive.I feel like I have been taken advantage of. I have been depressed and stressed out over this all day to the pont that I could not function or focus at work. Can you please advise me as to if I have a case against this type of bad practice of trying to scam individuals such as myself? I was really paranoid when my daughter picked me up from work and the noise was so loud, sounding like a time bomb ready to explode. Part 2 (Car x) My appointment was set for Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 7:30 am. I arrived at approximately 7:34am for the valve gasket to be done that Car x did not due when I was told by them that I needed and was supposed to have been done on February 14, 2011. Dustin came over to me and begin to tell me how they were going to take care of the valve gasket and how they was going to change the oil and how they were going to put some expensive stuff into the oil and how this process may take up to two or three hours. I told him that I had nothing planned for the day and that I had nothing but time and I was going to wait. They made me sit there until 12:49, which was the time that I had left. Well getting to the issue at hand. As I was sitting waiting patiently, Dustin came to me, making accusations that someone have been under my hood in the last couple days, because Herb showed him that I had a crack in my oil can and that someone had been tampering with it, and that I had silicone all around the bottom my engine. I told him that nobody has been under my hood but you guys. I told him what would I look like taking my car somewhere else in the midst this problem that you all did and need to correct. He kept saying that someone did and that he was no going to argue with me. I said to him that Midas was the last car shop that worked on my car and that was in December 2009 and that was just a brake job. Nobody has worked on my car since then but them. He kept saying that somebody did and just recent and I probably did not know about. I said I would know who worked on my car and I am still saying that you all are the only one. I said to Dustin, that I have been bringing my car to you all for the last year or so, and the only somebody been working on my car was you all. He kept trying to make this the issue now. An hour or so later, he comes back and tells me that Herb found some silicone on the bottom of the motor and this why it was causing the ticking noise. Then he tells me that they went online and pull up this information on ticking noise coming from the engine and this why I was getting the ticking noise. He gave me a copy of it. Dustin went to get Herb to show it to me. I went out and look under the hood, which was mounted in the air, but what I saw looked too fresh, like someone had literally put it there. It had the appearance of how toothpaste looks when you squeeze it from a tube onto your toothbrush. Herb never did any talking, just Dustin. He began to go on and on about some cram shafts that was going to be needed and now I really need to get this oil pan fixed. I asked him about the cam shaft and the cost, he said that he would give me print out before I leave and that he did know that they were costly. He showed me on the computer the cost of which would be around $250 each, not to mention the labor and that I would need two of these and he said the total cost would be around roughly $800.00. Then Herb comes back out of the shop holding this really dirty oil filter and shows to me all these little particles floating in it and never saying a word, but once again, Dustin is doing all the talking as to this being another problem. About an hour or so later, Dustin comes to me to tell me that Herb was almost through and that the ticking noise was still there and will be there until I take care of the problem. I only went in on Thursday, March 3, 2011, for a simple oil change, and to have to correct the problem of my still leaking transmission fluid and to have my brakes looked at and incurred all of this. If this was the case, why didn’t they detect this of all of the other times when I was in there. Such as when they installed me a new alternator which was in February 2011 or when they gave me a transmission flush , which also was in February 2011, or when they have given me oil changes before, no one said anything I did not have this problem before I came and now all of a sudden they have managed to create these problems. I truly feel that I have been taken advantage of. Car x has taken me through so much. I have been so distressed and distraught over this whole ordeal just in the course of three days. I have been so loyal as to giving Car x my business and really thought that I have finally found a repair shop that I can trust and they have proven me different. I have lost all trust and credibility with Car x and I will never as long as I am driving take my car back to them again.

Wow! I have had nothing but wonderful service for many years at the Car X in Westmont Il on Ogden Ave. Pete was the first manager and Joe is the manager for about 3 years now. Both very profesinal and helpful. Joe is the greatest. Never have I felt that they were trying to repair or sell me something I didn't need. Many times my car only needed minor repairs or an adjustment. If you want good honest service, see Joe in Westmont! Wonderful Mechanics!

$500 to fix a squeeky fan belt. They wanted $1,100! My advice is don't trust these guys. Go somewhere else!

