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I love Bojangles

I not only love your chicken.I want to know when or what date is Bojangles ipo. I want to invest in BOJA but I need to know the opening IPO date? Can you tell me so I can buy your stock on the night before it comes out.

I have a family member who works for Bojangles and I won't ever eat there again. Or my family. They treat him like crap


i know someone who is working for bogangles for 7 years at the same pay he started off with.$ 7.25. The company managers and the human resources department should be ashame. This is not how you treat a dedicated, employee. what are the chances of having a young employee stick aroud for 7 years. they are lucky, it's to bad they should reward inplace of punishment.

Drive Through

I went t the location in Spout Springs and ordered to ham biscuits with two orders of hash rounds. Once home, only one biscuit was in the bag. I returned to the store and the manager asked if I was sure I received an incomplete order. The nerve, I will never drive away without holding up the line to check my order. Poor service.

Clinton, SC

I will never eat at this Bojangles again & due to employee hygiene, many more locals feel the same way. Very poor management .....allowing their employees to sit in the dining room with a hoodie pulled over their head, as head is laid on table sleeping. If I had an employee that felt he/she needed to nap on break.....it sure would NOT be in the customer eating area. This restaurant needs to be inspected very closely by the cooperate office.

very rude

The management is very horrible they catch attitudes with the employees and they cuss them out do not show respect enough to prove where they stand

very good

I live close to tampa bay.I moved here from north Carolina and am unable to find bojangles anywhere close.There would be an excellent market here in the Brandon,tampa st.pete,sarasota area.I was always pleased with the food and service and hope to see you here soon.thanks

nasty workers

employers don't wear gloves, trash all over floor, food not fresh . Honestly I thought I was at burger king because there service also sucks

iam looking for a job

iam looking for a job i can,t get it on line iam in jacksonville fl iam try to get to the one on 13559 beach blvd in jacksonville fl can you help me with that today


I was at the Rome, Ga location at 4:00 on Nov 24th. No one would take my order. I could see the workers inside and no one came to the drive-in window. The same thing happened to the car in front of me. I didn't try to go inside, I just left. I will never go back there again.

sorry manager

The manager at bojanles in lexington on number one by i20 is a very woman. Ms. Pat. Thats why u have such sorry service. She is very rude to her empolyees and to her customers. Will never go back. Sorry ppl will make ppl go some where else..


I eat at Bojangles several times a week and have for many years. Today my order for an eight piece box of chicken came to over $15 with tax. I asked the manager why the sudden big increase in price. His answer: We are now considered a midsize company and felt that a price increase was justified due to our strong following. Geez! It sounds like management needs to review Business 101 on growing a company. Typical restaurant failure, raise the price because you have a good following, then watch as revenue falls, and wonder what happened. I shall not ever buy another Bojangles product. I'm sure there will be many to follow me.

wait time

The last several times that I was at the Jefferson Ga location I was very upset at the time that I had to wait to be served. I noticed that all employees were in the back having a lot of laughs and also when arriving I also noticed managers and other employees were outside smoking. Several of times the only employee up front was the DT oerson running both the dt and front.Very nice and apologetic young lady. Don't remember her name right off but did remember that she had some sort of tattoo in one of her arms. Kudis to her, but top management really need to get a handle on things. I have been in restaurant. Manage ent for 20 yrs. Beleive me, this would never ever happen under my watch.t


I stopped at the location on Woodlawn Ave near I-77 in Charlotte two weeks ago for sausage biscuits. The man preparing the sandwiches was not wearing any gloves. He handled the egg, the sausage, and the biscuits with bare hands. I said I didn't want the order and requested a refund. He was a manager and came to the register to do the refund. He said it was alright because he had washed his hands. I just stopped at the location in Dilworth, Charlotte and saw no one wearing gloves who was preparing food orders. No more Bo for me.

I recently visited Bojangles...Charlotte, NC Prosperity Church Rd. I ordered a Smoked Sausage Biscuit at the Drive-Thru. What I got was a Smoked Sausage Biscuit that was dried up to the point of being unedible. It must have been yesterday's food. I threw it out! It was early in the morning when I ordered it so it should have been fresh. I thought I would give them 1 more chance to "get it right." So I stopped in & ordered a Sausage Biscuit at the Drive-Thru...only to find when I got home it had a hair cooked in the sausage patty. I threw it out! Never been back! When I visit a Restaurant establishment of any kind & exchange my money for goods...I expect to get fresh food...that is what I am paying for! I can not believe that any Manager would allow these things to go on in a "food service" establishment. I won't be back!

I was at your Dunn restaurant this morning approx. 6:50A.M. and placed an order for side of egg, side crispy bacon, grits, and senior coffee. The bacon was not of good quality and definitely not worth the price I paid. I asked for another piece of bacon but was refused. I have been a customer of that restaurant for many, many years. They had rather loose a customer than give one more small piece of bacon. I will not patronize another restaurant of Bo Jangles again...They have lost many customers because of the awful tasting coffee. That place does not deserve a rating. I'm 84 years of age.

Manager is a Bully

My child works at the Archdale NC location for a manager named J,I think this clown should grow up and act like a man. I mean it don't take much of a "man" to talk trash to to a 16 year old kid,he should realize that kids have a life outside of Bojangle's,and not talk trash and use profanity if one of these kids happen to ask for time off to be involved in a school project or any other project(church,school,civic etc.) My conclusion is this,perhaps he has figured out that these kids that he is bullying have a lot to look forward to in life, and are not TRAPPED in a dead end go nowhere job like he has with Bojangle's


I live in the DMV ( DC, MD & VA ) area and the Ox on Hill location is the closest 1 to me. The service their is the worst services I've ever seen I my life. The people employees there don't care about their job, the store or the people in the store wiaing or service. I give that store a NEGATIVE 5.

North Hampton blvd VA

Awful service, couldn't understand a word the drive thru lady was saying, she wasn't even wearing a uniform. Night time manager was standing around with the rest of the employees talking and laughing while we waited 30 minutes in the drive thru for one combo meal. When the lady was asked what took so long she said we are getting ready to close and cleaning and slammed the drive thru door shut. As she prepared our food she didn't use gloves Or a hair net as her hair was down past her back and the employees were mopping around the food area and then preparing it. The time was 11:20 pm they closed at 12:00am. I don't recommend going to the Bojangles at the above location, we were actually on vacation and from North Catolina. Awful experience want be going back.

fire your ad. department

The new commerical you have out now......the one who heads up hiring and firing people needs fire the advert. depart.

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