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An Ace ad in the local newspaper offers a "red hot buy" of a wireless LED motion sensor porch light. I went to the Ace Hardware in Oro Valley, AZ and was told they were out; only received 5; none in warehouse. Checked another store in Tucson and was told basically the same. I was told no rain checks and possibly no more ever available. I believe this is false advertising to entice people into the store. Most ads I have seen from other stores, when offering a sale price to a limited number of the item available will note, for example, 5 only or 20 only. At least then you know your chances and if it is important to the buyer, he/she can rush to the store. I am extremely disappointed in ACE.. I have been a loyal customer for many years.

The Communists (Republicans) in Spain raised their left arm with a clinched fist. This is NOT supposed to be representative of them. . .

I have a locking device that I have three Drs looking at to draw me a detailed drawing of, for me to approve the plans. When it's completed, the prototype. I would like to set up a meeting with the board members and presemt it to you. Thiis product will be made in the good ole USA. Thank you Stephen Cunningham and Matt Cunningham will be my represetavie.

This "free srhanig" of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

You send out a sales pamplet for Labor Day saying the sale is from Aug 31st thru Sept.3 2012. I go to the Ace on North corcle drive at 8 AM Friday Aug 31st and go in and most of the sale items were alreay gone. The man at the door told me they started selling them yesterday, a day early, because customers came in and " demanded the sale price " , so as not to make a regular customer angry they sold the items to them a day early. So someone like me who followed the rules and ame in on Aug. 31st got almost NOTHING !!! Not to mention the people who came in later that weekend. I realize you say " while supplies last " but this is pure BS !! If you are going to sell the items early then say so in your ad. I also know all ace stores are franchise owned, but I am very very disappointed with Ace at 1107 N Circle Drive in Colorado Springs Colorado 80909, and also with the one on Austin Bluffs Parkway. Both stores told me they sold items a day early. I am a very faithful Ace customer but this is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil, and consider going to Home depot a lot more. David W Renz

Regarding the Ace Hardware store in Lake Station, IN. It is the most disorganized, dirty, crowded store I have ever been in. I am truly astonished that Ace Hardware, an American institution, would allow their name to be on that hell hole. Trying to get in the store is a joke. The front door is completely covered with merchandise. You have to go around to the east door. Single door - leads right in to the check out section. People trying to get in have to push aside the people that are trying to check out. The merchandise is stacked up to the ceiling. There is no rhyme or reason to the placement of the merchandise. Parking is a joke. The west side of the store has a few spots - all taken up by rental trucks. The east side of the store has a big parking lot - 1/2 of which is taken up by the gravel, stones, grass seed or what ever all those bags are, all surrounded by a high fence. The other 1/2 of the lot is taken up with - guess what - rental trucks. It is truly an inconvenient place to shop. That's why I don't shop there. I'd rather go out of town to one of the big stores. At least I have a place to park and don't have to knock other people over to get into the store. The rating above is shown as a 1. It's actually a 0.

Yes, this is one of the reasons I apaercipte One Piece as well. It is all about family and making family even if one does not have a worthwhile blood family; in One Piece, the saying blood is thicker than water could be turned completely around and still make sense. I also love how as the odds keep expounding against the crew and their fights get harder and harder, they always manage to overcome the odds. I do wish there are more fights where the crew tackle things together during the middle of arcs, but they tend to break up into two-man teams or even fight separately a lot of the time. I can see why since it is a big cast of characters, though.

was hoping for a 0 star option I was hired at wexford ace on 8/15/12, for a mere $9/hr.five minutes before punching in on my first day the owner informed me that I was now earning $8.50/hr. (her reason was that 9 was easier to say than 8.50) I worked the day and quit, when my check arrived it reflected a $7.25 income. when I confronted her(owner), she immediatly called the police on me, and they forced her to make up the difference. I doubt that they would have passed the savings on to anyone. The $2.50 pint of iced tea was ok, but I wouldnt recomend it. Ace Hardware, wexford Pa.

