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Sprint customer

Dropped calls in the meto area every call. Cant even call my wife or kids. 170.00 per month and I cant text message unless I use Text now. Worst customer service. They want me to buy new phones and commit to a new contract that's there compensation for 1 1/2 years of dropping calls and now no text service. My son cant understand why daddy hangs up on him. Great american company with Canadian customer service agents.

senior citizen

I pay my bill every month and sprint have repeatly stated I am behind every month, I live on a fix income and my husband is in the hospital and just before, he past, no one could get in touch with me, because, sprint cut my phone service off again. This company have got to be stop. it is not right. I tried to cancel the contract after 10 years and they now say I owe them $700.00. What is wrong with our world that society have let people come into this country and use and abuse the people of America. It is not right neither is it fair.

executive planner

You would think a company as large as Sprint would treat its customers with better respect after all we are the ones that made you the company what it is and you can't even return the generosity. This company is the most unprofessional company I have ever did business with and the other sad part is that the owner or partners hide behind the little workers. It is not fair neither is it write.


I have had sprint for so many years before they started with me. When I tried to cancel because the telephone itself. I set in one of their centers from 2:30 to closing. They gave me another phone with the same plan and the same type of phone and I later found out that they renewed my contract with me knowing it. And know one would make it right at Sprint. When I tried to cancel they said I would be breaking the contract. and would have to play $739.00 in charges. This is not right

Class Action Law Suit

Words would do no justice. I will hold my peace until our day in court! Ignore the star if you see one, you can't rate what's already understood!

Sprint Wireless Customer

I have had service with Sprint for 5 years. Every time I contact customer care for a solution, I end up with time wasted. The reps go around my question, and talk more than listen. I still have an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. I was promised to be contacted and haven't heard a response.


data overcharges for $99.14, if unlimited is only $ 30.00 why are you charging much more, if we passed the limit it should be $30.00 not more, Supervisor are NOT returning phone call ,after several times calling and asking for a supervisor ,finally today i spoke to Cyntia in spanish ,she only offer me $14.00 ,big slap on my face.

Shitty service

This company is a joke!! The service sucks we have called 5 times today and they put us on hold then hang up on us!!! We can't seem to get anything resolved!!! I will never do business with sprint ever again!!!

Only had phone for 2mths the Sprint store I purchased from pulled some type of scam and now Sprint wants me to pay for it I'm taking this to the Top gonna writing to CEO and I'm gonna let everyone know they suck threw social media worst customer services worse than T-Mobile and they are hard to beet

Lousy New Changes

After being with Sprint since 2004 they wait until 2014 to say Nationwide long distance means you can only make local calls. If you are outside of your physical address for your phone everything is considered a long distant charge. I think this contradicts the term NATIONWIDE long distance is FREE. The customer service rep could not even give a great explanation as to why. Goodbye Sprint!

Another disatisfied Customer

It looks like I'm just another in a very long line of unhappy Sprint customers. I have been a customer for a very long time. I have been promised 4G for four years now and it still is not available except for a small area of Albuquerque. Can't get any satisfaction on phone orders. There are 5 phones on my account and I can't wait till my contracts are up and I can switch. John

No Service

When I changed jobs to a 32720 area code, I could no longer make or receive calls. After complaining for 7 months (SOLID) I cancelled my contract. They are charging me a cancelation fee. AMAZING- I had been a Sprint customer for 11 years.

Bad Service

I have been a Sprint customer since the 1980's after leaving Cellular One. I will be leaving Sprint for the same reason I left Cellular One. Really bad service! I had really good Sprint service until the last year. I constantly have dropped calls, don't get messages in a timely manner, and I can't make calls at times because of NO service. I have made numerous complaints to customer service and all they do is take the information and do not help you in any way. It is just a call center you get when you dial *2. I have asked for them to have someone call me, but I never get any response from a real Sprint person. I will be send a letter to the CEO (if he even gets it is questionable), to let them know how I feel. It is too bad they are losing a 20+ year customer.

After a 20 year relationship with Sprint, all I can think of is my future freedom. This is the absolute last time I renew my contract with Sprint. You do not offer long time existing customers any discounts, any assistance, or any incentives of any kind. If there is an issue with your phone you must wait forever to get it resolved and if it must be replaced expect to wait weeks for a refurbished one with similar issues. Sprint is horrible and I'm done.

If you want to get hung up on call sprint

Sprint customer service is Horrible been with sprint for almost a year now had nothing but trouble with my I phones I can't get any service can't go on YouTube and the Internet etc keep calling customer service they put u on hold and the give u an Id number that does not even work and is not valid and they said they cannot give me my up grade early and they cannot commendate me off my bill for three phones the only gave me 25 dollers off the whole the are the worst Ever don't help anyone so done


This is not a business anymore! Ever sense i started my account and left Verizon I have regretted Every Moment. I have no internet can not even contact customer care so much as to pay a bill; So in short That should tell customers Not only does this company not require your business... They seem as they nether require your payments... I can get better service with metro pcs at about a quarter of the cost witch i am almost about to change all five of my family lines to. Notice on my contract it says 4G service... I've NEVER received, If any service at all..

I been with sprint for three months and they have been the worst ever....to to many drop calls internet service sucks.Im just goin back to metro they charge the same even less depends on what you need plus they don't raise your bills....METRO PCS ITS SO MUCH BETTER.

Terrible Service

I have been having service problem for the past month I cannot I talk on my phone no more than 5 sec. without the call dropping been talking to sprint this past week only for them to tell me it might be another two months and told me they can only take 30off my bill this month and next month and when they get my problem resolved they will take additional money off my bill ,when I asked could he put that in writing and send it to my email they hung up. on me.

I went to Sprint to reduce my bill due and the manager set me up with a plan that would reduce my bill by only $5.00. However when I got my bill it was increased by 145 dollars! I have called, gone to the store and chat line with not much luck. The manager of my local store did call and said he would get me a rebate and straighten the mess out. I just received my bill and it is again $230! I do not understand that Sprint does not care about their customers, all they do is put you off!

bad service center and customer service

Sprint over the years became one of the worst cell companies out there after 13years of service with them I switch to another carrier the stores sucks and so do they customer service line the will sell and tell you anything to make a dollar and we are working people no respect

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