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Forign object in Appetizer

We've always enjoyed our casual dining at TGI Friday's, unfortunately had to put stop to it. After chewing down on a pushpin, yes PUSH PIN in spinach dip. I normally don't write any negative reviews on any restaurant but I am writing this since it is concern to everyone's safety. All I can say be careful when ordering food here, if it was found once, it can be found again.

Cross contamamintion

I encountered a problem there. In my husbands food was a date sticker cooked in with his chicken. The manager gave us half price on one meal but I feel like our hole check should have be fee. For the reason that it was cross contamination with our food.

Non payment for School Benefit Night

Our school hosted a benefit night through a family dinner at TGIF in Linden, NJ on Thursday, February 13, 2014. As of this posting Chris, Manager at this location has negated to issue our check. We had a very large turnout for the event. I contacted corporate headquarters twice who intern told me that they are escalating the matter. Today is June 19, 2014. How long does it take to be compensated for a community fundraiser?


My son works at Friday's 1511 and I have a concern. It was brought to my attention that a server does the schedule at this store not a MANAGER. I don't understand how that is fair. If I was to do my own schedule I would give myself the best shifts. Obviously you need new managers that can do their job. I heard that the GM does nothing at this store but set at the bar and drink all the time. A schedule should be based on performance not seniority.

I loved working at the T.G.I. Friday's on Omaha, Nebraska; but it was shut down in mid-October 2013. Which, for a 17-year-old who worked there for over a year, felt like my family was broken. Would really love it if you opened it back up and let the staff prove it was/is a good place!

2 for $!0

ok all the TGIF in St. Louis mo. and St. Charles Mo are not offering this one so dont go to any of these they are franchised owned dont have to offer it. Only the one owned by corporate, which really stinks!!!! They really stayed away from offering this one they felt they would lose to much money oh well thats my last visit to fridays, I liked Applebees and Longhorn sooo much better anyway:}

False Advertising

The commercials are advertising the sizzling chicken on the 2 for $10 menu. I went to the restaurant to order it and the waitress told me that the commercial is deceiving. That special isn't really offered. Wow!!!

TGIF Corona

George, Kitchen Mgr. Is Fantastic; when he's responsible For the Restaurant, he's out there with Customers! Wonderful Customer Service to All!!!


Sir/Madam, Please read your reviews of the location at 484 8th Avenue, NYC Someone is asleep at the wheel!!!


I see why allot of Fridays are closed . I was in Tampa by the Fridays close to university mall and will never ever visit another Fridays. The food was not hot and it took forever to get it . They had one food runner it was pretty funny just to watch this pitiful place try to operate. TO MUCH TO EVEN MENTION HERE !! BYE FRIDAYS !!

worst experience ever!

Walked up to my server badmouthing us and asked to speak to a manager. What we got in return is coupons for our next visit , burnt food and no concern from cooperate.

If you are white, they don't wait on you or are very rude. We live in a very nice gated neighborhood and most of the neighbors I have talked to have experienced the same this is the restaurant located on Winchester in Memphis


Went in to eat mouth fix for my regular jack daniel strips with a Cobb salad. I arrive around eleven thirty on a Sunday half hour before closing and a bartender tells me the kitchen closes at eleven!! Really, can't imagine the owners really stay open to midnight only to tell customers the kitchen Is close sorry. .

Customer service

Poor customer service, manager forgat to place my to go order. Made me wait for 10 min so she can bring me corporate phone number. Never ever come back again to any Fridays

steak fajitas

Very poor effort to make steak fajitas. The onions, and peppers weren't even grilled, more like steamed. There were 10 times as many onions as there were peppers. Just a very poor fajita and a very poor attempt to make the meal!!! You might want your cooks to try fajitas somewhere else so they can get them right!!!!!

Wonderful experience

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah I have been to Friday's several times and have had many pleasant experiences. The staff is always friendly, the food is great. I keep coming back. I personally would recommend it to friends, and family.

Friday's Huber heights oh

We ate there on Saturday the first words out of the waitresses mouth was we are on a limited menu. It's was the worst steak I've ever had in my life they took the meal away comped the fries and left me with the bill for a meal you couldn't eat bad restaurant

Each time I buy a cocktail at TGIF store in woodland hills ca constantly they serve old limes usually leftover from days Needles to say it is Wrong , for ever I get that kind of service at that Place it is disgusting I hope you will relate to it and fix that problem as I customer I deserve better service Tnx. Sam

Situation beyond control

Manager tried to charge my childs credit card because 10 of the 15 people she was with( of only one she new) ran out on the bill. Don't they have cameras and one of the people wrecked their car which should still be on the side of the street. GO GET TAG NUMBER!!!!MANAGER. Calling corporate first thing Monday morning. Sad thing is my child LOVES tgiFriday's

Food Poisoning

One family member visited for lunch last week in Springfield, MO. 1-1/2 hr after eating a hamburger, severe vomiting and diarrhea ensued lasting 2 days. Not good! Thinking the meat needs to be checked.

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