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On July6,2012 I took my Dodge truck to West Bend, WI CarX to have a trailer connector installed. I told them I wanted all the old wiring from a previous connector removed, and new wiring and a new connector installed. I provided the new connector. When I picked the truck up after completion of the installation of the trailer connector, I went right home and hooked up my boat trailer. The entire right side didn't work, no brake,signal or driving lights. My friend happened to be there so I hooked my trailer up to his connector and ALL the lights worked perfectly on my trailer. When I crawled under my truck to check out the problem, I found that the CarX mechanic just spliced my new connector to the old wiring, and he had also wired the connector wrong.On July 9,2012 I went back to the CarX to get my money refunded, they told me they repaired it that way to stay close to the repair quote they gave me, that by putting in new wires it would cost more. They also said the connector checked out perfectly before I left, but could not explain why it didn't work when I got home. The manager said I should have brought my boat there and they would have fixed it. I told him I had another mechanic look at it and that mechanic told me the trailer connector was wired in improperly. So he informed me he would not refund any of my money althought they clearly admitted they did not do the work I had requested. So my closing comment to the manager was this isn't the end of this matter, that I would never ever go to ANY CarX again, and I would tell all my friends to stay away from CarX because they will rip you off. I'm still looking for a regional CarX guru I can complain to. I am retired and I have the time. I suggest Carx go back and reevaluate their customer service commitments. A bigger pack of lies or fictional writing is hard to find.

I took my car to CarX at 3460 S. Kingshighway in south St. Louis Mo.(314) 353-7306, I specifically told "Mike", the MGR. that I had a shifting bump in my transmission at 30mph. He ran a (diagnostic), and said that nothing was wrong with my transmission, but that he had to replace the "motor mounts" (4)ea. that he promptly charged me $528.00 for and then in frustration returned my vehical to me (with the same problem stating that it bumped less, it doesn't bump less, but still has the same problem!)So he said to return the vehical tomorrow and he will take it to "some person" to see what the problem is,...which I thought was the reason for the diagnostic,...however I do not intend to pay $528.00 for improper work to be performed on my vehical, but want the problem corrected that I initially took my vehical in for!....How do I get my car fixed , or my money back??? as these persons are difficult and problematic at best! If something is not rectified, I will be launching a formal complaint in suit of my erroniousely procured funds!

I was recommended by AAA to CARX 1009 FM 685 Pflugerville, TX 78660 Neighborhood: Pflugerville (512) 252-7500 My invoice has a price of $701.00 for a PCM module. This is 3 times the retail price. They said they changed it. I always have my clock set faster than normal in my car. The time when I picked up my car was what I expected it to be. I put a paper clip on my battery post to see if it would be disconnected. Both post showed no indication of being removed. Any safety responsible technician would disconnect the battery before installing an electrical part. They were supposed to fix the oil leak too. Didn't do it. This gguy Jef needs a new line of work. My fight is just beginning. Stay away if you have anytning but a tuneup..

I recently took my truck to CarX in Cincinnati,Ohio on Glenway Ave for a routine diagnostic test. The test was $95 and the results read my truck needed a Catalytic Converter. CarX quoted me a price of $1200 to do the work. I thought that price was a bit steep, so I took my vehicle to one of the best auto repair shops in this area that quoted me a price that was in my budget. Well, after the work was completed (according the diagnostic test results given by CarX)my vehicle still does not run properly which means there's more money to be paid to fix the problem! So, as a customer who paid for a diagnostic test at CARX and the test was INCORRECT,your company was negligent in providing me with the proper diagnosis I should be reimburse the full amount paid for the diagnostic test as well towing to the auto repair shop. CarX is not the company that cares about their customers! NOTE: THE POOR RATINGS!

NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE! I had my car towed there, thinking that they would be able to take care of me. I went to the one is Westfield, 17501 Gunther Boulevard. They way over charged me to have my starter fixed, but at that point I just felt I didn't have a choice to go anywhere else (even though I called other mechanics and they told me what they would've charged me). Thinking my car was fixed, I get in it the next morning to go to work and nothing...nothing worked. Found out they did something to the battery cable and it didn't work. They did replace that for free, however, when I checked my bank account they charged me twice for the same service!! When I called to find out why, they denied that they did that and blamed my bank. I called my bank and they said no, the did run it through twice. The guy on the phone said they did not make an error and there was nothing they could do. So not only did I get over charged, my car didn't get fixed right, but they charged my twice for awful service! I have to suffer and put in extra work for their mistake! If I ran my business like they do I would have no customers.

