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Poor service

The last time we visited our Collinsville Taco bell drive-thru we were very disappointed with the quality of the food, which is very unusual for Taco Bell. Almost everything seemed to be old and the lettuce on the tacos were completely wilted, but our biggest concern was the refried beans my husband ordered. Not only were they not hot, they were ICE cold. They obviously came straight from the refrigerator to me. I wrote the manager 2 times requesting our money back, but was ignored both times. That shows extremely poor customer service. We used to go to Taco Bell very often, but we have not been back since, and I doubt we ever will go there again.


this is not the number for their corporate hq ....

pissed off

I worked for 12 yrs and franchise buyout they let me go now for some reason i cant get a job at a franchise ive tried 2 stores not even owned by you know who, but whats sad is i wasnt even interviewed by these people.Also you didnt say thank you or heres a severance package for your great service.Thanks to you im in the poor house.I have nothing left.

I am very ticked off.. The Taco Bell in Kentucky I ordered 8 Steak Burritos, with extra onions... I only got Beef burritos and NO onions.. I spent $22.67 for these...

Where's the Fruitista

I was soooo disappointed to not be able to get the mango/strawberry Fruitista. It was the best drink ever! What happened and when will you get it back again? Love the crispy tacos and the drink just set it off.

Taco Bell Closing in Lakeside

As of July 9th, 2014, Taco Bell in Lakeside, CA 92040 is closed (for remodeling, so they say). Now if I want my 7-layer burrito or Nacos supreme I have to go to El Cajon or Santee. When will the Taco Bell in Lakeside reopen??


I went to Taco Bell on 9 mile Rd in Eastpointe Michigan and they gave me the wrong order and when I tried to get the right order the manager refused to help me in any way shape or form!

bell burgers

Does anyone working here remember the bell burgers y'all used to make in the 1960s that was sold for .19? I didn't come along until later, so never tried this, but would like to see it make a comeback and try it also. Just a little suggestion...and I'm sorry to see all these negative reviews, but you really can't please everyone..thanks..


i order a toco salade and 3 toco supreams the salad ad rice in it so i call the complant office and she you could order it with out rice i told her i have been a coustmer before the toco dog came i have 5 of them still in the packeg as good as new thank her for telling how to get the old toco salad like i remember oh this was in north 98 in lakeland ,florida


Taco Bell in Hillside, NJ. The slushie machine is always down especially during the happy hour times 2pm-5pm. I've been there Atleast 3 times in 2 weeks and the machine was down. I was also given a total .20 cent more than what was advertised on the menu. When I asked about that the drive thru cashier told her manager and they both brushed me off.


I went to the Taco Bell in Albany, CA and the employees are rude with major attitude. One of the employees was eating a piece of chicken by the cash register while customer's are waiting. How unprofessional is that!!!!!!!

Long wait

I was at the Taco Bell at 23 and 59 in hartland Michigan. I was stuck in the line so I could not get out but waited over 20 minutes in the drive thru. It may have even be longer. This is unacceptable!


iits not so much of a review but back when you first serve breakfast you had a great white gravy that whent over the buritto I say bring it back and offer it for your breakfast now I yet to have tried the new breakfast menu but will soon


Well let me start by saying I love Taco Bell it's been around since I can remember . The service at the Taco Bell I go to is great,the servers are nice and pleasant and very efficient . I wanted to suggest forgetting about breakfast and bring back the bell Berger , and a chili dog ,stick with lunch and dinner . When I think of Taco Bell I don't think breakfast unless I want a burrito or menudo and that does happen . The complaints on here are reticules and a complaint without a solution doesn't help ,I hope you will be around a long time

Something needs to be done!!

I went to the taco bell on lehigh street in Bethlehem pa. and the service was poor, the dining area was very dirty, and the restroom was unsanitary. It seemed as thou there were only two people working while the rest stood around chit-chatting with the manager.


the tacobell in Niagara falls blvd in Niagara falls treat some workers bad.the general manager is the main individual that makes fun of the workers physical appereance.i as a customer felt very uncomfortable listening to the comments and the way the worker was treated.the management is terrible and very discriminating in many ways.this matter should be looked into for its not right,the general manager is the main problem.

half eaten taco Jacksonville Phillips hwy fl

I have taken pictures of the food I ordered and someone has literally took a bite out of the taco. I called the store manager for her to tell me she fixed me order herself.. ive tried to call corporate but of course number is bad.. I've turned this over to an attorney. . Absolutely disgusting.

Trotwood, Ohio Worker Abuse by Manager

Was trying to eat at Taco Bell today at Noonish, when I walked in to see a Manager screaming and belittling a young female worker right in front of a Customer. The worker ran out crying her eyes out..I find this to be really horrible and will never eat there again.


- bring back border bowls - cheesy crunchy gordita with dorito taco plz


My gf and I went too the one in Del Mar, we waited 15 min before our order and then one lead managers said I can't give you a refund on your order, we were angry and then they gave us the wrong number for the Main Manager who couldn't even pick up his phone cuz he said he was on a date. Finally they gave us the money back after I said to my gf lets call the cops!! Out of respect, I would like too get a gift card or something for this rude behavior and not being loyal to thier customers.

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