Their online affiliate from Ft Lauderdale, FL is a scam. Ace Hardware corporate office does nothing to correct issues and thefts commited by this affiliate Stay away from Acesuperstore.com

I have shopped at Ace for many years, both back in my home town of Omaha, Nebraska, and now for the last 5 years in Kalispell, Montana. I can tell you that the Ace we have here is amazing. It is a mom and pop friendly store. You walk in the door and they call you by name; go out of their way to help you, if they happen to not have something you are looking for (which is very rare) they will get it for you. The manager of the store here, Chris, is an absolute gift. He will do anything for you to make what you need happen. The other day he said he couldn't wait to see what my next project will be. Their small engine repair shop is second to none and so reasonable and fast. Why anyone would go to the box stores is beyond me. The Kalispell store needs to be turned in to a super store with a large lawn and garden section.

I have been dealing with your ACE store in the Wood crest area of Riverside since 'pride in ownership' was the norm and not the exception. I wanted to drop a note to say that my dealings with ACE is a breath of fresh air. I have dealt with 'Bob' in the last couple of weeks more then once. I could just run down the street to one of the 'Big' hardware stores and save .08 cents but 'Bob' doesn't work there. It is rumored that one of the 'Big' hardware stores is opening a 'mega/monster/big store in Wood crest but as long as you are still open here and Bob and or people like Bob are still your representatives I'll spend the extra 08 cents--and more. If 'Bob' and the clones of 'Bob' ever runs away from you--show class--drag him and them back. You have a winner there!! William Hawkins

I baught a living Accents fan just a few years ago. When I fell down and broke the base all I got was the run arount. Now all I want is is a new base and no one can find one. [WHY NOT]. THIS IS EXCECTLY WHY PROUDUCTION SHOULD BE HERE AND N OT IN COMMNUST CHINIA; ALL I NEED IS a BASE TO YOUR FAN A REAL HARD THING TO DO WHEN IT'S MADE 50.000 MILES AWAY IN SLAVE LABOR CAMPS ISN'T. MODOL NUM. FS40-2A-A . wILL SOME ONE GET OFF CANS AND FIND THIS PART; IF NOT I WON'T BE SHOOPING AT ACE ANYMORE. Martin Rigg

This past June 2012, a network of four church youth groups in our community banded together(this was our 6th year)for a week volunteer work in our community. One of the elderly widows we were helping needed outdoor painting done. I went to the local ACE store (Capital Ace Hardware in Bangor, PA) to ask the owner for a discount on the paint and supplies because he had given us a discount last year (one of his employees was part of our team - that employee has since moved away) I did not ask for the items free, only for a discount. He was very rude, disrespectful and degrading. I put up with his attitude because I needed the items for and our group is not funded by anyone but ourselves. He told me to make a list of what we needed and leave my phone number, someone would call me. I had two teenagers with me from my church and they were very upset about the way he spoke to me. No one called, so I returned to the store to ask if they had considered my request. Again he was rude and insulting and I could not understand his attitude. All he had to say was, “No.” He did not need to act like I was trying to steal from him. After his verbal abuse, he turned me over to an employee who was very helpful and I was able to purchase at a discount the items I requested – paint, roller covers, cheap brushes, cheap plastic gloves and cheap plastic drop cloths. I did not choose the best or most expensive items. However, I needed 3 or 4 gallons of outdoor paint in the color that matched the widow’s house, and they only had 2 in stock. The employee told me to come back after their truck delivery and get the rest of the paint I had requested. When I went back the owner was very angry. Again, he was rude and insulting, telling me that I was costing him money in “man hours” etc. and told me that I was to only get what was on my original list and should not be asking for more. When I tried to explain that I only came back because two of the things on the list were not in stock at the time, he cut me off and refused to listen to me. I was quite angry and asked him if he wanted his paint back – he said no but that I was not to come back again. I told him I would not be back again – and that’s the truth – I will never go into his store again. One of our team leaders, Bill, was there and was also shocked by how the owner spoke to me – he tried to explain about the two gallons of paint but was told abruptly, “I don’t want to hear it…” as the owner refused to talk with him as well. Bill held his tongue because he was running a fundraising car wash in the parking lot for Slater Family Network and didn’t want to jeopardize it. You can be sure that the rest of our team found out about the owner's behavior as we were so upset and angry. We have another hardware store in town – not as large or fancy as ACE but sufficient. I have never been treated badly there, we don't need ACE. I feel it is right to tell your company why I have cancelled my rewards plan and requested to be removed from all types of mailing lists.

