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800 flowered

Lousy. Placed order never delivered cs wouldn't verify

Very upset with this company

Ordered flowers for a funeral but didn't receive them.The customer service number gives you someone who is difficult to understand

Flower delivery

Horrible. Do not use. People do not speak English clearly. Obviously from another country with a script. An agent takes over your order and you are entirely at their mercy. I found them to NOT be on top of the order. My order was not delivered on time...actually the next morning still no action on the order. Was unable to talk to any supervisors. Expensive

horrible! people don't speak english and not delivered on time. 30 minutes to place an order

The popcorn factory

this is the best experience I ever had with a company they have the best customer service I've ever received. my orders always show up on time and the one time that it didn't because of an east coast snow storm they sent out a gift certificate that was just as much as my order :)

Soon to be former customer

Please call local florist to order to go through 1-800 flowers its a nightmare. you spend hours on the phone hoping customer service picks up which they don't. They give you a song and dance when they do. Flowers never arrive on time. Millions of excuses


I will never buy from this company again! I paid the extra service charge so would get my order on valentine's day and I never received my order. I was on hold for a hour, before i just gave up. I don't even want the order anymore I just want a refund. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If I could give something lower then a 1 star I would.


First off, this company needs to hire people in the US, not in the Philipines or some other foreign country to answer their calls. Ordered flowers for my sis in-law who was hospitialized, she never got them. The first time I called, the guy said I would get $20 gift certificate towards next order and the next day, I checked on delivery status, my order had been canceled. Called again, the girl hung up on me. Called back, spoke to a supervisor (big joke) he assured me the flowers would be there the next day. It has now been 5 days and still no flowers. I am calling corporate tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind. Needless to say, I won't order from them again!

Review submitted

Recently, I posted a review but I do not see it?????????

Review submitted

Recently, I posted a review but I do not see it?????????

It's the Set Up

1800 flowers, Fannie May and Cheryl's Cookies primarily employ work from home reps. Their towers, VOIP or whatever they use sucks, thus a lot of lost/dropped calls.

Credit Card Fraud

Beware, This firm was/is engaged in promoting mail fraud by mailing out checks to customers without any clarification as to the reason for the check. (UNLESS YOUR CAREFULLY READ VERY SMALL PRINT ON BACK OF CHECK) Once cashed the check gave firms such as AUTOAdvantage and Livewell authority to debit your credit card monthly (for ever) for service that you didn't even know about. 1800 FLOWERS reportedly give these businesses your credit card number, address, phone number and other information you may have provided them.

horrible company!

After my mom not getting her flowers on the day I requested, when she did finally rcv them a day later, they were not what I ordered and were already brown! After calling and complaining for the 3rd time, they refunded my money but had the florist go pick up the flowers from my mom! The ceo needs to go back on undercover boss coz heddidn't learn crap the first time! How ghetto and classless!


Ordered special birthday cake made of flowers for my best friends birthday, her foavorite color is red, ordered red they delivered pink plus the item shipped looked like nothing the pics they showed on their website, false advertising. I give them a minus 100 stars, you can't take it back, the day has past.

Non-delivered promised flowers

Ordered Easter flowers for my daughter in South Carolina, was to be delivered on Saturday, 3/30/13, called to see if she received them, never got them.Telephoned their customer service #, specialist hung up on me when I conveyed my dissatisfaction with them. Called back & spoke to a supervisor, she told me they tried to reach me by telephone & email, never happened. This is the second time this happened, first time was for my mom & dad's 50th wedding anniversary, flowers never came. When will I learn?

No Problem

Had a slight problem with my order(No Vase) contacted the firm, was told a replacement order would be delivered, not delivered, but a reasonable explanation was given,,all florists were busy on feb 14- subsequently contacted the firm and was told the dollar amount was credited to my cc. Apparently there was a slight problem and it was not done. called this morning spoke to customer service explained the concern, the lady explained the reason for the non cc debit but also was very polite and explained the circumstances..THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE WOW!!! customer service is not dead, and to the negative commenters.. look at the entire picture not just your plight. be kind and respect the person on the other side. They will try to help you, but you must give them the chance to do..We are very happy

lie lie lie

the man running this company should be ashamed to show his face on tv (undercover boss) they are nothing but a bunch of scam artists. after a very tragic deth in the family i used just flowers.com to send flowers on january 24th they have never been delivered it is now the first of march. I am a manager of a retail business so i understand sometimes things go wrong so i have been more than patient with them but the lack of concern and follow through is discusting. these people have no intentions of fixing the problem. I cant imagin going to work every day knowing that i would have to lie to people all day to make a living. i hope they get paid well and can sleep at night. i will be posting my review of this company everywhere possible also facebook and twitter if i can stop just one person from useing this company it will be worth my time.


This was the worst experiance ever!!! I love flowers so much and this year, it was dampened!! Didn't get my Valentine's flowers till 5 days later. The customer service people were rude and the one service lady before that last person that i spoke to, cancelled my order on purpose. Never will my fiance buy flowers from there again and i tell everyone i know, not to buy flowers from there ever!

valentines day

Terrible. No flowers until 4pm 2/15 and all they offer was a 20% discount on my next order. Terrible.


This is the worst excuse for a company I have ever dealt with. They’re dishonest and they’re liars! DO NOT USE THEM!! -10 STARS!!!

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