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Wonderful customer service

I go out of my way to shop at this Copiague, NY Ace store. The customer service is great...friendly people always willing to heip, great garden center (again, with wonderful, knowledgeable people). I feel that I get personal, friendly and competent help here and it's a joy to shop there.

Military Discount

When is Ace Hardware going to offer military discounts to veterans like all the other stores are doing. I like shopping at Ace, but will shop elsewhere to save money. Lets step up to the plate and start honoring our servicemen and woman. There are quite a few veterans who would be greatly appreciative.

clark+kensington paint

I have used this paint before in 1 gallon buckets and it worked great for 1 coat painting.So I get a 5 gallon bucket for 165$ for an out of town job.The paint went on like primer- watered down.it dripped for 20 mins.Took 2 coats at least.As I write this I am still working on the job.I should have been done today..It was stirred and it was nothing I did.Im writing on here because I cant find a link direct to Ace Corp.Im sure this is a waist of time.Paint was bought in Centralia Wa.

never shop there again

i receved ace rewards coupons .but every time i go to use the coupons they always give me some excuse why i cant use it.cloverdale ace hardware sucks! try to call corporate hearquarters they wont help. its up to the store.they say.so why do they have corporate headquarters? try to help the small business in your town and thats what i get.HOME DEPOT IT IS!!

Free Clark+Kensington Paint

I received an e-mail from Ace Corporate presenting a Free Paint Redemption coupon. I filled out the coupon, drove to the store, requesting a color tint paint, attendant responded that he could maike the color. Then he came to me and indicated that after discussing the base requiremnts for the color with another store attendant, they did not have the base on sale (of for free). In order to get the color I wanted, I had to pay $16.00 for the base. I proceeded to another hardware supplier and purchased the color paint that I wanted. After being a customer at this store for 27 years, I have decided, that Ace hardware is just good for a periodic purchase of bolt and nuts. I will not be back!

Incentives That Aren't

I attempted to redeem a $5 Father's Day coupon corporate had sent to Ace Rewards customers. The Ace store I walked into refused to redeem the card, saying it could only be redeemed at whatever 'home' store was on file, some 285 miles distant. Customers earn points toward the $5 coupon at ALL Ace stores based on their purchases. When I called the call center, the representative was completely unrepentant about this ridiculous policy designed to minimize the redemption of incentives. I didn't make the purchase and won't be shopping at Ace in the future.

Customer service

Your customer service in your Brandywine Popcopson store is awful. I would like to support my local businesses and not always go to the big box stores, but with staff like Brandywine it is not going to happen!

chlorine jug rip off

I am talking about turner ace hardware on Arlington road in Jacksonville florida .I have purchased chlorine in 2 1/2 gallon jugs countless times from ace hardware stores all over Jacksonville and have paid an $8.00 deposit on the jug and got the $8.00 deposit back when I brought the jug back. But this store took my $8.00 deposit and when I brought the jug back the manager said they could only give me $2.00 back because the jug was now a used jug. well when I got the jug it was a used jug. He said it was an ace hardware policy and I know this to be a lie because every other ace gave me my full deposit back.. So in closing I would like to say I hope the boys in corporate will one day have the balls to put a stop to this practice of stealing and lying to their customers. P.S. I know its just $6.00 but its the principle of the thing .Buying multiple jugs $6.00 adds up fast.


Went to the ace store in Hendersonville TN . While waiting 30 minutes to get help, I touched the display they had set up for a new type of steel mole trap. The trap had been set by someone and it sliced my finger open. Do you think the manager said one word as they quickly mopped blood off the floor. If they gave their merchandise for free I won't go back.


