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Purchased a '05 Nissan Titan from Maroone Dodge on Pines and had to take it back 2 weeks later to have the radiator replaced, it was under the 60 day warranty through Maroone. Then when I picked up the truck the next evening the A/C was stuck on high and would not turn off and I took it back and was told to take it to Maroone Nissan up the road and that they could better service it, so I did and 198.00 out of pocket later I was told niether one of the warrantys would cover it "yes I purchased an extended bumper to bumper" also I wanted to take it to my own ASE certified shop to have it fixed then was told they cant do it and it has to be dodge, or nissan. That being said, before I purchased the extended I asked Orlan the warranty guy if I can take it to whomever I like and he said as long as they are ASE certified. So all in all I found that I love the truck but Marrone is a pain to deal with and they have people who lie just to sell you something working for them in their south florida offices!!!! Trust me I will be contacting the corporate offices!!!!

May 4, 2012 I traded in my Nissan Altima and purchased a new 2012 dodge journey. The sales person was great! Now the finance lady was very rude and I’m being nice by saying she was “rude”. Here is a list of issues I have had since day one. • The day I received my new Dodge Journey the odometer said 77 miles. I pulled out my paperwork that I just signed and it says on the “secure odometer disclosure” 10 miles. Now you are telling me that from the time I looked at the car on the lot to the time I sat in the driver seat it picked up 67 miles? The sales person that handed me the car keys when I was leaving said he drove to put a full take of gas in for me. • Sunday 2 days after I purchased my new dodge I called my insurance company to add this new suv. While I’m on the phone with my insurance company I see the car is in my mother’s name, the address was correct, the driver’s license was my number, work information was my mother’s information, telephone numbers were my mother information and the date of birth was my information. I drove back down to the dealership and asked to speak to the finance person in charge. The lady who gave me all my paperwork yesterday came walking out, she asked what to problem was I explained what my issues was and all she said was “ the computer messed this up, go have a seat and I will have you sign everything again”. • Wednesday May 23, 2012 I came home from work to find I had received my registration in the mail. I opened up the package that was sent to my home address, to find I have a new license plate number! The Finance lady and I had gone over that I wanted my plates transferred. She even asked what my plate stood for. Thursday on my way home from work I called the MVD and asked what I needed to do to get the correct plates on my new suv, the gentleman on the phone said I need to go down to the MVD and get it transferred, and pay $25.00 for the transfer. I would not have to spend the $25.00 if this was done correctly. Now I have to take time off of work and sit at the MVD and fix this issue that should have be done right the 1st time. I have called this dealership 3 times to talk to the general manager and he is always busy or not in the office. What kind of crap is this, I have a complaint and no one cares to fix it or even hear what I have to say. I URGE EVERYONE TO BUY A CAR SOME PLACE ELSE, the location on 26th Ave and Bell rd is BAD!!!!!! This has been nothing but a headache since day one! Chelsea Gilmore

Maroone toyota of weston Using Misleading information to get additional aftermarket sale. ( “Camry number one stolen car in America”) Sales man did not know information on cars. Sold me an uncertified car as certified (rotors not turned, recall not done) After they turned the rotors they realized that they had not done the recall, and never gave the option to refuse recall. Did the recall and never informed me, and still neglected to tell me about it after I asked about it. Tore a hole on driver side carpet, and said it was “wear and tear”. Just enough gas to get of the lot. I had to come back several times. Car has been serviced 4 times before I even made my first payment 1st) surface rotor,and weather stripping,and unauthorized recall(4hours) (4/4/12) 2nd) exchange gas pedal, and replace carpet. (3 days) (4/10-4/12/12) 3rd) water pump (3 hours)(4/30/12) 4th) Replace mass airflow sensor, actuator assy, brakes (6 days) (5/16-5/22/12) Had permaplate added to the car. There are hand prints coated on my hood, still visible. Horrible experience, Liars, misleading, sold me a “certified” vehicle that was everything but. I would have been better off buying a vehicle from anyone, and I mean anyone else.

