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stop and shop prices are high

Their prices are too high at "my stop and shop"

stop and shop bake beans

The stop and shop baked beans are terrible, I can't pass gas when I eat them!!!!

Hour Cuts

Stop-N-Shop hires too many employees. It takes hours away and they should do something about it. If I get fired for no reason I will file a lawsuit to the company.

Horrible Customer Services

The Stop and Shop in both Union, NJ and Somerset, NJ are / were led by a manager named Jeff Reuter. He is a horrible manager-unprofessional/low class. His employees follow suit with the same type of horrible customer service. Let the buyer be aware! Stay away from both!

prices are too high

their prices are too high!

The Stop & Shop store in Nanuet NY is always out of something -especially the "specials" advertised in the flyer. This flyer is usually in the Thursday or Friday local paper and by Sunday they are out of the advertised specials. It also takes weeks before they replenish some of their other items.

Lately been disappointed in the Gas Rewards program. Most extra rewards items are pet foods, baby items, female products, or junk food. Less options. Have decided to split my shopping with other stores in my area (Cape Cod). Also annoyed by the placement of POPULAR and sale items (including the freezer dept.)on the top shelf, especially stacking glass jars on top of each other, or unavailable packages after the first two are chosen. Some of us women are not 6ft. tall!

Gas Issues

The employees at the Stop and Shop in Pomona are courteous and friendly. I shop the sales which are often priced very well. Otherwise prices are a bit high comparatively to other stores. My main complaint has nothing to do with the store but with the Shell stations that always tell you there are fewer gas rewards on you card than there really are. Someone should look into the fraud on the part of the Shell stations.


I sick of the high prices at stop and shop. They don't have what I want half of the time, and I will no I shop at Price Rite, Price Chopper, and Waimart for my shopping needs.

your prices are too high

Stop and shop prices are too high every time I head into the store, the prices keep going up and up.

What does an employee have to do to get paid for vacation? This is the third time I have put in notice of vacation more than a month in advance and not received the vacation pay on time.

Lack of knowledge

Some of stop and shop in Rhode Island like the one in Johston, manton and Cranston are not aware of the manufactur coupons that read redemable at and the coupons that read only at. They need to get knowledge of coupons and get with the program. More people are using coupons now.


I am truly amazed the Glastonbury Blvd store is surviving. Each time I go in and it is rare now........there is possibly ONE register open and others are all self serve! Seriously S&S, when will you wake up to find that customers are not going to stand for your high prices and yet cash themselves out and bag their own groceries. Never ever again will I enter your store. So many better places to shop!

Old, dirty store - why

I want to shop at your Paramus store , the workers are nice but they are not remodelers nor can they make this old old store look good or even clean. This is a very good town but your store is rather empty as the competition they face is such that if you care at all you will not just patch but redo the Paramus store. Dedicated workers are not miracle workers and the store needs a miracle.


the cleaniness of the store just before you go in s awful, it turns me off--if you can"t keep that clean what are they doing with the food. the rest was very clean. the deli department is another thing---the slicing machines are filthy have not been cleaned in weeks--the health department should see that.won't buy cold cuts there


My father had a stoke, and now mother-inlaw has leukemia . Why can't I get closer to home . 29yrs with the company

No Paper Bags

I and many other customers are sick of Stop and Shop never having paper bags in the store that I shop in (#558 Northport NY). If they keep it up I will go to King Kullen or Trader Joes which always have paper bags.

Where is the Coffee Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No produce

Ok its Saturday one of the busiest days of the week for grocery shopping and at 11:45am there was very little produce to be had. No potatoes, no red bell peppers, no romaine lettuce, no cucumbers! I asked the cash register girl and her response was a shrug and a "I dun no, maybe the produce guy is out". I think it is time to take my business elsewhere...Stop & Shop makes Waldbaum's and the Biggest Banana look good.

plastic bags

the new plastic bags are better.

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