Rating Car-X Schaumburg IL. I can highly recommend one tech at this location because he has been working on my vehicles for a couple of years, and he is the best. His name is Jim Fusha and if you find yourself at this Car-x make sure he gets your vehicle. Now Car-x Schaumburg on the other hand, I am not at all impressed with any more. The new manager is an upcharger all the way and you will overpay for anything and everything. The only reason I go here is because of Jim. I would rate the tech Jim Fusha with 10-stars and Car-X 1-Star. If this tech was not at this location I would never go here. There are just too many other choices. Be carefull of all the extra charges if you do have to go to this Car-X.

i went to car x may 11th to have a used tire put on my car it took them 2 hours to put a tire on then i go to leave my car starts shaking really bad i call them and tell them they told me to bring it back so i did and he drove it and told me cause its a used tire it will make my car shake which is not true my tires are 215/45 17inch they put a 225/45 17inch on my car and now my car is not right and i need them to figure out what they did to my car i will never go back to them for anything

I just received the absolute WORST customer service EVER at the CAR-X location at 5401 E. Thompson Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237. They quoted me one price yesterday, I took my car and dropped it off for the repair then I called this morning to check on the status of my car. At that point in time Norm, told me that he isn't sure where I got that figure from and that instead of close to $300 it would actually be $400 for the repair (not sure why he didn't think this was important enough to call and tell me about). He practically called me a liar and told me not to be 'snotty' because he was just trying to help me. He proceeded to call me that over the course of two different phone calls at least 4 different times. I told him that I would just come get the car and take it to another shop where I got a quote for much cheaper than $400. We hung up and then a few minutes later he called back to then tell me they could fix it for $303. How coincidental that the price changes when they are called out on their shady business practices. He should have just owned up to THEIR mistake and not called me snotty on the phone, which was highly inappropriate and unnecessary. I will never be back to another CAR-X EVER and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about this experience.

I would like to tell you how disappointed I am with the service I got when I visited the 11139 Manchester St. Louis mo building. I dropped my truck off on Friday 2/3 to get the carrier bearing replaced. I was told it would be done on that Saturday 2/4. When I called to check on it I was told they wouldn't have the part till Monday 2/6. I got a call on Monday 2/6 and was told they couldn't get the part till Thursday 2/9. When my husband call they told him they would have the part now till on 2/13 and it would be done which it was. When he complained they told him he should have taken it to Nissan.. The reason we took it to that shop was because it was close to my work and we did the oil changes there before and had no problems. This shop is a hour and 20 mins from my house so we couldn’t just run up there and get it.. I can tell you I will never go there again... The job cost us 356.96 with all that happen and the rude people you would have thought they would have gave some discount other than the 20.00 coupon i had from my past oil change. I didn't think they should pay for the whole thing but come on.. I also have a card from there with two oil changes left we ask for our money back on them because i will not go back in there but they couldn't even do that... The people we talked to was Shawn, Tony and the district manager John was no help... I am very dissatisfied with the server. I will never recommend carx to anyone and will tell everyone about the bad service we received.

