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i-800 Flowers deserve a big 0 rating. You are the worst company my family ever dealt with. The flowers my son sent from NJ, to arrive Sat., the day before Mother's Day never arrived. My son and I spent hours on the phone, our phone calls were answered by people in the Philippines , who insisted that my flowers had been delivered at 8AM Sat. morning. That was an insult on top of everything else. Sincerely, Maria C. Buccino

This has to be the worst company around. They forget that they are in a service industry and customers come to them for great customer service and speed. Unfortunately they have neither. They know NOTHING about customer service. I was told my order "was on the truck for delivery" on mothers day which was a lie. They now tell me it will be delivered 2 days later and the will give me 50% off and a 25% off coupon. I told them I want the flowers delivered, a full refund and a letter to the recipient apologizing for their mistake. They refused. They are a pitiful company and can take their coupon and shove it! They obviously don't know the power of social media these days. This company is on its way down.

What a scam. I ordered Mother Day flowers way in advance to be delivered on Friday the 11th, and they never made it to her; nor did 1-800 flowers call me to let me know. I spoke with four different people in a three day span(Friday,Saturday and Sunday)to get flowers (any flowers at this point) delivered, and always an excuse why they never made it to her. This is the second time this has happened with them..........never again! I'm not sure if the problem is because these people are from the Phillipines(1-800 outsources); or they are just incompetent........or maybe both.

So i ordered Flowers through 1800FLOWERS for my mother-in-law for mthers day! My husband was so excited as he worked very hard in my aunts gardens to get the money and we have not sent her anything in 11 yrs as we have been in Ohio n she is in San Diego! I ordered them on Friday 5-11-12 for same day delivery! As of today 5-13-12 she still has no flowers and they cant deliver them till tuesday 5-15-12 now! ok WELL.... she is having eye sugery tomorrow 5-14-12 and will not be able to c the flowers now anyhow till they are dying! And they told us to help out with the inconvenience they will send her a 25% Gift Cert for her next 1800FLOWERS ORDER! REALLY NO THANKS refund my money! NOW i am waiting for the $ to b refunded and she got a sorry for the inconvenience for waiting at home all day for a delivery thats never gonna get there on mothers day not to mention my sister-in-law waited at home all day yesturday. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!

Meant to say -OOOOOO for customer service and lack of delivery. They will take your order and your money and not delivery the item you requested. The customer service is straight crap you can not understand a word they are saying. This company is crap and I will spread the word for people not to use them.

Undependable,unreliable service. On three different occasions I tried to send flowers to a friend in the Roanoke, Va. area and the flowers never arrived as promised.I consider myself to be an understanding and forgiving person but, I figure if I'm spending my money for a service and the Company involved can't deliver the least that I deserve is a phone call saying that we can't do it!!! I've gotten nothing but excuses from Flowers . Com. Things have not changed over a period of years. This is a KRAPPY excuse for a business. People get their hearts broken on special occasions and you offer excuses.

I will file a complain with Better Business Bureau. They are the worse online company to deal with. They made twice the promises to delivery my flowers and failed both times. I have also called my credit card company for fraud. This company is running false advertisement along with no accountability what so whatever. Do not use them or you will run into major headaches!

What you all don't understand, is that when dealing with an online flower shop (FTD, Teleflora,1800Flowers,Fromyouflowers, Bloomstodat etc etc), they add a surcharge of anywhere from 8$-$20 JUST TO TAKE YOUR ORDER..even if you do the order completely online with no "live" person involved. This is THEIR fee. It does not go to the LOCAL flower shop that is making and delivering your order. Out of the amount they send to the flower shop, they allow $8-10 to be used as a delivery fee and whatever is left over is for your flower arrangement. For example, the arrangement you've chosen is $50. They add a $14.99 service fee and then with tax, your total is in the neighborhood of $70. The florist is given the $50 and then they back out $8 for delivery, so now you have $42 for flowers, vase, any ribbon and the design of such arrangement. Now you know why the $70 arrangement you paid for looks like crap!

I wish I could give avower rating. What a terrible company with no accountability. The operators just lie to get off the phone yet they never do what they say they will. I will denounce this company every chance I get.

I was shocked not once but twice when I sent flowers and the order was completely wrong! The bouquets looked nothing like I had ordered and what I had been promised! I was so embarrassed to see what was received! It looked like crap for the $85.00 that I spent I could have used that money for a different gift. I am so dissatisfied/disappointed with the final product I truly doubt I would ever use this company ever again! What a joke!

Your company sucks I would never recommend them to anyone you ruined my Valentines Day this year and You operators did it and trying to get ahold of you people is imposssible but you sur didn't hesitate to take my money and I would like it back If you were to look up our name in your order I now our phone numbers are there for you to call us and fix the problem but no no one will call very very bad company never again

If there was a lower rating i'd use it. Not only is this the 2nd time i've used this service it's also the 2nd POS service experience. This time the flowers were not damaged...they never showed. Bet you this. There won't be a 3rd time!

who do you think florist are delivery fee 10.00 during holiday your flower price discount is not in favor with the customer.. you say savings wrong flower amount is not what they see.. you for get about them, and the shop personell no wonder your rateings is bad.. public contact you local florist....

worst company ever!! customer support is useless. my order was supposed to be delivered for a friends birthday, here we are 2 days later and the flowers are now where in sight. i have called and called and each time they tell me a different story. stay away from them.