On April 13,2012 I purchased a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire coupe. I was to the understanding that Autonation autos are subject to a all points check on the vehicles they sell. I picked up the car after paying cash and drove it to my home. I discovered the right directional was not working and immediately took it back. I was told that they did'nt have the proper bulb and that they would have it the next day. I also realized that the head lights were not properly alligned and I was told that it had a broken bracket and it had to be orderd. I called the service mgr last week and was told that he was having a hard time locating the part. I told him that I see many of the parts needed on line . He stated that they were too expensive and he was looking into junk yards trying to locate the part. The Ser. Mgr. is Jarrett Montgomery of Maroone Chev,Delray Beach Fl.The directional was repaired but I have't Heard from him on the head light bracket. I want to take a trip with my car but I can't because of the head light problem. If this problem is not taken care of soon, I will have no recourse to notify the Public Service commission and to my attny for further action. Sincerely John Catalano

My husband had been in the car sales & leasing biz for 31yrs before he passed away Jan 28 2011. This is my first experience myself having to deal with a dealership, on my own, in 36 yrs of marriage. I found this car on the Internet as a replacement for the car, since my lease was up. Power Ford –Torrance sold me this 2007 Prius for $13,742. plus tax, license and a $1,900 warranty, for a total of $16,938.03. I’ve had possession of the car less than one month before it completely died. Prius issues A.12/30/11 Purchased 2007 Prius for $13,742 cash. B.1/2/12) Delivered car knowing “electric” key broken. (I called & reported it to my salesman Reggie with ½ hr of delivery). They said, because it’s a used car, there’s only one key. C.1/14 Car finally p/u to fix key. Returned 1/18/12 D.1/19 All dash lights go on. E.1/20 Took car to local Toyota dealer for $600 repair; broken hose. My out of pocket cost $44 for fluid; w/out car most of day F.1/21 Got warning; right headlight out, took to local Toyota dealer. Repair estimate $325. Technician’s opinion, could be computer- more money. Still waiting to hear back from PF- Torrance (1/30/12). G.Toyota dealer said the car has been put back together with other parts, paint doesn’t match, parts painted over, bolts missing. May have been in “unreported” accident and repaired. The Power Ford motto says, "We do business with honesty and transparency and these are not just words, it's a pledge, and money back guarentee." Really!!!!! H.1/28 Tried to open door, locked out, key they programmed wouldn’t’ work. (I tried to have an extra key made, technician said the battery will not hold voltage high enough and long enough to program the key). I.1/28 Evening I called dealer to report problem. J.1/ 29 Called AAA, hoping I could start car, once I got in. After AAA opened the door, I tried to start the car........ dead nada, nothing!!! I’ve tried since 1/21 to get an answer back about returning this car. Finally, January 30, 2012 I got a call from GM Dan Turner, who offered me one of three ways to resolve this deal: 1.They could buy the car back for only $12,000 (Plus warranty refund of $1,900). Total $13,900. 2.Fix the car 3.Trade this car in for another car at their dealership. I said I don't trust them. He said these were my choices. I asked about the tax and the rest of the money, Dan said he would not “refund” the tax and he was not “refunding” the money for the car. He was “buying the car back” from me, (for a price GM Dan Turner set). He said, “ I could take it or leave it. It’s your car, you own it.” This is a profit of $3038.03. Not to mentioned what the profit was from the wholesale (auction price) to what they are buying it back for. When I mentioned this he used an insulting tone, saying “Oh so you’re now in the wholesale car biz?” I asked him how he would like it if his wife treated this way? He replied, that we’re not talking about his wife. This is exactly why car dealer & car salesman have a bad reputaion. He Dan Turner certainly didn't help and I will tell all my friends in the car biz my experience. Frustrated,

I went to Marrone Chevrolet of Miami to look at a couple of used vehicles. The person who helped me was Ernesto. He was very pushy and put a lot of pressure on me to the point that I didn't want to buy a car from there anymore. I asked if we could use my car as a trade in and they said yes. So they took my title, insurance and registration to check. Well about two days ago I realized I never received my title back. So I called there yesterday and they transferred me to Ernesto. I told Ernesto who I was and he said " i asked him if he recalled seeing my title and he said Oh I was waiting for you to come pick up the car, and I said to him that I never committed to buying a vehicle for sure. And I asked him again if he has the title and he says no. I asked if he could please double check for me because I really need it. He then responds by asking me if I was coming back to buy and car and I said no. He said then I don't have your title. I then called back and left the manager a message because I am absolutely furious and the manager never even bothered to call me back. This is absolutely inappropriate behavior and now I am out of a title and it is going to cost me to replace it. I will not let this matter just go away that easily.

i wish there was a 0 rating. i never used autonation. but i was emailed when someone spammed me from my going to a web site for vans. he was pushy. kept emailing and ended each email with "so is tomorrow good to see it or if not the next day" then since he was persistant, i told him what car i have, what i want for it. what i can pay and what i need in a vehicle since i am handicapped. this woman emails me today, some . named nancy drazik. she is so rude, asked me what makes me think i can ask for what i said i would like for for my car, here is the exact sentence " I am trying to figure out how you came up with that YOUR 1998 Rav 4 is worth 3500-4. 000. Where did you come up with those numbers?" i would never, NEVER go to maroone anything now that i know they are even worse than the world wide opinion of car salesmen. how rude and arrogant could she be! that speaks a million words. as i told her, there are too many auto dealers around to have to deal with the likes of her and her rudeness. thanks but no thanks.


