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No stars/No service

Not bad service. NO service. Walk in. No one on the floor. Lady at cash register waiting on a customer. Someone at the grill. Someone behind counter talking to a friend at the counter. A customer standing in the middle of room trying to find an employee to bring his food out (food was at the window). I waited to be seated. No greeting. No "we'll be right with you." I finally left.

job stander

My daughter work at your store in Goshen IN and they work her 9 hour today and did not give her a break at all this is on called for

Customer Service

the cooks were slow, no management came to speak or say the reason why our food was slow coming out. wait staff was worried about cleaning then customers. corp need to retrain there managers and the wait staff.

Evansville Store East side

Sunday 7/13/14 When first walking in the floors were very dirty. Not the kind of dirt that just needed mopped, but the kind that needed deeply scrubbed. Dust and particles of stuff on dividers between seats. The bathroom was awful. Smelled like week old vomit. Needs a lot of attention!

{Poor attitude

Went to Steak and Shake Solon Ohio, The young girl working drive thru had a very bad attitude. When I handed her the money to pay I gave her the correct change she dropped the coin outside the window, wasn't sure which coin she dropped, went to hand me my shake had yuck all running down the side, then asked me to give her the penny that she dropped. Are you kidding me, she dropped it not me. Dug in the car for another penny then gave me my bag and said nothing and shut the window. No receipt was given to me. I'm won't go back there is no concern for the product coming out the window or customer service.

Slave owners

Steak 'n Shake really need to do better from the head executives to the trashy looking managers. My family and I ate at the Steak 'n Shake n Plainfield IN. Why is it that my server went from seating me and greeting me at the door to taking my order to bringing my food to taking my money at the register to busing my table?What kind of restaurant has one person to do all these things? You all have your servers bust their butts. I have never seen a restaurant slave their worker like that. I honestly felt bad for the server because she was trying her hardest and the manager just sat there and watch her do all his dirty work. Honestly that Steak 'n Shake need to be closed down. Never in my life I would waste another thirty minute to eat a cold burger and frozen fries. Their management team is horrid. Poor little server. I thought about letting my son work at a Steak 'n Shake but honestly I wouldn't even put that ridiculousness and foulness on my worst enemy.

If i do such a horrible job and I look so horrible then fire me.

You call this a hamburger?

Worst hamburger I have ever had. I ordered a simple plain hamburger with lettuce tomato and onion. When I got home I got a flat over cooked burnt piece of meat, 1/2 the size of the bun on a greasy bun with No lettuce tomato of onion as I ordered. This is my second time trying Steak and Shake and will never go back again. This was the Worst hamburger I have ever had!!! I wouldn't even call it a hamburger. It was trash!! And they forgot to give me my French fries as well!

Very dissatisfied

Went to Steak 'n Shake located on Government St in Mobile ,AL.. Fries were not fresh and out burgers looked thrown together. Not worth my money at all.


Why be open 24 hours if you never serve customers! Always a excuse..... It was 3:47 am not busy at all. They cant make coffee til 6:30 and she couldn't take orders because the in the back ground saying omg ugh!!! Then she goes on to say there coupon machine is broke not sure what that is but just another excuse!!! This is at the Louisville Ky Steak and Shake on Dixie Hwy. YOU ALL LOSING ALOT OF MONEY!!

Somebody stole my phone at the store.

Today I was in store # 355 in Tallahassee at 11:52 am and the food was very good, after finished eating went to pay and left. But thirty minutes after I realized I forgot my cell phone on the table quickly call the store and answered a young man asked if they had found my phone and the young man told me not something that is impossible because I did not stop anywhere else because I live in pensacola and just stop there to eat with my sister and my niece. My waitress was Emily and there was another young and skinny girl as a waitress so that any two of them had to clean the table, pick up the tips and i know for sure one of them saw the phone and clear stole my phone because I'm sure that I left the phone on the table. I'm so disappointed because whenever I pass thru Tallahassee always stopped at steak and shake but with people who doesn't have integrity and are capable of stealing a customer is unacceptable. I'm very upset because I use my phone for bussines purposes and is very sad know how people are now.

Regular Customer /and business 0wner

All the good servers gone terrible service been coming in this place for at least four years looking to buy my own restaurant.. always set at( table #12) sorry this place will lose money..

lawrence ks store

The store is dirty. THE WHITE Tile are gray looks like the floor has not been mopped is a very long time Store smells like old grease. when you walk in .. The biscuits are as hard as a rock. STAFF is too busy horsing around to take care of business.

Steak 'n Shake Brunswick Ga.

Terrible service, dirty Resturant. No courtesy Or welcome to customers.Very disappointing . We eat at Steak n Shakes in Florida /Ga.A lot. But this ace was horrible.Please clean it up and get nice hospitable workers there please.We love Steak n Shake. Sincerely , Jerry

Way to GO!! S&S

Was in to S&S today )7/24 Breakfast) and the service was a little slow but the server and food were great. The manager was a happy man and his staff reflected his happiness. Food was hot and tasted good. I will return.


At the Southaven Mississippi location 253 our order was totally messed up. When we took it back inside we were blamed for the order being wrong. Never experienced such unprofessionalism and bad customer service. We had to wait another 20 minutes for a correct order. Will never go back again.

poor establishment

Went to the restaurant and there was no actually, twice the waitress didnt bring the correct amount of utensils for our table, another waitress cursed in front of my kids, the booth was nasty and not cleaned, the ketchup bottle was nasty and it took 30 mins to get our food. Absolutely ridiculous! !!!


I ate at this S&S last year and it was fine. My hubby and I went Sunday July 27.14 and the meat was greasy, gray, slightly pink inside and not even a formed patty-there were pieces of burger on the grease soaked bun. The bun actually dripped! The only thing I had on mine was cheese and grilled onions (these were not sliced but in square pieces and looked old. My shake was melted. My husband's salad was a "de-constructed" salad,a pile of diced old looking tomato,dried up carrot slices, and black edged Romaine lettuce that was gritty. When we got home I started feeling sick. I upchucked till 2:30 am and got a terrible headache and hot and sweaty spells. I will never eat at any Steak & Shake again.No manager seemed to be available that we could see and it was hard enough requesting relish mustard for my husband's burger so we just left after we paid. Very disappointed. :-(


poor service, burn't burger, very greasy, don't recommen.

Was in S&S in Vvandalia,Ohio. 2 people in booths and had to wait to get served! Observed marshmallow on seat and floor. Had to wait while she WIPED off our table! 3 servers, 1 manager and 2 cooks! Floors needed to be swept. Really people? We had to wait for every little thing. What's the deal? Should've goneto Wendy's!

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