I went into the Ace Hardware Store at 729 Main Street in Lebanon, Ohio today with a small but tricky repair problem and came to realize that "ACE, with the helpful hardware man!" is more than a commercial; it is a corporate policy. I was delighted by the effort put forth by everyone that I came in contact with in the store and the focus of the store manager to help me find the correct part to complete the repair. I was delighted with his effort to be certain that the piece that I was seeking for the repair was exactly what I needed. I congratulate ACE for its success in finding and retaining committed employees whose interests extend beyond the bottom line. Thank you. Sincerely, V.F.Colón

Yesterday I went to our local Ace in Globe AZ. None of the employees were helpfull. I purchased a $189.99 bathroom shower kit because you only had 1, and 1/2 of it was missing. I did not find this out until after your store was closed and after we had the old plumbing out. I have 4 family members here to help with my remodel and we did not have any water thanks to this problem. We only have Ace and a lumber yard, so as you can see we had a big problem. I can tell you now I am the 4th customer on my block who will NEVER go back to your store. I will wait and drive 60 miles to go to Home Depot. This is not the only time I have had problems at your store, but this is the last time.Two bits of advice train your people, and try to find some that actually want to do customer service, then try to stock some merchandise on your shelves.

I recently purchased a Lexington park bench for 69.99 at the ace hardware at 237 N front street in braidwood Illinois on may 13 2012. I received a flier showing the same bench on sale for 49.99 starting may 25th 2012. I took my receipt to the store to get back the differance in price from original to sale price, as well as purchase a second bench. After the cashier had assured me that it should not be a problem as they had just done this for another customer they just needed a manger approval. When the assistant manager Tim Wasatis came to register he told me that this was not something they could do. I said then I will bring my bench back and return it and then purchase two at the sale price. The assistant manager said that would be fine. ( why would you make a customer go to such lengths for a sale price instead of doing it the easy way ) Well because I had to make an extra trip to be able to receive a sale price I decided that not only did I not want the second bench but I did not want the sale price nor the first bench I had purchased. So because of a assistant managers ignorance to do things the correct way I will be taking my business to the competition reguardless of price or the convenience of driving closer to home. Regards One more lost customer due to lousy customer service Way to go ace hardware for hiring the rubbish that others send packing

I went to the ace hardware foothills hardware in Maryville Tn and the owner has to be the rudest person I have ever encountered in a business. I'll admit as a woman picking up a part for my husband, I didn't know what I was doing. The man raised his voice at me because of my confusion. I will wait a week without water and pay twice as much before I will ever purchase anything from that store again. The cashier and another gentleman that worked there was very nice but that does not make up for(although I feel sorry for them) this arrogant and rude person.

The new ad campaign is great, I hate the big stores and do use Ace for the size. But, the items in Ace hardware are the cheapest made items in China. Try better quality, you'll see the 50 year old plus more in the store.

Tried 11 May 2012 to get an email address for williamsburg va zip 23185 ace hardware with no success. We deal with this store at least once a week every week of the year and I wanted the email address to ask questions about what's in stock, prices of stock items, and other details. Neither the mgr.Terry Deaver or a clerk Kevin would provide me with an email address for their store. In this day and time when emails are continuiously used for business questions and transactions - - - this is a very poor Ace. Hardware response. My email address is GudiNoel@AOL.com have a nice day!!!

Hello: Last Saturday, May 5, 2012 my wife and I saw your offer for free a free quart of Clark and Kensington paint. We thought it would be a good reason to visit one of your stores. Our first stop was at the store at 5344 South 12th Avenue here in Tucson,Arizona. We were told there weren't participating in the promotion. We even showed them the flier. They weren't impressed. Next was the store at 2185 East Irvington Road near the corner of Campbell Avenue and Irvington Road. The employees there acted as if it didn't matter to them. We then went to the store at 2820 West Valencia Road at Cardinal. One of the employees said they didn't participate because "We lose money." I can't believe they would say that to a customer. To top it off they didn't know about the contest for the free Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machine until my wife showed them the flyer. If you have any more promotions maybe there should be an asterik next to those stores that don't participate. We do not only go in when there is a contest or promotion. We like ACE because we can find what we need and get in and out quickly. I hope this was just an anomaly. Martin Bernal 6289 South Logger Drive Tucson, Arizona 85746

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