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Just spent $$$$

I just had my car serviced by them not long ago and my car came back with more problems than when taken in. The mechanics are inexperienced. Apparently they do a lot of guess work. I have had to take my car in at least 3x's since my repair. I will see if corporate can help me resolve the matter.

refund money

i always received good service from car-x except for this last time i had power window work done. they had an assistant manager running the place while the regular manager was on vacation. they couldn't fix the window and will not give the money back for the parts they bought, per the general manager. when i asked for a phone number where i could reach the general manager, i was told that he didn't have a phone number or office. contacted an attorney that will help me if i don't get the refund money. and i will not be going back to car-x for service


Went for an inspection. Prices are off the charts. For a cracked light shield the size of dime, I was quoted $150 and was told "you cannot put red tape on it". Was told front blinker is not working. The blinker on the side didn't work but the only person would see that would be a jogger and was quoted $230. I never laughed so hard. In all I was told it would take $720 for my car to pass the safety inspection. Took my car elsewhere, paid less than $100 for everything they said was wrong. Will never use Car X in this lifetime.

Horrible experience

Took my car to be fixed, they said they fixed it......WRONG noise still there took it back and while my car was in the air the guy revved my motor until there was a very LOUD bang. Was sent on my way shortly after the car hasn't run since. Had to have it towed to different shop. They never fixed my issue which has now resulted in lots of issues. My motor is junk and they refuse to make it right. My motor needs to be rebuilt or replaced thanks to them and all they offer is a $276 refund and $100 in shop credit...........Yea because that covers the damages thanks to them. Will never use them again and am now having to sue them.

Each month I rate the ads I hear on the radio. I award the Car-X ad featuring the little brat telling his mother that he hears some squeaking and then proceeds to sing the Car-X jingle, with the "most annoying ad of the month".

Carx on South Kingshighway

Took my car in for possible oil leak and engine ticking they told me that when they got my car in they didnt hear any ticking noise till after they drained the old oil (which was s lie) out and fill it back up told me I need new tires and other things paid for the tires and oil leak repair and 3days later my motor went out $2000 down the drain for a car I can't even drive. I will never deal with Carx ever and im taking them to small claims court.

This is the worse place to take your car ever. I'll never come back and I'll make sure I tell every one I no don't go to car x.

car x

i got ripped off for $800.00 they replaced parts that probably were not needed. they said my car was running like a cadilac, 15 minutes after they got my money the exact same thing was going on with the car. Very Very Upset........

"hope you have good insurance"

Thisv what they said to me after damaging my car. When I gave them a chance to fix it they Refused to have it towed saying " hope you got good insurance, not our problem". This was just after I gave them $300. The treatment was almost worse than the damage, almost.

damaged car refused to fix

They damaged my car and after the oil emptied and I gave them chance to fix it, the owner said not his problem and refused to pay for a tow. They used a sealant so I wouldn't notice until a week later. They are dishonest, rude, do not value customers. Do not use them. Their are other choices for honest fair work

car repair

took my truck to carx in beechgrove indiana for a brake job the man that run the place by the name of norm teaching his people to do bad work paid 400.00 for brake job had to have it fixed 6 mo later right found lot of things they did wrong plus he poped off at me when i took it back 1 mo later to have the noise checked out i will never go back the guy that runs the shop needs to fired

shame on you

sign said oil change for 14.95 got charged 23.48 my wife was told that our car held more than five quarts which is bull crap any toyota dealer knows thats a lie shame on car x auto in knoxville tn

ripped off!!

i took my car to a car x shop on Glen Este Withiamsville Rd. in Cincinnati,Oh with a loud exhaust, they determined is was the catyltic converter, totally trusting them, they gave me a price of 738 dollars, haven't had to buy one in 25 years, just figured they went way up in price, said ok, gotta be done, after work was done, alot of friends saying wow, that seems high, got me thinking!! called local auto parts store, 289 dollars, ''wow'' was i pissed!! look at this mark up in price people! i hope everyone in the u.s see's this!! do not take your car to car x! they will rip you off! i will make sure i tell everyone i know, and the better business burea to shed as much light on them as i can!!!

x car x customer

Car x would not take my car x coupon good for $20.00. They said that they had discounted as much as they could. This was a lie as I had called all of the other mechanics around the area and they all quoted me a similar price. I ended up paying over $300 for a replacement starter. I had my car towed to this car x because I had been loyal to them because they had been honest with me before. The man I worked with previously was no longer there and so therefore, I will no longer be taking my car to Car X

Loyalty Gone

I have gone to Car X for years, I have gotten all my vehicles serviced by them, I have sent my family members and friends for thier auto services and that has ended today. I brought my car to carx and they gave me a quote for a service I needed, they parts that they recieved were faulty and then they wanted to charge me an extra $900 bucks for the new parts! ( very-poor customer service). I told them forget it and I will go elsewhere and the manager said he was going to charge me $900 bucks before he released my car. ( The service I wanted never happened, the parts they were going to use were faulty and I was going to have to pay for thier mistakes for not checking thier parts before buying them). I used to be loyal to this company, and it's really hard now that a family-oriented business has changed into a scamming rip offing business. Car-X No More!


Back in 2011 I took my car to the Carx @ 7050 Watson in Shrewsbury, MO. The manager there whos name is Eric has no respect for women. No matter what I asked he always came back with a smart answer like since I was a women I would have no idea what I was talking about. I had a vent solenoid replaced that cost me $377.00. Not long after I had it repaired I began to have the same problem, my engine light kept coming on. I took it to another repair shop who told me it was the same part that Carx replaced & since it was still under guarantee to take it back to Carx. This is where rude Eric comes in. He would not listen to anything I said. So I wrote a review up on him & this Kelly Campbell called me & he was saying ok what a great guy this Eric is & he was having personal issues. Okay well don't take it out on me. Kelly promised to replace the part if in fact it was not working. Of course that never happened. He called me a few times but that was it. So now I took it to the repair shop I go to now because it is recommended by AAA & here is what they found. From the charcoal canister under rear seat to fuel tank found the charcoal canister is not secure & has missing mounting screws. Located leaks found the vent solenoid leaking & has been selaed with sylicone. Found the hose that runs from the vacuum canister under rear seat to the engine is block. So I guess they TRIED to change it & had no clue what they were doing & could not figure out what to do so they just sealed the leak but charged me to replace the part. DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR CAR TO ANY CARX TO HAVE WORK DONE ON IT. They lie & the guys are very rude to women.

Do NOT go to CarX on 423 W. Golf Road in Schaumburg,IL for any work on your car. The manager is the most arrogant person to both young and old customers. Their pricing policy is not honest.

um i dont know who put that review up under my name but it wasnt me my experience as fine. please disregard the insanity in that comment cuz i have no clue who it is !!

When changing oil in my car the Car-x on Nacodocghes Ave in San Antonio, Tx broke off the engine knock sensor causing a check engine light to go on. I returned to Car-X where they put an a computer code reader on and found it read engine knocking. They turned off the warning light. As I drove away the warning light came on again so I took it to the dealer to see what the trouble was and have it repaired. I got an employee discount at the dealer as a relative works for the company. I took the low repair bill of $114 to Car-x but they refused to reimburse me, offering only 2 free oil changes. This shows a definite lack of responsibility for their actions and a disregard for the customer.

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