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Through Amazon, I ordered a closet system. Some of the items came from Amazon and arrive in good condition. The remaining items arrived on a shrink wrapped pallet, apparently from Ace Hardware Outlet. Below are the notes and request for refund I sent to Amazon, who apparently forwarded to Ace Hardware Outlet: Initial request for refund: Incorrect items AND items damaged- : 2 of the 3 closet sets were the wrong color and all 4 drawers boxes were crushed. I did not accept any of the items and UPS is returning the entire shipment. Please credit my account ASAP so I can purchase the items elsewhere. Thank you. Follow up request for A-Z guarantee claim: NOTE: THIS SELLER REFUNDED ME THE AMOUNT OF THE ITEMS REFUSED AT DELIVERY (SEE ABOVE). THEIR RECORDS EVEN SHOW A PICTURE OF THE INCORRECT AND OPEN/CRUSHED BOXES. THEY ARE STILL REFUSING TO CREDIT THE REMAINING AMOUNT OF $133.99 THEY OWE ME IN S&H. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IN INDIA & I WAS TOLD, UPON MY REQUEST TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR, THAT I HAD TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO TALK TO SOMEONE, EVEN THOUGHT IT IS STILL AFTERNOON IN THE U.S. I HAD TO CANCEL TWO APPOINTMENTS AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO BE HOME AT 9AM. TO TAKE THE CALL ON A LANDLINE PHONE BECAUSE THE RECEPTION FROM INDIA IS SO BAD. Current Situation: The next day at 9am, the call never came. At 9:30, I called Ace Hardware back and spoke with Stacy Brown at Ace Hardware’s New York Call Center (347 Knickerbock Ave, NY,NY 11237). She kept changing the reasons why she couldn’t process my refund and finally hung up on me after I kept asking to speak with a supervisor. Initially, when I told her that the gentleman I spoke with in India said he saw the brown items on the pallet in the picture that the warehouse took upon return of the items, she told me that “sometimes they (the manufacturer) put the items in the wrong colored box. I have done two other closets with this manufacturer, purchased through Dixieline Lumber, and I have never received an item in a box with the wrong colored label. Then she told me that the items were still on the shrink wrapped pallet and the warehouse person said all the boxes were the white boxes (ie the correct items), and that nothing was damaged. Why would the company keep my entire pallet shipment for nearly two months on a shrink wrapped pallet without restocking the items??? What a crock!

The Ace Hardware near my home in Hewitt, Texas could be sued for age discrimination. I am a mature adult and have tried to gain employment with Ace Hardware as a cashier and have not been successful as of this date. I have been in the store several times after each application, and the cashiers are all very young. My advice to the older generation is to shop places where age and experience are appreciated. It is obvious that Ace Hardware does not value this.

i had my local ace pick up my jd lawn mower on 4-18-11 to do a maintenace/service on it.i called pn 4-25-11 to check status and the person i talked to said they were 10 days behind.when they picked it up they never said that it would take 2 weeks or more.okay they are behind.i went to the store on 4-29-11 to check on status and i was told my parts are back ordered.the salesman looked up the part i needed and he said there was 10000 plus parts in stock at the warehouse and he told me that the mechanic was off and nobody else in the store didn't know anything either.what shitty business.i have a tiller that needs work to but i'll be damned if i give ace any more businesss.i am extremely disappointed and will tell everyone i know not to go ace in grand island,ne.because of lousy service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would like to see an Ace Hardware in our area. In San Antonio, Homes in this area are ready for a local store. 78260. Look at Hardy Oak and Wilderness Oak. It a fairly up scale area,180k and up.Take a look.

My sister and I went to our local Ace Hardware in Clinton, CT. three (3) days ago to purchase a new wheel barrel for the Spring cleanup . Since we are both are disabled we had asked if we could purchase one of the wheel barrels on display since we could not assemble. We were told that we could but would have to pay for the assembly of the unit at full price even though it was damaged to some degree. We then decided to purchase a new one since there was no discount for the damaged one and have Ace assemble the new unit for us for pick-up. Again my sister is disabled and has been taken advantage of by various sales people over the years on purchases. To my disbelief, when she arrived home an hour ago with the “new” unit I inspected it and found that the unit was chipped, dented, and in poor condition for a new wheel barrel. I proceeded to call the store and they said that it was a new one (grossly mistaken) and not a floor model and if we wanted to return they would give our money back and to find another dealer for our purchase. I am greatly disappointed with the customer service in the Clinton Ct. store and will never shop or recommend that facility to anyone. I should have known better and gone to The Home Depot were customer service is professional and always willing to help. Regretfully J. Macri

My local Ace Hardware is most helpful with stocking everything a person might find. Reminds of the show "Let's make a deal" where odds and ends were always stocked in women's purses that were unimaginable. My major complaint with the Oro Valley store is that they don't give senior discounts out on Wednesdays, unless asked for. They keep the discount a big secret, and then when they are reminded always act like they forgot it was Wednesday, and then process it after the fact. I would say that's a bit unenthecal if they advertise a senior discount on Wednesday, then not give it. Every little penny counts on my social security income.

I am getting paid $7.60 an hour for being a Receiving Clerk, a Stocker AND a temporary Cashier.

The store sends out sale coupons, but when you get to the store even on the first day of the sale, they are "ALL OUT" of the sale coupon items. When you ask for a rain check they say that they don't give rain checks on sale items. Either they don't actually stock the items or else they only have 1 or 2. Their real goal is to get you in the store in the hope you will buy something else! This is a shame! Shop elsewhere!

