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please bring back the turkey burgers and sweet potato fries!!!

miss the satis fries alot in Alaska

The loss of the satis fries is to sad, my belly misses their delicious salty yummy taste Does Burger King plan on bringing them back?


Gay Whopper are you serious? I can guarantee that you have just given away a ton of your market share to McDonalds Corp and they are loving you for it.

gay burger

No longer eating at burger king I am not part of your target Demographic Hope you enjoy . Try something that celebrates God .

Cody wyomo

The worst service I ever had .they could not get any order right

Bk corp

You are all nuts to post here not 1 word is being heard by BKC do you really think BKC is located in Bisbee AZ. Look on a map you stupid people. Stop using Yahoo as a search engine.


The burger King in Bloomfield NM is horrible the drive thru lady threw our food at us in the car which was 40 dollars worth then I went inside to get our money back and she threw our drinks at us in the lobby area hurting a little girl. We called the police and nothing was done about it and while the lady was throwing the drinks the manager stated "I'm gonna back her up". That's who burger King keeps employed at there business...

gross cones

We went to the burger King in rio rancho nm off of unser and orders cones the soft serve was yellow and had ice crystals on it I asked if that was normal and the lady laughed and said huh I don't know. I was like um ok it looks old and she's like no I don't know what's wrong have a good and walked off. Very rude customer service...poor quality of food.

Goodbye, Burger King

As much as I have enjoyed your hamburgers over the years, I will be pulling my business from your corporation due to your "Proud Whopper". One of the few ways consumers have to 'vote' on businesses is with their money. So.....my money is going elsewhere. I will gladly go down the street to Whataburger where they display the phrase "In God We Trust" on their window.

Chapman/State College 92831

Always a pleasant experience to visit this location for my morning senior coffee - Elizabeth's cheerful smile and greeting is such a positive way to start the day!

wronfully termation

my son was employed at burger king in panama city fla on 15 th st and the manger angel fired him for not going to another store within 30 mins of his shift I think is wrong

138& Maple St. Omaha

This store is a disgrace, not maintained by staff. My wife and I visited this store and had to use the restroom. There was no paper towels, toilet seat was not secure, paper on the floor. Staff not really trained, the place was just not kept up.

Gay Whopper????

I've been thinking about having a Catholic Pride Parade. Would your Corporation be willing to sponsor that? A special Whopper for the King of Kings? Since only 2% of the population is GLBT and 25% of the U.S. population are Catholics I thought Mr. Fernando Machado could take on that project. Won't be eating at Burger King until the madness stops.

Proud Burger

Since you feel that you owe something to the GLBT group with your proud burger campaign there will be a back lash by those who disagree with you I will advise my friends and others to boycott BK

Food poisoning

Headquarters needs to make extreme changes to the Burger King on Moffitt Road in Mobile Alabama. This restaurant is very unsanitary. All the tables in the dining area are filthy, floors look look they never been mopped, and bathrooms appear like a tornado ram sacked that place too. I would never recommend this place to no one.


I send all my letters concerning the Ottawa,Illinois burger king to the CEO in Az


need a letter saying no longing working for burger king in Dinwiddie Va. that I quit because of hassarrament. Also falling on the job do to bread crated.that I move out the flood. when I went to get food out the freezer&the frigerator. To set the food up for later shift to prepare for the night.

Called above said it's a franchise no. Not corporate. Then called corporate no.305-378-3000 and no answer at operator extension. Want to know profit made in 2013. Hoping this would help understand why cannot afford to pay staff $10.10 an hour especially on military bases.

i have never talk to anyone as rude as i just talk to just now from the arizona office HR office.she said that she could not help because she was real busy.

Bad Food

The burger king in Ellenwood ga is hot food is not good the computer are always not working, line out the door, people are always leave and going to McDoanld...It any to close. Even open on time

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