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So pissed

I went to the subway in Keego Harbor and then the one in Waterford neither one of them have tea or large drinks it's been more than three weeks get your act together subway

Horrible Valentine Day Experience

I will put it this way, I will never go back to the Northern Suffolk Subway off Bridge Rd. EVER again!!!!!! I tried to call the corporate office to tell them about my experience and maybe they are closed on Saturday, but I would really appreciate them to respond to this comment at least. Made the start to Valentine's Day horrible!!!!!


Went to subway and refuse my $10 bill saying that the bank will not accept it so I left


I went to subway and got an BMT and they put 2 slices of ham on the foot long, when I asked the worker she told me that was how she was trained to do it. I say why bother with the meat and just make it a veggie sandwich but could they charge less than the 7 bucks come on!

what is franchise owner to cheap to remove snow

How can a franchise owner get away with out doing snow removal in la junta colorado. I see other locations have sidewalks and driveways all clean except for the la junta, co location.... it fits right in with this dead town no one cares any more so subways here fits right in..

cant get free birthday cookies

well I signed up for the reward points . one subway in Greensboro n.c told me they didn't have scanning for the cards . then it says I get free birthday cookies . but not how to claim them . store owners tell me they don't know how to redeem offer

false advertising

the free cookies that come with rewards card are impossible to get


Waited in line 20 min had to leave only one guy behind counter just complained how tired he was gave a girl free cookie for waiting but none of the guys. 5 people in line 2 people besides me walked out at location happy valley Oregon sunnyside road will never go again this has happened to me twice


Please use your common sense. Employees can't read your ever changing mind.

yall suck

The owners piss me off

the subway in Onalaska Tx, is horrible the employees are rude but the worst is the General Manager the place is always dirty and nothing is ever fresh.

rude employees

went in to pick up 3 sandwiches and i was not greeted with a happy face or a welcome to subway. the 3 employees behind the counter were slouched over and throwing food back into the containers if they put to much on my sandwich the store # is 4685 on 62nd ave in st petersburg fl. i will never go back and i will spread the word around


IN PAYSON AZ, They have a subway in walmart. Don't go eat at that restaurant..... The staff is rude and honestly I will nevet go back.

The Subway on Chrysler drive in perrysburg is the worst subway I've ever been to. There amployees don't know what they're doing and the supervisor Sarah is rude and nasty. I will never go to subway again

lazy store

Sidewalks need shoveled!! 72 hrs since it snowed.

Subway international

Are family allowed to work in the same restaurant?

subway 3695 cascade rd, atlanta, ga

they keep food past it's expiration date for almost over a week. If it expires on a Friday it won't get thrown out until that Friday or even Saturday. They do not check their food temperatures. They have roaches and flies that come through the back door. The owners are money hungry, and unprofessional. The owner has even cheated on his wife with employees before.


The store in Sudbury, MA (only store) must have changed hands because there seem to be new owners working and the quality of meats has dramatically changed for the worse. Really cheap and poor quality. won't go back.


I went online to fill out the satisfaction survey and its not accepting yesterdays date could you send me a coupon for the free cookie Larry Hutchins 310 21st street Spirit Lake Ia 51360

Incompetence or trying to steal money?

Subways in Medical Center Houston TX. It has happened more than once to me where the cashier tries to make you believe that they have already given you your change. When I have asked them for the change, they act as though they had a brain freeze and then suddenly they remember and say oops sorry. What the heck! What's the deal! I have refrained from being rude but if it is happening to me it must be happening to many others.

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