I would like everyone to know, I use to shop Ace Hardware in Morris, Diamond, and Minooka until the owner Steve Matteson brought his personal problems into the store, his divorce from his lovely wife that he whored around on throughout their whole marriage and his drug problems. Steve's employees are very upset for the way he has been treating them. He has laid off a number of employees because of his financial problems due to his drug use.

I moved to Wisconsin in 2002. Since I have been here I faithfully use the Ace store in Ladysmith, WI. I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience with them. All of the employees are wonderful, from Paige the manager to Bob and Janey, two extremely knowledgeable employees. They are always willing to assist and either have an answer or can find an answer to any questions I have. They are competitively priced with the big box stores and have a plethora of more knowledge than all the employees combined in any big box store in this country! My most recent purchase was an Ariens snowblower and they were wonderful in walking me thru step by step on operating it and maintaining it. (even though I already knew what they were telling me, it was nice of them to take the time to go into detail with me) Again, I can't say enough positive things about the Ace hardware store in Ladysmith, WI. More businesses should follow their lead!

I just would like to tell you that I shop @ Ace Hardware South Hadley Ma store since the day they opened. One particular employee by the name of Billy is most helpful & knowledgable person I've ever met. Always freindly & willing to assist.

We let a gift card expire, we called the 800 number on the card and they said just take it to a Ace and call back and it will re-issued. First visit told by manager (Pam) at Gravois rd store in Affton Mo. doesn't know what to do come back next day other manager will be in, I returned and was told again by same Lady, Other manager not in, she did call the 800 number and was told issue store credit for the $100.00 and they would be re-inbursed, I was told she can't do it, come back next day other manager will be in. I returned and got Greg, told him the whole story he looked at it at said nope, don't do credit on gift cards and I have to deal with Corp.They treat you like a crook, I will cancel our corp. account and never, ever shop at Ace again. Pay your managers and get real people who know what to do when they have to do more than walk around the floor with a clip board and say Hello, What A Joke.And get Pam a Jenny Craig membership, she sure needs it.And Greg likes to mumble as you walk away, Now thats cutomer service.

I have always loved Ace Hardware stores! The variety of merchandise, the quality,the way the stores are laid-out, the availability of the "little part" needed to fix something around the house, the choice of recycling, repairing, versus buying a new item; the fact Ace has those things that you've "always wanted and couldn't find". There are two things that prevent me from going into the store close to my house, Ace Hardware, 6959 East 22nd. St., Tucson, AZ The air quality is terrible. The smell of chemicals, rubber, oils, paint,etc.,etc... is so overpowering to me I am totally unable to get past the entrance door. I keep trying and invariably become physically ill with nausea, loss of balance, disorientation... It is my problem, but also, that of an increasing number of people. Ace administration would say, I "do have a choice, don't come into our store". Very true! But, wouldn't it be easier to install super air-ventilators systems that would take care of this problems, or at least minimize them? why not? I would think Ace Corporation would require each store manager to make sure that it has better than required air ventilation systems in their stores. A good ventilation system would make me overlook the one irritating thing of how Ace employee's, customer service, tend to pay more attention and extend more help to male versus female customers. Carlota Fragoso

shopped at miller hardware 3400 south park rd bethel park pa and was impressed with the store,well organized,clean,well marked prices and very helpful employees.a definate asset to your company. compared to walmart & kmart hardware shopping a breath of fresh air

On May 31, I had my son pick up some items at Bradley Ace Hardware 31-44th st Sw Wyoming MI He purchased products from the "summer is waiting sale" "now through June 7" Three items purchased rang up at the regular pric instead of the sale pricing in the ad. When he went back for a price adjustment he was told the sale did not start until June 2nd therefore the price would not be adjusted. I was ripped off for $10.00. by Ace as far as I am concerned. The sale flyer said NOW through June 7 not June 2nd through june 7th. I used to make a point of giving Ace my business instead of the big box retailers. Home Depot will be seeing a lot of me in the future.

I am responding to my experience on Friday, May 27th at the Ace Hardward located at 31st and Ashland. At 8am I attempted to purchase a swing that was on sale for $99.00. I was told that there were only TWO in stock and they had already been sold. I then asked when more swings would be delivered and if I could have a rain check and was told "NO more swings and NO raincheck". How is this possible? This is very misleading advertising when only have two swings availabe in the store. This seems to be a PLOY to get people into the store for a sale and then the product is not available. You have achieved your purpose of getting the consumter into your store by adverting a product that one is unable to purchase in reality. I am a dedicated and loyal customer of Ace Hardware but am now considering taking my business elsewhere. Please contact me at the below listed email address if you are sincerely interested in correcting this problem. coco2093@yahoo.com

I've always enjoyed shopping at Ace Hardware -- until you let too many stores go out of business. First, it was the store in Boulder (Colorado). Then, after I had signed up as an Ace Rewards participant at the Lafayette store, you closed that one. Next, I migrated down to the store on Wadsworth (in Denver) -- and that store closed too. Most recently, I bought about $60 worth of goods at yet another Ace Hardware -- and was astonished and very upset to find that my "Ace Rewards" points "died" with every store closing. That's no way to run a franchise! If I had to have a separate "rewards" card at every different Safeway or Kroger store, I'd stop shopping at either!

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