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I went in your ACE hardware in Clarksville TN yesterday and tried to get the free quiart of paint as per your advertisement and was told they were not participating. They were rude and extremely unhelpful. After reading all those review ahead of me that are RECENT, I don't understand why corporate hasn't done something about this!

The Ace in Post Falls cut PVC pipe to length for free. The one in Rathdrum, Idaho said they also cut it for free. I gave them the cut list and there were two pieces of length I didn't know and would depend on the height, etc. of the pieces with the "T"s connected. A new customer came in and the lady left to go tend to the new customer. The owner walked by and asked if I was finding everything and I said sort of, that I didn't know which connections I was going to need for two pieces. I showed him the drawing showing the lengths and quantities needed and said I need it all in one inch diameter. Well, the guy's never been very nice and most of the employees are snotty too. Well the owner gave a big hard exhale and started picking up different pieces on the shelves and throwing them hard back onto the shelf. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I was thinking that it's obvious that he's pissed off that he actually has to HELP a customer and be "THE HELPFUL HARDWARE MAN"....so he hands me off to another guy and said he's going to order parts, cuz even the common one inch "T's he only had a few of. So he leaves me with another guy who isn't happy about having to actually work or help a customer. He cuts the pieces to length, the owner comes back and he jumps back into deciding what length the connecting pipe length should be. He told him to cut it to one inch long. I take the piece and said it wasn't long enough to join both pieces together, so he told him to cut one to 1 1/2 inch, and he says it was perfect. I checked it and said, no, it's loose and needs to be long enough to reach into the smaller diameter of the pipe so it will be tight. Well, he didn't seem to like some "dumb woman" topping his obvious limited thinking. (I had tried to get him to cheer up about helping me before and joked about my torturing him with having to help me...and he said no, I'm used to it, I have a wife and kids to put up with everyday.... So then all of the lengths are cut up except for the one unknown length. The owner asked if I knew trigonometry cuz he doesn't and that's the only way to figure it out. I said no, but knew I could figure it out. The other guy said it's a right triangle so it needs to be the same length...so I said to put another 45 degree connector on and then it will meet up perfectly with the two foot piece I have as a support. The guy measured the length from that 45, cut the piece and it fit. So after all of this I go to the check out and see a $5.00 service charge. I asked what that was about and she told me it was for cutting the pipe. I told her I asked about it and it was free, and she said well you've been in the store for almost two hours, which was not true, although it felt like it. SO, THOSE SNOTTY, DISHONEST, BLOODSUCKERS CHARGED ME WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT, OR BEING INFORMED OR GIVEN THE OPTION TO AVOID THAT CHARGE, FOR CUTTING THE PIPE OR CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND OR BECAUSE I WAS IN THEIR STORE FOR "TWO HOURS". ~~Luckily I have a receipt from Lowes where I was before and the time stamp on it and a record of the road being blocked by the police and having to wait and take a longer route to Rathdrum, so I know I wasn't there that long. Besides, since when does a paying customer have to pay for the time they are in a store or for lousy, snotty customer service? I also got a few snotty remarks from the checkers before I left. So, for $5.00, they not only lost my business for good, but I'm going to warn others of their shady practice. I also intend to report it to the BBB, ACE headquarters AND take them to small claims court to get my FIVE dollars back. That way, their nasty, sneaky business practice will be in the paper (maybe), but most of all it is for the whole principal of the matter. SO TIRED OF BUSINESSES BULLYING PEOPLE. FURTHERMORE, THIS STORE SHOULD BE STRIPPED OF IT'S ACE STATUS AND/OR BEING ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE THAT THEY'RE ACE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, WITH THE HELPFUL HARDWARE MAN.

i would like to say that ace is a horrible company to work for. atleast the one in park ridge ill,on north west hwy.my daughter is 17 yrs old with a very positive attitude or atleast she was until ace fired her april 7 2012 an her boss joe lewis refused to give her a reason.my daughter paige was alwasy early we know cause me or my wife dropped her off after school. paige would switch her days off with anyone needing the day off.paige would come in for joe lewis when he had a sick call. my daughter even cancelled a family get together to go in an cover a sick call for joe lewis who was very appreciated at the time.i remember asking my daughter where she was goin an she said work i said oh are you workin today an she said no im going in to walk the isles so i can better serve my costumers an learn the store.well this is how joe lewis at ace rewarded my daughter paige,he fired her on april 7 2012 for calling in sick with female problems.that monday a girl at school came up to her an said oh they fired u at ace when my daughter asked how do u know she said cause they hired me sat an gave me ur days.now keep in mind in 9 months paige was never late never called in sick an never had one write up.its a shame my 17 yr old daughter had a bad experiance at her first job all because her boss apparently was having a bad day.she went in this week to get her last check when her other supervisor told her joe fired you for no reason thats why he wont give you one.

