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Got Robe

AutoNation Chevrolet Miami 4181 S W 8th Street is the worse place to by they robe you blind

Selling Damaged Car

Cerritos of Lexus and it's management have got to be the worst and biggest bunch of fraudulent dealer I've ever encountered. They sell you a used Lexus SUV for 13K knowing it had all of these leaks. After taking the car in for an oil change the first time they gave me an estimate of almost $8K in repairs and thank God I had bought extended warranty. They weren't will to do anything for you even to pay for the strut repair of a few hundred dollars that my extended warranty would not cover. I would not recommend buying any vehicles from these guys. There are much better dealers with integrity and honesty.

Will not respond back on Warrenty Refund

Tried for over a year to get reimbursed on services purchased with them, and they do not respond back to emails. Will never use the Coral Gables, FL.

The worst dealerhip

They robbed me for my money and never paid me back or tried to help me contact anything

do not trust them

Autonation Burleson Ford is only interested in getting as much money out of you as possible. Some rude salesmen. They have all drunk the koolaid that anything is okay just so long as you can sucker people into a purchase. I do love my new car, but they make you wait hours, force a warranty sales that you do not want, and then drag their feet in resolving a problem.


Never again would I purchase a vehicle from any autonation after the horrible service experience I received from autonation ford in littleton. Not only was it terrible but they didnt care and made it worse not better. STAY AWAY!!!!!

Service is horrible

Do not use the Lithia Springs, GA location for servicing your vehicle...unless you have 2 hours to blow at a time...for a simple oil change...IMPOSSIBLE to get done during business hours because you have to use your lunch hour which of course is AN HOUR!!! And definitely do not call them to complain because that will do NO GOOD!!!


I recently purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienia XLE from Auto Nation Davie, Florida. What a mistake that was. They cheat, lie, and refuse any request once the purchase has been made. In addition I purchased the extended warranty including the maintenance contract for an additional $1,330.00. The first time I tried to get maintenance I was advised the contract was worthless. I am now trying to get them to the arbitration table as per the signed contracts. Their response was "sue us". Im going to sue them.

Nerve racking

I recently bought a use vehicle from Auto Nation Toyota in Spokane Valley Wa . 1 Week to the day the check engine light came on. When I returned to the dealership I was told that I bought the car as is. I said I had bought the three year extended warrenty. The reply was that I would have to pay for a $90. diagnoses, and If it was anything to do with machanical falure I would have to pay the hole bill. I have bought several cars from Auto Nation, as well as my extended family. I don't think we will ,ever again, after this treatment.


I placed a phone order for parts and when I go to pick the parts up the price is double what I was told on the phone. The retail price is ridiculous but twice that is being robbed.

happy, happy, happy

I worked with the real estate legal department at AutoNation & was very happy doing so. A very professional & intelligent team.

Horrible Experience

Dodge dealer in Spring, Texas. Had my truck for two weeks trying to fix it. Could not get a person on the phone after calling and leaving messages for days. When I did finally get someone they said they would call me back and never did three times. Finlly got truck and they wanted to charge me for things they said they would take care of, and the truck had no gas in it at all had to drive straight to a station to fill up.

All is well until the sale. Don't expect any customer service after the money is collected! Mercedes Benz of Pembroke Pines is a thumbs down for follow up when it comes to internet sales! Paul can NOT be trusted!

Bad Customer Service

What a JOKE.....Toyota store in Tempe, Az is complete waste of time. Spent hours trying to get a price on vehicle and it never happen. They think people are complete fools. Autonation do America a favor and get out of the car business.

The AutoNation Ford located in Katy, Texas has THE worst customer service in their Service Dept. that I have ever encountered. Their service advisors and manager does not have the knowledge or personality to be in the car business.

Dont buy from AutoNation Toyota Austin Tx, I purchased a FJ 2013 in November. The paint on my hood in starting to crack and they will not fix it. Never again will I buy a Toyota. They are basically saying it is my fault for not washing my car and that a bird pooped on it. I always wash my car and I have other cars that birds poop on the paint is fine on those. I cant drive around with a car cover on.

Arrowhead Chevrolet in Glendale, AZ

These are professional liars thieves and oh how they love to play the old bait and switch after wasting nearly 3 hours of your time. Don't do business of any type with these liars, nor any pawn of Autonation. You will get ripped off after being lied to.

Bad General Manager!

Dear Autonation Corporate; if your listening can you investigate this and please fire this incompetent person who is more worried about profits than people?! 6-6-13 complaint; see previous remarks in review.

bad deal

I have bought about 20 cars this was the worst car ever i paid 6000. cash and had to put 3000. more. they lied about every thing dont by from autonation.wish i have read reviews first.

Lie after Lie

They will tell you anything to sell you the car! BE CAREFUL! They are a bunch of lyers. The are deceptive and are up to no good. They will take your down payment and take the vehicle just to find out a few weeks later that you did not qualify and they need the car back. Good Luck getting your down payment. They will not return your call. They claim phone troubles and you know they are wasting time so your time expires. DON'T BUY FROM THEM! TRUST ME!

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