I have been a customer for years and receive their emails with their promotions everyday (sometimes two a day) I called to order one of their promotions for flowers, vase, and chocolates that were quoted to sell for $24.99. When I called I was told that they could not be delivered for five days.... It was not stated anywhere in their add. I asked if there was anything else in that price range that could be delivered that day or the next day and the next price point was $34.99 and with delivery charges it would cost $54.99. That is crazy!!!! I hung up and called again and that operated who I couldn't understand (so I asked for a supervisor) told me the same thing but her next price point was $39.99 and with delivery was over $60.00.. They have a license to steal!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could rate them lower then a 1 I would... Call your local florist and support your local businesses!!!!!!!!

I ALSO HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER OF 800FLOWERS FOR OVER 10 YEARS AND I WILL NEVER USE OR RECOMMEND THEM AGAIN - EVER - NEVER!!!! I recommended you to a very good friend I work with and she got such a run-around I couldn't believe my ears. On top of that, she ended up paying three times as much as the advertised price on their website and then they had the audacity to call her and change her order, which they said they couldn't fill to her specifications. Of course, they had already charged her account, couldn't refund her money for 7-10 days, AND THEN THEY HUNG UP ON HER!!! Someone once told me that if you give good customer service, you could expect the person to tell three other people. If you give them bad service, they will tell 10 others. In this case, that's an understatement! I'll tell anyone who will listen. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!

only gave 1 star because 0 wasn't a choice. They are total crooks. The pictures on line have absolutely NO resemblance to what will be received! For a $130 gourmet basket there were some apples and oranges, a few little bags of chips, a few granola bars, and crackers and a few other little things. NOTHING like what was on line and MAYBE $20 worth of food and nothing even coming close to gourmet. no cheese no jelly no nice cookies or crackers. They should be embarrassed! Too many other reputable companies out there to ever give them any business. They seriously suck!

Actually your rating should be zero stars but that was not an option. I remember seeing your CEO on undercover bosses and you know what, that is such a joke! I have been ordering from this company for many, many years. Check the history it speaks for itself! This is the last order that I will ever place with this company. I ordered flowers for a friend of 55 years who is in the hospital with heart problems! Did she ever receive her flowers today, NO! Will she be there to receive her flowers tomorrow, I don't think so! You people are so unprofessional that it's absolutely pathetic and I'm surprised you are even still in business. I called to get a status, was put on hold for a very long time saying that the people were all busy and would take the call when it was my turn. When they finally answered the call they immediately hung up before even speaking. I called back figuring if I said I wanted to place and order that they would answer the phone, that worked, they did indeed answer the phone. When I told the girl that I was calling to order because they kept hanging up when I would put in to check the status of an order, she asked for the order number. When I gave her the number that was the last I heard of her, she didn't hang up she just didn't speak anymore!!!! What the hell was that all about. I hung up and called back and this time even though I said I wanted to place and order, this time they didn't answer the phone either, I was told to hang on for the next available operator! Oh yeah sure like I was going to wait to be hung up on again. This one is going to small claims court folks, I don't care if it is only a 70.00 order, it's a matter of principal now! This company has gone straight down the toilet and if you are smart you won't waste your time or money ordering from someone who doesn't care how their customer service treats their customers! In hard times like today you should be grateful to get any order! You won't be getting anymore from me. Wanny

I sent my mother flowers for her birthday...She was told by her supervisor that because they worked in a Federal building they had to lock up and could no longer wiat for the delivery. As they left the building they ran into the delivery guy who was only about 5 hours late..holding flimsy damn near dead dehydrated looking roses, the teddy bear who'd look like it was in a kids mouth or had been fighting with tigers the bow around the bears neck was half ripped and dangling... along with a box of melted chocolates. and near deflated balloons. Mind you I called throughout the day and he couldn't be found!!! He logged that he had them delivered on time. After his story checked out that he was not telling the truth I was offered half my money back and the flowers to be resent on the following business day. It is now 4:30pm and still no flowers. I called and they just informed me that they can't get it done today and they would try again tommorrow! What a bunch of BS...I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN!!!! I just want my money back..Customer service sucks ALL around HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Our company recently sent flowers for the wake/funeral of a co-worker's mother. The card was supposed to say "Sorry for you Loss" when in fact they sent a card stating "Sorry for you Lost". When I sent them an email advising them of the error, they sent me an email stating they would correct the card. They didn't even know the flowers had been sent the day before. Supposedly I spoke to the department that handles orders for funeral, so you'd think they'd know. I will say that flowers were beautiful, but the card was embarrasing. Very disappointed.

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