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They are not honest. They will take your money and then ask for the car back. BEWARE! They tell you you are approved and after several weeks tell you you did not and ask for the car. They will not return your deposit!

Mad Person

Auto Nation has hired an aggressive Marketing Company to gain Identity theft on persons whom have purchased vehicles .....asking for sensitive information and having phone numbers, emails and Home addresses. We need to boycott them and any company that lays in bed with them. Please stop Identity theft .... Don't buy from Auto Nation or give them any information.

Power Chevrolet Arrowhead

I thought I had found a good dealership to deal with when we moved to the Phoenix area. After getting new tires on our Saturn Aura last fall, the whole deal turned out to be a fiasco. They asked if I wanted the road hazard on the tires and I said yes. When I asked for something in writing after the tires were installed and the bill paid, I was told that I did not have the coverage. My service writer said he would look into it and call me back. Never did receive a call from him. A letter to the Service Manager did not get a response. I then wrote the General Manager of the dealership and did not get a response from him. Needless to say, I am no longer a customer of Power Chevrolet.

worst buying experience ever

I attempted to lease my 4th consecutive mercedes from South Bay MB in Torrance, Ca. The entire experience was disgusting. I have owned more than 30 cars. This was the worst. The games they played were highly unprofessional. I tried to work things out with the general mgr. I sent him a detailed report of everything that occurred. and he had the gall to not only not respond to me- he kept dodging my calls. I can only assume he thought if he did so , I would go away. That is not going to happen. I have been left with no choice but to file multiple complaints with several agencies of the state of Calif. South Bay was a fine dealership. It is no more. Do yourself a big favor- do not do business with them

the service and staff in maroone chevy pembroke pines are horrible. i just bought my car in january and i have had to leave a brand new care at the dealer for repairs multiple times already! every time i leave it, the staff give me problems. i went today to pick up my car because it was suppose to be ready, instead i picked a a 2 month old car barely used by me beacuse it has been at the dealer so much, with scratches all over the inside, dirt all over the floor, and grease on the seats and carpets. my "brand new car" looks at least 2 yrs old! they didnt even offer to fix the damage or clean the car. i would never recommend this place to anyone.

disappointing used car buying experience

bought two cars at Maroone Toyota of Weston and found several mechanical issues, including a transmission problem, which supposedly covered by their 125 point check. the service department director trying helping by resolving some of the issue, but the used cars sales team and so-called "customer relations" manager are dishonest. i won't recommend doing business with this dealer.

really poor

Important that everyone in Pinellas, Pasco counties stay away from this unprofessional and down right rude dealership.If you really want a Lexus a better choice is Lexus of Tampa Bay.

Dissatisfied and discouraged

I see all these reviews here and now wonder why I even wasted my time with this dealership. Im looking for a 2011 Nissan Morano SL, the salesman I was dealing with at the Fort Lauderdale location continually tried to badger me into buying new, and offered my $14,000 on my 2009 Morano SL AWD. I believe the word Pirate comes to mind. After I finally get him to understand i do not want a new car but a 2011 SL, light color, light color leather. he calls me and says he has the car for me, one problem BLACK LEATHER. I gave up on him and did my own search and found the car I wanted at another Auto nation dealer. I spent all day negotiating with the online rep only to wake up today to find out the car had been sold while we were negotiating. so now two credit reports later I have no car and only frustration. This company promotes its self as a net work. Sounds more like a network of Silos!! I love nissan cars but to avoid auto nation I may by a bike. anyone listening, buyer beware with these guys!!!!!!!!

greed verses fairness

The purchase of any vehicle requires and fair offer and an accept. However that agreement is supposed to be based on trust for that is all one has when purchasing a vehicle. When someone provides a starting price for discussion that is $600.00 more than they themselves published and when they offer you trade value on a vehicle they themselves say is clean and worth $6000 more than their trade offer, then anything else they may say is in my opinion not to be taken seriously. Its time to get up and leave asap and that is the opinion formed by this dealerships approach to selling cars!

Electric Vehicles

Your corporation expects to sell more and more electric vehicles. I bought Nissan Leaf 10 mos ago. Love car. It is up to you to install quick charge machines at everyone of Your electric vehicle showrooms. That will allow every one of the vehicles to travel 100's of miles instead of 100 or less.u can charge a fee for electric and increase Your sales. Also, some manufacturers say their machine works with all brands of vehicles

First off, if your car is moving it is never a good idea to put it in park (bad for the trsnmsiasion). Your brakes got hard because it sounds like your engine cut off. If the battery tested bad then you need to replace that, also I recommend testing the alternator. Autozone will test each part for you.


i believe that autonation is the best dealerships. I have worked for them in mobile al where i was a service manager for treadwell honda. They are there to help in anyway posible. They want you to have the best buying and service experience that you have ever had. I believe if you give them a chance you will find this to be true

Took my truck in for front end service, spent $3200.00 got my vehicle back and had to return it becuse of new vibration coming from the front. Had the Tech ride with me and he desided to replace thr driveshaft U-joints (all 3. Problem of vibration continues just as before, paid another $200.00 for that work. Issue has not been resalved, service advisor Cindy told mr Tech Dan does not want to work on my vehicle anymore to figure out the cause... Yours Truely Mr. Glenn Miller 21 SEPT 2012

