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I used to always go to steak and shake until you got rid of probably the best shake there. Bring back the butter pecan shakes!! The food is very good. Service on the other hand could be better.


I am sorry you have to show how good ur burgers are with a guy making him self better than the other or when he hits him or pushes him to be less than him . I think you need to change ur add due to is showes over powering another human n not tasteful le with all the school shooting n now knifing so just need to change it


Got a to go order, got home and drank half my milkshake to find a hair in it. Very nauseating. Probably will not go back


Drive-up service was not very good at the Big Hollow store in Peoria. The young lady was obviously not trained well and her uniform had the appearance of having been slept in forever. This is a training and management issue. The Steak & Shake has fallen and it is attributed to management. Until this is remedied this business will continue to slikde. It is a shame because you have a good product.

bad service

The worst service.. Your ignored when you come in you wait forever for someone to seat you ,employees seem unhappy. Potential customers walk out for the lack of service food come out cold, or not what you ordered,you wait just as long to pay. Where are the managers they should be visible making sure everything id running smooth....shame on you steak and shake in cape coral Florida not s nice place to eat anymore

Mother of a Waitress

It seems that the older employees are unfair to the newer ones. My daughter comes home every night complaining about how the older workers give her (a newer worker) the harder sidework, requireing her to stay extra late after her shift, doesn't get a break (the older ones do) and was not properly trained. If this is how Steak and Shake treats their employees, I can only imagine how unfairly they treat the customers.

Slow, very slow service..employees have attitudes as if you are putting them out of there way..expect to wait 15 min after you are seated for a waitress. This is my third time at this location..store #452 in Coral Springs, Florida...last time I"ll go there and that's a shame cause I love the food and it's close

Over it!!

Something wrong with my order EVERY time I go!! I sent a text to "corporate" 12 days ago. No response. Same damn problem tonight at a different location. OVER IT!!! I will start driving out I'd my way to Wendy's!

Does it get any better

This is the best place I know to go for a stake burger and the coldest shakes in the world.Great place to dine.Brings back the old dinner and malt shop days.

rude service

The waitress offered to make our food due to a situation and the manger comes out starting a big long argument about why she shouldn't.

Need Good Organization

Great food love eating here, but every time we go there the tables are stacked with dirty dishes and we have to wait for someone to clean off the tables before we can be seated. It makes the place look dirty. The staff needs help and a bus-boy to clear the tables. Staff need just one person who is organized. They lack organization.

Food and cleanliness

The Restaurant on Hacks Cross in Memphis Tn. The food was poorly made not as shown on menu. The store is an accident waiting to happen, floors were so slick I slipped and nearly fell. That was a law suit avoided (barely). This place needs WORK!



Lousy service

The food was okay but the service was nothing. After our food came out, our waitress informed us she was going on break but just grab another server if we needed anything. We waited over a half hour for shakes to go and then were informed that there was quite a line in front of our order. Needless to say, we treated the kids to shakes elsewhere where our money was appreciated.

pizza burger bust..!!

Wanted pizza burger but they say you must have the pizza sauce.. wanted without..? Bad sell you save money less ingredients.. Used Rro be favorite place..?


I love the steak n shake in mobile on schillingers. Try are friendly. Yeah due to the increase in costumers it was a little wait on getting food but it was still good. I think y'all should construct one in Gulfport ms or Biloxi. Somewhere a little closer to home :) please and thank you.

Lousy service

SNS on Chippewa in St. Louis Mo needs to train their employees on servicing consumers. We recently visited them, was seated quickly bit waited 20 minutes or longer to get a drink and have our order taken only to get cold coffee and wrong soda. Then were told if we wanted Country Skillets it would be an addtl 15 minutes as they were out of biscuits, gheez!! We just decided to leave and go to Denny's instead. May not be going back to SNS anytime soon, maybe not at all!!

These places are a JOKE!

I am writing in reguards to store #598 Madison Hts Michigan This store is SO FILTHY!!! The food is rarely hot. It's always a LONG wait, not only to get what you order but to even get noticed!!! The menus are so dirty I refuse to touch them. Shakes rarely come before your food.

Please rush to review

The Srake and Shake at 12921 Sheldon Rd Tampa fl is horrifically operated. Long waiting list with empty and un-bused tables. No one will make eye contact to avoid any acknowledgement of increasing clients. Please fix.

Carmel drive indiana location was not serving breakfast at1am. They were not ready. Westfield location was fantastic food was good . 96th grey road location was terrible, biscuits and gravy were awful, took two minutes to make, and it tasted like it. Gravy was water

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