i went to the store your having an advertisement on paint the guy had someone at the counter and he looked up and asked me can i help you i really felt disrepected i stood there and was waiting for him to help the other person i wanted to get some paint your store advertise and he rudely told me we don't carry that paint why the advertisement it is an Ace Hardware store so my question are your stores franchised out and some carry things that others don't it should have listed what stores were taking the promotions i really was'nt happy about the rudeness the store clerk was to me but thats how people are anyway pls someone let me know what the policy is on advertisement and not delivering telling me to go to another Ace.

I'm a 68 year old man that bought a retirement home in deland fl. I went to ace in deland to rent a pressure washer.they asked me for a drivers license and credit card. they looked at my license and said because it was a nh license they wouldn't rent me the pressure washer!! I asked them why and they said it was their policy. I told them I had many other forms of Id including a local wells fargo debit card and my disabled veterans card but the answer was still NO!! these people were rude and in my mind their policy is discriminatory!! I've spent thousands in ace hardware stores through my business over the years and to be treated like a criminal in front of other customers really was embarrassing!! I'm so upset over being treated like this that I'm going to see what a attorney has to say about how I was treated. I went down the road to another store and they were more than happy to rent me a pressure washer by showing them my nh license!! I would like to hear what other people think about my situation.

WOW, I see a lot of complaints about ACE here and all compliments about LOWES and Home Depot. The one that gets me is that all the stuff at ACE is from China. Well that is something I don't know about, however my last purchase of marble tile and a sink at home depot were definitely from China without saying anything about it until I saw it after special ordering the material. Let me tell you the Tiles were nothing more than 2nds that were repaired and many tile broke even with delicate handling! Stop buying crap made in China! PLEASE!!!!

I have read many complaints and remarks. I'm sure that Ace Corporate knows about the many problems and customer service issues. To be blunt, I have visited the "BIG BOXES" and have had a cashier talk on the phone (talking about social issues) while ringing me up along with being ignored for the 125 minutes that I was in one looking for floor tile. Customer service is vital and is an important life line for any business. All it takes is 5 seconds of bad service to make a cutomer not want to come back no matter what the price might be or how much they might save. At ACE, we fight hard for our customers since Lowes and Home Depot likes to spend over $500 million every year just to get you to come in their stores. We are not perfect, but we do try to provide the best customer service for every customer. If you have issues, please contact the store manager direct. They should solve the problem is a professional manner. You can visit my store in San Dimas, CA Monday- Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 9-5 or send an e-mail at sdacehardware@yahoo.com

iam a housewife and regulary paint the inside for change,,a few walls r white,, white being hard to match, they suggested i cut a inch by inch potion out of a closet so they could match it, did that came back, 1st they seemed put out that they had to mix some paint, than i was told it had a glossy finish, i knew it wasnt glossy, so he said most walls r satin, so i went with his recomendation, well my walls turned out to be flat, noticable difference, couldnt live with it, went back to have them fix it, was told ,sorry u picked it,no,no,no i said i went by your recomandation and your expertise and you were wrong, after some grumbles mixed me the correct paint, needless to say after the rude way i was treated i also will drive farther to get the supplies i need,no fan of ace here, thank you

ACE Hardware making or purchasing nothing in the US. China is their country of choice. Maybe you all should pay in RMB. Get Americans back to work and buy US made products, not that Chinese crap at ACE.

I recently went to the newly opened Ace Hardware on Mmonroe Ave. in Spokane, WA. The experirnce was an unexpected pleasure. In particular associates Mark and Holly went out of their way to assist me and enhance my shopping experience.

I visited Ace hardware located in Diamondhead Mississippi on November 9, 2011. I was going around to all the local businesses to ask for donations for my 1 month old nephew that has a failing heart and we were trying to hold a benefit for him. The manager of the store asked me if i lived there in Diamondhead, a community located outside the major city of Bay St. Louis, and I told him no i live in Bay St. Louis he then replied I can't help you. I would like to know why Ace hardware of Diamondhead feels I am any less of a person of their community when I shop there on a regular basis. I felt Ace would help my family in the time of need. But I was wrong.

