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The reason it is three stars is that all the items that I desire are slowly disappearing off the shelves in the Northport store. I could give you a list of items but the latest is just absolutely stupid. It appears that some idiot in the corporation has decided not to stock Campbell's Asparagus soup which has been a staple in my family since I was a kid of four and I am now 83. He has something against Asparagus soup because even the Stop and Shop brand is no longer there. My cats are a little upset also as there is no Beef items in the Indoor Purina line of canned cat food but that is another long story. I just went to the local IGA and found all the missing items that I have been told has been discontinued by Stop and Shop. I have to say that the other local stores are beginning to look a lot better.

I 'm writing to complain about the lack of a salad bar in the new stop and shop in north reading, I was told that people were complaining because it isn't healthy, Well, you have an open olive bar in that store, so if a salad bar, is unhealthy so is an olive bar,have both or have none, I really miss the salad bar and would like to have it it returned Thank you

I am writing to compalin about the STOP and Shop in Glendale Queens located at 64-66 Myrtle Ave, Glendale N.Y. 11385. Every year they do not clean the sidewalks when it snows, here it is 3 days after the snow fall and they have not even touched the sidewalks. The main street is a very active sidewalk and also a bus stop but you have to climb a mountain to at least 3 feet of snow. WHY< WHY WHY ?? The parking lot is cleaned does this mean that only people with cars are allowed to enter the store.I have also put in a complaint with the city and hopefully they get a BIG fine and learn a lesson. We all had to stand in the street to wait for our buses because we are no mountain climbers.

Today is De.23 and I just came from the Stop & Shop. They opened a giant store in the Clifton Commons in NJ a few years ago. Not long after opening they remoteled the store. That went on for months and the outcome? They added a Starbucks and reduced the stores inventory! On the side of the store where the Starbucks is they also took out the handicapped parking spaces! They blamed the Landlord for that one. This store seems to think the best time to re-stock is the day before a Holiday. The Sunday before Thanksgiving I had a choice of TWO fresh Butterball Turkeys. They ran out of regular size Crisco oil and the selection of pies was a joke. When I complained the manager told me they were getting a delivery the day before Thanksgiving! Same thing today. They're going to get a delivery tomorrow! I, like most women, will be cooking NOT shopping tomorrow! They also have started to eliminate cetain brands. If you think Muellers Elbow Macaroni is a standard for saled forget it! They no longer carry it. It's out of their rotation. The back of this store also had a terrible smell. The milk cases were never cleaned up so the smell of sour milk hit you in the face the minute you opened the door. The fish and Deli smelled like ammonia and sewerage. The employee's claimed that it was a Town problem. After a call to the Clifton Board of Health the smells went away and the dairy cases are now cleaned. The only reason I shop there is because the Pathmark in my town shut down after the A&P bought them out but rumor has it that the Shop-Rite is moving in. If this is true I will NEVER again shop at the Stop&Shop again! Right now I'm looking for a new market in which to shop! By the way if you complain to the headquarters they have the store manager call you and apologize but NOTHING changes!

We have been long standing customers of Stop and Shop for over thirty years and have been very impressed by your outstanding service and products. In particular we would like to highlight the Stop and Shop in Hudson, Massachusetts. Each of the department masnagers in every single department have gone out of their way to assist and give recommendations if asked. We have always stayed with Stop and Shop throughout the years due to this fact. Our compliments to each of the employees that work in this store. They each deserve special thanks. Thank you Stop and Shop for making our weekly grocery shoppping such a delightful experience!

West Babylon location customer for a long time. Is it unreasonable to ask that the check out personel make small conversation, eye contact and NOT be TEXTING !!!!! Please Managers have a sit-down with your people. Leave the cell phones in their lockers, or a long time customer will be forced to use another, which there are many, chain store. STOP THE TEXTING.........

Through my observations I have found that it's much to easy to steal product. I myself have not stolen anything but I have seen and noticed many possable ways to do so without ever getting caught and thats just as a customer. I'm sure if I was to have access to the areas that any given employee has that I would be able to find a number of many different ways to steal. i worked lose prevention for macy's in carlsbad CA and i was also in the Marine corps and I look at these things from a very tatical view. I would love to take these "talents" and put them to GOOD use but it seems that Stop & Shop thinks that they have it under control or they just dont seem to care enough. Eather way, I don't know. Thank You, Luc Baillareon 401-243-7344 luc_baillargeon@yahoo.com