My problem began in the winter of 2011 on my i998 Hyundai Tiburon; I had been having noises from passenger side front end. Was told by the Car-x Glen Ellyn- IL 60137 Phone # 630 858 4430, I was told that it was control arm and both side are bad and need to be replaced, also the drive belt making squeeze noise, they told me that the drive belt and drive belt tensioned need to be replaced. Had the work done? I was told that both control arm and belt had been replaced and Wheel alignment is done. I picked up my car, started driving. I notice that driver side front end has retelling noise and belt was still making high pitch noise when start in the morning and while turning the right angle. I called Car-x to report this problem, I was given he run around and for a while they had no slot open for me. I was still having the problem and to top it off my alignment is severally out and my tires are going bad which I just bought new from other store and the other store refused to cover it under warranty unless I pay them $100 for alignment and replace the driver side control arm which was supposed to be replaced by CARX and only passenger side was replaced I know for fact cause I was given the old parts back because I asked to. Contacted the Manager Mr. Serhat Oner again with no response to my phone call. Keep on driving to work in such dangerous condition because I don’t have another car for back up and must keep on working to pay the bill. Finally I get on you site and found out that they have two shop the other one in Hanover Park and they both are close for remodeling. I don’t know what to do since I have no money to pay for repair to other shop. I do not believe that I would trust any CARX franchiser at this point after reading all the reviews about your operation and franchises and I wanted my money back to get it repaired from other shops. I don’t know who to contact beside Better Bossiness bureau which I intend to do right away before some series damage happen to my car and me. Hope I can get justice from corporate CARX.. Zoya khwaja 1-630 504 8872. I would also like to the name and phone # of actual owner for talking the issues directly with him instead of the employees/relatives. I would appreciate the immediate look into the matter and I Thank you for all the help in advance. Sincerely, Zoya khwaja

My problem began in the fall of 2010, I had been having noises from under the hood. Was told by the Car-x in Waukegan IL 60085 that it was the drive belt and drive belt tensioner. Had the work done on 10/04/10. picked up my van , started driving home and noticed the van was shaking and was showing signs of stalling. i made it home and called Car-x to report this problem sine I had just spent $ 550.00 for a tune-up and a new belt and tensioner . Was told to return the next morning which I did. Picked up my van and thought everything was fine until the spring of 2011. Same noise coming from under the hood. Was told I needed a belt and tensioner again ! So seeing that it was under warranty they again replace the belt/tensior. Went for an oil change at another auto service and i mention the noise i was still having under the hood and was told I needed a belt and tensioner...Now this is the third time in 1 year with the same problem. Contacted the owner and was told that it is under warranty and that i should bring to the Libertyville,IL Car-x that they were better mechanics. WOW, I could not believe want I had just heard. I told him no way and that I wanted my money back. Have not heard from him since. Faxed him 3 times with no responses. Contacted small claims court. Hope I can justice. This costing me $ just to get back a couple of hundred dollars but now it is about justice......I am not finished with by a long shot....I have more than enough proof along with the materials that they put in my car which I will take to court . Should be very interesting. Belinda Matayosian

I had gone to the Car-X Service located at 1337 Calumet Avenue in Whiting, Indiana. I went in for an oil change. I arrived at 8:15 am and did not leave until 10:40 am. I feel I was treated unfairly at this location. I thought the process of taking care of customers was when you entered the shop was how the mechanic would take care of you in an orderly fashion. Well that's not what service I received. When I entered, there were three gentlemen in front of me and I would of been the fourth customer in line. I was not because while I was waiting for my oil change, about an hour later, two more customers came in for the same service-an oil change. Those customers had been taken care of before I was and even left before I did-in a timely manner. I had asked the service man at the desk why my car hasn't been take care of yet and received no logical answer. I asked him if it was because I had a free coupon for an oil change and those other people were regular customers and were paying cash. He told me not to even go there and continued with his work. So I continued to wait another 30 minutes for my car. I will never go to that station again and I will never recommend it to any of my friends or co-workers. Thank you but no more of getting service like I did at this location!

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! This car-x in castleton, Indiana misdiagnosed a set of spark plugs wires! They told me my spark plugs were not gapped at all, which was causing a severe misfire condition. They replaced those and said it was fixed. I got the car back, drove it for 10 minutes and it died on me from missing out so bad. Problem was worst than ever. I called back and they told me it could be ignition related or my engine was messed up. I could not get the car back up there and they said I would have to pay for the tow. I then walked up to the autoparts store and bought me some plug wires and put them on and eveything was fine, misfire gone. I payed $80 for spark plugs that were not needed and a diagnosis charge of $80 that was wrong!!! If I would have let them keep working on my car, I might have spent a couple thousand dollars. They claim to be auto mechanics up there but they are really just a bunch of theives.

