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The drive thru at the morrow ga is slow I've been sitting in line for 30 minutes with two cars ahead of me and the service inside sucks the food is good and a great price ya'll need to hire new managers

Food Quality

I just had their bacon for breakfast and sausages. The bacon is awful. Paper thin, you can actually see thru it!! The sausages are awful. Pancakes were good, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. Coffee could also be upgraded..

never again will o ever eat at steak n shake.

Ordered garlic frank with melted chedder cheese. The cheese was clumpy and hard. Waited 45 minutes for the waitress to come back to fix the order.

The wait

I am currently on line at the drive thru, I understand the wait is going to be a bit more long however when there are 4 cars in front of you and a 10 minute wait to even order.... I won't be going to the drive thru again. This is ridiculous

the worst place in the world i go there because my kids love it but that stops to day i went to order drive though and my hole order was wrong when i got home

Horrible serive east Peoria il

Worst service I've ever had!!! Been here hour no service.

Worst Burger Ever

Stopped by the drive thru for a stake burger combo and when I arrived home to enjoy my burger and fries the burger was so salty it was not eatable , i understand they do season the food however this one almost made me chock it was so bad , they when I called the store to complain the manger was not very professional, it was like she had to go out of her way to help me and when i asked for your corporate I was put on hold Very Dissatisfied Customer

i visited the steak n shake of kendall this weekend and it was the most horrible experiene in my history of dinning. i asked the server carla what was her managers name and she said it was odiles. i later saw mr.odiles . i wanted to talk to him but he told the server he was too busy to deal with complaints.

Horrible...just horrible

We waited one night for an hour after ordering food. After asking when our food would be done, they said it hasn't been started yet and they would get to it as soo as possible. We waited 10 more minutes and walked out. On another trip, we waited 45 minutes for shakes alone By far, the worst dining experiences and will never return to this awful restaurant. They just can't get it right and don't seem to care to get there.

worst experience ever!

The waterfront homestead pa is horrible! I went in with my family and never saw a single person from the time we were seated until we got up and left. They made no effort in stopping us...all 6 waitresses watched me put my coat on and my sons and didnt move from their station.


I went to the steak n shake on cleveland ave and I asked for lite onion on my tripple burger around breakfast hours and i got way to much , i dont understand what was hard about lite onion. And the drive thru person repeated lite onion. They need wel listened cooks!

Excellent Business

Hi I just went and got a frisco melt and a cup of chili from the drive thru Steak 'n Shake in Columbus Indiana and this store in Particular not only satisfied my taste buds but also fixed the burger up nicely. Frisco melts are usually a little sloppy because of the butter, but this one was GREAT! And the lady working drive thru was very nice. Almost too nice! Thankyou so much for the great experience !

I had worked for Steak n Shake in Missouri and it was the worst job anyone could ever have. The manager made me work 9 hours straight with no break and I am only 17. They don't treat their employees with respect and I will never work for Steak n Shake ever again.


the homestead water front store is poorly ran and has extremely rude management and wait staff. although the food was great the experience wasnt.

Terrible Service

My son and I went to the Steak n Shake in Hampton, VA. We waited for over 30 minutes for food, and then had to wait in a long line mixed with take out order people and check paying customers for another 20 minutes. It was very poorly organized, and our server kept coming by to apologize at how long it was taking. The manager of that place need to be fired, and someone who can run the place in a more customer oriented manner. Although the food was great, I won't go back!!!

worst job I ever I had I quit today

3380 Northside Pkwy store is the worst store ever. I quit because my wack manager tells me if I dont keep the drive thru time at 2:05 he will fire yet u didnt train me right and on top if that the health score is a C so I wouldnt advise anyone to work there the managers steal except for one like they are very unprofessional and unorganized and that store needs to b shut down asap before somebody gets terribly ill....


Finally got a Steak n Shake in Augusta, Ga. It's on the far west side on I-20. How about building one in South Augusta where you would probably get even more patrons.

Worst experience i've ever experienced in the working world. Managers do not know how to train or run the business period. would not recommend eating here and definitely would not recommend working here. absolutely horrible.

store 619

This store is awful. Management is very unprofessional. They sit in the office and talk non stop about the employees. They curse awful. There is one that is just a shift leader now and then and she touches other employees in an inappropriate manner. It is just a ridiculous place to work. There's just no reason for managers to behave this way. They do not train new people but yet expect them to be able to do the job. This place is a joke.

This is the worst place I have EVER worked. The management is ridiculous and the store is disgusting. I see the drive thru people cussing every time an order is placed. I know restaurants are hard places to work at. I have been a server for 15 years. I had to walk out of that place. Horrible service, cold food, and disgusting management.

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