There is an incredible, compassionate store manager located in the North Haven, CT Stop & Shop. I am a loyal shopper there and one day approached Mr. John Vergati if he would entertain the idea of allowing my students to take a tour of his store. Hi positive energy and positive public relations immediately shined through. He, of course, said yes. We set a date for the tour (today, Friday December 3rd) a few weeks ago. I was shopping earlier in the week and he approached me confirming my upcoming field trip. We verified the number of students. Today, my bus arrived at the store. 16 Kindergarten students walked in pairs into the store. We grabbed a carriage and placed our coats inside. I had Mr. Vergati paged by the head cashier. I saw him upstairs, he gave me a wave, and within a minute he came down the stairs loaded with green reusable bags, one for each of my students. Each bag had lots of goodies inside it. He handed me a Teacher packet and directed all of his attention to my students. He took them on an incredible tour of the store, showing them all the departments. He introduced my students to each dept manager, who explained their dept and their job. Mr. Vergati listened intently to each of my students' questions and responded to them with incredible patience and knoweledge. My students loved their tour, and especially the great job done by their personal head tour guide, Mr. Vergati. My students were treated (in my honest opinion) just like, if not better than paying customers. Mr. Vergati went above and beyond my expectations for a field trip to a grocery store. In past years, I've taken students to other grocery stores in the area, but this Stop & Shop grocery store field trip tops the list. There has not been any other store that is even a close second to this field trip. On behalf of my students, I would like to extend a genuine "Thank you" to Mr. Vergati and the entire team at the North Haven, CT Stop & Shop.

well all of you that shop there should go and see the manager there and tell them how you fell and then find out where the corp office are and send them your complaints and pAT GET A LAWERY AND SUE THEM FOR YOU ARM

Stop and shop are all full of it all they care about is nothing not you at all , all they care is them so do not shop there

S&S advertises that they will not be undersold on turkeys, they say in their circular that they will honor any competitors advertised price or coupon. In my area we have Shop Rite with a purchase of $300 within certain dates will give you a free house brand turkey or $1.19 off any name brand turkey. So I shopped at S&S saved my receipts and brought in the coupon from the ShopRite circular, S&S has Butterballs on sale this week for .99/lb. I'm thinking ok free turkey at S&S as I have the coupon from the ad my receipts and I have done it many years in the past. Well without any disclaimers in their ad or signs in the store they are NOT HONORING their word in the ads. They will only sell you a turkey at .47/ lb. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. They have duped me and I'm sure other loyal S&S customers with their lies and their bait and switch tactics. You can be sure they will no longer be my grocery store of choice nor will I encourage any frineds or relatives to shop there.


I have been working with stop n shop for five years and i only make 11 dollars an hour i still do the same job how long must we work here before we get a hand up on the job you continue to take our raise away and want to enforce so many rules show us some appreciation every once in a while you guys dont have to worry about it cause unlike us you dont live pay check to paycheck if it werent for the economy i would have quit give us more then five percent off products ooooooooo a whole five cent shows how much you guys care for us. you all are making millions but wont help us out if it werent for us you wont succeed as much as you do corporate sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big time, no drinks at the registers you stand there and see how it feel talking to every customer and not having a drink, have your sweaters under your shirt what if we get hot we have to take everything off just to take off the sweater sorry we dont have a dest and can wear the sweater over our uniform you should make sweaters with your logos on them then and the stupid aprons at the register have you all ever rang groceries with it on how it pulls on your neck and make your neck have so much pain and as soon as you take it off you get yelled at to put it back on yall should shove it.....!!!!!!!!!!! and the stupid mats on the floor at the registers it makes pressure points on your feet and it hurts you stand there for six hours and see yall need to make so changes i seen many people quit cause of yall demands but you start off with 775 and hour grow up u make alot of money so you care for us give us a raise a bonnus or something damn yall are so cheap you living large and yet still watch us suffer living pay check to pay check no benefits cause its part time work wow really i hope GOD has mercy on you all cause you know its not right and will reap what you soe and make stop and shop jackets so we dont look stupid with our jackets under our shirts!!!!! so its convienent when we get hot or cold we can save time duhhhhh!!!

I have been a Stop & Shop customer for quite a few years and have generally had a good experience shopping in your sores. A couple of months ago my family and I moved and the nearest Stop & Shop is the one on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, MA. On several occasions as I checked out the cashier threw my change into my hand as if they were afraid to come into contact with the hand of a person who was not white, like they are. I do not know, nor do I wish to know the personal quirks of the people employed by Stop & Shop to represent them to the public. If this was a single incident I could chalk it up to youth or ignorance. However since this has occurred in that particular store on more than one occasion, I have to assume that there was a failure on the part of management to properly train and moniter their staff. Since this is the Stop & SHore closest to my home I will no longer be a Stop & Shop customer. I will shop for me and my family's needs at other markets.