These guys are the largest in the nation for a reason! - excellent customer service before and after the sale, awesome dealerships and service drives and the cars just looked better than any of the other competitors I shopped throughout the Texas market. Compliments especially to the Ford Frisco store - great team!

I am giving a poor rating to the particular Chevy Dealership I leased my Chevy Sonic from. I turned in my Volkswagen lease in early and dealerships have 2 options for people when getting out of their old car into a new one. If it's a trade in and was financed, the new dealership can take over the finance fees from the old car. If it was leased they take care of the old lease fees and put you in a new one. Well it was apart of my new lease agreement with the maroone Chevy in Delray Beach and even though I provided the sales guy , the sales manager, and the new sales manager my to give it to the accounting department to issue Volkswagen a check, they haven't done it - even admitting to it and never contacting me to tell me it wasn't done. Now I feel as though I am being strung along and they are trying to stick me with the bill when I am not responsible to pay it. I want to know whom in headquarters I can speak to in order to settle this issue. Thank you.

I was an employee of autonations in Memphis,TN. First of all it was a very hostile work environment. I was cussed by the male managemant staff; and was a salaried employee. I was asked not to that by our GM. The other people employeed there knew because the managers involved in my hiring process told them I did not recieve credit for my xm and on-star accounts. I sold several acadias during my employment and never recieved the bonus money from gm on any of these. The GM gave it to 2 of their preferred employees. Furthermore I was injured on the job. The manager on duty Frank Wallace did not offer to help me he instead made a harrasing remark towards my backside. He neither offered me any medical attention; nor did he write an incident report. I was also fired from the company within 2 weeks of accident. I had followed my chain of command.And was told there was nothing they could I have torn ligaments in my knee, a pulled quad muscle, and also a fractured hip. And back problems as the rusted gate abruptly closed i fell over it. I know if more people knew of this work practice and Mr.Wallaces lack of compassion and work ethic.... I doubt they would buy from this company. As a result of this injury my children and I lost our home. I hope their corporate offices sees this and responds. I was helping open a gate so we could get the dealership opened up for business

in regards to my injury on the job id appreciate some one from autonations taking resposibilty for their managers negligence and contacting me sue holmes at 803-370-2472 I know the GMC brand wasnt founded on these; lack of integrity; and certainley won't stay in business if this continues.My injuries were never taken care of did your atty's pay the eeoc and the dr's off.

On Friday October 7, I went to Maroone Ford Margate for a brake repair on all 4 wheels. I own a 2006 Ford Escape all wheel drive. I have been happy with this vehicle since I bought it in 2007. The repair was made and I paid the bill. When I left the service dept. I heard a rubbing sound coming from the left side. I thought maybe the pads and rotors needed to seat which is common. I drove that night to Boynton Beach and back around 80 miles. I still heard the rubbing sound on the left side. When I parked the Escape I went around to all the wheels and felt the heat coming from all 4. The right side was luke warm. The left side was extremely hot. I took the Escape back to Maroone Margate Saturday. The service writer Shawn was not there and the mechanic that did the work was not there. Another service writer Mark told me it was not a safety issue and to bring it back after the weekend. When I returned Tues. I was told there is nothing wrong with the brakes but the check engine light is on. The check engine light was not on before they drove the Escape around to the back of the repair shop. I waited approximately one hour before going for a test drive the service manager Lenny. The rubbing sound was there and now check engine light is on, but the Escape is running fine. They will keep the car overnight and check the brakes and the check engine light. The next day Wed. I am told the Escape needs a new coil #5 and will cost $580.00 I expressed my disatisfaction with the small brake pads they used. I specificly went to a Ford repair shop to get original replacement parts. The pads they used cover only 1/2 of the rotor and are very small. They said this what Ford is using now. I did not want these pads, I did not expect these pads. I told them to just give me my Escape back. When leaving the repair shop the Escape is barely running. I turned around and went back. They sabotaged my perfectly good Escape. I had no choice but to leave the Escape there to fix it since it is now undriveable. I now have to take the Escape to another repair shop to have the brakes done properly with the full size pads and without the heat and rubbing sound. I do not want to pay Mroone for the brake job or the fictious repair which was caused by Maroone Ford Margate.

