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my car had an acceleration malfunction in the throttle pedal positon sensor switch a circuit and the accelerator position sensor circuit when my wife was in the shopping market the car went from 5 30 she had to shift the into park then put the car brakes on this happened twice we very lucky no one was hurt after the incidents we had the car towed to our residents at that time we contacted lexus corp they decided to have it check out at lexus of ceritous ther findings were inconclusive they were unable to replicate the malfunction that accord and knowing what the vehicle diagnostic report stated as shown above the servic manager gave the keys with the idea that it was safe at the same time i was up in the assistants mangers office at that time after enduring a game of cover there ass for a car that has no legel precedents a 98 lexes 300gs in good condition and runing order at that time i had enough an told them they had a moral responsibility for the safty of their patrons and that i hope that he could sleep at night he asked me if that was a threat i sead no but god would judge if something happens to my wife from point a to b at that time he said he wouid call the police and have me removed from the premises so i left all I wanted was to get my car fix then by a new one but instead i got paranoia suspicion with a side oder of rudeness i know this is not the autonation way please help me in my endeavor to get my car fixed for my son to drive an for my wife an I to by a new one sincerely timothy t spencer disable us navy vet cold war gulf war vet coremen with usmc and now disabled ret vet humbly yours help and thank you ps you can contact me at 562 916 5050 5052 5051 or at 562 569 1280 please do not be put by fact that they are law offices it is one of our corporations my wife an i have please call us

tried and tried to get someone on the line. not even close !

Power Nissan in Tempe Az. I had a 2pm appointment to get my oil changed, at 3:15 I inquired about the time my car would be done when the advisor checked and got back to he I was informed it would be another 30 minutes. I ask if the appointment meant anyting and was informed it just gets you ahead of any drive in customers. at 4pm my car was still not done. at 4:15 i was told it was being washed and would be out shortly. Is it just me or did a simple oil change take way to long. I will never go back and I will let everyone I know to take a meal if you go to get an oil change.

Try to get a human being on this line - impossible! Automated system doesn't allow you to communicate with a human - makes sense - autonation, automated....

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