I took my stihl chainsaw into Ace Hardware, Hastings, Michigan to be fixed. They had it for 3 days. The charge was $33.00. I started up the saw when I got home and it would not run on high speed without dieing and it was leaking gas. I took it back and gave them a good dose of my mind. After talking with one of the owners of Ace I got a call later in the day saying they have my saw fixed. So here we go again back to the store. This time they had the balls to charge me $14.00 more dollars for a problem they should of fixed the first time. Well guess what. The saw did run but it's still leaking gas. What a bunch of dummies. I will find another chain saw place for my repair from now on. Just encase Ace even gives a dam her is my email address: whitefeather_01@yahoo.com

So glad to have ACE here in Takoma Park MD. What makes this store REALLY REALLY great is the manager, ERIC. He is THE BEST ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I would give the McKinney, Texas store zero stars if I could. Last summer when I went in to buy advertised garden hose, I was told they were out, but the high-pressure salesman directed me to another hose that "is as good as the one on sale" so I bought 2 of them. The advertised garden hose was supposed to resist kinks. The garden hose I bought kinks at any opportunity and is CRAP! This week, we received an Ace flyer in the mail on Tuesday that advertised a bird bath. I went to the store today (Thursday), to buy said birdbath. The store is not well located, but I went miles out of my way to go there anyway. Once there, I was told "the ad doesn't start until tomorrow", which would be Friday. I remember hearing a story years ago about the "nice customer" and that story has stayed with me. It says that some customers will complain and make a fuss, but the customer that retailers should be aware of is the nice customer, the one who doesn't say anything, she just DOESN'T COME BACK!! After this, I'm a going to be a nice customer. Ace Corporate should wake up and hold their franchisees to some standards. Ace sucks!!

For a company that (supposedly) focuses on customer service, these are NOT exactly stellar reviews (ACE Customer, 6/9/11)! I am the spouse of a former employee and share the opinion of seeming discrimination practices (Too Tall, 5/15/11) and the low, low wages in exchange for HIGH production (ACE Employee, 2/22/11). Are these company-wide practices or confined to the individual stores described in these reviews?

I doubt, in fact I know, I will never venture into an Ace Hardware store again. Ace Hardware are robbers and comparable to Jesse James, only Jesse James used a gun! I needed a new float ball to repair a toilet and went to ACE about a mile from my house. The black float ball was $5.49. I thought that a bit high, but purchaed the product figuring is probable a fair trade item. Today I went to Menard's (about 2.5 miles from my house) and that same float ball was $.79. Talk about a markup! Since ACE hardware sees fit to really "screw" the customer, I really hope a Chapter 11 is in their near future. From now on I will go the distance and shop at Lowe's, Home Depot or Menard's.

I bought a Stihl backpack blower on 7/16/11 for 359.99 from the local Ace in Norcross Georgia. The unit never started over the course of 2 weekends. I attempted to return the unit on 7/24, however, the store had just closed. The staff member told me to return on the 25th and they would "take care of it". I returned on the 25th and the staff member attempted to start the blower. He could not. He asked how I was trying to start it and I recited the instruction manual. He declared that the manual was wrong, the engine was flooded, and that they would keep the unit for a few days to let it dry out. I replied that I thought that wasn't a very good idea given that the unit was only 9 days old and that I would like a refund. The asst. manager than called the owner who informed the assist. manager that the store policy is no refunds for power equipment. This was never disclosed to me. The unit I purchased was not discounted nor an open item. I then asked the asst. manager to just swap my unit out. He stated he couldn't do that but that I could leave the unit for repairs. Infuriated, I left the store and contacted American Express to dispute the charge. Beware of the locally owned and operated ACE hardware stores. The weak economy obviously has pressured individual owners to squeeze customers and not employ decent business practices. I will not shop at the Norcross, GA ACE on Holcomb Bridge Road and would in form anyone of my experience.

After having visited some other H/W stores and getting bad information, I remembered why I like Ace Hardware -- I usually am able to find someone who knows what they are talking about. Yesterday, I had one of my outside taps disassembled so I could fix the drip drip drip. With the water off, I found I didn't have the correct gasket. Patrick Atchison, Asst Gen. Manager on West Central in Wichita, KS, 1) knew what I was needing and 2) found it for me! I was able to get the job finished because of this, and I just wanted to say "Thanks"

I was at the Inverness Fl.store today July 02 andthey were out of the gallon bug sprays and said thet would not be in until the sale is over.Those and other bug spray cans were advertised at 99 cents after rebate.They are now eligable for a ten thousand fine.My e mail is johnxz@viv access.com.Iwould like tto know who to contact.

Wow! Does anyone at ACE read these reviews? The revies are not good at all. If I were corporate ACE I would conduct a few staff meetings to make sure ACE employess understand the meaning of customer service.

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