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store 616

I give store 616 a zero. I wait 30 mins in the drive thru before they ask me order . a other 30 waiting to pay food was just thrown in the bag . I will let everyone I know don't go to this store .

Need new management

Corporate needs to clean house. They do not know a good application and how to higher good management

Casselberry Florida location

Totally disappointed


There is not structure in that restaurant. If I was to rate my experience, I would give it a 3. #Steak N Shake on South Boulevard

rediculus bad service

We walked in on Sat morning. waitress looked at us and walked the opposite directon. we seated ourselves in the same booth we have for 14 years. The waitresses were behind the station looking out amoung the restaurant - two other customers were there. and totally ignored us. they came out to check on the other two customers and walked right by us. we waited for 6 minutes after we sat down and realized we were being ignored. then we finally walked out. went to IHOP for breakfast in stead. The cook, Rachel saw me leaving so I went to her and told her what had happened and told her to please tell management. Rachel has been cooking our breakfast for 14 years. So I trusted her to relay the treatment we'd received. I stopped in today Tuesday to tell management and Glenn, said he apologized for the situation and would pass the information along. REALLY !!!! that's a managers solution !!!

Someone needs to check the service at the new Steak & Shake in Tyler, TX. TERRIBLE service!!! My thoughts--would be a manager problem.

Crew woker

Well lack of reach person getting hold of them over phone call !

Love Steak and Shake

We go to the one in Batesville Indiana all the time. Love Steak and Shake.


We have been to the Steak N Shake 2 times in Orange City Fl it was terrible both times !


I Have Been To Alton IL 62002. 3 times trying to give it chance after chance. Still has been the worst service ever. 8 love the food. But no body knows what their doing here. Someone needs to check into it.. Just plain horrible

Orange Coty location

This Steak and shake is great. Great staff, great food. Just wanted you to know how good they treated me. Thanks

If managers would manage the stores and stop sleeping with staff Chesterfield and Kirkwood wouldn't get as many complaints.

used to be good

Orange city Florida location. Slow as anything service. Last 2 visits. More then half the tables were empty but not bussed. Dirty inside and out. Actual garbage on floor near entryway. Waited 45 mins for simple dinner of chili that comes out of the crock pot! Terrible.

Went to store at 98 north, Lakeland Florida. Waited 1-1/2 hr for Milkshake. While we waited approximately 50 people entered and were told they would have at least a 45 minute wait. Approximately 50 people turned and walked away. Unthinkable. We probably will never return.

steak and shake

I will boycott this business and any business based in Indiana because of the religious freedom bill they passed.

Truly Sad Service

25 minutes in the drive through in Seymour, Indiana. Rude service, cold fries and forgot a fork for a salad. A salad, 2 burgers and fries kicked their butt! Used to LOVE the place, but just getting food kills the who desire. And terrible customer service reps like this want more money?


Go steak n shake! whenever I'm in atlanta i get it. Amazing

I will never go back to Seymour IN. Steak n Shake! 20-25 min in drive thru for 3 drinks and then the girl serving me doesn't get lid on shake and it spills all over my car and all the manager could say is have a nice day REALLY!!!!!!!!

Bought 2 meals at Niles location drivevthru. They included only 1 ketchup packet and no napkins. What, we're supposed to wipe our mouths and hands on our clothes? Bad service.


26 minutes later and I am still sitting in the drive threw. Customer service is just a joke. No apology Or anything. The reno drive threw is always slow but 26 minutes?? I will never be returning. I am only giving a star because I have to. You guys deserve nothing

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