I am disappointed in the manner of how the Risk Management group handled my accident that occurred at the Stop & Shop store in Enfield. while the Store personnel were very good - I felt the associate assigned to investigate my accident was rude and very uncaring about what happen. I asked that Stop & Shop cover the medical expenses that I had to pay out of pocket for broken arm I suffered, yet the risk management associate rudely informed that since I could not prove what I slipped on, Stop & Shop was not liable, and owed me nothing. I requested a copy of the report, but again I was told they don't give a copy to any one but a Lawyer if I decided to sue. I guess I have to keep trying to go up te ladder & see if a supervisor can help me out.

I would like to say I am from Nantucket and have shoped at your store since you move in there, but in the last few years you have taken a product that I and a lotta Nantucket people look for off the shelf . It is Sugarfree Soymilk,made by Silk. I have been buying it for about 14 years ,and now I'm told you can't get it. Come on I was in Maine last month and they had it.I was in Albany NY and they had it. What gives???? i HAVE HAD ONE of your Employees who has been tryin also,and you run Him around. I am Dietbetic and wish you could return this product back on the shelf. Thank You Hartley

so i was an employee until last week. i was fired. heres why: i was harrassed and physically threatened both on and inside stop and shop property. at the time i was in pajamas early morning about to shop. well instead of fighting w a customer in the parking lot i sought help from a manager. haha wrong choice due to the fact that i was an employee. i was immediatly disregarded. 3 times i told keith the mgr that i am a customer and i am also the one who sought help from being attacked. well my side went unheard and i was kicked out of the store within 2 min of the manager being involved. later that afternoon troy kotch the store gm #877 lyons nj, called my home phone to te;ll me i was not allowed to work come in or on the property and thank you for my time spent there. huh? wtf is this. once again i was not allowed to say my side of the story... now keep in mind that i have witnesses on my behalf both employees and customers as well as inside and outside the parking lot. yet i went unheard. thanks stop and shop for protecting me, guess money outweighs morals and decency.

I shop at Stop and Shop in Revere, Ma. The Stop and Shop Paper towels were just as good as the high priced ones. The last time I bought them they are like toilet paper. What happened?? Poor quality for the same price. Seems thats all you can expect lately from Stop and Shop. Market Basket here I come.

The problem presented is reoccurring. I find it extremely uncomfortable to check out in the Stop and Shop in Washingtonville, NY. I've spoken with the managers several times about the issue and it continues to persist. When I go shopping I do not expect that I am suppose to bag my groceries and then lift them off the counter and put them into the shopping cart. It seems that some of the cashiers don't know the extent of their job duties because I've been told more than once that I need to put my bags in the shopping cart. Years ago, cashiers bagged the groceries and put them in the carts and then said THANK YOU. Today, we don't even get a thank you. I am so disappointed and feel at this point in time that I don't know what to do. Every time I go to check out I become nerveous and start to worry about the cashier giving me an attitude for not bagging and then telling me to get my groceries off the counter. I have a good relationship with the people in the store and I live in this community. I don't want to be labeled as the "PITA" and then have the employees turn against me. The people that work there are nice. However, I believe your company needs to start clearly outlining your policies and job duties to your employees. Maybe you can start a public relations type situation where you can advertise that when the consumer comes shopping they can relax, let us (Stop and Shop) take care of you. The American people are working very hard today. VERY HARD. And then they all come into the store and bag their own orders and I hear them telling the cashiers thank you. WE have got this all in reverse. Your employees are suppose to bag and put the groceries in the cart and say THANK YOU. Because really without us they wouldn't be working. It is very convenient for me to shop at your store and I like going there and talking to the people in the produce department, dairy, and the meat department. But, I can't continue to do so with this uncomfortable situation. I think the other major flaw and reason for this problem is that you also need to redesign your check out counters so it is easier for the cashiers to scan and bag and put the groceries in the cart. Maybe you need to look at how BJs sets up their counters. Somethings got to give here.

I am really upset I shop using Peapod becuase I am an elderly handicapped person, my last order included a piece 1/4 of watermelon. I had so looked forward to this treat however my deisre turned to disgust when I found the watermelon had been placed i n a plasticc shopping bag not even wrapped, how unsanitary is this ? I called the peapod 800 number and received no satisfaction just I will make a note of this. I threw the watermellon out and after this I do not intend to shope either via Peapod or at Stop and Shop again. I feel that if a piece of watermelon was so carelssly handled what else is going on behind the scenes. I don't want to know and no m,ore orders will be placed with Peapod. Joyce G.

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