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Unbelievable disaster- no flowers, and I'm not able to get through to anyone, email or telephone. I've also received an email saying they were delivered! Never again.


Wow, they must have really fell apart yesterday. Flowers weren't delivered, no one available on the 24/7 customer service line, it just hangs up on you! The email customer service is completely useless. I can't believe a company like this is still in business. Don't even think of ordering from them, you WILL be disappointed. FTD is the way to go!!!

Broken Heart

There isn't a rating low enough to convey my frustration with this company. My 16 year old son picked this company to order flowers from after watching undercover boss. This was a very sad Valentine's as my husband recently passed. He always sent me such beautiful flowers. My son, trying to make me smile, ordered these flowers on his own. I didn't know he had done this so when he got home last night he asked if I got the flowers. Finally we tried to call but could not get thru to customer service so I sent an email. Nobody responded. I tried calling again today and still could not get thru. I sent another email - still no response. I am sad for him. He ordered these Jan 30 to make sure there was plenty of time to get these for Valentine's Day. I am proud of my son for trying....this is the first time in 30 years that I didn't get flowers on Valentine's Day:(

This is just a night mare company, will never use again ! Same for amazon for selling coupons for them!

This is the worst company for customer service!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

Lightning fast order acceptance and charge to credit card, but takes an act of God to remove the charge, after inability to deliver the order. Also, impossible to receive an acceptable level of customer service relating to inquiry of cancelled order.


Price on credit card statement did not match printed receipt from original order, when I brought this to their attention I was told, they made a mistake and the price charged was accurate, my receipt was not. This will be the last time I use 1-800-Flowers.

I was called just a while ago and told that there were NO FALL Flowers available in ALL of Colorado Springs to send to my daughter for her birthday!!! This is totally UNACCEPTABLE and I will be contacting your Corp. Office to let them know of this unprofessional business failing!!!! I had first wanted to send her a bouquet of balloons but was told by the girl (Marsha) that she could not send balloons to the address of the airforce base!! This is also an utter LIE!!! I called and apologized to my daughter and told her the situation and she said that People get Balloon Bouquets all the time!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR SERVICE CENTER!!! I NOTICED THE GIRL THAT HELPED ME DID NOT SPEAK VERY GOOD ENGLISH!!!! REALLY??? CAN'T YOU AFFORD TO PAY AMERICANS TO DO THE JOB OF SENDING FLOWERS TO "AMERICANS"!!!! TOTALLY DISGUSTED!!!!! MY DAUGHTER WORKS FOR THE MILITARY HER HUSBAND IS IN THE MILITARY AND AWAY FOR HER BIRTHDAY AND YOU PEOPLE CAN'T GET AN ORDER RIGHT!!! I WON'T BE USING YOU ANYTIME SOON NOR WILL ANYONE I CAN TELL ABOUT THIS ABSURDITY!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING!!! Mrs. Robert J. Dum Colorado

For all you whiners remember you got what you paid for. PLEASE note 1-800-flowers is NOT a florist. All they do is take orders from a cubicle somewhere and then call a local florist in the town you sent flowers to. Most of the time the real florist will reject the order because 1-800 KEEP 30% to 40% of your money and the filling florist can not loose money on orders. WAKE UP and take the time to get online and find a local florist and call them or use their website to order.

Not even worth 1 star. Have used them more times than I should have. 3 Funerals and not one was the flowers delivered to the service. It was a day or 2 later and finally sent to the home. Ordered for an aunt and they couldnt deliver because it was to close to valentines and there were not enough red flowers for a birthday arragement so they just credited our account and did not say a word about canceling the order. If I had not called the aunt to confirm that she got them I guess we would'nt have known till the bill came in. We will never use them again.

I just got finished watching "Undercover Boss" and felt inspired to write you a letter. I have just watched “Undercover Boss” on TV and I was inspired to write this letter to you. As a 1st year doctoral student of educational leadership and a woman of some experience, I was moved, (tears) to see an organization, who would be so interested in actually go undercover to investigate who is managing their business, being concerned about the people who make this whole thing run. The ethical values imparted in these people’s lives have been the main focus of your final decisions. I APPLAUD you SIRS!!! As a leader, who also believes in “Getting a connection with the people”, (I heard this said by the narrator of this particular show) I would like, at this time to offer my services to assist in your endeavors to increase employee involvement and incentives as an excellent strategy for increased production, especially in such a ever-changing societal/cultural environment. I have attached my resume, which highlights my ability, knowledge, technical, and communication skills. As an educator, for the past 25 years, I have developed programs for the Dept. of Corrections, (both male/female institutions), created the education dept. for the Columbia Care Center, (2003), which continues today, I have developed adult education programs, to include: Computer Application instruction, adult basic education, GED prep workshops, career development, just to name a few. I have a true love for the out-doors and flowers and am extremely interested in assisting your pursuit to change lives. If I can be of assistance to you and your organization, in a leadership capacity, please contact me at: morriswan@hotmail.com I would like an opportunity work with an organization, which is not afraid of change, are not strict to the old ways of doing business, are working with valuable human resources that are proud to be a part of such an outstanding organization. From what I see, you are doing everything right. Respectfully, Wanda Morrison

this is the worst florist i have ever dealt with ordered flowers on sat 5/26/12 went to visit my niece in hospital 5/29/12 still no flowers.Poor customer service will never use 18oo flowers again think this company should be investigated by authorities Kenneth Sharvin

i did read all your messages everybody and what i want to say: stop craying and start using your local florist if you want to have quility. you are the people who create those phillipins and guatemalas customers servise so be happy

I ordered flowers to be delivered to canada, The lady that took my order sounded like she Was sitting in a room in A foreign country! She could not understand A word I was saying. It took 35 minutes to finally Get everything right! By this point, I'm pissed off, Only to find out a few hours later via email , that They can not deliver my flowers to that area Because the have no florist they deal with. Very , very disappointed. They did give me a 25.00 Credit for future order.

