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poor service, burn't burger, very greasy, don't recommen.

Was in S&S in Vvandalia,Ohio. 2 people in booths and had to wait to get served! Observed marshmallow on seat and floor. Had to wait while she WIPED off our table! 3 servers, 1 manager and 2 cooks! Floors needed to be swept. Really people? We had to wait for every little thing. What's the deal? Should've goneto Wendy's!


Please stop bully by writing on twitter, myspace! Your staff help belk salon and employees and even letting the plot at your RESTURANT!and the original pieces work there help them hurt other person so they can be friends w byron lass ! They are real Christian person who shows to love everyone treat others with kindness and love her name is Anne a! She regular customers !


Ok, worst experience EVER! Chili 5 way with no chili... that I can forgive...but cook went from kitchen area gloved to RESTROOM with phone in hand. He then came out of restroom with GLOVES ON and went straight back & immediately began handling food! That's extremely disgusting! We had already eaten & complained & still got charged full price for everything. Will NEVER go back!!

Still gagging

Picked up Steak and Shake last night. The young man taking payment and passing out orders (at drive thru) had a tissue around his index finger and had it shoved up one nostril while he worked with the other hand. When I got home found bloody fingerprints and a large bloody booger on the bottom of the bag. I took the bag back to Steak and Shake and spoke to the Regional Manager who happened to be there. He said "So.....What do you want ME to do about it?" I said he needed to improve his management skills if nothing else. Sure wont be going back there.

heyladycanigeta ... dang.

ok, i have never written a bad review before, but over an hour for a burger fries and a coke. come on. they even started handing out to-go cups because all the coke glasses were sitting on the tables. the UN-bussed tables. maybe the folks in tifton ga shouldn't have tried to put a stake n shake in a truck stop.

Reverse Descrimination

The one in Charleston gives better service to blacks than whites rude management crapy service be aware don't go

Sitting at the Steak n Shake in Duluth Ga. I had to ask to be seated. Its my sons birthday he wanted to come here for shakes no shakes they ran out. They have no limes no sweet tea. The place is not that busy and they are slow has can be. Someone just dropped a ton of dishes. I will never come here again


I work at a steak and shake and I just got out of the hosptial and I took my doctors note up there and my boss said in quote well that's just great now I know y I hired u was very rude I will b calling corporate

Hair in food

Ordered three way chili to go got home ate almost all of it which was bad found hair in bottom and was not mine!


Service was extremely slow. The restaurant was dirty. The Bathroom was disgusting. And the food was less than par. Will not be returning back.


Your restaurant in Naples, Fl is not very clean inside & out. Not going back until it cleans up

we want to your maplewood manchaster location in we smelled of alcohol on your manger and the food came out cold but the server were great


I used to always go to steak and shake until you got rid of probably the best shake there. Bring back the butter pecan shakes!! The food is very good. Service on the other hand could be better.


I am sorry you have to show how good ur burgers are with a guy making him self better than the other or when he hits him or pushes him to be less than him . I think you need to change ur add due to is showes over powering another human n not tasteful le with all the school shooting n now knifing so just need to change it


Got a to go order, got home and drank half my milkshake to find a hair in it. Very nauseating. Probably will not go back


Drive-up service was not very good at the Big Hollow store in Peoria. The young lady was obviously not trained well and her uniform had the appearance of having been slept in forever. This is a training and management issue. The Steak & Shake has fallen and it is attributed to management. Until this is remedied this business will continue to slikde. It is a shame because you have a good product.

bad service

The worst service.. Your ignored when you come in you wait forever for someone to seat you ,employees seem unhappy. Potential customers walk out for the lack of service food come out cold, or not what you ordered,you wait just as long to pay. Where are the managers they should be visible making sure everything id running smooth....shame on you steak and shake in cape coral Florida not s nice place to eat anymore

Mother of a Waitress

It seems that the older employees are unfair to the newer ones. My daughter comes home every night complaining about how the older workers give her (a newer worker) the harder sidework, requireing her to stay extra late after her shift, doesn't get a break (the older ones do) and was not properly trained. If this is how Steak and Shake treats their employees, I can only imagine how unfairly they treat the customers.

Slow, very slow service..employees have attitudes as if you are putting them out of there way..expect to wait 15 min after you are seated for a waitress. This is my third time at this location..store #452 in Coral Springs, Florida...last time I"ll go there and that's a shame cause I love the food and it's close

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