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this company sucks

I let them have an opportunity to fix my phone near the warrantys end. in the process of their many attempts my warranty expired. now they say they cant fix my phone and refuse to replace it under warranty and want me to spend hundreds for a new phone. they said it was my fault for me giving them an opportunity to fix it and should have insisted on them replacing it the first time

this company sucks

This is the worst company ever. I will not waste any other time or money on them.


I am an employee at a retailer who sells AT&T phones and thusly I was supplied with what is known as an ANR or dealer line. The "account manager" is apparently the only person who can deal with these lines, not tech support or even the "office of the president" So when they decide to arbitrarily disconnect your line two days after taking money from your account and leave you without a phone, there is nothing anyone in the whole company can do except for one hard to reach employee whom you never see. What an amazing experience from such a profit hungry company. I don't totally regret my decision to go with At&t what a joke.

Horrible Nightmare of a company

I can go on for hours about how much time I have spent on the phone trying to deal with stupid people at att to fix their problems..... I think that att should pay customers if they have to spend more than one hour on the phone to fix an att problem. Since the ceo and staff are not fixing the companies issues pay us your salary to do so. Bet things will improve then....... I HATE ATT.........

0 star rating

The worse customer service I have ever experienced. It is very disturbing they can even stay in business. The 1 star equates to 0 stars...have to put one is a joke

Agree with one star ratings

I am actually too exhausted from going around and around with these people to even type out my story. Suffice it to say that all the reports of uncaring customer service, price gouging, greed, arbitrary and unfair penalty fees, lack of accessibility, etc., are all true. If you have to, get two tin cans and some string, but avoid AT & T at all costs.

ATT U-VERSE/Homewireless

The worst customer service ever. They are so easy to turn you off then tell you that you can't get the service, trying to turn things back on is a nightmare. Supervisors don't listen the right hand doesn't talk to the left,constant run a round, on hold give me a break 12 hrs on the phone. Still after 18 days have no service. I HATE ATT and will never use them again.

WORST service & customer care EVER!!!

Horrible! Two times failed to show up for appt or even call. That was after they confirmed appt the day before. Tried to call customer service to see if anyone was coming...took over an hour of lies and transfers and holding to learn NO. They just kept transferring me to different people. Unethical and not trust worthy. If I could do less than one star I would.

Inadequate service

I give AT&T -100 if possible. They have the worst, most uneducated, untrained staff. If you are looking for over-priced service, with under-adequate staff and service, AT&T is for you.


your services STINK. One can call 100 times to solve a simple problem and it never gets resolved by AT&T

X Long Term Customer

I have been with AT&T since the 1980's and I moved to texas and I begun to have LARGE biilling problems, and recently I got the mobile internet, setting up my work related 15% discount account, I gave my checking account for billing, AT&T never billed me and turned off my service. So, to stop more billing problems again I wanted to return this divice AT&T said they are charging me for breaking the 2yr contract that never got started right on AT&T end. Now I am stuck with a very LARGE bill. AT&T has been my only service provider no matter where I live and this is how I have been treated. I expect this type of treatment from GTE turn VERIZON. Not AT&T. X CUSTOMER.

Worst co ever

After paying on auto pay for years ,someone in your co took me off. After receiving a bill for 3 months service I called and paid with my credit card and told them to put on auto pay again. They said could not put card thru.your system was down. Called next day same thing. Called third time and finally a supervisor gave me a con number for my payment. This took up four hours. 2 days later I am out of town at mug other home that has time warner and only after one and a half days realize that you have cut me off. I am furious as I have spent $80 on a service call to have time Warner come out and went to an Apple Store to check my iPad. Time warner informed me that it was att. U cut off my service.

Repeated disappointment

We have been a loyal and satisfied customer with AT&T for over 14 years. We have a family cell plan. Recently we had to contact the billing department for assistance. I've never encountered such confusion, and incompetency. And we were disconnected twice..We have referred new customers to AT&T but after our experience yesterday, we are SERIOUSLY exploring options with other carriers. This was upsetting and a big dissapointment. It wasn't the first time we experienced this trype of encounter with customer service/billing.

Massive Failure

No communication during 10/1 - 10/3 UVerse outage. Reps lying to us right and left. AT&T (mis)management can't be bothered except to issue some stupidly worded generic fauxpology. I will be showing up at the shareholder's meeting and I will be voting to get rid of that useless CEO.

Had Uverse intrenet and home phone for eight weeks and i still do not have internet with 8 trouble calls reported all they say is i still need to pay my bill and no repairman out yet . It takes 45 day to get a service man out. AND THIS IS ATT ????????????????????????

David vs Goliath

What is the worst review one could give an entity such as AT&T? That is my review: the worst company ever.

Unbelievable ....

They ask for your phone number should your online chat gets disconnected. When it does they never call you back. You ask for the rude customer service persons I.D number and they never give it to you. But to top it all off, a supervisor lies and covers up for them.

TV & Internet Install

Had an appointment for today (9-2-14) between 9 - 11 AM CST. No one came, no one called. I called after 11 and was told the service tech is behind and will be here. He will call an hour before he comes. Called again at 2:30 PM and told the same thing, he will be here. I asked when and was transfer to a person who told me no one was coming because my order was cancelled but they couldn't tell me by whom. I told them I had the email for my order and install date and time. Told it didn't matter that my order was cancelled and I could put a new on in with them. I asked for a manager and was told someone would call me in less than 30 minutes, 2 hours ago. I am leaving Comcast because of horrible service and follow up. Where do you go when this is what I get at day one.


I called ATT 13 times and still have no answer. they want me to pay for a service that i never used I spoke with 13 people and all of them lie to me. this is the worse experinces of my life. I am an honest person and I spend almost 400 minutes on the phone with att but they don't care. please someone do something and make this company responsable for their lies .

Billing Department

AT&T's billing department employees that I have encountered for the past 6 months are very incompetent. AT&T has a GREAT product and I have NO complaints about it, but to endure the mental anguish and torment I have gone through for the past 6 months is not worth the TERRIFIC product - please investigate and understand before purchasing the service.

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