I had my car towed to into Car X on 27th and Howard Ave on last Tuesday they did a diagnostic test could not find out what was wrong took my car a part to find the problem could not find a problem, when they put it back together it worked. They could not tell me why. I picked up my car and the engine light was on, I called them back and told them, they said they resent it and it should go off in a few days. If not bring it back in, I called their Corporate \Headquarters and talk to their customer service person Diane, she told me she would call Jim Williams the region manager and let him know. I did not want to take my car back to that location she said she will have Jim call Josh at the 27th and College store to let him know I was coming and to take care of it. I called Josh this morning he does not know a thing about it. He said he will call Jim right away and call me back. He called back after talking to Jim and was told he would have to charge me full price for another test. (Even though there is a coupon on line for $45 off). This is unacceptable another big business sticking it to the little people.

I do all my business at Car X and was shocked to find this site and all of the poor reviews. I find them honest and competitive. If you want a better site to check reviews look at Google or Yelp.

H I was at one of the San antonio west ave store for an oil leak they said it's valve cover leak and also break job was done, and they charged $1500 for all the work they did. The oil started leaking again after 6 months or so ( the vehicle was not in use for about 5 months because of the battery problem not related to the repair), when I took the car back they said it's head gasket this time and not related to the job they did. And also at the same time the car was shaking a little when the breaks were applied on the highway, they said roters are bad and charged me $ 158 again. Them I took the car for a second opinion at dealer alternate and they said it's the valve cover is leak. I talked to the person incharge about all this and I don't have any answer. If I don't here anything from here I will try to take this to the corporate office. I have posted this on the carx site contact us, and called the corporate office and she said she it will go to her, I am not sure if she got it.

I had my wife take her car to alexandria ky car-x for an estimate on brakes and repair a clamp on the exhaust well she came home with an estimate of 1800 dollers they said she needed all new rotors,calipers and pads and the whole exhaust was bad.so I had to do it myself well put clamp on exhaust for 7dollers and did breaks for 75dollers took 3hrs did not need any rotors or calipers. what a scam felt like i should say somthing for those who dont have a choice

I knew my front brakes needed to be replaced ASAP because I was metal to metal. I took my car to two different shops who could not see me that day. Car X was the third shop I went to and they had time to see me. They did my front brake pads and rotars. After the brakes were done, I heard a strange rattle sound when I went over bumps. It sounded like something was loose on the passenger side. I took it to my regular car repair place (one week later) to have them look for the cause because I was already having them do my trans flush. They recommended I get my front struts replaced. I had my ASE certified mechanic friend do my struts for me to save me money. He did not know why I needed them done or that I had a problem when I went over bumps. He called me up in the middle of the process and said that the caliper bolts on my passenger brake were loose. It looked like the mechanic had put them on by hand and forgotten to tighten them with his tool. My car was unsafe to drive, my brake could have fallen off at any moment. THIS WAS A HUGE ERROR ON THE MECHANIC. I called Car X to complain and demand a refund on the labor fee. I spoke to the mechanic who did my brakes. He wouldn't admit to any error on his part, since I did not take the car back to him. He told me that he uses a specific tool to tighten bolts and he's never made that mistake before. He then said that sometimes bolts come loose. He said he could not refund my money because the ticket was for the previous month but he could offer 3 free oil changes. I told him I did not want them to work on my car again. My mechanic friend called the shop to cut through the b.s. He said he hasn't tightened the bolts yet. If Car X wanted to pay for a tow, they could tow my car and look at it themselves. Suddenly, the mechanic could get ahold of his manager within the hour. The manager called back and said they could only offer the free oil changes. The car had been in too many hands. It's a double-edged sword: If I had brought my car back to the shop right away about the noise, they would have tightened the bolts, never told me that they messed up with that, and blamed it on something else. But since I didn't take it to them, they can admit no fault. I'm waiting for Labor Day weekend to end so I can contact corporate headquarters. The manager told me that if I call corporate, their offer for 3 free oil changes is no longer on the table. I already told them I don't trust them with my car.