When my mother in law called me, she should have been telling me,"thank you for the beautiful flowers!" Instead she said she was embarrassed to tell me that the flowers were near dead and full of ants! I called now 7 times and was told each time, once by a supervisor, that I would be getting an email showing 50% credit on my account and a $25.00 credit on my next order. Nope. Nothing. When I called saying i didnt' receive the email, one person said I would see the email in 10 minutes, the next person said 3 days, the next person said one week, the supervisor said "by tomorrow". That was 2 days ago. I'm now calling my credit card company and getting a FULL refund. I will NEVER use them again.

Worst site and customer service ever!!!! I am using FTD or a local florist in the future. I paid 150.00 for 2 personalized vases which were never rec'd. Just the flowers and they were late. 1 800 Flowers is awful. Customer service was in Guatamala and hard to understand. I would rather pick flowers out of my yard and put them in a coffee cup before using them ever again!!!

Please read the information listed with this order number. (4/28/2012) is W00431006282662) I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mom for mother's day. Ordered them for the day before to ensure that they arrived. THEY STILL HAVE NOT ARRIVED AND IT'S 3 DAYS LATER. I have spoke to 4 customer service people all who continue to mess up the order. The latest was Marilyn in billing this morning who apparently completed everything but the form that would actually get the flowers there. So I'm on hold now and I've been informed that the flowers will not be delivered today. They will be delivered tomorrow. 4 days late and my mom is not going to be home. As you can imagine I'm furious. I am also emailing all of my family and friends to let them know about your company and the lack of concern you seem to have for doing good business. I so far haven't even been able to speak to a supervisor although I've repeatedly asked. This is unacceptable. I will be letting every person I come in contact with know about how you run your business. It may not seem like a lot but I have quite a few family and friends who work on blogs and other sources of media. I have an aunt who has often used your service. This is the least I am able to do and yet it does not do anything for my mom not receiving flowers on her day. I live 3000 miles away from her and all I can do is plan ahead and send flowers but this time it was not enough because of the incompetence of your company we are STILL WAITING FOR THE FLOWERS TO ARRIVE. I'm now being told that I am not allowed to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor saying this to the woman who is on the phone with me is Tedireland. She stated that regardless of whether I speak to a supervisor or not the outcome will not change so I should just take my refund, the knowledge that my flowers will be delivered tomorrow and a 25% off coupon and get off the phone. What you need to understand is that that isn't good enough and I find it wildly inappropriate that this exchange is even happening. Plan on being reported to everyone I can report you too.

I bought flowers for my sister, she just gave birth to her first child. these flowers was for her first mothers day. I was told they couldn't be delivered on Sunday. so i said Monday would be okay.. Monday roller around, no flowers, I called and they said Tuesday, Tuesday rolled around and again no flowers. When I called the customer service number. after 20 minutes of talking to to the rep, and being lied to constantly, the rep told me that "this was ridiculous" (well i don't think she meant to tell me, I think she forgot to put me on mute)once the convo was winding down, she said she would credit my credit card 50%... I asked her what her agent number was and what her name was, and she provided me with a four digit agent number... I was catching a lot of attitude from this rep, so i decided to call back and see if I was credited the 50% once i called back i got a different rep, I asked to speak to a supervisor, and i was told that my number would be given to a supervisor and that i would get a call back. ( I figured that this was because she didn't want to deal with a disgruntled customer) so i said it wasn't acceptable, so she transferred me to another rep, who was not a supervisor (also was at a total other location) I talked to that rep. and asked her what she had on her notes.. I was told that my flowers were NOT in the schedule to be delivered on Wednesday, I was told that there was nothing about my card getting credited back 50%. So I was lied to by the one rep on 2 different occasions. I asked if i could get her agent number, and i was told that I would have to take it up with corporate. This is utterly ridiculous. Their customer service stinks, their florist are not reliable, and they lie to customers about refunds. Okay, I didn't receive my flowers twice when i was told, That can be dealt with, but to be lied to about being credited back 50%.. That's wrong. The last rep I talked to said she did credit my card 50%.. I hope that she did, She seemed to be a very polite professional rep. There are good reps who work for the company, unfortunately from my experience, It looks like for 1 good rep, there are 3 bad Reps.

1 star on this rating is too much - this is the second time this company has screwed up my order, so frustrated I just had to cancel. Last time for these guys, taking my business elsewhere.

I just spoke with a customer service representative from your call center in the Philippines. I would like to tell you how dissatisfied I am not only with the non-delivery of the Mother's Day flowers, but with the INSULTING attempt to resolve the problem. The automated "apology" is a joke--you offer to send the flowers, at full price to me, TWO DAYS after Mother's Day. For a company that specializes in "gifting," you must know that this is just wrong. I tried to speak to a supervisor to express my dissatisfaction, but after waiting on hold simply asked for a FULL REFUND. I intend post your sad apology and lame attempt at customer service to FACEBOOK. In fact, I intend to start a FACEBOOK page dedicated to all 1-800-FLOWERS customers who have had the same lack of respect from this company. I will obviously NEVER use 1-800-FLOWERS again, and spread the word as widely as possible. I understand that a company might drop the ball on an order. But here you added insult to injury by trying to keep my original payment and offer next-to-nothing in return. Now you have lost a customer (and likely many others) for good.

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