I took my car to Car-X on torrence in Lansing, Il to have my windshield motor repaired. The next day I came home from work there was a big crack in my windshield. The service writer denied that this could have been their fault (of course). I will never take my car there again.

I took for oil change after seeing advertisement. They said, they will check for free, I said okay. I was there for 1 hour they didn't tell me though they were working on it, later called me in office and explained it requried $800 of repairs and explain the worse condition of car, listening to all that, I agreed that do repairs worth $550/-. I got the spark plugs replaced and transmission checked. Also 3 months earlier, I had replaced the transmission fluid from Honda. Carx said, everything is good etc... After 1.5 months my car is not drivable at all!!!!!!!!! I went to another mechanic, he said transmission issue, need $1550/- for fixing it. Carx is the worst shop, especially the one on Milwakee Road, Wheeling, Illinois. Never ever go there, the reception guy Bob is the worst rude guy and a cheater!!!!

On Monday.January 17th,2011 I visited Car X in Milwaukee,WI.Specifically 5434 N.Port Washington Rd.I needed a 4 wheel alignment.I was given a free front end inspection.Everywhere else I went wanted $25 to $50 dollars for this service.They told me the truth about the work I needed .I am a semi-mechanic myself.Every place else I went lied to the tune of $350 to $400 dollars.Needless to say the work was done at Car X in addition to my alignment.Special mention goes out to technician Phil Z.Due to his excellent customer service,mechanic expertise,and concern to deliver quality service.I will continue to have my vehicle serviced at Car X and try to convert all my friends and family to do the same.Thank you Phil and Car X.

My wife brought her ram pickup to the sheboygan carx because it pulled to the left alittle.We wre told that it was tie rod ends,steering stabilizer, and an alignment and also needed brakes.I ok'd the tie rod ends and alignment as this is also what I suspected.We wre then told that the truck had an inner axle seal leak wih had to be done before the brakes could be done,also possible so I ok'd this, total so far about $1800,?,.when Igot the truck back the steering wheel was off center and the truck pulled worse than before.I started to do the front brakes and noticed the left axle nut did not have acotter key in it and had been chiseled, heated and hammered on with the rsult that the wheel bearings were junk.Checking everything else that was done I discovered that the steering stabilizer was wrong and had been smashed by the drag link and was leaking oil,the tie rod ends had not been disturbed, therfore not replaced.The front wheel bearings are integral with the front hub and cannot be serviced but apperently carx tried to open the hub for some reason,destroying it.When I called carx they asked me to bring the truck back in wich I did against my better judgement.They replaced the bearing hub and steering stabilizer while I waited. Carx gets a dismal failure at this point.My wife and kids drove in that truck on a daily basis and the axle nut and junked wheel bearings were potentialy life threating.One month later I finally got the truck to another shop to be realigned and have the steering wheel centered and was told that not only had there not been an alignment done but the adjusters had been stripped and couldnt be turned,the one tie rod that had been replaced was the wrong one and was hazardous.we are considering legal action against carx at this point.This not only damages carx but all shops and mechanics as I will do all work on my vehicles and advise you to do the same if at all possible.

The manager at the car-x off Dunn and I-270 has a very bad personality. He don't know how to talk to customer professionally and should not be in this business. ( working with the public) He needs to be fired and maybe they would get more business.

My daughter brought my son's 1996 Bonneville in for an oil change to the M & A inc DBA CAR-X at 260 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park, Il 60035 on 9/22/2010. A day later there was oil all over my driveway. She brought the car back and she told them she thought the car was leaking oil. They checked it out and said she was crazy and nothing was wrong. My son just came in from college and checked out his car. The car has not been driven for the few weeks since my daughter brought the car back in to car x. there was oil on the garage floor and the oil level was only at half level. I would think an oil change and a leak would be a basic skill a mechanic should be able to do. Also if a customer has a complaint don't you think the mechanic would take his time checking out the car not just a few minutes. The cost of the oil change was 25.95 and the customer id was 1322014023. If you want to talk to your manager and mechanics at this location. Obviously I would never bring any of my cars into this shop again.

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