If you think Ace hardware is a good ole' American institution, think again. I purchased pipe fittings for a project; a choice between red brass and stainless steel. The brass fittings were clearly labeled China, the stainless steel, on the package label with a bold red ACE on it reads, in fine print on the back "Manufactured in USA for Ace Hardward Corp. Oak Brook, Illinois 60523, USA [copyright symbol]2003. The fitting itself, when removed from the package, is clearly stamped CHINA. Not just outsourcing American jobs, but lying about it. The fittings are being returned. No stars is not possible on this site or that would have been my rating.

return denied

Owner refused to accept the return of a regularly stocked item (lag bolts) purchased 11 days ago. Said he'd give me 1/2 the value in a store gift card. Sheesh! Why would I ever want to do business with him again. To bad because he took over a hardware store that had been in business for over 50 years. AVOID Torrance Industrial Hardware, Carson Street, Torrance CA 90503 Owner is angry and arrogant.

Not my place!

Received a sale circular. Went to 2 locations. Neither had the item. Won't waste my time or gas going there for anything else. And will tell everyone I know about this experience. Both managers could have cared less. Folks,just make the one trip to Lowes and be done! Advance,NC and Cloverdale location were the two I went to.

Horrific service

I will never do business at the Olathe Ace Hardware store in Olathe, KS again. I have had terrible experiences there. I recently made a $220.+ purchase and received horrific treatment from the manager and another man that worked there. I told numerous people about my experience and they were appalled and will not do business there again as well.

Ace is NOT "the place"!!!

There are several Ace stores in the area - each separately owned. After I cut my coupons out & go to one of them (Rt. 39 Crossroads, Lithia, FL) they "don't take those coupons b/c they are not from our store"!! Then I go to a different one & tell female behind counter that I forgot my coupon (I am a Ace rewards customer & gave her my card). She says "oh sorry". I go back into store later & bring in my receipt & coupon, the 'shift manager' says "oh no, we can't accept that...you had to have that at the time of your purchase". No 'sorry', nothing! I HATE ACE HARDWARE STORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I could only WISH they were all corporate stores, rather than independently owned!


This is the rudest company to deal with. They dont care anything about customer service even when its the companys fault and they admitted it. Not that I shop here alot anyways, but I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from this place again. Employes are rude and there supervisors are even worse.

Poor Customer Service Bunnell, FL

I asked an employee how much an item was that was located outside the Ace Hardware store in Bunnell, FL. The response was the word around and then a price. After waiting for sometime to pay in the store for several of the item I asked price of, I simply left. I got the items at Lowe's.

Poor Customer Service

I purchased a stackstone outdoor fire pit. It arrived with chips in it. I contacted customer service and requested that rather than return it (on-line purchase), I would like a credit applied to my credit card to cover the cost of materials for me to repair it ($15). I had to wait a couple of weeks for a response, which was a $15 promo code on a future purchase. I called them again and was told my only other choice was to return the item. They would not even ship a replacement to the store so I could exchange it. They told me I had to return it and order a new one (convenient that the promo code I used on the purchase is no longer valid so I will now pay more for the same item). Worst customer service I have experienced. I will never order from this company again.

Bait & Switch ads.....

I saw the ad on TV for a free quart of paint and I printed out the coupon. I did not know where my local ace was located, so I used the online ace store located, by my zip code. Since there were only 40 cans per store and I move very slow in a wheel chair, (disabled vet) I called before I went to be sure they still had a can left. They don't even have a paint department, they are a feed store for cattle! I am glad I called ahead, saved my gas and my more than valuable time. I called the 800 customer NON service line and was told about how it is Saturday, so there is nothing she could do. Then why have it open on a Saturday? She also said that all stores are independently owned and that they pay to advertise on the store locator link. Really? Ace, Lowe's just ate your lunch!


The store I went to was very clean, had excellent service. They are very helpful and knowledgeable

Why on earth would Ace Hardware place another Ace store within a couple of miles of another locally owned Ace store in a small retirement community? Are you trying to run our local store out of business? These folks are struggling to keep the doors open in a tough economy as it is without their own parent corporation bringing in more competition for them to battle. We are loyal to this couple, not necessarily to Ace Hardware. Quit trying to close them up.

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