I am writing to voice my complaint and concern regarding your dealership, Arrowhead Chevrolet, located at 9055 West Bell Road in Peoria, Arizona. On Tuesday, July 24, 2012, I purchased a 2008 Saturn Vue from this dealership. During the transaction, I presented to my salesperson, Michael DiBenedetto, a pre-approval letter from my credit union for financing the purchase. Mr. DiBenedetto made a copy of the letter, kept the original and gave me a copy. He then placed the letter in my file for presentation to the finance manager. After I successfully avoided the hard sell by the finance manager for an extended warranty, signed the papers and drove the car home. After a few weeks, I received a payment book from Chase Bank regarding the vehicle purchase. Confused, I called the dealership and spoke to “Luis”, explaining the situation. After a short wait, “Luis” stated that there were no notes in the file regarding my request to have the loan go through my credit union. When I asked why the loan wasn’t sent to the credit union, “Luis” stated “You got the interest rate you asked for.” From my prospective, “Luis” did not care about my concerns and offered no solution to the problem. A few days later, I called the dealership and asked to speak to someone other than “Luis”. I spoke to “Travis” who, after hearing the situation, recommended that I switch the loan to the credit union myself. I asked “Travis” if he could find out how the mix up occurred. “Travis” said that he would get back to me. I have yet to hear from him. The temporary plate on my car expires on September 7, 2012. As of this writing, I have yet to receive the registration on the license plate transfer. In order for me to switch the loan, the credit union advised me to wait until the transfer was complete. On August 26, 2012, thirty two days after the purchase, I emailed my salesperson regarding the lack of a completed registration process. He advised me to wait until four days before my plate expired before contacting the dealership. On August 30, 2012, I received an email from Mr. DiBenedetto asking me for the miles on the car as there was a problem establishing that information. The Secure Odometer Disclosure form which was presented to me at the closing of the purchase, clearly states the mileage on the vehicle when I purchased it on July 24, 2012. His question implies to me that there was no effort being made to register my car in a timely manner. All of this leads me to believe that, for some reason, my loan was purposely directed to Chase Bank and the registration delayed so that I could not switch the loan to my credit union. I don’t know what type of relationship Arrowhead Chevrolet and AutoNation have with Chase Bank, but that was not where I wanted my loan to go. I do not appreciate having my wishes ignored and then having to correct the “mistakes” made by the staff of the dealership. Waiting over five weeks to have the vehicle properly registered suggests incompetence and/or ignorance. I strongly suggest that Arrowhead Chevrolet receive whatever sort of corporate review or evaluation that your company conducts on a periodic basis. These people are in need of guidance.

I have been a customer of Nissan dealerships since I purchased my first vehicle in 1986 (Smith-Mesa Nissan in Arizona ). In 2005, I went into Power Nissan of Tempe with a trade in of a 2002 Toyota Tundra Access-Cab 4x4 to purchase a 2005 Nissan 350Z. The used car manager offered $8,000 on a $18,000 LOW KKB trade in value!!!!! Needless, to say I walked away from the dealership extremely upset and wrote an email to Mr. Maroone on Saturday Night. That every next Sunday morning, I received an email from Mr. Maroone advising me that a regional manager would be calling me to workout a proper deal. I received a phone call and went back to the dealership. I was given the money for the trade I wanted, the amount of the car I wanted, and rate I wanted. Since then I have purchased over 15 vehicles from Power Dealerships......Until recently purchased a 2012 Nissan Titan Crewcab SV from Power Nissan of Chandler and was given a poor amount for my trade (2011 Nissan Frontier Crewcab SV)...again, but I just took it. On 09-15-12, went to the Power Nissan of Chandler Dealership this time to buy a 2013 Nissan 370Z and was given an outrageous low amount for my trade (2009 Nissan Murano) again!!! I was NOT going to take it again!!!! The problem is someone should not have to go to the "TOP" in order to get the proper deal on their car deal. This was the last straw! I will not do business with this dealership again.

I previously gave a poor rating, not to the store I dealt with, but to Autonation.I would like to apologize and state that I acted prematurely.I gave that rating prior to obtaining all the facts relating to my dispute. Once the facts were obtained, the dispute/problem was handled very promptly and in a fair manner. I would like to thank Mr.Peter Small,GM and Vladamir the sales manager at Maroone Chevy,Ft.Lauderdale. I would have no problem dealing with their store again in the future nor in recommending friends and family to their store. I did not give a 5 star rating only because this problem should not have occurred at all. Hopefully all parties involved have learned something so that it does not happen again. Thank you.

I am upset about an experience, but I would rather call you to tell you about it.

My partner and I have purchased 4 Chevrolets from Maroone Chevrolet and we are extremely happy with sales/service. However, being a gay couple we were not happy to hear that Mike Maroone hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Rommney at his home in Ft Lauderdale. Perhaps Mr Maroone is not aware of the huge sale base of gay men and women in Ft Lauderdale. We realize he has the right to support who ever he chooses, however, we have the right to shop and buy cars from companies that support basic gay human rights.We have recommended Maroone to dozens od friends over the years. We are in a huge network of gay men and women and await your response to this email. We have personally spoken to the sales manager and he was great. We are hoping that Maroone has given back to the gay community in Ft lauderdale in some way so we can direct that information to all of our friends and families that purchase cars. After all in a democracy we all can support who we want and we all can spend our money where it will do the most good.

Unfortunately maroone is taking over the dealerships and repair centers in south florida and i am forced to use their service . Bought my Mercedes from MB Mia, terrible customer service. Had my car fixed at Nissan Collision Center thats supposedly MB certified and the job they did on my MB is not even Nissan worthy. Worst company ever

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