This post is not a complaint but a kudos! Dulles Honda in Sterling, VA has provided me with exceptional customer service, I have purchased 3 cars from them and have other family members that have as well, and of course only from one salesman Wayne Brent. He makes car buying easy! The service department is always friendly and very welcoming, I deal with the same two people each and every time, Mike Welsh the Service Writer and Steve Zumbaugh the Honda Technician. Mike has always listened and taken care of us and has always told me what needs to be done from start to finish and the time frame. Steve has worked on each and everyone of our Honda's and we have never expiereneced any issues. He has even taken a car for a week trying to duplicate the problem and talking with Tech-line to figure out the issue. He has gone above and beyond for his customers. I would love to actually fill out a survey but I never receive them in the mail nor by phone. I beleive that every once in awhile a great big kudos needs to be sent out to the ones that truly deserve it! Thank you!

Everyone go to twitter and post under Problems with Mike Shad Nissan Jacksonville your concerns, I have been lied to, talk to like crap, have not dealt with service so really do not even want to go there. I asked for an apology did not get it, was hung up on and if you want a person here are some number for you. the one in Florida is 727-538-4051 This is Carol who also hung up on me she is the CEO assistant. I was lied to by the Financial person and also the sales manager Terrance he talked to me like I was his dog; So I'm a wife of a Retired USN Navy Vet who is dying and really do not need extra crap on top of crap and people who run a dealership and lie!!!!!! There has been two nice people which is Bob, and Mary,and my great salesman Jean. without them nothing would have happen, The Manager Todd, in a meeting Rolled his eyes, like he was mad at the world So Mr Todd remember without Customer you could live in your nice RICH HOME. We helped pay for.

Desert Pontiac Buick Gmc of Henderson Nevada sold me a 2003 Lexus Lx 470 online. I live in Sacramento California and told the dealer I could not go see the car in person but was assured that it was in good shape. WRONG!!!! After paying nearly 23,000 dollars I was delivered a 500 dollar piece of crap. They lied to me and I took them to small claims court in Vegas and lost. You dont go to a town that is already broke and try to win a case. The whole thing was a scam. Everything from their judicial system to their consumer business practices.I warn you do not buy from this Dealership or you will be sorry.

Called and called and called and got nothing but a automated voice and no chance to speak with a live voice. Even tried to leave messages several times but no one called back. No wonder this is such a poor company with extremely poor customer service..

Mike Shad Ford in Jacksonville Florida repaired my AC unit by wrapping a blown fuse with copper wire and charged me $532 in return. I wish I could relay to you the look on their mugs when they saw me show up in their service bay!

I bought 2011 Equinox in March of 2011. At time of purchase, when I was handed 2 keys that were buit-in and part of remotes, I was told 2 things: 1. That I could get spare keys, which I needed, but I was not told that they too, would be built into remote. I was also told that Maroone policy, was that if the vehicle was brought back in 3 days, my money would be refunded. When I called on Friday, 3 days later, to return vehicle, I was told that I would get the dealer price back, but that I would lose the sales tax and retitling and registration expense (about $2,000)and dissuaded from returning vehicle and again told that I could get spare keys. When I returned on following Monday, the parts depart. was unable to comply with my request and said they have to speak to Chevy about extra keys. The General Mgr's efforts stopped when he was told by the regional sales mgr that they were not available. Can you believe that Chevy can build a multi-thousand piece SUV but NOT A KEY. My lifestyle (at age 84)is that I spend my summers in Blue Ridge Mtns, where we hike trails in wilderness areas, crossing streams and have many opportunities to lose our keys. We dealt with this by carrying extra keys in our wallets and taping a key to the back of my license plate. Bottom line is that 2 months after purchasing my Equinox, I have no spare keys and now hate GM, Chevy, Autonation and Marroone, and don't have any idea how I can continue what has been my passion for 19 summers. What motivated me in making this posting,is that I just got a beautiful Welcome brochure in mail, signed by Mike Marrone, CEO, which stresses and re-stresses how Autonation is built around customer satisfaction. Yeah, oh yeah.

Can't get a hold of any real person....ran around automated system after automated system..

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