I purchased a groupon from Car-X on May 29th 2011 for the Oak Lawn, IL location on 107th and Cicero. I thought it was a great deal so I went for it and had high hopes. I went to cash in my Groupon a few weeks later hoping to avoid the initial rush and met with "Joe" from Car-X. First off he was the most miserable and rude person I ever met and told me he was too busy to honor this Groupon and has no idea when he will be able to unless I drop my car off and hopefully he can get to it the day I drop it off, "no promises". i might have believed that but I was the only one there and he had not one car in the racks. I called him out on that and he said he had those reserved for people who called in advance. Ok, I asked can I make one of those appointments and he said "We dont accept appointments"!!!!!! WHAT??? So I left in a mad rush and decieded to come back on another day and hopefully "Joe" wont be there. I went back a month later because I took a day off of work to get some things done and decided to get there as Car-X opened, so I'm in the lot at 7:15 and "Joe" pulls up and looks at my Jeep and walks in. I wait until 7:30 when it officially is opened and as i walk in "Joe" says "not going to be able to do that today, I'm all booked up, if you wanna leave it I may be able to get to it by the end of the day"... WOW!!! again no one there no one in the car rack and yea i'm going to just leave my $35k Jeep with you all day and walk home 7 miles. I told him he was a liar and he asked me to take my car else where. My girlfriend also has tried to take my Jeep to get this groupon service taken care of to no avail, This "Joe" is really being a P.O.S. and making what was a good buy into the worst purchase I ever made in my life. This guy needs to realize he is a mechanic and is getting paid to work on cars, he has an attitude like it is below him, but guess what Joe, you signed up for the job. This location was a poor choice and Car-X in general is a horrible place and will never go back. I have since recieved a refund from groupon as well as many other people who complained of the same issue.

This rating on CARX, Schaumburg, IL Poor Diagnosis, Manager is very rude and no guarantee to the parts and labor even if the same problem occurs in next two days. Please don't go to this shop, If you get check engine signal. actually I could rate this shop zero star. Now a days These CARX guys are cheating customers. The manager Bill always gives high bill. Don't believe their free diagnosis test. They don't find real problem, rather they fix some thing and if the problem comes back again even in next couple of days, they don't help on that. Here is my story. I have been going through this CARX shop for since last 4 years. In the year 2008 and 2009 this CARX mufflers were really good. They always help to customers to fix the car problems with less price and with 99% guarantee on the work they did. After this new manager name Bill came into Schaumburg, CARX, this shop became like cheaters shop. Recently I took my Toyota corolla car to fix check engine signal. they did diagnosis and said code P0171, that means exhaust or lean engine problem..blah..blah. Then I told them, I will come back in 2 days and I did same. I dropped my car to fix check engine signal, This time different mechanic in same CARX and he said he saw different code with computer and replaces throttle sensor and other...and they gave me bill $588 for check signal ($330) and AC recharge. ($158). After I drove 50 miles, check engine light came back. I took car to CARX again. now this same mechanic who repaired it said that he is saying code PO171 that is the same one their other mechanic told very first time. This guy did something again and said fixed. After I drove 25 miles, check engine signal came back. I called manager Bill for same. He told that his mechanic is out of town and he asked me to comeback after 2 weeks. Then I took my car to carx on 08/12/11 friday, This time mechanic is there. Now the drama started. They simply said that, they can't determine which is causing PO171 and asked me to go to Toyota dealer and get it diagnosed. I asked them why should I go to Toyota dealer after I have paid money to you guys to fix it. then the manager is very rude and said that we can't fix check engine signal problem. Our computer doesn't have capacity to tell exactly what the problem is. you have to go through dealer and get to know actual problem. Then I went to Toyota dealer and they gave me same code PO171 and suggested to replace Mass air flow sensor. They even said that CARX guys misinterpreted the PO171 and they might have replaced throttle sensor. Toyota charged me 107$ for diagnosis. Then I took my car to CARX with Toyota dealers diagnosis report code PO171. And I asked them to fix check signal. This manager very rudely said he can't do it for free. I argued with him that you already charged me for check engine signal repair and it didn't fix. Then this manager Bill rudely said that 'do you want me to owe life time free service for $300 you have paid earlier'. He quoted $199 for to fix MASS AIR SENSOR. I paid for that they replaced it. WIll see how it goes this time. So this is how I ended up in paying to CARX for their poor diagnosis. Don't go to them for check engine signal espicially. Now I strongly deided to choose another muffler.

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