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Moving to Canada?

Well, I am not a stock holder and I do go to BK on occasions, not a frequently fast food eater. However, I DO NOT have any issue with BK moving their operation to Canada. In fact, if that is what needs to be done to be profitable, then I say DO IT. Maybe my Country will wake up and be more friendly toward corporations.


This weekend will be my last CHEESE WHOPPER I will eat since you are moving There are a lot of other choices


I stopped eating at McDonald's when I found out thier meat additive 5 months ago . I will not eat at Burger King after fining out that you are trying to get out of paying taxes all the while making money off of us, not paying fair wages and you don't want the ACA but you are going to Canada were they pay for medical. Wish you luck but without my money

Go to Canada! I won't be a regular customer anymore! In fact I will never eat at Burger King AGAIN!!!

Inversion= Bad business

I do not eat fast food often but when I did , it was a fish sandwich and an apple pie at BK, which were both very good. But now, I promise never to go to BK again, because unlike you, I want my money to stay in the USA. Thank you


Burger King and its staff in Wahoo,Nebraska were filthy. Employees looked like their uniforms had never been washed or ironed. Their personal grooming was terrible. Reallty didn't want them handling my order. The floor behind the counter was covered with spilled French fries, drinks, etc., which evidently no one cared to clean up. The seating area had food spilled under the booths and tables and many of the tables had not been cleaned off. Floor and tables were a sticky mess. I hate to think what the food prep area looked like if it was anything like the order and eating area. Our family will no longer eat at the Wahoo Burger King unless some major staff and cleaning practices are installed. Our complaint to the manager received the following reply "we have been to busy to get the area cleaned". My dollars will now go to Dairy Queen or Runza Hut, both of which know how to clean.

Ridiculous wait time!

I work near the Mall of Louisiana and I choose Burger King for lunch somedays during the week to avoid the hustle and bustle of the mall food court. However, on today, I along with other customers who ordered through the drive thru were instructed to park and wait for an employee to bring out our food. I have been asked to do this in the past but literally it was five customer cars waiting for food in the parking lot for almost ten minutes! The employee brought my food with a horrible attitude and did not apologize about the wait! I'm a sales person so and I know bad customer service when I see it!

As long as you out corporate greed before your country we will not patronize any more

tax inversion

Go for it! I am a capitalist. If I owned a business I would take it out of the US because of taxes.

Fed up

Burger King moving to Canada to avoid taxes in America, will only pass this burden on to you, the consumer. BOYCOTT Burger King. Wont support corporate greed!!!

tax inversion

No more Burger King for me if you move to Canada. Bye bye!

I shall never purchase anything in your restaurants.

Staff Training

Just purchased a meal and Shake to go at Foxen Blvd. New Haven CT Facility. Staff put an open top lid, (as used for whip cream top order) on a to go drink. Luckily I had put order in a plastic bag to carry to my apartment. Needless to say half of shake spilled when I turned a corner. Called facility to complain and was told the staff is trained via video and this is the top they are told to use on the video. What has become of common sense! Are they specifically told don't think? I was offered a free shake if I came right back! Have you seen the price of gas??? Just thought Corporate would like to know how staff trained.

False Marketing

Today after watching a commercial about chicken fries. I make a special trip to hear the Cashier said that they were SOLD-OUT in the whole division. Now I am not a Marketing Scholar but if you are sold out of a product that fast. Wouldn't you make provisions to have more? And take out the signs advertising the product out the windows. This will be my last trip to BK.


Buy Tim Horton"s and go to Canada and I will never, ever buy another Burger King product.

Chicken fries

Drove 10 miles for chicken fries was told to bad all sold out Then when I said the receipt was not printing so I could read the numbers to take the survey I was told sorry "I guess u cannot complain now can I . So rude I will never waist my time to drive to Burger King again!

Proposed Tax Inversion

As a regular Burger King customer I am horrified to hear of the proposed move of Burger King Corp to Canada in preparation for a tax inversion designed to avoid US taxes. Should this happen I will permanently boycott all Burger King products plus write letters to any television program, newspaper, magazine, or online source that advertises Burger King products.


Please bring back your tacos to the stores in Bemidji Minnesota! If you do i will ride a bicycle to your headquaters from Bemidji Minnesota wearing the Burger King mascots outfit! Oh by the way could you please tell the stores in Bemidji Minnesota to go easy on the sauce, because it makes the best fast food burgers in the world a little sloppy!

No more Burger King for me!

If Burger King follows through with it's corporate inversion plans I will never set foot in any of your stores again and I will actively seek the same actions from all of my friends and family.

Moving HQ Out of US?

I will stop eating at BK if you leave the US to avoid taxes while taking full advantage of the market here and everything that market provides to you. Buy Tim Horton if you think it makes sense but do not desert the US.

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